Adventure Kings rooftop tents are becoming incredibly popular these days, and the three different styles of roof top tents we sell here at 4WD Supacentre are all ridiculously good value. Whether you like the simplicity of the Weekender, the extra out-of-the-elements space of the Tourer or the clever new hardshell Kwiky rooftop tent, one of them is guaranteed to change the way you camp for the better. We’ve spent years and years, hundreds upon hundreds of collective nights, camping out of our Adventure Kings rooftop tents all in the name of field-testing them for research and development purposes.


Here’s eight things about your roof top tent that we know for a fact, that often get glossed over.

  1. YOU CAN STILL FIT THEM TO BIG 4WDS WITH MEGA LIFTS: The main concern here is the length of the ladder. Our roof top tents come with high-quality alloy ladders that will suit up to a 4inch lift on most vehicles. However, if you have a 4WD that’s bigger again, we sell a ladder extension that will suit almost any size 4WD.


  1. YOU CAN KEEP ALL YOUR SLEEPING GEAR UP IN THEM: There’s nothing worse than having to un-make your bed every morning when you pack your tent up! That’s a thing of the past with a roof top tent as they’re big enough to keep your sleeping bag and pillows stored up in them while they’re folded away. That makes setting up and packing up camp even quicker and keeps your storage space inside your vehicle free for other things.


  1. ROOFTOP TENTS ARE A GOD-SEND ON HOT NIGHTS: Sweating through a hot night’s sleep out at camp sucks, but that’s where a Adventure Kings rooftop tents comes into its own. By being up off the ground, you get away from the heat that the sun has drilled into the earth all day. You also have the ability to feel any of those beautiful night-time breezes because you’re up higher.



  1. OUR ROOFTOP TENTS ARE EVEN BETTER ON COLD NIGHTS: We’ve camped down in the High Country in minus -5°C windchill weather with snow all around, and with a good sleeping bag we were toasty inside our roof top tent! The Adventure Kings rooftop tent range is all made from beautiful thick canvas that provides excellent shelter on even the coldest night.


  1. THEY’RE BIG ENOUGH TO FIT THE WHOLE FAMILY! If you take the tin lids camping with you, you’ll love the ability to turn your Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent into a true full-family campsite simply by attaching the fully-enclosed anexe. It zips on in less than 30 seconds, and with the corners pegged down you’ve got heaps of internal room for sleeping, or just a big private area for getting changed while standing up. Luxury!



  1. SETUP IN A MINUTE – PACK UP IN TWO: There’s nothing worse than struggling your way through setting up camp, especially when all your mates have already finished and are sitting down having a coldie around the campfire. Set up any of the Adventure Kings roof top tents in minutes thanks to their clever design. The Kwiky is the best of the lot, but even setting up the Tourer with the included annexe room takes barely more than five minutes. 
  2.  THEY ACTUALLY DON’T EFFECT FUEL ECONOMY OR VEHICLE HANDLING: We’ve heard from many people that they are avoiding a Adventure Kings rooftop tents because they’re worried it’ll make their vehicle use more fuel, or handle worse. The truth is, roof top tents do neither! Mount your Adventure Kings rooftop tents at the rear of the vehicle on a roof top tent rack and it’ll sit down nice and protected out of the wind buffer zone. And honestly – unless you drive like a wally, you won’t notice any difference to vehicle handling, either.


  1. YOU’LL NEVER LOOK BACK AFTER THE FIRST NIGHT’S CAMPING: After just one night’s camping in your Adventure Kings roof top tent, you’ll never want to go back to any other type of campsite accommodation! Between the ease of setup and pack up, how comfortable they are, and just how good a night’s sleep you get, you’ll fall in love with your rooftop tent and just want to camp out of it time and time again.

The Biggest Comfiest Swag On The Market!

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Camping weekends with your partner are the best way to create lifelong memories, and the best way to make sure these memories aren’t tarnished due a bad sleep is to get one of the biggest, comfiest swags you can buy – the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe.


If you’re in the market for a double swag, you would have seen dozens of different styles, shapes and sizes out there. Here are 5 reasons why smart shoppers are choosing the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe.


  1. It is bigger than a queen bed

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That’s right, the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag mattress is longer and wider than your queen mattress of your bed at home. An average queen size mattress is 153cm wide and 203cm long, where the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe is a massive 155cm wide and 215cm long. That means couples can stretch out just like you would at home. You can have space in the heat, and in the cold get cosy. For most couples you will even have room to put your bags of clothes at your feet and still comfortable stretch out.

The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe is one of the biggest swags you can buy, but packs up easily to fit anywhere in your car or 4WD when you’re heading to and from your destination.


  1. You have so much head room


Many other double swags will taper down at your feet, some even taper in to save on material costs! The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is a full dome, so you get a massive 1 metre of headroom all the way from top to bottom. This means you don’t get that claustrophobic, cramped feeling you can get in other swags.  You can sit up fully and still have head room. It also means you and your partner will have enough room to get changed in privacy inside your swag.


  1. Mattress thickness

You won’t believe the difference 20mm makes to a mattress comfort. Many swags on the market at double the price of the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe only have a 50mm mattress – where the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe has a 70mm mattress. That 20mm will mean you won’t feel that one annoying rock or stick below your swag – with a thinner mattress it could keep you awake all night.

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While mattress thickness is important in a swag – the density of the foam used it just as important. The more dense the foam, the more support the mattress will give you, and the less you will feel any uneven ground below you. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag has a high density mattress – so even if you and your partner are sleeping on it, you’ll have plenty of support, and you won’t need to setup your an absolutely perfect grass every weekend. That means you can go to more remote campsites away from the crowds, and still get a great night’s sleep!



  1. Self-standing design


Another benefit of the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is that it’s designed to be self standing when you set it up. Many other double swags on the market have a complicated set of poles that take a long time to set up, and need to be fully pegged down or they will fall over. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe has three poles – an arch at either end, and a centre pole that keeps the canvas taught, and helps the swag stand up without the need to be pegged down. This means it’s easier and faster to setup if you pull into camp late at night.


The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe also comes with pegs and ropes for the storm flaps at each end of the swag. Peg these out and you can keep the canvas windows open to allow air flow even if there happens to be rain or a storm come in the night.



  1. The sides can be fully open


Many double swags will open up from the top of the swag, and it’s common that the only opening is from the torso up, which restricts air flow, makes it awkward to get in and out of, and almost impossible to get changed in. The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag opens fully on both sides, which makes it really easy to get in and out of.


Each side has a canvas flap and a midge and mosquito proof mesh flap that can both be zipped closed. In warmer months – you can open up both sides so you capture any breeze that might come your way, while the midges and mozzies don’t bother you. If the wind gets up you can close one side, and if it gets a bit cool, zip up the canvas on both sides and you can be toasty warm. And because the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe has quality 400GSM canvas – it’ll breathe – meaning it won’t get stuffy inside the swag.


No matter what the weather, no matter what type of ground you’re sleeping on, and no matter if it’s you, you and your partner, or even a family of four – you’ll have the perfect night’s sleep in an Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag. It’s no wonder they are Australia’s most popular double swag, and one of the biggest and comfiest swags you can buy.


Take a look at any campsite you stay at or drive past, and you will notice the sea of Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double swags setup. The design of the swag has been made by campers, for campers, and when you compare the quality of the components used in the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe to swags that are double the price – there’s no surprise smart shoppers and bargain hunter camping couples across the country choose to shop at 4WDsupacentre.


At 4WD Supacentre, we can provide top quality products at affordable prices because we buy in huge volumes, cut out the middleman, and work on razor thin margins – and we pass all those savings onto you. High prices don’t always mean better quality.




