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  Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light   

A must have for any camp site, boat or area that requires maximum light output without taking up much needed space.

The Illuminator Max LED Strip Light can be easily attached to the underneath of Awnings, inside Awning Tents and Roof Top Tents.


  Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light  

  • Adjustable dimmer switch
  • 72 Bright LEDs
  • Lighting colour: Cool white
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Low Power Consumption: 0.4A-1.1A (11.52w-28.8w Power depends on the current input values)
  • Lumens: 1200lm (the maximum brightness is equivalent to a 40W fluorescent tube)
  • 5.0m cable and cigarette connector
  • Adjustable straps plus hooks at ends for flexible installation
  • LED strip waterproof rating: IP65
  • (L)1300mm x (W)55mm x (D)3mm 
  • Total Weight: 420g



  • This has to be the best value for money led light strip with a dimmer switch! It's so bright and it cost me $50 LESS than a mates. Love em. - Rob Smits

  • My partner and I bought 4 led strip lights for the price you can get 1 solid led pole light. We went to the Gympie Muster, we could find our site pretty easily, it was the brightest one! Very impressed! – Conor Campbell

  • Love how bright my led strip light is. Makes the travel from fire to swag so much easier then stumbling by torch light. Thanks 4wdsupacentre. - Stevie P Mlvle

  • Our first trip away in our new camping gear, all by 4WDSupeacentre. Amazed by the quality and ease of use, the strip light was the biggest surprise, the most useful lighting of all. - Sharon Weeding

  • Using our strip lighting to install the light bar and wiring loom. Could it be much easier than this! Awesome products and can't wait to expand on the things we have bought. – Dave Wallis Jr

  • I bought an LED strip light from 4WD supacentre only to then see the same light strip at almost double the price i paid, thankyou 4WD Supacentre. – Tara Cooper

  • Loving our LED light kit from you guys. Out at Kenilworth over the weekend and watching everyone fighting over torches and lanterns, all while we were lit up with your gear. Cheers guys. - Jase Stevens

  • Illuminated strip light came in handy for late night fix, photo does do justice lit up engine bay perfectly. Beats a torch hands down. - Michael Horley 

  • Bought a light bar, awesome bit of gear will definitely buy again, mates can’t believe the price oh well too bad for them, guess they won’t make that mistake again…!! - Sam West

  • Love the LED strip light. It lit up the whole camp a lot brighter than any other light I’ve seen. The camp fire couldn’t even compete. Highly recommend. - Matthew Ridley

  • The LED strip light was pure gold this week. I haven’t used it camping yet but it sure made the difference for tearing into the timing belt on my ol’ GQ! Every shop needs a set! – Nate Peterson

  • I have the Adventure Kings LED strip Light and compared to my mates from a leading camping store 3 times the price it’s daylight vs moonlight. Great product. Thanks – Michael Brown

  • Scored a deal big time after camping in the dark for Easter weekend, friend recommended 4WD Supacentre's supa deals! Was amazed at the low prices and went on to buy a twin pack of Strip lights as well as an Illuminator 4 bar camp light kit! They arrived and I blinded my bf and the competition just by testing them out, stuff all that ARB gear that is four times as expensive, mine even has carry bags!! Chuffed xx – Georgie May Cooper
  • I'll second any comment on the 12v Kings LED light strips..! Everyone I know comments on how bright and good a quality they are, also to which can't believe the price..! So much so that I found myself purchasing the double light deal twice so I'd have a few spares to surprise a few good mates with for gifts on their b'day. – James Alexander Beasley

  • I bought two of the LED strip lights for $89 which lights up the camp site a pearler and my brother bought something similar, paid over $300 and his broke at our last camping trip at Chrissy! – Jenni Lockhart

  • Bought the roll out awning and LED strip light. The awning is great for day trips or pulling up for a day of fishing with the kids. But the LED strip light is simply awesome. Better than all our other lights combined. Went camping with mates and it threw out enough light for our whole campsite. Will be buying another for sure. – Sam Hardy

  • I purchased a couple of the LED light strips for my kids and ourselves. They have been great and we have never had any problems with them at all. We use them every day when on the road so they are being rolled up again and again. They are also nice and bright. Friends have similar which they paid a lot more for and I know who got the better deal – Sharon Brown

  • Was stoked with the led light strips I got for my camper trailer, when everyone else was running around with lanterns that kept going flat the light strips were set up and left on, lighting the whole camp area like daylight – Scott Karkoe

  • BRILLIANT. The LED strip light has made my camping experience so much better. The quality is as good as the expensive brands and so cheap, I purchased 3 more from 4wd supacentre online. – Carolyn Fletcher

  • I bought the led strip light just before a big camping trip, it was absolutely awesome.  Jamie Rodenburg

  • Bought a strip light for under half price and that included postage. Too good to be true? Check out the site for yourself. – Elmo leske

  • The Illuminator light strip works wonders when you’re away camping in the bush, makes it light 24/7! Makes it easy to set up camp, cook dinner and be able to see! – Jono Streichler 

  • Well I was stuck on the side of the road one weekend no torch so couldn't see under my bonnet to see what was wrong till a guy came along and helped me out: he had this small bag and rolled out this long light and clipped it to my battery and lit up as far as the eye can see. I asked him what it was and where he got them from so I joined you guys. Not long after they arrived my dad broke down in his motor home. I had given him the lighting strip for his birthday a few days before he went away and he said that it's the best light he had ever owned and wants more to hang around the outside so he doesn't need to ever buy a torch again! So for $88 I got two and I swear by them, so thank you guys so much – Amanda Jane Ramsay