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Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m + 3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator
Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m + 3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator
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Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m + 3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator

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Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m + 3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator

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Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m + 3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator
Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m
3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator - Pre order for late November delivery

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Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m


Includes full D.I.Y. installation kit at no extra cost - Seen all over Oz – 2m long and 2.5m out - UPF50+ rated – Fully waterproof 280GSM ripstop polyester -  Heavy duty metal knuckles!

Rain, hail or shine you can’t beat an Adventure Kings Premium Side Awning! Set up in seconds for shelter from the elements and packs up just as fast so you’re ready to hit the tracks first thing in the morning.

Built to withstand Aussie conditions, Adventure Kings Awnings feature anodised telescopic alloy poles, alloy (not plastic) knuckles and 280gsm ripstop polyester. The entire assembly packs away into a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag and mounts to virtually any vehicle with a roof rack.

SMART DESIGN – Unlike other awnings on the market, Adventure Kings Awnings have a dual channel system, making folding up the awning poles, and entire awning, quick and easy. Simply set the poles to the correct height and fold in and out, no need to adjust every time – very quick, very easy, very simple!

RUGGED  – Uses quality components like anodised anti-scratch alloy poles, alloy knuckles and 280gsm ripstop polyester for long life. Packs away in a heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag.

SIMPLE DIY – Comes with fitting kit including 2x L brackets for universal fitment to most roof racks.

  Please note: The awning is 2m along the vehicle and comes out 2.5m  
  from the vehicle once the awning has been rolled out.  


Additionally the user should:

  • Make sure all poles are locked and secure in the channels.
  • Polyester is firmly rolled and secured tight to the main channel by velcro in a manner that ensures no movement.
  • Never store the awning in a wet or damp state.


3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator

Perfect for work and play - Colossal 3500w 240v and 12v output - Economy mode for better fuel economy - Easy pull start reliable CDI 4 stroke motor!

The Adventure Kings ‘Colossus’ 3500W Generator is the Colossal power source you’ve been looking for.

Capable of powering hungry electronics such as air conditioners, electrical tools, microwaves, fridge/freezers and much more!*

All of this power is provided by the 150cc, 4-stroke engine. Utilising an overhead camshaft and C.D.I. electronic ignition.
Additionally, put through an inverter, this provides you with a 240V pure sine wave AC, a must if you are using sensitive electronics such as laptops and phones.
Contained in a portable unit, with carry handles, lockable wheels and a protective case which protects the generator and keeps the sound down.

The ‘Colossus’ provides a huge amount of power for all your camping needs, take it anywhere and power anything.

*Check individual & combined power requirements to not exceed generator output.

Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m


  • POLYESTER - 280gsm ripstop
  • POLES - Anodised aluminium alloy 
  • KNUCKLES - Cast aluminium alloy 
  • STORAGE BAG - Nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC 
  • 2m along vehicle x 2.5m out from vehicle when extended
  • UPF 50+ 

    3.5KVA Adventure Kings 'Colossus' 3500W Generator


    Inverter Generator

    AC Voltage:




    Max Output:


    Rated Output:

    2.8 kW

    DC Output:

    12V / 5.0A

    Engine type:

    Air-cooled, 4 cycle, OHC, Petrol Engine



    Maximum Engine Output:

    4.0 kW / 5500rpm


    Unleaded Petrol (91 octane – no ethanol)

    Decibels on Economy Mode (at 7m)


    Fuel tank Capacity:

    7.5 litres

    Net Dimensions:

    614mm(L) × 341mm(W) × 506mm(H)

    Net Weight:

    33.5 Kg

    Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m

    Adventure Kings Awning 2x2.5m

    Can your awnings attach to roof rails or do they have to attach to roof racks?
    Yes our awnings can be attached to most roof rails with minimal effort. Mounting instructions for this are included with each awning sold.

    Which side of the awning runs along the 4WD?
    2x2.5m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD
    2.5x2.5 – No brainer!
    2x3m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD

    In each case, the first number quoted is the length that runs along the vehicle, and the second number is how far out the awning extends from the vehicle.

    Do the awnings fit the Ford ranger dual cab and Mitsubishi pajero?
    Our awnings fit all popular single and dual cab utes and wagons. Our supplied mounting brackets are designed to fit to roof racks like the style we sell, however, many people modify them to fit Rola-style roof bars without too much hassle.

    How do I stop my awning blowing around on the sand?
    We have developed sand bags to help anchor the legs of awnings on the sand. In windy areas we also recommend you substitute the metal pegs provided with plastic sand pegs to give the ropes something stronger to grip to.

    Can I buy spare poles for my awning?
    Yes we stock spares including poles and hinges. Please send us your request to info@4wdsupacentre.com.au Please include as much information as possible - the size of your awning and your contact details.

    Can I attach an awning to my vehicle without a Roof Rack?
    Yes, but you’ll need something to mount them to! Many 4WDers who own utes can use their ladder racks or headboards, even canopies, to fit their awnings. You can also use roof bars / crossbars but depending on the vehicle and setup you might need to go to the local hardware store and buy some bits and pieces to fit them up. our awnings are designed to fit to our Roof Racks with the included brackets.

    Do we sell 3m awning walls?
    No, however, our awning wall is designed to fit all three sizes of awnings we sell. The 2.9m long side of the awning wall fits neatly along the 3m wall of a 2x3m awning.

    Can any type of mounting brackets be used for awnings?
    There are many ways awnings can be mounted. We recommend making use of the L-brackets supplied with your Adventure Kings awning, however, it’s possible to create your own brackets to fit your awning to a different style of roof rack or other surface you plan to mount your awning to.

    Can awnings be mounted to caravans?
    Many people fit our awnings to caravans, trailers and horse floats, however, if the object you want to fit an awning to doesn’t have a roof rack or surface that would fit our mounting kit supplied with the awning, you would have to make some custom mounts for your specific application, which can be done with basic materials and tools.

    What is the maximum height of the awning poles?
    The maximum height of all our awning poles in 2150mm.

    Where are the mounting brackets on the awning?
    The mounting brackets are packed within the awning.

    Are the awnings waterproof?
    Yes, our awnings are waterproof.

    Additional Information

    Manuals and Documentation No