Solar Panels Explained : TECH BREAKDOWN!

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We have all seen solar panels on products from small led torches all the way up to powering whole cities.

But what is a solar panel and how do they work?

Just like suntanning is your skin absorbing the uv rays of the sun, a solar panel or photovoltaic cell converts uv light (photons) into electricity by a clever reaction within a silicone panel.


Since it was first discovered in 1839 the photovoltaic effect has undergone dozens of massive improvements and developments to get us to the solar panels we know today. Until the 1950’s the technology wasn’t great enough to produce practical solar panels for powering things like communications satellites or spacecraft.


But changes in silicone production meant there is now a more affordable supply of high quality silicone.

Today there are a few different types of solar cell, the most affordable is polycrystalline, made up of a many smaller crystals of silicone, its appearance is flaky with blotchy or speckled blue colour, the efficiency of a polycrystalline panel is around 13% which means, 13% of the available sun’s rays hitting the panel can be converted to electricity.

The other main type of solar panel is a monocrystalline panel, these are easily identifiable by their dark and uniform blue colour. Monocrystalline panels are far more efficient and in certain conditions can be up to 30% efficiency, this means for equivalent power you don’t require as much surface area.

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ALL models within the Adventure Kings 12v solar panel range take advantage of the higher efficiency monocrystalline panel technology for additional efficiency offering more bang for buck.


Despite the added costs associated with the production of monocrystalline panels, the Adventure Kings range are some of the most affordable monocrystalline panels available on the market.

All Solar panels output raw wattage, this means without some form of regulator to even out the voltage, you may end up with damaging voltage spikes when clouds pass over that can cause irreparable damage to your expensive 12v setup.


This phenomenon occurs inside a cars alternator, the output voltage would spike higher and lower, as your vehicle’s RPM’s increase and decrease, because of this there are many different voltage regulation circuits installed even on extremely old vehicles, with modern ‘smart’ alternators becoming standard equipment on many vehicles.

So for a top quality solar panel kit, you need to integrate into your setup some method of 12v power regulation. Nearly all Adventure Kings solar panel kits include an integrated voltage regulator, and with the Adventure Kings 110W Solar panel you can choose which style of voltage regulator will suit your setup the best.

When shopping for a solar voltage regulator for your 12v setup it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the choices and options presented to you. But when considering the most common styles you are looking at either a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) regulator or the more modern and more efficient Multi Point Power Tracking (MPPT) regulator.



Both styles of regulator are efficient and affordable and can save you a lot of heartache by preventing damage to your 12v battery bank.

The most common style of regulator found on the market is the Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), these work by pulsating the power both on and off. The pulses are adjusted in duration to modify the amperage and voltage to give optimal battery charging. These devices often also include other circuit protection features, such as load sensing and current overload protection.

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With a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit, many essential requirements will be met, however, for enhanced power delivery even on overcast days, a Multi Point Power Tracking (MPPT) regulator will deliver up to 30% more power efficiency when compared to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

The Multi Point Power Tracking (MPPT) regulator works by sensing the voltage output from the solar panel and the voltage at the battery and calculating and adjusting the best possible output to the battery for optimum performance in any conditions.

Because of the constant voltage monitoring, Multi Point Power Tracking (MPPT) regulators offer superior performance for nearly any 12v power charging application.

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There are also dual battery DC to DC charging systems like the CTEK D250SA coupled with a CTEK Smartpass 120 have a direct solar panel input that automatically regulates the charge from the panel using an internal Multi Point Power Tracking (MPPT) regulator.


Within the massive range of 12v solar panels on offer by Adventure Kings it’s hard to look past the unbelievable value on offer. With many solar panels and solar panel kits on offer, there is power for everyone’s 12v setup whether you need 10w or 250w.

Get more power for your camping setup, with a solar panel kit from Adventure Kings solar panel setup!


How to keep safe in the Aussie sun!

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It’s an essential Australian pastime to head out and spend time in the sunshine! Whilst being one of the most favoured pastimes there are plenty of risks associated with spending time in the Australian sunshine.

According to the statistics, approximately two in three Aussies will be diagnosed with a form of skin cancer by the time they are 70. These statistics are astounding and unacceptable, so at Adventure Kings we are dedicated to changing these numbers!


Growing up in the lucky country, we have all heard Slip, slop, slap. But there is more to the story than just using a good quality sunscreen, one of the best protections from the harsh beating Australian sun is a UPF rated shelter.

UPF, SPF and UV plus all the other ratings out there seem a bit confusing but we’re going to break down what UPF means and what methods are used in testing and exactly what you’ll be protected from.


What does UPF mean?


UPF is thrown around a lot when referring to shelter and clothing. The UPF rating issued by organisations such as ARPANSA rate the fabric’s qualities of protecting you from harmful sunburn causing Ultraviolet rays, this is where the name UPF comes from, standing for Ultraviolet Protection Factor.


In Australia there are few organisations that offer a reliable UPF rating, the most important thing to look for in a ratings laboratory is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation.

How do you test for UPF ratings?


At a Nata accredited laboratory they can test a fabric according to AS 4174. To get a UPF rating, a sample of fabric (1 m x 1 m) is sent in to be tested, and bright UV lamps are shone through the fabric in a testing rig. The result is calculated by the percentage of harmful light transmission that passes through.

With a UPF rating of 15 – 20 a fabric offers what is considered to be “good” Ultraviolet protection from the sun, this rating blocks out 93.3 – 95.9% of harmful UV rays, the next tier of protection is from 25 – 35 is considered ‘very good’ and blocks out up to 97.4% of harmful rays, and then finally 40 – 50+, which is considered Excellent and protects users from up to 97.5% or more of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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What does this information mean to you?

Knowing what factors offer the best protection and understanding that tighter knit fabrics often prevent more UV light transmission from passing through. We produced both our Adventure Kings Gazebo range and the Adventure Kings Awning range to implement some of the toughest fabrics with the tightest knit fabrics that we could offering not just a UPF50+ rating which allows less than 2.5% of harmful  rays through, but is also fully waterproof and will protect you and your family from nearly anything Australia’s harsh environment could throw at them.

Which one should I choose?

With plenty of options to choose from, you can pretty much choose anything from within the Adventure Kings range and confidently relax in the shade, with the UPF50+ rating without fear of harsh sun damage to your skin or to the younger ones!

Adventure Kings Awning Range
With a size suitable for any vehicle an Adventure Kings awning offers handy shelter no matter where you pull up. With 1.4m x 2m, 2m x 2.5m, 2.5m x 2.5m and 2m x 3m on offer, you will be sure to find an awning that will fit your vehicle.


Whatever size you choose the Adventure Kings Awnings all employ a tough a rip-resistant 280gsm fabric rated to UPF50+ (The highest rating available) to ward away the suns harsh rays, and keep your campsite dry no matter how the weather turns!


Protected by a tough 1000D waterproof PVC zip up cover, the toughest tracks won’t affect your awning when it’s not in use. Built with a hard anodized alloy frame system and heavy duty metal knuckles, an Adventure Kings Awning is sure to withstand years of use on the side of your vehicle.


Adventure Kings awnings are tough and practical, but are also cost effective enough that you’ll be proud of the price you’ll pay!

But what if you cannot get your vehicle into where your family is relaxing…… have no fear there is still a solution for you!


Adventure Kings Gazebo Range

The Adventure Kings Gazebo Range offers many of the same conveniences as an Adventure Kings Awning however the biggest difference being that an Adventure Kings Gazebo is free-standing.


