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An Adventure Kings Generator is one of the best value campsite investments!

June 4, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur An Adventure Kings Generator is one of the best value campsite investments! - image Capture-8 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


The primary appeal of getting away camping is to get away from all of the rubbish you experience with every day life, and to kick back and relax in your favorite campsite, soaking in the fresh air and being “disconnected from it all”.

The reality is that although the idea of roughing it is romantic, the days of doing it tough are gone, and many of the modern conveniences find their way into regular usage at camp through habit or necessity.

Our mission here at 4WD Supacentre is to make all of the comforts of camping much more accessible to every single Aussie! We do this by offering the best value gear available without compromising on quality or performance – but we also do it by making camping more comfortable, so those mates and family who are on the fence can be persuaded to head bush with you more often.

One of the best ways you can make your campsite more comfortable is by adding steady and reliable power from a portable generator like the 2kVa or the Colossus 3.5kVa generator to your setup! Here’s just five of the many reasons why we reckon a generator is one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.


This is what we are talking about when we say a generator makes camping much more comfortable.

Tell us you won’t be the most popular bloke at camp when all the ladies are able to use a hair-drier powered by your generator after having a dip in the river or beach. If you camp out of a caravan with air conditioning, you’ll be able to keep cool on the hottest nights and toasty warm when setup at free campsites.

Whether it’s a microwave, a coffee machine, a tele and sat dish to watch the footy from wherever you are or just about any other 240v-powered equipment, a generator does an excellent job of bringing a few extra creature comforts into your camping setup.


Both the 2kVa and the Colossus 3.5kVa generators from 4WD Supacentre are made with ease-of-use in mind. For starters, both generators are four-stroke, meaning they’ll run on normal unleaded petrol – no more trying to pre-mix two-stroke fuel, wondering if you’ve got the mixture right and then being smoked out when it does eventually kick over. These generators are easy to use, easy to start and they’ll run pretty quietly (under 63dB for the 3.5KVA) for hours on just a couple of litres of standard unleaded fuel.



The whole point of a generator is to produce easy 240V AC power, but you can’t call that power easy if you’re constantly struggling to get it in and out of your 4WD or van! Both the Adventure Kings generators are surprisingly portable, with large sturdy carry handles. The Colossus 3.5kVa generator even comes with four locking heavy-duty wheels to make moving it around and storing a breeze! That’s exactly what you want when you’re at camp, because you’ll often want to run your generator a little bit away from camp to keep noise and exhaust to a minimum.



Battery anxiety, and battery range anxiety are real psychological conditions, when you are relying on your 12v system to keep your car fridge chugging along, keeping cold meat fresh and the beers frosty, and also to keep your 12v LED camp lighting shining brightly, your battery condition is important!

We’ve all had that sinking feeling sitting there, watching the volt meter drop and watching as the fridge stops running because of low voltage. That’s where a 240v generator becomes a life-saver, because at the simple pull of a starter cord, you can have your batteries charging back up to full in no time!


If you’re the kind of camper who stays put for a few days at a time, running a 240v battery charger directly off your Adventure Kings generator for a few hours every afternoon will ensure your batteries stay topped-up for trouble free operation!


The Adventure Kings portable generators aren’t just good for camping, either. People take advantage of the massive output at the jobsite to easily run energy thirsty power tools when you can’t get access to mains power.

The Adventure Kings range are also great for keeping them topped up at home in the event of one of the regular power outages of recent years!


If your power does go out, if you’ve got a 20L jerry can of unleaded fuel and your Adventure Kings generator, you’ll be able to keep the fridge running for days. That definitely makes a generator one of the best purchases you’ll ever make!