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Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent + 6-man Annex +  Awning 2.5x2.5m
Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent + 6-man Annex + Awning 2.5x2.5m
Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent + 6-man Annex +  Awning 2.5x2.5m

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Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent + 6-man Annex + Awning 2.5x2.5m

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  • Massive internal space – sets up in just minutes

  • Thick & comfy 75mm foam mattress

  • Huge opening mesh windows and easy DIY fitting

  • Removable PVC base – super easy to clean

  • UPF50+ rated for the highest sun protection rating

  • Waterproof 170GSM ripstop polyester material

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent
6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent | Fully Waterproof | Adventure Kings
Kings 2.5x2.5m Side Awning | Suits All Vehicles | Waterproof | UPF50+ Rated

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Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent


  • Absolute convenience – sets up in under three minutes!
  • Tough-as 320 gsm Poly Cotton Ripstop Canvas construction
  • High-density open cell mattress – moisture dries super quick!
  • Fully water and insect proof design – perfect for the tropics
  • Stronger, longer ladder designed for lifted 4WDs!

When it comes to camping, convenience is the number one priority when looking at your options. Nobody wants to spend longer than they must setting up camp. Having a cold drink, a feed and a good night’s sleep are the main priorities.

A roof top tent is one of the quickest camping options you can get, thanks to their set up times of under three minutes. A roof top tent also provides added safety by keeping you well above the ground and away from nocturnal predators and any flash flooding.

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent has just arrived and is designed to excel as a convenient and safe camping solution for Aussies. The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is quick and easy to set up - it can be ready for use in under three minutes, and can be packed away just as quickly, thanks to the internal bungie cords that pull in the tent walls while it’s closing.

The tent is made from tough 320gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas with high-quality polyester medium to heavy gauge self-repairing coil zips. The fly is made from durable poly oxford with a 2000mm water head capability.

Traditional polyester edge binding has been replaced with durable flat fell seams ensuring no fraying and minimal risk of wicking (the ability of water to be drawn upwards by capillary).

All seams are sewn with a poly cotton core spun thread allowing for natural cotton swelling ensuring needle holes are filled and watertight when wet. The 75mm high-density open cell foam mattress makes for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Open cell construction allows air to circulate through the foam ensuring moisture quickly dries.

The roof top tent is fully waterproof due to blade coat waterproofing application, and the windows feature a polyester sand-fly and midge-proof mesh woven using one of the finest mesh grids available - 150gm/M2. This still maintains anti-tear characteristics.

All non-UV items such as elastic loops used traditionally to secure window toggles have been removed and replaced with bound poly cotton adding strength and eliminating premature degradation.

The aluminium ladder is suitable for installation on almost any model of 4WD coming to a total of 2.1m high. Ladder extensions are available for higher vehicles if required.

The PVC cover is made from heavy-duty 600 GSM, which means the tent is well protected from any low overhanging trees or other obstacles.

Colour may vary depending on lighting

6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent | Fully Waterproof | Adventure Kings

Expand your usable sheltered space at camp with the Adventure Kings 6-man Annex!

It easily connects to your Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent and instantly offers campers a massive addition of sheltered space, perfect for additional camp storage or for bringing along good company when you are escaping for the weekend.

Utilising 420D polyester walls with large opening windows and doors, all featuring fine insect-proof mesh that keep the bugs out and lets the fresh air in.

The 6-man Annex even allows you to access your vehicle from directly inside the tent – a great feature for avoiding the outside elements!

The 6-man Annex is so large storing anything from dirt bikes to fishing gear out of the weather and out of direct sight from crooks has never been easier or more convenient. Even if it gets a little grubby inside, the PVC base is easy to clean. The whole annex to be folded up and stored within the Roof Top Tent for easy transport.

Colour may vary depending on lighting

Kings 2.5x2.5m Side Awning | Suits All Vehicles | Waterproof | UPF50+ Rated

Seen all over Oz – 2.5m square - UPF50+ rated - Fully waterproof 170GSM ripstop polyester-  Heavy duty metal knuckles!

Rain or shine you can’t beat an Adventure Kings Premium Side Awning! Set up in seconds for shelter from the elements and packs up just as fast so you’re ready to hit the tracks first thing in the morning.

Built to withstand Aussie conditions, Adventure Kings Awnings feature anodised telescopic alloy poles, alloy (not plastic) knuckles and 170gsm ripstop polyester. The entire assembly packs away into a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag and mounts to virtually any vehicle with a roof rack.


SMART DESIGN – Unlike other awnings on the market, Adventure Kings Awnings have a dual channel system, making folding up the awning poles, and entire awning, quick and easy. Simply set the poles to the correct height and fold in and out, no need to adjust every time – very quick, very easy, very simple!

RUGGED  – Uses quality components like anodised anti-scratch alloy poles, alloy knuckles and 170gsm ripstop polyester for long life. Packs away in a heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag.

  Please note: The awning is 2.5m along the vehicle and comes out 2.5m   
  from the vehicle once the awning has been rolled out.  

Additionally the user should:

  • Make sure all poles are locked and secure in the channels.
  • Polyester is firmly rolled and secured tight to the main channel by velcro in a manner that ensures no movement.
  • Never store the awning in a wet or damp state.

