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1 DAY DIY MODS – These are our top quick upgrades you can get done in a day or less!

August 4, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur 1 DAY DIY MODS – These are our top quick upgrades you can get done in a day or less! - image 161208-Bush-Mechanic-Tool-Kit-5-of-5 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Upgrade your 4WD with some of our favorite one-day modifications!


Rear Drawers (and upgrades)

When choosing storage upgrades that take less than a day you simply cannot look past a set of Titan Rear Drawers, these drawers come 90% preassembled this makes them extremely easy to install and offer the ultimate organization for both on and off the tracks.

A set of Titan Rear Drawers in the back of your 4WD make getting your gear in order so much simpler whether you are on the tracks, at the jobsite and even in your day to day life!

Installing a set of Titan Rear Drawers only requires simple hand tools to install, all you need is a set of screw drivers, Alan Keys and some simple spanners. All Titan Rear Drawers use a nearly universal installation adjustable “ladder” fastening system to directly bolt your Titan Rear Drawers to the floor of your 4WD!

With the universal fit, you can install a set of Titan Rear drawers in just an afternoon, with next to no help thanks to a very clever and durable design!

Under the wings on your Titan Rear Drawers you can install your 12v system, we’ve found you can fit an AGM battery system and even your CTEK D250SA. We’ve even seen the Adventure Kings 12V Fridge Wiring Kit neatly installed, making running your 4WD Fridge so much easier to use and it all takes less than a day!


UHF Radio

More than just cool factor, feeling like a trucker from an 80’s film, a UHF Radio is one of those accessories that you MUST install for remote area travel, a well set up 5W UHF radio like the Oricom UHF380PK, include a 6.5dBi raised feed antenna, this setup is compact, with the main body of the radio hiding underneath your dash, with all of the important controls being easily accessible on the hand unit, allowing you to scan, squelch, listen and transmit up to 25km or more in ideal conditions.

A UHF radio is extremely simple to wire in, all you have to do is simply run the included cables directly from your battery through the firewall to where you have mounted the unit with your included mounting kit. The antenna cable uses a clever removable plug which allows you to fasten one end to the antenna and pass the cable through the firewall and reconnect without needing any soldering or special electrical knowledge.

Once everything is wired and the brackets all connected you are ready to go in under 15 minutes. A UHF will offer cost free transmissions in both convoy and emergency situations, and when coupled with a repeater station using Duplex mode, it can reach hundreds of kilometers away and get you out of trouble!


LED Driving Lights

You can easily fasten your brand-new Domin8r 9” LED Spotlights to your bull bar, using both of the supplied 3 bolt stainless steel brackets. Fit loosely as you may need to adjust them later for appropriate aiming!

Now you have the spot lights installed, you need to select the appropriate headlight adapter plug (*kit only includes H4 and HB3 adapters) remove your headlight high beam plug from the rear of the bulb and insert the adapter between the factory wiring and the headlight, you can now lay out your wiring harness under your bonnet, to connect the appropriate terminals, making sure to avoid hot or moving components in the engine bay, locate the position for your relay, and the hot 12v+ wire and main earth wire near the battery to easily fasten and run the toggle switch wiring through a convenient hole in the firewall to operate within the cab of the vehicle.

Connect all of your wiring connections and check the fuse and all waterproof deutsch plugs to make sure they are secure and fastened! Once you are confident in your wiring job, turn your ignition on and switch your headlights on.

For proper operation the high beam operation should toggle the insanely bright LED Spotlights on and off via the wiring harness!



A performance exhaust system is the go to upgrade for many 4WDers looking to give their 4WD a massive boost in seat of the pants power!

There are many ways to upgrade your exhaust but for real gains you need to install a turbo back exhaust system this takes all of the wasted exhaust gasses and evacuates them through a high flow catalytic converter and sports muffler efficiently and without restricting flow, this is where mandrel style bends and a large diameter 3” steel pipe.

Not only does a high-performance exhaust enhance the feel of your 4WD but it will also give your 4WD a meatier exhaust tone. There are several reasons why if you are looking for a performance exhaust for your 4WD that you should look to the Domin8r Exhaust systems, firstly they are all 3” diameter mandrel bent and use 4 bolt exhaust flanges which are much tougher than your factory exhaust system!

The Domin8r Exhaust systems have two different options, with both a custom built affordable Aluminised steel exhaust and a custom made 409 Stainless steel exhaust system which is more durable for heat cycles and is more corrosion resistant.

The Domin8r Exhaust systems require you to undo a handful of bolts and remove your old exhaust and line up the components of your new exhaust, and from the turbo back, loosely bolt everything into place. Once the exhaust system is in place nip everything up to lock in into place and you are ready to go!

These are just a handful of upgrades that you can install in just a day this weekend, and you can enjoy your new upgrades sooner thanks to Adventure Kings gear and 4WD Supacentre!