Available in a standard 3m x 3m size and a massive 6m x 3m size the Adventure Kings Gazebos offer plenty of shelter for most sizes of camping or beach setups!


Built with a tough hammer-tone steel frame with a high peaked roof, the Adventure Kings gazebo range provides spacious shelter for any remote setup. Covered with 100% Waterproof heavy duty 420D Oxford PU coated polyester with a rating of  UPF50+ (The highest rating available) to protect your family and friends on the hottest, sunniest days.

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The versatility of being able to establish a base camp and even ‘reserve’ a campsite whilst you are off running errands, getting supplies or even exploring the greater area are all very appealing to many 4WDers and campers, plus the competitive cost and hard wearing are both hard to look past for nearly any campsite, market stall, or picnic setup!


Whatever setup you choose Adventure Kings has your back, and offers the best sun protection for the buck on the Aussie market!

Why you need an Adventure Kings 4WD Awning

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Just like a good old Aussie BBQ needs icy cold beers and good music, and a scorching hot summer day needs either air con or a kiddie pool to survive through, if you’ve got a 4WD, you definitely need an Adventure Kings Awning.


I’ve been road-tripping and camping around Oz for close to 30 years and heading away on 4WD trips for the last 10 of those. From my experience it has only been during the last couple of years 4WD Awnings have advanced and changed the way me and my mates head bush.


Most of us upgraded from spending the better part of an hour (and sometimes more) yelling at each other whilst trying to jerry rig tarps up with mismatched poles and half as many ropes as we need, to rolling into camp, unfolding the Adventure Kings Awnings, rolling out the Adventure Kings Swags, and sitting round the campfire with a cold beer in hand, all inside half an hour.


All the Adventure Kings awnings have anodised aluminium poles that are permanently attached to the frame, as are the guy ropes and 280gsm ripstop fabric, so you’ll never leave anything important at home again, or be searching in the dark for that last crucial bits and pieces.

The telescopic legs make it extremely easy to adjust the height of your Adventure Kings Awning in a couple of seconds, and allow you to set up your awning to be lower on one side, preventing pools of water from weighing the setup down. Gone are the days of using a broom handle to push heavy puddles off the top of your tarp.


The Adventure Kings Awnings are so easy to set up, I’ve even seen Shauno from 4WD Action set his Awning up in less than 2 minutes, while blindfolded, and he didn’t even mess it up!


The UPF50+ rated ripstop reinforced polyester makes for a great sunshade when you stop for lunch, and being so quick to set up, you won’t hesitate to roll it out as soon as possible whenever you might need it.

If you’ve got a few 4WDs in your convoy, and they’ve all got Adventure Kings Awnings, you can circle the wagons so everyone’s awnings are facing in, and combine awning shelter to have a massive shaded area big enough to easily fit a handful of families + more people!


Adventure Kings Awnings also excel whenever the weather turns bad and you need somewhere dry and sheltered to hide out from the rain.

The 280gsm ripstop polyester Adventure Kings Awning is fully waterproof – just set it up with a tilt to one corner, and the rain will run straight off, leaving you with a dry comfortable area large enough for a table and a couple of chairs or even your swag overnight.

You can add nearly double the sheltered space with an Adventure Kings Awning wall which provides plenty of sheltered storage and a great place to set up larger swags like the Adventure Kings Big Daddy whilst still keeping your usable awning space habitable, if the weather is really bad, you can even add a second or third Adventure Kings Awning wall to nearly triple your covered area.


The cast aluminium alloy knuckles found at the pivot points on an Adventure Kings awning are super tough and can survive really strong winds and heavy rains, where the lighter-weight plastic knuckles many other far more expensive brands use can fail without warning.


Available in 4 sizes; 2×2.5m, 2.5×2.5m, 2.5x3m, and the smaller 1.4x2m designed to fit over the back door of your rig, you can easily find an Adventure Kings Awning to suit your 4WD, station wagon, van or even sedans!


The versatility of sizes allows more people to get the most out of your campsite and enjoy the spending time in the Aussie elements, worry free, knowing you have shade and shelter to protect you.


Adventure Kings Awnings are supplied with everything you need to fit them to the roof-racks of your vehicle, and can be installed in under an hour with just a couple of simple tools.


So what are you waiting for? Grab an Adventure Kings 4WD Awning for your vehicles and get out camping and exploring this great country more!


Scott Osborne

4WD Action Team

Kings Portable Gazebos Are Built Tough

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Portable gazebos have long been a popular part of Aussie campsites. They can come in many shapes, sizes and build qualities. The most common sizes are 3x3m and 6x3m. Regarding build quality, many people who are after a heavy duty portable gazebo often make the mistake of buying a lightweight models that’s not much more than a sun shade. While these are definitely the cheapest models, they’re not suitable for camping scenarios where you use your portable gazebo to establish a solid base camp.
The lightweight, often flimsy sun shade shelters are best left alone if you’re after a sturdy, solid gazebo shelter that can handle wind, rain, harsh sun while protecting you and your family at Australia’s best campsites.
Kings portable gazebos aren’t built like any ordinary gazebo. They are built tough to ensure they are strong enough and provide years of service and value for money for those who use them. In the past you may have seen how portable gazebos can bend, buckle or collapse under the weight of a pool of water on the roof, or a gust of wind that whips through camp.
Like our best-selling range of Kings 4×4 side awnings with heavy duty alloy knuckles for superior strength, Kings gazebos are built extra strong to minimise the risk of them folding when the weather turns sour.
Before you purchase a gazebo, take the time to research what material the frame is made of. Because portable gazebos are self-standing, they don’t have the benefit of being anchored to your car or 4WD for added strength and support like a retractable awning does. For this reason, you simply cannot compromise on the frame construction of your portable gazebo.
Kings gazebos use reinforced heavy-duty hammertone steel frames on both the 3x3m and 6x3m models. While these aren’t as light as other frame types like aluminium, they’re much stronger and far less likely to bend or bow. After a persistent wind blowing against the wall of your gazebo for hours on end, an inferior frame will often bend in that direction and store that bend in its memory. That then makes them much harder to fold away and unpack. Kings portable gazebos won’t do this.
Run your hand over the button mechanism that is on each gazebo’s leg and is used to change the length/height of your portable gazebo. It should be solid – almost heavy to push in – rather than so lightweight that it lacks the rigidity to hold up in bad weather. Similarly, the feet of each leg need to be made of a thick material too. The Kings gazebos use wide, thick, heavy duty plastic feet that are impact resistant. These give a solid footprint for you to bang your peg through and will not bend or crack when anchored on hard ground. Because the feet of the gazebo often transfer a lot of the energy that’s built up from the wind blowing against the gazebo through to the ground, you can’t rely on thin metal or plastic strips to act as feet – they will fatigue much quicker and aren’t as likely to stand up to many years of use and abuse.
Apart from a long-lasting steel frame, the other equally important part of your portable gazebo is the material that protects you from the wind, rain and sun. Again, some cheaper models can cut corners with this essential part of your portable gazebo, while the Kings range does not.
Heavy duty 420 denier oxford weave polyester used on Kings gazebos is 100% waterproof. It is also independently tested and verified as UPF50+ rated. That’s the highest possible UV rating material like this can attain. Take a look at the detailed photos of Kings gazebos on the 4WD Supacentre website and you’ll see that all efforts to reinforce and strengthen this material have been taken as well. Look at the corner contact points where the material connects to the heavy duty steel frame. You’ll see they’ve got extra layers or material and stitching to make sure these contact or rub points don’t wear thin. Many cheaper gazebos use the same amount of material on all parts of their shelter, meaning the bits that get the most wear like the corners will develop holes quicker than the rest. When that happens, you no longer have a durable and waterproof shelter.
Before you order your portable gazebo, make sure you do your research. Gazebos need to be hard-wearing and heavy duty because their purpose is to protect you from the elements. With the Kings range you know you’re getting very tough features at incredible prices. Gazebos around the same price point (under $100 for the 3x3m model) often aren’t built as tough as a Kings unit, and those on the market with similar quality features can often cost a fair bit more.
Don’t settle for low price or high quality – with Kings, you can have both!

