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Campsite etiquette –   5 things to never do at camp!

February 3, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Campsite etiquette -   5 things to never do at camp! - image 160810-Camping-Comparo-264 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Where ever you go in life it is almost inevitable to run into people who come across as obnoxious and rude.

This is an etiquette guide to camping, so when you hit the tracks you will make friends with the neighbors and not enemies.

These simple rules will keep you in the good books, and possibly gain you some camping friends for life!


1.Give some space!

When you get to camp, particularly in more crowded areas, it’s a great idea to set up with plenty of space between yourself and any other campers that may already be set up and kicking back. There is nothing worse than being at a campsite and enjoying a little slice of peace and quiet, and a rowdy bunch of people shows up and camps at your doorstep, giving you a swags eye view of their ugliest sides!


We recommend finding a space that is well away from others, whilst still giving yourself plenty of space to open out your Awning, unroll your 3 x 3 metre mesh floor, and set up your Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, you never know… they may even be the rowdy ones!


Campsite etiquette -   5 things to never do at camp! - image Capture-34 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



2.The bush is not a toilet

In the same way you wouldn’t want someone pooing in the middle of your yard, the bush and your fellow campers should be respected. There are many popular campsites around Australia that see hundreds of campers every week, and for this reason they have been fitted with handy pit toilets, to save people wondering around in the dark from finding a man-made landmine with their thongs!


However if your campsite hasn’t got a pit toilet fitted you aren’t S*!T out of luck yet…. The Adventure Kings Portable Toilet is the perfect solution for campers who like to have the simple luxuries of the modern world. It features a 10L Fresh water holding tank and easily flushes with the pump of a handle.

For those with more rugged refinement, nothing beats a fold up shovel and a roll of dunny paper! Simply dig a small trench about 15cm deep (that’s about 1 thong length FYI) and when you have finished business and the paper work simply fill in the hole. If your campsite is a popular one, get some camper karma and mark the spot with a stick and a square of toilet paper. Doing this will save the next guy (maybe even yourself) from digging up buried treasure!


3.Keep the noise down when your neighbors have gone to bed


This rule applies to anywhere, it’s a common courtesy and will pay itself off in dividends.

Respecting your neighbours means they will respect you. When you have stayed up much later than them, in the morning, they will more than likely return the favour when your head is pounding and your world is spinning!

This doesn’t just mean don’t shout and carry on. It means don’t keep your music blaring (even if its your favorite song) and make sure you setup your generator well away from other peoples campsites!

4. If you packed it in – pack it out!

There is no worse feeling than planning a trip out into nature to get away from the mess and clutter of the city, to find the people at camp before you left all their rubbish laying around. There is no excuse for being a grub, so make sure if you packed it in, you pack it out.If you don’t want rubbish in the cab of your vehicle, grab a Kings Dirty Gear Bag  to chuck over your spare tyre(and line it with a garbage bag) this will give you a great spot to throw all your empties at camp, and its right near your 12v fridge in the rear of your vehicle!

This means when the morning comes you don’t have to wonder around camp looking for empties. And you can just hit the tracks and roll!

5.If you see someone struggling, don’t just watch!

It may be hilarious watching someone struggle to setup their camp, but if someone is really genuinely having trouble getting their camp set up, it might be a good idea once you have your camp sorted, to stroll over and offer to lend a hand. A small gesture like this can take stacks of stress out of a new camper’s situation.

You never know, that may be you one day, and after all, the other person is just like you, they picked the same awesome spot, on the same day to get away from the fuss of town, so you probably have more in common than you imagined!

These are just a handful of tips to help you to contribute the kind and friendly nature of people who enjoy getting out and about in the bush. In our opinion there frankly isn’t much in the world better than getting to some remote spots. And making sure that ourselves and others are always welcomed back!