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8 Essential Bits of Camping Gear Every Camper Should Carry!

August 10, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur 8 Essential Bits of Camping Gear Every Camper Should Carry! - image campsite on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Camping has come a seriously long way in the last decade! These days the abundance of quality, affordable camping gear means that there’s no excuse for roughing it. When you carry the right camping gear for bush camping or for beach camping, then you camp more comfortable and better, and that means you go camping more often!

Here’s our guide to 8 Essential Bits of Camping Gear that Every Camper Should Carry, to make their camping adventures even better!


Camp cooking gear is one of the best ways you can invest in your camping gear to upgrade your camping experience! A quality portable camping BBQ like the Voyager Portable BBQ will let you cook up a storm at camp wherever you are. When you carry a portable gas camping BBQ with you, it doesn’t matter if you can’t have a campfire – you’ll have the camp cooking gear you need for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


The best part about camping is relaxing around a fire, and if you’ve got the right camping gear then you’ll love the time you spend staring into the fire! A comfortable camp chair makes all the difference, and is one of the most recommended bits of camping gear you should carry. Anyone who’s spent hours on an old, flimsy camp chair knows that upgrading to a quality camp chair like the Throne camp chair from Adventure Kings is an essential camping gear addition!


Hand in hand with a comfy camp chair is another must-have bit of camping gear – a sturdy camping table. When you’re camping you can never have enough table space, especially if you’ve got a lot of camping gear like picnic sets, a portable camping BBQ and the like. Adding a sturdy camping table like the Adventure Kings Roll Up Camp Table to your camping gear will pay dividends and get you camping better than ever before.


Flimsy single-use plastic plates, knives and forks suck, and they have no place amongst the rest of your camping gear! Instead, upgrading to a proper camper’s picnic set like the Adventure Kings 37 Piece Picnic Set as part of your camping gear will mean that every meal you have will be amazing. And because camping picnic sets are reusable, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. Cleaner, greener and better camping gear? Now that’s what we’re talking about!


Trying to camp by the light off your mobile phone torch isn’t fun – but there’s a perfect camping gear upgrade to better your camping experience here, and that’s a bright LED camp light kit! The Adventure Kings 4 Bar Camp Light Kit will light the darkest campsite, and when you can see better you camp better. Add LED camp lights to your camping gear kit and watch how it transforms your camping experience!


A quality sharp camping knife is the camper’s best friend, and it’s an integral part of every camping gear kit! Whether it’s for meal prep or odd jobs around camp, having sharp camping knives like the ones you get in the Adventure Kings 4 Piece Camping Chef’s Knives Kit makes every camping adventure better. Add a proper sharp knife or two to the rest of your camping gear and you’ll be camping like a King in no time!


So many campers overlook this essential bit of camping gear, but a mesh floor is so useful when it comes to keeping your campsite clean and dry! The Adventure Kings mesh floors come in four different sizes and do the job of keeping the rest of your camping gear clean and dry, as well as keeping cold from rising up from the ground during the cooler months. Definitely a camping gear must-have!


Rounding out our list of camping gear must haves is one of the most essential things to carry in your camping gear kit, and that’s extra ropes and pegs! When the wind picks up or it starts to rain, having extra pegs and ropes means you can secure all your camping gear and create better shelter from the elements. And if you’re camping on rocky ground, spare pegs means that should you bend a peg accidentally, you can just reach into your camping gear and find a replacement. Make extra ropes and pegs a big part of your camping gear!