What to do with your Kings fridge/freezer after camping

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The Adventure Kings range of fridge/freezers are invaluable pieces of camping equipment that have completely removed the headache of finding a source of ice to keep your beers cold while on a remote bush adventure.


For such a fantastic piece of camping gear it would be a shame to leave it in storage for most of the year after you’ve had your yearly camping trip away, especially for those of us who can only manage a handful of trips each year, it’s a big investment to go relatively unused.


Thankfully your Adventure Kings fridge/freezer is extremely versatile and can easily run off both 12V and 240V power sources the added benefit to this is that it draws very little electrical current, so after your first camping trip away with your fridge you can take it right out of your 4WD or camper trailer and plug it straight in to the power point on your back patio to use as a beer fridge. It’s also very handy as an overflow for your kitchen freezer during Christmas holidays or after big grocery hauls, allowing you to set the temperature and stash your cold goods until you need them.


By keeping your Adventure Kings fridge plugged in around the home rather than buried under a mountain of camping gear in the shed it’s going to remain at a colder temperature and therefore already be prechilled, making it far more accessible, and ready to to throw back in the rear of your 4WD and head to the local cricket game or mates place for a BBQ.


Another thing you can do with your 12v camping fridge is to leave it in your 4WD full time, this option is gaining in popularity. If you have a simple dual battery 12V set up that uses an agm deep cycle battery, a DC-DC Charger or Voltage sensing Isolator and an Adventure Kings 110v permanent mounted solar panel or an Adventure Kings 120w folding solar blanket you have everything you need to keep your Adventure Kings Fridge running all day and night.


If you’re going to go down this track and use your Adventure Kings Fridge in your 4WD daily, a handy fridge slide like the Dunn and Watson slides and a Fridge cage will ensure you have easy access while keeping the unit protected from being crowded and overheated during your travels. Keeping your fridge running in your 4WD 24/7 is a great option for people who want to keep their lunch and cold refreshments on jobsites or for those that travel long distances often whilst touring.


If you have plenty of fridge space at home and need to clear even more room in the back of your 4WD between camping trips, you might intend to store your fridge away between adventures.

If this is the case, you will need to follow a few simple steps to ensure your fridge stays clean and odour free for many years of happy use to come:


Firstly, remove all the left-over contents from the fridge before storage, this saves nasty smelly surprises like rotten meat, spoiled fruit and even sour milk…. YUK!

Wash the inside of your fridge with warm soapy water, and wipe down the outside to ensure it is free of dirt and food scraps

Once empty it is a good idea to allow your Adventure Kings fridge/freezer to air dry completely with the lid open in a well-ventilated area, this will allow any condensation from the refrigeration process to dry off without getting moldy or allowing mildew to set it.

Store your Adventure Kings Camp Fridge in a cool dry space with good drainage this stops if from growing mould or getting damp, and possibly having its internal electrical components damaged with corrosion.

Do not use your Adventure Kings fridge to store utensils, plates or cooking gear in between trips this inhibits airflow and can cause rusting of the camping utensils to stain the inside of your fridge.

Another tip to get more from your fridge is to consider an Adventure Kings fridge/freezer cover , these covers are great for adding additional insulation to your fridge resulting in faster cooling, using less energy and allowing things to stay cooler longer, a cover will also protect your Adventure Kings fridge after your camping trip, preventing any dings and bangs from damaging your investment!

Enjoy more usage from your Adventure Kings portable camping fridge with these tips and pointers!

Adventure Kings Awnings – The Most Cost-effective campsite upgrade!

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There are few items that instantly upgrade and improve your campsite, like an Adventure Kings Awning. Available in 4 different sizes 1.4m x 2m, 2m x 2.5m, 2.5m x 2.5m, 2m x 3m there is a size for nearly any vehicle.

They are supa easy to install an Adventure Kings awning to your roof racks. All Adventure Kings Awnings include all of the brackets and fasteners required to install, so in a short afternoon of work and with some simple hand tools you can have one of the most versatile and practical camping shelters available on the market.

The reason an Adventure Kings Awning is so versatile is because it is sleek and low profile when it is folded away it neatly tucks inside the zip up 1000D PVC case. However, when you get to your destination, and even at completely unexpected moments, you can unfold your awning in just seconds to have a fully waterproof and UPF50+ rated shelter, perfectly safe for even the worst weather conditions.

Adventure Kings awnings are some of the best priced awnings on the market, being priced low enough that you can pick one up and usually get change from $100, there aren’t many awnings on the market that can boast this.

The quality and construction of an Adventure Kings Awning is also one of the toughest build constructions available on any 4×4 awning. Built with heavy duty metal knuckles they don’t snap or shatter like cheaper plastic knuckles found on some of even the most expensive awnings on the market.

The poles on the Adventure Kings awnings are anodised and use a tough internal adjustable twist locking mechanism to maintain the perfect amount of tension on the fully waterproof 280gsm ripstop polyester fabric which is extremely durable and integrates a very tough ripstop reinforcing.

An Adventure Kings Awning in many ways offers more than just shelter, by adding a camping awning to your setup, you create a simple foundation from which you can build and develop your campsite. By adding an Adventure Kings Awning Wall and an Adventure Kings mesh floor you can double the sheltered usable space underneath your Adventure Kings Awning.

When setting up your camping awning it is important that you affix it to the ground, the easiest way to do this is by pegging down the feet of your awning and fastening out the included guy ropes. This means even in unexpected gusts of wind you won’t lose or break your favorite new awning.

One of the more common places to setup an awning is during a beach run, when you’ve found the perfect place to pullup and enjoy the beach, there is not much better than unrolling your awning and having a break, to prevent damage to your awning on the beach Adventure Kings have even developed a handy set of Awning Sand Bags which simply fill up with beach sand and hold the legs of your awning down in case of a strong gust. These are one of the most underrated awning accessories on the market, and at less than the price of a 6 pack you’d be mad not to add some to the cart!

Along with the simpler accessories for awnings there are more elaborate setups you can establish from an awning foundation, such as an Adventure Kings Awning Mosquito Net, for keeping the blood suckers at bay, to a fully-fledged Adventure Kings Awning Tent, which provides well ventilated and fully waterproof shelter, away from the wind and rain, no matter where you are, simply slide the tent onto the sail track on the awning frame, Velcro tight the fasteners and you are good to go!

Fully enclosed with mesh windows and a PVC bucket floor the awning tent also opens on the vehicle side offering uninhibited access to bits and pieces from the cabin of your vehicle.

It’s hard to look past the absolute versatility of an Adventure Kings Awning, and without one, your camping setup leaves much to be desired. With an unbeatable price-tag, easy fitment and installation, a list of accessories that are affordable and instantly increase the quality of life at camp. There is a size to suit just about any vehicle.

There is no longer any excuses to not grab a top quality awning to mount to your vehicle today!

Do You Want LED Driving Lights Or An LED Light Bar?