* Easy install on roof bars with U-bolts (sold separately)


*Mounting Kit Sold Separately

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent Open Size (mm):

1340H x 3100W x 1450L

Roof Top Tent Closed Size (mm):

350H x 1250W x 1450L

Roof Top Tent Fabric Material:

320 GSM polycotton ripstop canvas 

RTT Mattress (mm):


Ladder Material:



Durable nylon and polyester with reversible tracks

Top flysheet:

210D polyester, PU coated

PVC Cover: 


Total Weight (kg):


6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent | Fully Waterproof | Adventure Kings

6-Man Annex Size (mm):

2100H* x 4250L x 1950W

Annex Materials:

420D polyester. 550g PVC bucket floor

Total Weight (kg):


*Will vary with height of the vehicle

Kings 2.5x2.5m Side Awning | Suits All Vehicles | Waterproof | UPF50+ Rated



170gsm ripstop


Anodised aluminium alloy


Cast aluminium alloy

Storage Bag:

Nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC


2.5m along vehicle x 2.5m out from vehicle when extended





*Mounting Kit Sold Separately

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent + 6-man Annex + Awning 2.5x2.5m

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent

6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent | Fully Waterproof | Adventure Kings

Kings 2.5x2.5m Side Awning | Suits All Vehicles | Waterproof | UPF50+ Rated

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent


Yes, when you’re first installing your Roof Top Tent you’ll need to thread the canvas strip around the base of the tent, so that when you fit the black transit cover you can zip it down and ensure it is secured correctly



While it’s not necessary, you can season your Roof Top Tent to ensure the fibres and seams swell for a completely weatherproof seal. Just like how you would season your swag, you’ll need to completely wet down the canvas on your rooftop tent, then allow it to completely dry. This allows the fibres, material and seams to swell then shrink together to prevent any rain or water getting in.



Yes, the ladder has three lengths it is able to expand to that will suit most vehicle including lifted 4WDs. For smaller vehicles it is possible to drill new holes to allow your ladder to lock in at a lower height too.



Yes, ladder extensions are available that will add approximately 30cm to the length of your ladder. Please call and speak to our customer service team to order one.



Yes, although due to the folding method of packing up it is worth positioning your bedding on the far side first, so that it is flat and smooth. Without doing this, while you’re folding your tent the bedding can pile up in one spot and make it difficult to close and secure.


Yes, for extra space you can add an Adventure Kings annex – these are perfect for more shelter, privacy and space. There’s a 4 person and 6 person annex available and both fit directly in the sail track edge on the tent base, then zip on securely.



Yes, there are openings that allow you to feed a 12 volt cord up into your tent. Be cautious if you’re intending to permanently leave the cord in place, as the folding mechanism could pinch the wiring and cause a short circuit, or the repeated folding of the tent could fatigue the wiring and damage it. Either remove the wiring before you pack it up, or make sure it can’t be damaged during the procedure.

6-man Annex for Roof Top Tent | Fully Waterproof | Adventure Kings


Yes, the Annex is made of 420D polyester and features a waterproof PVC bucket floor so you can keep the weather out.



The annex fits directly in the sail track edge on the tent base, then zips on securely.



Depending on layout it is possible to fit 6 people sleeping in the annex, however for comfort we suggest four in the annex and two upstairs in the rooftop tent.



Yes, the annex has a zippered door on the end closest to your vehicle which allows you to get into your vehicle, without getting out of the annex

Kings 2.5x2.5m Side Awning | Suits All Vehicles | Waterproof | UPF50+ Rated


Can your awnings attach to roof rails or do they have to attach to roof racks?
Adventure Kings Awning Bracket Kits (available separately) come with all required mounting equipment to fit to most roof racks. They can also be fitted to many roof rails with the optional fitting kit and some DIY work. Alternatively with the addition of extra bolts/mounting hardware that are available separately such as T bolts, you can easily fit them to most roof rack, roof bar and roof rail systems.

Which side of the awning runs along the 4WD?
2x2.5m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD
2.5x2.5 – No brainer!
2x3m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD

In each case, the first number quoted is the length that runs along the vehicle, and the second number is how far out the awning extends from the vehicle.

Do the awnings fit the Ford ranger dual cab and Mitsubishi pajero?
Our awnings fit all popular single and dual cab utes and wagons. Our supplied mounting brackets are designed to fit to roof racks like the style we sell, however, many people modify them to fit Rola-style roof bars without too much hassle.

How do I stop my awning blowing around on the sand?
We have developed sand bags to help anchor the legs of awnings on the sand. In windy areas we also recommend you substitute the metal pegs provided with plastic sand pegs to give the ropes something stronger to grip to.

Can I buy spare poles for my awning?
Yes we stock spares including poles and hinges. Please send us your request to info@4wdsupacentre.com.au Please include as much information as possible - the size of your awning and your contact details.

Can I attach an awning to my vehicle without a Roof Rack?
Yes, but you’ll need something to mount them to! Many 4WDers who own utes can use their ladder racks or headboards, even canopies, to fit their awnings. You can also use roof bars / crossbars but depending on the vehicle and setup you might need to go to the local hardware store and buy some bits and pieces to fit them up. our awnings are designed to fit to our Roof Racks with the included brackets.

Do we sell 3m awning walls?
No, however, our awning wall is designed to fit all three sizes of awnings we sell.
You can use the side wall’s adjustable straps on the 2.5mx2.9m awning wall to secure it to the metal support arms along the side of a 2x2.5m, 2.5x2.5m OR 2x3m awning (the poles that run at right angles to the vehicle).

Can any type of mounting brackets be used for awnings?
There are many ways awnings can be mounted. We recommend making use of the optional Adventure Kings L-brackets, however, it’s possible to create your own brackets or buy third party brackets to fit your awning to a different style of roof rack or other surface you plan to mount your awning to.

Can awnings be mounted to caravans?
Many people fit our awnings to caravans, trailers and horse floats, however, if the object you want to fit an awning to doesn’t have a roof rack or surface that would fit our mounting kit supplied with the awning, you would have to make some custom mounts for your specific application, which can be done with basic materials and tools.

What is the maximum height of the awning poles?
The maximum height of all our awning poles in 2150mm.

Are the awnings waterproof?
Yes, our awnings are waterproof.

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