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Are you a true bush mechanic?

March 31, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Are you a true bush mechanic? - image Capture-154 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


If you’ve been bitten by the adventure bug – chances are you’ll find yourself with a loaded up 4WD or SUV on Friday night heading to a remote campsite, on a hidden 4WD track. While escaping the city and heading to the bush or beach is the dream – it’s important that we are prepared for anything that might happen.


If you’ve got the right tools like those that come in the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit you can spend your time having fun rather than worried about getting your vehicle home should things go wrong. This is the best toolkit for camping and 4wding on the market.


To have all the tools you need for your trip away – you used to have to purchase several different kits – a set of spanners, a set of screwdrivers, a socket and ratchet set, and countless $20-$30 specialty tools like circlip pliers and hacksaws. All this would have cost you $400-$500 and you’d need a lot of space to carry it all.


The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit is a one of a kind tool kit made for 4WDers. We’ve picked the most importants of all the aforementioned kits, and put into one kit – all for under $100!


You have the tools to perform all common repairs and maintenance on your vehicle out on the tracks, or at home – from wiring issues to wheel bearings.


Let’s take a look at what’s in the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit, what repairs you can carry out with it, and what we’ve done to ensure they’ll last a lifetime in the back of your vehicle.


  • Full ring spanner set

The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes with 12 ring spanners – from 8mm all the way up to 24mm. This will help undo and do up almost every nut and bolt on your vehicle, trailer or any gear you have.

They’re Chrome Vanadium – which is a fancy way of saying they’re tough as nails – perfect for those hard to undo bolts.


  • Full 1/2in socket set

The socket sets goes from 8mm to a whopping 32mm – most expensive standalone socket sets only go up to 24mm! The larger sizes are there purposely for jobs like taking the ball off your hitch.

The ½ inch drive means you get really put some weight behind the sockets and ratchet – it is much tougher than most ¼ inch drives.

Not only does the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit have a quality ratchet, it comes with a heavy duty 17 inch breaker bar. This is perfect for those extremely tight, corroded nuts and bolts, and undoing wheel nuts that are too tight. A breaker bar gives you a longer lever, which makes the job twice as easy


  • 6 x screwdrivers

That’s 3 x Philips head screwdrivers, and 3 x flathead screwdrivers. There’s aren’t just normal screwdrivers, however. They’re made to be worked hard! Unlike many screwdrivers twice the price, these ones have a metal shaft that go right through. That means you can hammer the end should you you need to punch a hole through something, or you need to knock a screw loose. It also has a ½ inch drive on top so you can attach a ratch or spanner to it to give you that extra purchase.

  • Wire strippers/crimpers + fuses and terminals

If you’re running a dual battery setup and a fridge, you need this essential tool at camp. If you have an issue with your 12V – you have the tools to snip wires, strip wires, and crimp wires to ensure you fix an issue before the beers get hot.

There’s even a box of common replacement fuses that will blow on a vehicle, and 72 terminals/connectors for all your 12V needs. These aren’t just handy for fixes on the tracks, you’ll use them when installing your 12V products too

  • Circlip Pliers

Circlips are fasteners that are used in many different ways in your vehicle, like your suspension, driveline and axle. They are near impossible to remove without a good set of circlip pliers. If you need to do a trackside fix on something in your driveline, chance are there’s a circlip needing to be removed.

  • Pliers

The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes with the 5 types of pliers you’ll always use – needle nose, combo, locking and side cutters. In almost every fix on the tracks or at camp, you’ll need a set of these. These pliers are very good quality – just like everything in the tool kit.

  • Allen Keys

At least 50-60% of your camping products will have a bolt or screw that you’ll need an allen key to undo or tighten. The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit has a full set of allen keys, with 9 different sizes

  • Ball Pein Hammer, File and Hacksaw

From tent pegs to bent steering arms to broken tent poles, and everything in between – no 4wd or vehicle should leave home without a quality hammer, file and hacksaw. They’re the bush mechanic essentials that if you didn’t have on board, you wish you did.


Best of all the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes in a heavy-duty carry bag, with plenty of room to add more tools and spares from home in. If you went to a hardware shop to buy these quality tools – you’d expect to be paying well over $400. The Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit can be yours for well under $100.


Why can 4WD Supacentre create such quality tools for such low prices? We buy in huge volume, have no middleman, and work on razor thin margins – we pass these savings onto you. If you want the best tool kit for camping, or want to know what tools to take 4WDing – look no further than the Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit. They’re such good quality, and so well priced, you can buy one for the 4WD and one for home