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Here at 4WD Supacentre, we sell some of Australia’s best value LED light bars and LED driving lights. In fact, we were one of the first companies to genuinely bring down the price of LED light bars and LED driving lights, and now there are literally tens of thousands of 4WDs on the roads and tracks around the country running our lights! LED lighting is so affordable and it’s a brilliant way to seriously upgrade your 4×4, van or SUV. Here’s our guide to what you should know about LED driving lights and LED light bars.

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1. LED LIGHTING IS SERIOUSLY EFFICIENT: It used to be that halogen driving lights were just about the only option on the market for adding extra lighting power to the front of your vehicle. The problem is, halogen is old technology and extremely inefficient. Essentially all it is, is a way of converting raw energy into light by heating a wire element, losing a lot of power through heat loss along the way. Then High Intensity Discharge (HID) driving lights came around, and they were an improvement but were a lot more delicate and unreliable as they required a separate igniter circuit to light the HID bulb. Finally, LED hit the market and adventures, tradies and 4WDers rejoiced. Light Emitting Diodes in LED driving lights and LED light bars use a fraction of the power compared to halogen, yet produce a beautiful bright powerful light.


2. LED IS GREAT FOR PREVENTING TIRED EYES: If you do long stretches at night you’ll be aware of how much the old-school yellow light from halogen lights can cause drowsy eyes. That’s because on the colour temperature chart, yellow is warm. The whiter, almost verging on blue, light that comes from LED is much kinder on eyes as it doesn’t strain your eyes so much. That means there’s a noticeable difference between starting out the window for two hours at a time at yellow halogen light, compared to the same white light from LED driving lights or an LED light bar.

3. LED DRIVING LIGHTS COME IN TWO DIFFERENT SIZES: We sell a 7inch round LED driving light, as well as a 9inch round LED driving light. The smaller lights are best suited to cars, smaller SUVs and smaller 4WDs, while the 9inch LED driving lights are perfect where space is not a concern. We’ve seen our customers run them on everything from full-sized 4WDs, to pantec trucks, road trains and even harvesters and tractors!

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4. LED LIGHT BARS OFFER A FANTASTIC SPREAD OF LIGHT: What sets an LED light bar apart from an LED driving light is the arrangement of LEDs. Both the LED driving light and the LED light bar offer a combination of spread beams for wide light spread, and spot beams for long-distance light throw. However, where an LED light bar excels is in its ability to throw a wide spread of light out to the sides of the vehicle. That’s seriously beneficial when you’re out in open country and want to keep an eye on the edges of the road for roos.

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4: USE LED LIGHT BARS FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES: LED light bars can be used for heaps of purposes. You can use the smaller ones as LED camping lights, for instance – mounting one or two of the 6inch LED light bar to the side of your roof rack and running off a separate switch. Step up to a 20” or above LED light bar and it’ll be perfect to use as a reverse light on the back of your ute.

5: THE ULTIMATE COMBO: LED DRIVING LIGHTS AND LED LIGHT BAR: So what’s the ultimate combination? In our opinion, nothing beats having both an LED light bar, and a set of LED driving lights. This way you get the best of both worlds – that long-distance penetration that you get from the LED driving lights, and the excellent spread of light from an LED light bar. And the best part is if you buy your LED driving lights or LED light bar from 4WD Supacentre, you can get both for about half the price of a single LED light bar from other manufacturers – and it’ll serve you just as well!


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Here at 4WD Supacentre, we are by far the country’s biggest seller of 4×4 Awnings. We started off selling them for 4WDs but now we’ve had customers mount them to a massive range of cars, trucks and trailers. No wonder either – our Adventure Kings awnings have to be the best value on the market right now. You can pick one up for less than $100, have it shipped straight to your front door, there’s multiple sizes available and the quality is incredible too!

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Here’s a few clever things you can do with your awning that don’t just limit its use to a campsite.


  1. RUN MULTIPLE AWNINGS: Considering the purchase price of an Adventure Kings Awning, you can afford to run two or even three for less than the price of one from our competitors. We’re big fans of running an awning down each side of the vehicle. When you’re out at camp, you can use one as a ‘living room’, somewhere sheltered to let you cook and hang out, and the one on the opposite side as a ‘bedroom’ for your tent or swag. There’s nothing like having heaps of proper shelter, and awnings are an incredibly cost-effective way to do this.


  1. RUN A REAR AWNING: Our 1.4m wide awnings are perfect for running across the rear of your roofrack. If you have a 4×4 or SUV that has a drop-down tailgate, you probably use the tailgate as a camping table for cooking or storing gear when you’re at camp. Extend your 1.4m awning out across the rear of your vehicle and all of a sudden you’ve got shelter from the sun and rain to let you cook your tucker out of the elements! No more trying to cover the snags with a bit of tin-foil when that unexpected afternoon shower rolls through.


  1. MOUNT ONE TO YOUR UTE’S HEADBOARD: If you love chucking your swag on your ute’s tray when you’re camping, then this one is for you. Mount one of the 1.4m wide awnings across the top of your ute’s headboard and you’ve got an instant roof to camp under when the weather turns a bit average. Or, if you take your pup to work with you, pull out the awning and they’ll be snoozing in the shade all day while you earn a buck. The lazy buggers.


  1. MOUNT IT TO YOUR TRAILER: Awnings don’t need to be confined to your roofracks. The mounting system on all Adventure Kings awnings uses standard-sized M6 bolts that slot into tracks on the rear of the awning’s frame. That means you have heaps of options for mounting it wherever you want, because all you have to do is get appropriately-sized M6 bolts and drill a couple of holes. If you’ve got an enclosed trailer for your landscaping business, or to haul your dirt bikes or go-carts around, this is spot on!


  1. MOUNT ONE TO THE SIDE OF THE SHED: No joke – this is a cracking idea. You’d spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on setting up an awning off the side of your shed when an Adventure Kings awning would do the same job just as well. Let’s say you’ve got a barbie around the side of the shed. Mount one of our 2.5×2.5m awnings above it, and you’ve got instant shade and shelter for those arvo icebox emptying sessions with mates. And then the best bit, is once you’re done, it folds away to next-to-nothing so you can still park a car up the side of the shed!


  1. PAIR IT UP WITH YOUR MATE’S AWNING AT CAMP: This is a beaut little setup that we love taking advantage of when we’re camping with mates. If both you and your mates have awnings, roll one out and set it up. Then, roll the other out and while you’re holding it, get your mate to move his 4×4 into position so the outer rails of the awnings meet up with each other. Peg the second awning down then use a couple of cable ties or a bit of electrical tape to secure the legs together, and you have a massive under-cover communal area to hang out!


Of course there’s a million more ways you can use your awning, but these are some of our favourites. Take your awning to the next level with awning tents, awning walls and mesh floors – all available from 4WD Supacentre and all of them the best value gear you can get right now.

SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY – You can drawer your own conclusions!  

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There once was a time where making your own set of drawers (draws) or cargo organisers for the rear of your vehicle was the most cost effective way to get your 4WD equipment and camping gear organized and secured. When compared with the expensive and often basic features of the available brands on the market, it’s no wonder so many people chose to head down this seemingly cost effective path.

With homemade drawers the ability to custom measure, design and fit your storage solutions to your vehicle seem appealing but with a project like this, with all the bells and whistles, it could potentially cost you hundreds in plywood, brackets, drawer slides, latches and fasteners, not to mention the mess and time consumed designing and building a set of drawers, the results are often not secure, and result in rattly and heavy drawers that, are for lack of better description, disappointing

4WD Supacentre took all the guesswork, cost and mess out of installing a rear drawer system into the back of your vehicle, with the reliable and sturdy Titan Rear Drawers available in a handful of different models in both single and double-sided options.


