Back it up – into the future!

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Safety both on road and off road is paramount, and clear unobstructed vision is critical to safely operating your 4WD anywhere! Now you can retrofit your vehicle, with a state of the art safety device that won’t break the bank, and will make reversing your large vehicle much less stressful!

This is why VMS has teamed up with Adventure Kings To release the latest in 4WD safety accessories, The VMS Reversing camera is one of the best ways to gain clear vision of what is behind your 4WD at any given moment. A simple plug and play installation, means you can install this device in just an afternoon.


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Fitted with a 150° wide angled lens you can clearly see not just, what is behind your vehicle, but what is beside you as well, there are far fewer surprises from obstacles and people that move into the path of your reversing 4WD!

The kit includes over 9m of extension cable so is easily suitable for installation on nearly any 4WD, van, family, SUV, camper van or camper trailer setup, and installation is quite simple, simply plug the IP67 dust and waterproof rated camera directly into your VMS Touring 700HDX and tap into your reversing lights for automatic operation whenever reverse is selected. This gives clear vision through the large 7″ LED backlit screen, for crystal clear vision!

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With the added ability to see clearly and from a lower perspective means you can easily find your trailer hitch, and avoid running into the wall at the back of your parking space, you are also afforded the ability to reverse your trailer easily.

By simply installing a reverse camera, many people are given the ability to easily reverse larger vehicles, like dual cab 4WD utes in crowded areas with much more confidence than without this supplementary safety device connected, and with the simplicity of installation, you will have a feature that is usually reserved for much more expensive 4WD vehicles.

At 4WD Supacentre, we’ve found the addition of an extra set of eyes being installed in to the back of our 4WD gives better vision when off road. In the event of a failed hill start, or simply turning around on tight tracks, you may need to reverse down tight sections of track, that are particularly tough to navigate, and being able to see where ruts are behind you means you avoid the dreaded rut crossover, which can be disastrous. You will also be able to see obstacles like tree’s when doing tight 3-point turns.


There are plenty of situations where a 4WD reversing camera like the VMS Reverse Camera, can save the day by avoiding any minor collisions whilst parking, hitting trees on the tracks, and being able to see if there are any small children around whilst you are reversing out of your driveway. By being able to see so much behind you, the VMS Reversing Camera, also makes reversing much more comfortable, without requiring you to contort your neck all the way around to see what obstacles might be behind your vehicle.

The added safety benefits are far outweighed by the affordable price tag, for less than the price of a carton of beer, you can have one of the most high-tech safety aids, that you will use every day!