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Affordable and easy 1 day D.I.Y. Mods – Upgrades you can do in your driveway!

June 14, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Affordable and easy 1 day D.I.Y. Mods – Upgrades you can do in your driveway! - image Untitled on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


When you are new to hitting the tracks, there are a million mods you probably want to do to your 4WD but till now ‘haven’t had enough time to get around too’. These excuses may work for your mates but not for us, with the right accessories you can upgrade and update your 4WD to get the job done right when you are on the tracks!

Dual Batteries
By installing a second battery into your 12v system you are able to run even more 12v accessories in your 4WD, without fear of running out of juice. A dual battery system isn’t as simple as just installing a second battery and connecting red to red and black to black.

A typical dual battery system also requires a method for isolating your batteries when one or more of your batteries drop below a safe voltage, this will make sure that no matter what accessories you have connected you will be able to keep the party rolling all night long.

The wiring of a dual battery system can be as simple as installing a dual battery voltage sensitive isolating relay like the Adventure Kings Dual Battery Kit or as advanced as the CTEK D250SA DC-DC charger with an integrated MPPT solar voltage regulator, either of these systems simply need to be connected to both batteries and will automatically isolate your accessories battery from your starting battery making sure you can turn your ignition key in the morning!

We all love the sound of a meaty high output engine, but the stock exhaust fitted to many 4WD’s is simply pathetic, designed to be deadly quiet and cheap to make, many manufacturers overlook the easy power gains found by installing a free flowing mandrel bent exhaust.

A Domin8r Exhaust is an extremely easy way to milk those few extra HP out of your engine whilst also getting that meaty tone that makes any gear head salivate!

The Domin8r Exhausts are available in both 409 Stainless steel and Aluminised Steel, whilst the stainless variety is much more durable, the aluminised version is still a practical upgrade which will put a smile on any 4WDers face!

Designed to be an easy DIY install with a handful of fasteners and spanners, a Domin8r Exhaust is what every stock 4WD is missing from the factory!

Suspension Kit

When looking at your saggy stock ride height, you’d be tempted to just pack it in, when comparing your rig to all the big boys setups on the tracks, but don’t fret. You can easily upgrade your droopy factory suspension and upgrade your stock shocks to get a smoother ride better road holding and more articulation. Not to mention a bit of a lift to make those running stock springs a tad bit jealous of your 4WD!

A RAW 4X4 Suspension Kit is one of the most affordable suspension upgrades available on the market, featuring massive twin tube dampeners, taking advantage of both nitrogen and oil dampening, perfect for even tough corrugations, whilst having enough travel for deep rutted sections that require heavy articulation.

Check out which raw kits are available for your vehicle and get a custom 4WD Suspension setup that is perfect for your rig!

UHF radio install (Through a relay)

We’ve all seen the movies, whilst truckies and 4WDers hit the tracks there is no hesitation grabbing the handle of their CB radio, to call in the conditions ahead, and for general chit chat – whilst mobile phones are great, they are illegal to use when behind the wheel, and also don’t work unless you have a tower in the region.  This is the best bit about a UHF radio, once you have one installed on your 4WD you have FREE communications between anyone with a unit tuned to the same channel regardless of their brand of unit!


Whilst handheld UHF units get the job done when in close proximity to others in your convoy, NOTHING and we mean NOTHING is cooler than picking up the handle and hanging slander on your mates over the radio even when they are out of eyeshot!

A quality UHF unit like the Oricom UHF380 outputs 5W of UHF signal and coupled with the right antenna for the conditions can reach out well beyond 25km down the track, this is great in emergencies, and for keeping in touch with your convoy when you are well out of reach of civilization.

Whilst the Oricom UHF380 comes with everything you need to install into your 4WD for easy installation, we recommend grabbing a standard 12v 4 point relay to automatically switch your UHF off when you have the ignition turned off. To wire this up all you need to do is connect your relays switching terminals between your “acc” 12v which operates when the key is turned and earth, resulting in the relay switching on, or off with your ignition and the other 2 terminals from your battery and to your UHF!

This simple addition will mean that even if you wont accidentally leave your UHF running all night long when you aren’t using it, preserving your precious battery reserves!


Rear Drawers

When storage is a premium, a set of quality rear drawers makes a massive difference to how accessible the gear in your 4WD is. Whilst measuring, drawing a design and building a setup may seem like a simple operation, even for a trained chippy this job could take all weekend, and when you are done you may be a little disappointed with the finish!

A set of Titan Rear Drawers are pre-assembled with durable galvinised steel parts, and double rows of steel ball bearing rollers. This makes them super simple to fit, all that is required is to bolt them straight in for an extremely simple storage solution, and with marine carpet and many models including a wing kit, the finish looks like a factory install when compared to something you built yourself.

Drawer upgrades
Underneath your rear drawers wing sections you have plenty of space to stash spares or even to mount your second battery and a fuse block for all of your 12v accessories. We’ve found this place is perfect for hiding away all the ugly wiring of our rear 12v system setup. With some clever wiring you can install a 12v cigarette lighter socket for your refrigerator, a set of easy to access 5v 2amp USB plugs for charging cameras phones and any other accessories you might need around camp.

there is room for just about all the things you don’t need to regularly access, including bulky spares like hoses, and even a roll of spare wire for emergency repairs.

12,000lb Winch

One of the most essential solo recovery bits of gear you should NEVER leave home without is a 12,000lb winch. With a heavily developed 7.2HP motor through a 218:1 gear ratio the Domin8r X winch has over 5000kg or pulling force, which can be doubled when using a snatch block recovery.

By installing a winch, following the colour coding of the included control box and wiring harness you will be able to get your 4WD out of just about any situation offroad.

It’s as simple as that, just add a Hercules rated recovery Kit and nothing will hold your 4WD back on the tracks!


LED Spotties + Wiring

Even though it is last on the list of one day upgrades, it is one of the first upgrades any 4WDer will do!

A quality set of spotties on the front of your 4WD can mean night and day, whilst the standard globes on your car may seem adequate when you are driving around town, but when you hit the bush tracks your bright headlight globes prove dramatically underwhelming outputting around 900 lumens, where a set of Domin8r LED Driving lights output a massive 22900 lumens of bright white light.

After hitting the tracks with a set of these insanely powerful LED Driving lights you’ll never get in a car without them again.

The latest release 9” LED Driving lights also include an easy to use plug and play wiring harness that automatically detects whether your vehicle is negatively switched or not making it truly plug and play unlike just about every other LED wiring harness on the market!