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There are 3 main sizes; 900mm, 1070mm & 1300mm the Titan rear drawer range, they even include custom built wing kits available for many models of vehicle, which infill the gap between the sides of the drawers and the interior trim of your vehicle or ute tray.

Built with a tough and corrosion resistant galvanised steel chassis with adjustable ladder rail mounting positions, you can easily fasten your rear drawers to just about any vehicle and with the tough wearing and water resistant marine grade carpet, they look the part too!

The solid Titan rear drawers slide on dozens of steel roller bearings for massive weight carrying capacity we’ve tested them with engine blocks, 2 wheelbarrow loads of pavers, and whilst loaded up even jumped on them to see how much they could take, and we’ve never had an issue.

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All Titan Drawer systems also include heavy duty key locking metal latches providing maximum security for your expensive camping gear, keeping your valuables out of sight and out of reach of sticky fingers.

One of the added benefits of installing a set of Titan Rear Drawers to your vehicle is that once it is bolted down, it then becomes an extremely stable platform for fastening all of your bulkier gear, such as swags and camping chairs fastening them down with a set of ratchet straps to the integrated spring loaded tie down points.



Once your gear is locked down the structure of your drawers holds your gear fast to the body of your car, meaning no more bouncing gear in the cab of your vehicle. And along with the organization offered by your drawers, the bulkier gear stays put and you can find it in a second!

All double Titan rear drawers include a built in heavy duty fridge slide, if you were to purchase one separately even if you were looking at a more affordable fridge slide, you’d be looking at over $100 not including installation.

The Titan rear drawer fridge slide is capable of carrying an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer or an Adventure Kings 80L Fridge simply fasten the fridge to the integrated cargo hooks and you are good to go.

The Fridge slide operates with a simple auto locking latch you simply press the button and you can slide the fridge out for easier access. If you don’t have a fridge setup in your vehicle people have also used the integrated fridge slide as a temporary pull out work bench, perfect for cooking food or performing trackside emergency surgery on parts of your vehicle.

The included Fridge slide uses similar heavy-duty rollers found in other parts of the Titan rear drawers for smooth and trouble-free operation.

Not only are they feature packed and affordable a set of Titan rear drawers can be installed easily in an afternoon with a little help lifting it into place and a handful of bolts to fasten it down and install the drawer tops you’ll be more organized than ever, for far less than you would have thought.

To see the full range of Titan rear drawers don’t hesitate to view the range at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au  HERE > www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/rear-drawers.html

Off-road, In the Shed or Around the Home – Adventure Kings Tool Sets

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If you’ve just moved out of home for the first time or if you’re not the handiest of people around the house – don’t worry, you’re not alone – you probably don’t realise it yet but an affordable yet good quality set of tools can be especially helpful around the house, particularly when prices from some other brands seem astronomically high, and the cheaper stuff just won’t do.


Everyone knows 4WD Supacentre to be the Kings of off-road fun and affordable camping gear but what probably gets missed the most is the top-quality range of hand tools available at insanely affordable budget-oriented prices.


The crown jewel in the Adventure Kings Tools range of top quality hand tools is the Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market and for the first time ever there is a toolkit made by 4WDers for 4WDers.

The bush mechanic toolkit was designed as a heavy duty kit with many bits and pieces that can be used to get your 4WD back on the tracks to get you home, however many of the tools included in the kit are very handy for things like servicing your vehicle, eg. Oil changes, removing inspection covers, and even replacing things you broke on the track like CV joints, universal joints, and even repairing your swiveling hubs.

Rather than coming stored inside your typical hard plastic or metal case like most tool boxes do you will find that the Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit comes in a heavy duty carry bag meaning it’ll dampen the bouncing and sliding that many tool kits do on offroad tracks, plus it will fit even in the back of the messiest 4WD or it will neatly tuck away in the back of some Titan Rear Drawers without the dangerous and aggressive bouncing and bashing around you get with a typical hard metal toolbox.


Not just for 4WDing though, the Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit includes over 150 bits and pieces from Spanners to Pliers right through to a Hand Saw and Allan Keys for those pesky flat packs the missus has been begging you to put together, that always come with cheap tools that strip the heads of nuts and bolts before you even started building the bloody kit.


For the Average Joe a top-quality tool kit containing 150+ pieces might seem to be overkill and a bit daunting – that’s why you can turn to the more conventional Adventure Kings 74 Piece Toolkit. The name suggests it all, it contains 74 pieces of tough top quality Adventure Kings tools made from Chrome Vanadium steel, and other tough materials to make sure they can withstand whatever awkward and strenuous jobs you end up throwing at them (or throw them at depending how frustrated you get on a D.I.Y. project). In all seriousness, the 6x included ratcheting spanners, full tang Flat Head and Phillips Head screwdrivers (hex nut pommel for extra leverage with a spanner, full set of Allen Keys and even a Ball Peen Hammer will give you most of the essentials you need to become the ultimate home handyman.


For those smaller jobs or just a simple toolkit to chuck in the shed or near the water heater for odd jobs and to have handy for all the kids Christmas & Birthday presents that never include batteries, y you can grab an Adventure Kings 11 Piece Spanner Set, an Adventure Kings 8 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set, an Adventure Kings 26 Piece Socket Set or an Adventure Kings 11 Piece Heavy Duty Screwdriver & Pliers Kit , to fill in the blanks with all the random bits and pieces you’ve accumulated in your current toolbox over the years.

The Adventure Kings range of tools are a great option for people who want a go to tool kit for doing odd jobs and home D.I.Y. jobs, and simple maintenance on their own 4WD for a remarkably affordable price.


Check the full range out at 4WD Supacentre.com and take your home handyman skills to new levels with all the right gear for the job.
DID YOU KNOW: Chrome Vanadium steel is an alloy comprised of iron, carbon, chromium and vanadium. The combination offers improved strength and hardness compared to normal steel as well as offering better wear and tear, scratch and corrosion resistance.


Adventure Kings Gazebo’s are now easier than ever to upgrade

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Adventure Kings Gazebos, have absolutely shattered a market filled with overpriced and inferior quality gazebo’s built tough enough to survive the gnarliest Australian weather conditions without issues. The solid steel hammertone finished frame is reinforced at its hinging points meaning it has a solid structure and foundation to support the waterproof 420D Oxford PU coated polyester high peaked roof.

Being so popular the Kings range of gazebos expanded from the traditional 3m x 3m sized Adventure Kings Gazebo and now includes a massive Adventure Kings 6m x 3m option.

This bigger version (Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo) offers stacks of shelter to suit nearly any setup from family barbeques and picnics. With the huge 2380mm head clearance, it can also easily be used as an emergency carport for the 4WD and even as a pit lane garage at the racetrack. The adjustable steel legs can be raised or lowered to suit uneven grounds, and in some setups even dropped low down for better weather proofing.

To further enhance your usability of the Adventure Kings range of gazebos, the Adventure Kings product development team has just released a massive range of Adventure Kings gazebo accessories that easily fasten with Velcro to the Adventure Kings tough steel gazebo reinforced concertina frame.

These brand new accessories offer extra dimensions of usability in nearly any situation, and mimic the form and functionality of the already successful range of Adventure Kings Awning accessories.

The quickest and most versatile accessory you can add to your Adventure Kings gazebo setup regardless of the size you have chosen is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall, this will fit almost any 3m x 3m Gazebo on the market, and fastens easily using the strong sewn in hook and loop velcro tabs.

By installing an Adventure Kings gazebo side wall to your setup you can gain additional privacy from campsite neighbors, shelter from the wind and rain.

