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Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag - IN STOCK NOW!

Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag

Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag
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  Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag  

The best way to store rubbish, dirty or wet gear while you're out on the tracks.

No more tying up bags of rubbish and putting them in your 4WD until you reach a bin, or get home, with the Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag you have heaps of extra storage space without dirtying your interior.

Made of tough tight woven polyester with PVC coating, it'll take plenty of punishment. With a dual thickness base and lower wall section you can store heavy or wet objects without leaks or tears.

  Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag  


  • Manufactured from heavy duty 1680 Denier PVC coated tight woven polyester with double stitched edging
  • Dual thickness base and lower section for added strength
  • Heavy duty zipper closure
  • Large 50mm double stitched webbing straps secure the Dirty Gear Bag onto the rear wheel, they are fitted with quick fit, quick release polypropylene clips
  • Extra behind wheel adjustable webbing strap to ensure secure fitting plus eyeleted security strap for use with a padlock

Overall dimensions: 600mm high x 360mm wide x 210mm deep


  • My Dirty gear bag has been one of best auditions not only has it been filled the brim with dirty recovery gear that the mates don't want to carry in there 4by's , one trip a mate had his baby daughter with them & you guessed it the dirty nappy’s went in the bag along with the day's rubbish & even the rubbish we found on the tracks, but better still after doing a shopping trip for a weekend away my 4by was a little bit full but I still had Two x 24 can packs of coke the GLW(Good Lady Wife) says will they fit in the dirt gear bag yep they do hold 2x24 can packs of coke nicely. Some of the mates have now bought their own Dirty gear bag after I told them how much I paid & recon they are the bees knees, & they are so tough with the abuse we dish out to them and there still going. - Robert Higgins

  • My Kings dirty gear bag is one of the best things I've bought recently. Aside from the obvious use for recovery gear and dirty / wet stuff, we do a lot of camping in places where you have to take all your rubbish back out with you. All the rubbish and empties go in here when we pack up and we drop them in a bin on the way to our next stop. Super useful. - Wil Myer
  • I bought a dirty gear bag. Was hesitant about it because it was so cheap...couldnt be happier. It held 3 days of rubbish, a muddy snatch strap and my ground sheet with room to spare. - Jake-Elishia Buzz
  • I started my supacentre purchases with a dirty gear bag. It helped us keep the CSR, Gibb, Tanami and Macdonnell Ranges clean. - Blake L. Reid
  • Using my Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag makes for a great rubbish bin to keep it out of the bush! - Garth Alan Ramsay
  • Just recieved my Kings Dirty Gear Bags can't believe how heavy duty they are for the price. Love them! - Bill Rashleigh
  • I got a Dirty Gear Bag and they're tops. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself! - Cameron Laird
  • Our gear from 4wd Supacentre has taken us on a journey from Melbourne, up the red centre, across the Tanami, over the Gibb River Rd, into Kakadu and Litchfield and now onto the Finke desert race and hitting up the sand dunes in Robe. The rubbish and dirty clothes have been contained with dirty gear bags, the kids entertained with their back seat car organisers, the seats kept clean with the seat covers, the skies kept bright at nights with the lightbar, all the gear in the 4wd kept organised with the drawer system. - Carly Delany
  • Elim beach set up on the way to the Cape.. We are the Kings of King products both camps love the quality, just amazing.. We also used the roof bag, dirty gear bags, side awnings, light bars, thumper and car seat organisers on this tough trip through rain, wind and beating sun...cannot fault any of it brilliant! - Karen Kneebone