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Adventure Kings Awning Tent (suits 2m x 3m Awning) - Pre order for late January delivery

Adventure Kings Awning Tent (suits 2m x 3m Awning) - Pre order for late January delivery

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 Adventure Kings 2x3m Awning Tent  

A great all purpose tent that attaches to your awning. Very quick and easy to set up, whether it be for overnight trips, extended stays or a quick stop for lunch.

The Adventure Kings Awning Tent provides shelter from the elements, bugs, insects and flies while maintaining and area of privacy.

  Please note: The awning tent is 2m along the vehicle and comes out 3m  
  from the vehicle once the awning has been rolled out.  

Additionally the user should:

  • Make sure all poles are locked and secure in the channels.
  • Never store the awning tent in a wet or damp state.

  ^Awning Tent does not come with awning which must be purchased  

  Adventure Kings 2x3m Awning Tent   


Awning Tent 500D RipStop Polyester Sides 
Floor 500D PVC Zip Floor
Travel Bag 420D Polyester 
Windows Midge and Sandfly proof mesh
Large front opening 
Height 2m 

Also includes:

  • Complete Mounting Kit
  • 6 sides, including top ceiling and floor


  • My new 2x3mtr awning is the envy of all my 4wd buddies, they all want one now!! - Michael Browne
  • Got my kings 2m by 3m awning today heaps happy with it way better then other brands and the best price looking forward to order more things through 4wd supercentre. - Rob Burg
  • Used my Domin8r 12,000lb winch at the Powerlines in WA today, awesome winch, faultless! Successful recovery, 10/10 – Chris Preston‎
  • I was in my awning tent and it starting pouring. Due to the fit and style of the tent i was comfy, dry and happy. My mate next to me with his Oztent RV awning tent was making a terrible noise with all the flapping around and he had leaky seams! All for a few hundred dollars extra. – Leighton Beer
  • Kings awning tent, half the price of the other brands and the easiest thing to set up. – Jessica Rose Harker
  • Been practising setting the Awning tent up with the kids, took only about 5 minutes and so much cheaper than the one my mates brought. – Brooke Dunshea
  • The Kings Awning Tent and Awning was a bargain. I bought for my horse float, $504 for the set in comparison to others upwards of $800, 
    I had been looking at other awnings but they were not only more expensive but the quality was no where near as good as the Kings – Nikki Lee
  • My set up has the 2.5 x 2.5 awning, awning tent, Adventure King double swag and the bbq plate all from 4wd Supacentre. Was so easy to set up, no moisture in the awning tent and can easily fit the two strechers in with plenty of room. Best thing it only takes 10-15 minutes to set up! Thanks heaps love all my gear. – Samantha Beasley 
  • I didn't want to spend too much, or take too long to set up a tent for a night or two. Got the Kings awning, awning tent and stretcher bed set up. Was like 4 star camping! The more I use it the quicker I get setting up and packing up. Love all my purchases to date. – Danielle Bowden 
  • Love my new awning tent setup real easy to put up and pull down. – Daryl Lockwood 

  • We couldn't be more happier with our awning tent it's so easy to set up cheers 4wd Supacentre. - Coady Austin
  • Up in the Pilbara a few weeks ago. Awning and awning tent were the bomb! – Brooke Larance 

  • I've got the 2.5x2.5 kings awning tent and Kings awning. Really fast set up for a late night trip!! – Michelle Claughton 


Does the awning tent attach to the vehicle or just the awning?
The awning tent connects only to the awning and isn’t permanently fixed to your vehicle in any way.

Can you attach the awning tents to a Rhino Rack?
Awning tents can only attach to an awning, so if you’ve got an awning fitted to a Rhino Rack (which many people do), then you can fit an awning tent too.

Do the awning tents have a door on the side closest to the vehicle?
Yes, all of our awnings have car-side doors.

How high are the awning tents?
All our awning tents have an inside height of 2m.