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5 4WDing Essentials you need this spring!

August 23, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur 5 4WDing Essentials you need this spring! - image Capture-14 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


It’s almost that time of year again! Spring is just around the corner and that means for thousands of 4WDers, begin heading bush to enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing scenery on offer all over Oz! Whether you’re heading to the beach or the bush, you’re probably making lots of checklists and going over your camping gear from head to toe making sure everything is in good order. It can be a little bit over-whelming, and there definitely can be a tendency to want to over-pack everything until you end up looking like a developing nations idea of a public bus!

Here at 4WD Supacentre we have been setting up camp in remote areas for years and we absolutely live and breathe 4WD camping so we’ve come up with an essential guide to the top five bits of camping gear and 4WD accessories you should definitely make sure are on your packing list to take with you next 4WDing trip This stuff will make your spring adventures an unforgettable one!


If you take absolutely nothing else on the tracks with you apart from your credit card, then make sure you bring a winch. 4WDing tracks during spring tend to have a bit of rain on them making them both fun and challenging, and you’re bound to get stuck in a mud puddle at least once!

Getting stuck is okay because it’s all part of the fun, as long as you’ve got a good solid winch like the Grande Mk3 or the Domin8r X to pull you free. Make sure you’re also carrying a good recovery kit and you know how to use everything in it, because this will mean the difference between a half-hour bog that results in a good yarn around the campfire later, or being stuck in mud for hours or days.



The weather can turn at any moment during spring, the warmer days often bring about more precipitation than during the cooler winter months. Taking a camping gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m gazebo or the Adventure Kings 6x3m gazebo with you means you have a fully waterproof shelter wherever you need it

By strapping it to your roofracks means it’ll be there in easy access when you need to get to it and set it up in a hurry.

They are also UPF50+ rated for maximum sun protection all year around, and are 100% free standing, so you can “reserve” your campsite whilst journeying out on restocking missions, or even sight seeing the local area!



There is no denying that spring afternoons deserve an icy cold drinks session particularly after a day by the water – this is why bringing a reliable 12v Fridge freezer on the tracks with you this spring can be a lifesaver and thirst quencher – a typical 12v fridge can be had for around a grand but the Adventure Kings range of 12v Fridge Freezers offer the same reliable components for well below the expected price!

Being a fridge freezer these can also be set to keep your food and drinks cold to -18°C without a problem, keeping frozen meals good for much longer trips away!

With absolutely minimal current draw these fridges will be able to run all day long without draining your battery system too low, but just as a piece of mind you can grab one of the Adventure Kings 12v Solar panels to keep your battery system topped up and your 12v cranking all weekend!



We aren’t talking about those hip hop singers style here, there is next to no other way we can imagine getting out and enjoying nature than inside a reliable and solidly built swag like the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swags. These swags are absolutely HUGE and certainly deliver the goods in all weather conditions, having double opening mesh doors and overlapping 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas, they are water tight, and the PVC bucket flooring also keeps the ground water away!



No good campsite is complete without a way to light it up at night! LED camping lights are great for any campsite not only because they’re so bright, they are also so easy to setup and they use bugger all power, this means you can run them all night long even by accident and still be able to start your engine in the morning!

An Adventure Kings 1.3m LED strip light or 4m strip light are able to be had for less than a 6 pack of beer  or you could go whole hog and grab one of our Illuminator 5 Bar LED Camp Lighting Kits is an easy, instant way to light up your campsite with fully adjustable LED lighting without spending the earth on lighting!