An Adventure Kings gazebo sidewall is a simple investment but will upgrade most gazebo setups in just a few seconds, made from waterproof 210D Waterproof polyester it easily provides extra protection from the elements whilst still looking neat and tidy.

Another investment you can make to instantly improve your gazebo setup is an Adventure Kings mosquito net. Fully sealed with a PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net is perfect for setups in wetland areas, where mosquitos and other insects can cause grief and irritation for little people, and is even perfect in the desert, preventing the dreaded blowy (blow flies) which like to crawl inside your ears, mouth and nostrils.

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The Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net prevents all creepy crawlers from ruining your time relaxing in the shade and shelter of your Kings gazebo.

Despite the 3m x 3m size the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net fits easily on most gazebos including the larger Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo, offering half insect proof shelter and allowing space for adding a few Adventure Kings Gazebo Side walls or even the new Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent.

A perfect campsite setup the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent is fully self-standing when fitted to an Adventure Kings gazebo, creating the perfect base camp for your weekend adventures. Built from 210D Waterproof polyester fabric, and with a waterproof 400GSM PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers shelter from wind and rain and with its massive mosquito netting windows prevents insects from bothering you whilst still allowing plenty of ventilation and air flow on those steamy summer nights.

Extremely easy to setup you can add the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent to both the 3m x 3m and the 6m x 3m Adventure Kings Gazebos completing your campsite with absolutely!

With very little effort an Adventure Kings Gazebo can be instantly converted into a versatile shelter for nearly any application. Offering excellent waterproofing on a sturdy setup it is no wonder Adventure Kings Gazebos are showing up at campsites beaches and parks in every corner of the Australian continent, representing excellent value for money, and now with a plethora of accessories to instantly improve your setup.


If you haven’t got one already an Adventure Kings Gazebo might be the next purchase to take your camping setup to the next level!

Why you need to upgrade your campsite lighting!

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Gone are the days where we needed to rely on lighting stuff on fire to see around your campsite!

The modern technology age has introduced some extremely clever, bright, compact, LED campsite lighting that are far brighter and more energy efficient than most battery powered lighting we have seen before!

Not only are they bright, but if you shop smart you can get a new LED campsite lighting setup for a massive bargain!

We are going to go over the best value, feature packed campsite lighting for your camp setup!

If you are looking at the most basic led camp lighting setup, you cannot look past an Adventure Kings Illuminator 24 LED Work Light. With a magnetic backing, and an adjustable hook for fastening or hanging, you can use this anywhere you need light around camp.
The 24 Incredibly bright LEDs offer plenty of light for smaller campsites and being pocket sized and a simple one button operation you can slip it in your pocket and take it with you inside your swag.

The Adventure Kings Illuminator 24 LED Work Light offers plenty of bang for buck costing less than a 6 pack of cheap beer, running on readily available AA batteries you can definitely keep a smaller campsite lit brightly on a budget!

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A step up from the Adventure Kings Illuminator 24 LED Work Light is the Illuminator LED Strip Light range. There are 2 Illuminator LED Strip Lights on offer, Adventure Kings Illuminator 1.3m MAX LED Strip Light and the Adventure Kings Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light, both of these lights are versatile and flexible, allowing you to tailor your lighting to suit your campsite.

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Both systems run off your vehicles 12v battery and offer extremely energy efficient led campsite lighting that is adjustable with an included dimmer switch.

The benefits of a smaller Adventure Kings Illuminator 1.3m MAX LED Strip Light are its ability to fasten easily to nearly any campsite setup. The Adventure Kings Illuminator 1.3m MAX LED Strip Light is covered by a water-resistant cover and Velcro fasteners on the rear, it easily fastens to awning crossbars, or the top extension pole on a Big Daddy Swag also having the versatility to hang from either end with its quick connect clips. An Adventure Kings Illuminator 1.3m MAX LED Strip Light is suitable for nearly any campsite and will instantly improve the way your campsite is lit.

The longer spool offered by the Adventure Kings Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light allows you to run 240 bright white LED’s around the perimeter of your campsite. Or if you only want a smaller amount of light you can leave them spooled up for convenience. They offer the same versatility found in the smaller 1.3m Illuminator Max LED Strip light, but without the waterproof casing.

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Every camp lighting setup until this point has been pretty straight forward, but now we are going to run over why an Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit is absolutely the first step in the right direction with regards to camp lighting setups.

The Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit includes just about everything you need to start your custom camp lighting setup. With 4x Bright white 500mm LED bars, a power saving dimmer switch and 7.5m worth of extension power leads with waterproof connections.

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The Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit answered the call for efficient and powerful campsite lighting that is versatile enough for any setup.

To further enhance the options on the table an Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit is an upgraded and more organized version of the Adventure Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit.

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Offering 5 of the same ultra-bright white 500mm LED bars for even more options for camp lighting and with 5 separate dimmers and 3 different splitters you can completely customize your campsite lighting setup. Completely switching off some areas of your campsite, and dimming others whilst you aren’t needing the full “stadium lighting” experience.


The benefits to this versatile Adventure Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit is being able to put the kids to bed. Whilst still staying up in a different area of the campsite. With an additional 11.5m of extension cables you can offer lighting for even the largest campsite setups!


There is no more stumbling around in the dark, thanks to the hard work done, putting together the comprehensive range of campsite LED lighting offered by the team at 4WD Supacentre.

Fridges vs Icebox’s: a buyer’s guide for getting better bang for buck!

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When upgrading your camping setup with a Fridge or a cooler, the question begs ‘how far do you need to go to make sure the food is fresh and the beers are cold, whilst saving money and getting the best bang for your buck?’

The choice isn’t as simple as a portable camping fridge or an icebox, factors like price range, how much you intend to bring, what needs to be kept cold, how available ice is, how regularly you go traveling and camping have a massive impact on which option you should choose.

So we are going to break down the factors between deciding whether you need a 12v fridge, or an icebox for your camping setup, to help you make up your mind on which solution is best for you!


Trip style

The first step to making your decision, is working out exactly what you need to keep cool, and where you are going to be heading too!

If you are planning on quick weekends away, with next to no additional gear, there is certainly nothing wrong with a good quality icebox.

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If used correctly a quality Icebox you can keep your ice for over a week, but if you plan on grabbing refreshments all weekend then the superior insulation offered compared to some lesser quality icebox’s (available in big departments stores) will have more trouble trapping in the cold air, and after a few days you’ll have to replace your ice with a new bag or 2. It can take a conscious effort to get the best performance out of your icebox often yielding a rewarding result for the effort.

A powerful solution to replacing ice every few days particularly on longer trips away is a reliable 12v fridge like the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge Freezer with set it and forget it temperature settings and an internal compressor system a 12v fridge/freezer allows you to simply plug and play. This means your contents stay colder for longer with no more bags of ice.Tthis means having a 12v fridge/freezer allows you to travel for longer times, further from civilization and you won’t have to go fishing for your food and drinks inside the icy cold soup in the bottom of an ice box once your ice has melted.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-163 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Once a portable fridge/freezer is cold it uses very little power, however if you are staying at camp for a while you may need an auxiliary power source like a dual battery and solar panel. A dual battery system and a 160w solar panel or 120W solar blanket, are the perfect power solution for longer camp setups and will keep your fridge running flawlessly no matter how long you are on the road or staying at your favorite campsite.

With all the benefits of both setups the obvious question springs to mind. What are they worth, this deserves a more complicated answer than just reading off the price tags.

In the Adventure Kings range, there are a few sizes of icebox, the 40L, 60L, 80L & 100L. Bang for buck these are one of the most affordable ways to keep your food and drinks cold and if used correctly and maintained will last you nearly a lifetime!


