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Hercules Offroad Jack 48" - IN STOCK NOW!

Hercules Offroad Jack 48" - IN STOCK NOW!

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  Hercules Offroad Jack 48"  

One of our most popular sellers! The Offroad jack is the ultimate recovery tool, perfect for lifting, reseating tyre beads, jacking and even winching if required! Our jack has been tested and conforms to Australian Standards so you know its top notch! Don't pay over $150 for the same thing elsewhere!

  • Lift height: 1070mm
  • Safe working load:1050kg
  • TUV certified under AS/NZS 2693:2003

Safety Precautions

  • Be sure base of jack is on firm and level ground
  • Be sure your jack will not slip after load is applied
  • Be sure lifting arm is fully under load is applied
  • Be sure the load is stabilized before lifting so that it will not shift when lifting or lowering
  • Do not work under vehicle after lifting unless you have jack stands supporting the vehicle.
  • Do not push load off the jack; lower it carefully.
  • Do not use handle extensions.
  • Do not carry jack by handle