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Camp Fire BBQ Plate - IN STOCK NOW!

Camp Fire BBQ Plate - IN STOCK NOW!

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  Camp Fire BBQ Plate  

Our Camp Fire BBQ Plate is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to cook while you're camping. Made from coated steel, it's the perfect thickness meaning cooking is quicker, plus with the choice of a grill and hot plate it's ready for any meal. Best used over coals or an open fire for that traditional campfire taste! 

Once you've finished cooking it cools down fast and packs away into the included heavy duty canvas bag. Just remember to give it a good coat of oil after use and it'll last and last.

The Camp Fire BBQ Plate now comes with a CANVAS bag!

  Camp Fire BBQ Plate  


Grill Dimensions 590mm x 440mm
Height (legs down) 270mm
Material Coated Steel



  • The weather has finally decided to stop raining! We christened the new bbq plate today, so easy to use, clean and was a great size to cook for all of us at the same time!!!! Thanks for another affordable, high quality product! #lifesbetterwithbacon - Fiona Powles

  • Bought hotplate grill recently. What a bargain, price around and nobody came close to your price less than half and included shipping. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase, Thanks. – Kath Nation

  • We once again used our BBQ hot plate all of last week and it was awesome! We were able to not only cook amazing food on it but we were also able to fit everything we needed on it for all our friends. What a great product to cook a big breakfast on. It cleans up awesome after a whole week of using it as well. 
    Thanks supacentre! – Rachel Laura

  • The hot plate sits right on top of a fire drum with ease and breakfast was done with no fire hazard – Adam David Cox

  • Made great use of my 22' light bar, rooftop tent rack, Titan Drawers, Awning and Thumper Compressor on the Cruiser over the weekend also managed to cook up a storm on the hotplate making a pizza in the middle of nowhere. The money I saved goes to putting petrol in the big V8 and buying more accessories! – Chris Smith

  • Bought ourselves the BBQ grill/plate... cooked up some great dinners on it too! Most of the people we camp with don't believe us when we say how cheap it was! Thanks 4WD Supacentre! – Bronwyn John Breaden

  • Steak and Eggs for brekky at Murchison Station! Quality grill and by far better value than other gear! Nothing beats it out bush. - Toby Rusling

  • I got one of the BBQ plates on sale for $27 woohoo! Mate bought an inferior plate $89. Nothing like a BBQ over an open fire. – Annette Bates

  • Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner the BBQ hotplate is an absolute winner! Thanks 4WD Supacentre!!! – Wes Gray

  • Been using our 4wd supercenter BBQ camp hotplate every day while camping up at Kalpowar N.P. had some great meals on it . cooks dinner in no time at all – Mark Amos

  • First feed cooked on the bbq plate on the weekend boys trip to Cruiser Park. Loved it and will be using it as much as possible – Craig Spicer

  • Steak for breaky at Inskip Point on the 4WD Supacentre BBQ plate since I've had this I haven't used my gas bbq in fact at xmas at Inskip I didn't even take it awesome BBQ plate – Dave Maticic

  • Nothing like having a quick and convenient setup to be able to use at the drop of a hat. Proudly sponsored by 4wd Supacentre. Awnings, swags, led lights, bbq plus much more including lift kit in the truck. - Josh Foster