As an alternative the 2 sizes of 12v fridge in the range of Adventure Kings Fridge Freezers, offer you the versatility to travel further with less reliance on local amenities.

This independence easily opens up trips into the outback, and across deserts, and up into remote areas like South West Tasmania and the far reaches of Cape York, without needing to worry about if the milk is going to go sour.

The cost of 12v fridge/freezers is becoming more and more affordable, and with the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge freezer being priced somewhere in the realm of 1/3 the cost of similar products from competitors, makes this car fridge an extremely cost-effective solution to keeping food and drinks cold, that is all readily available at an extremely affordable price.

There are many other factors that play into why you would purchase a 12v fridge/freezer over an Adventure Kings Icebox or vice versa, but your final decision will reward you with an excellent value way to keep your food and drinks, fresh and chilled and at the ready, wherever you are and whatever you do on the weekends!


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4WD Supacentre are committed to bringing everyday Aussie 4WDers top quality 4WD and camping gear you need without breaking the bank!

The Adventure Kings Gazebo range offers plenty of shade and all-weather protection and sets up anyway you want anywhere you want.

Both models offer a massive 2.4 metre head height clearance. This high clearance means you can easily fit any 4WD underneath. This massive clearance is perfect for emergency track-side repairs in any weather conditions.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-160 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

With adjustable legs on the Adventure Kings gear, can also be adjusted to 3 different heights to suit your setup.

The Adventure Kings Gazebo range is available in 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m for whatever size you need shelter for.

The larger Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo is just as durable and is perfect for larger families, market stalls and even as a temporary carport for your vehicle.

The smaller Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo is more compact and ideal for smaller campsite setups, its smaller size is more portable and easier to carry in smaller cars.

The Adventure Kings Gazebos packs down to just 1.6 metres long and less than 30cm wide. The compact size of the Adventure Kings Gazebo is made easily packable into your 4WD or on top of your Adventure Kings Steel Roof Rack.

Waterproof and super tough the canopy of the Adventure Kings Gazebo range is made from a tough and durable 420 Denier oxford weave polyester roof with a waterproof polyurethane coating for additional weather proofing and hammer tone steel frame and legs, to allow for long term durability in many environments.

Fully tested for UV radiation protection and rated with UPF50+ (the highest rating possible) and to make sure even on the sunniest days that you and your family are protected from the harshest Australian conditions you may find yourself in.

The Adventure Kings Gazebos are one of the toughest we’ve found on the market and we have even tested them in high wind speeds up to 45km/h without any problems, requiring only to be pegged out for extra security, the Adventure Kings gazebo range have outlasted many other competitors awnings, in howling wind.

To set up an Adventure Kings Gazebo simply unzip the 210D Oxford Weave carry bag and expand the corners of the Adventure Kings Gazebo to the full size, the structure of the gazebo automatically opens itself via the strong reinforced hinges.

There are many new Adventure Kings accessories on the market perfectly suited to the Adventure Kings Gazebo range, all released with the intention of increasing the versatility of the Adventure Kings Gazebo range.

One of the most versatile accessories for the Adventure Kings awnings has been the Adventure Kings Awning Wall, naturally this accessory was adapted and upgraded to suit the Adventure Kings Gazebo, to produce the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall.

With similar versatility to the Adventure Kings Awning wall, the Gazebo side wall can be used on all 4 sides of the gazebo and even added to an Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo, for additional shelter from the wind and rain.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-162 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Additionally in the Adventure Kings gazebo accessories range is the gazebo mosquito net sized at 3m x 3m it can also be fitted to the 3m x 3m and the 6m x 3m. The Gazebo mosquito net, is made from a mosquito proof 150g see-through mesh and a heavy duty waterproof 400GSM bucket floor. In a few short minutes you can turn your gazebo into a bug-free zone.

Finally, the last Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent, made from tough waterproof 210D waterproof polyester, and sharing mosquito netting on all doors & windows lets the breeze through and keep the bugs out. Easily fitted to either the 6m x 3m and 3m x 3m adventure Kings gazebo using the stitched in Velcro fasteners, you can turn an instant shelter into an instant enclosed space, perfect for privacy and, extra shelter for getting out of the rain and wind.

The Adventure Kings Gazebo range has you and your campsite covered all year long in rain wind and sunshine, so make sure you get the best campsite foundation with an Adventure Kings Gazebo

To find out more about the range of Adventure Kings Gazebo’s and accessories head over to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au


Why You Need A Roof Top Tent Rack.

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Modern roof top tents like the styles found in the Adventure Kings roof top tent range have revolutionized the way many people camp. By allowing speedy setups, comfortable usable space, and just as speedy pack ups.

Roof top tents can be mounted in many ways to a variety of vehicles. The main method of attaching a roof top tent is via a strong stable and sturdy set of roof racks.

Some people choose to fasten their roof top tent to Utes, in over tray setups, and some even attach their tent to the tops of a trailers, however you will need to factor in more than just a place to fasten the roof top tent mounting bolts.

A Kings roof top tent rack allows the whole base of the roof top tent to stay supported. This benefits you for several reasons, firstly at highway speeds, many custom or homemade mounts don’t have the same mounting strength.

By fitting an Adventure Kings Steel Roof Top Tent Rack, you can rest assured that the 6 included heavy duty mounting brackets will retain the whole steel roof rack and rooftop tent, and ensure it is all solidly fastened to the roof of your vehicle.

The steel roof top tent racks are over engineered out of steel and include a grid mesh base to support the whole base of the roof top tent. The Kings Steel roof top tent racks also utilise a small section of side rail that wraps around the front perimeter of the rack, this allows a small amount of cargo to still be carried on the roof top tent rack.

Adventure Kings steel roof top tent racks tested to carry over 500KG when mounted according to recommendations and are coated with a black powder coating for ultimate rust resistance. So even when you don’t have your tent mounted you have plenty of additional cargo capacity. The steel mesh is ideal as a tie down point, but there are also additional tie down points located on the perimeter tube.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-159 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


A steel roof top tent rack is also perfect for mounting camping and driving accessories like LED lightbars, and LED work lights, as well as being the perfect mounting location to locate your Adventure Kings camping awning. As with any of the steel roof racks in the Adventure Kings range, it becomes a solid foundation for your whole campsite and allows you to get your campsite setup ON TOP!


Available in models to fit;

– Toyota 100/105 Series LandCruiser

– Toyota 120 Series Prado

– Toyota 150 Series Prado

– Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser

– Universal gutter mount

The universal gutter mount style is designed to fit many different models of van, and older 4WD that utilise a built-in rain gutter that run the perimeter of the roof of your vehicle. The Universal mount simply clamps to this gutter and with 6 separate mounts, wont budge!


If your vehicle isn’t listed, you aren’t out of luck yet!

With a little ingenuity and some cheap fasteners, you can easily fasten an Adventure Kings roof top tent rack to a vehicle that is not listed, and that does not have rain channels around the perimeter or specific mounts made for it.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-157 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

To fasten a Roof top tent rack to an unlisted vehicle, you will need somewhere to mount it too. If your vehicle comes standard with front to rear sports rails you have an easy advantage over vehicles that do not, with some simple rated U-bolts. You can fasten the rails running the length of your vehicle to the sports rails in accordance with local state regulations.

To fasten a roof rack using U bolts you will need to check your vehicles roof rail load carrying capacity, to make sure you do not exceed manufacturer recommendations. This will also allow you to gain the full functionality of a steel roof top tent rack.

If you are unlucky enough to not have a vehicle that is not listed, and you don’t have factory sports rails, you can also mount a Kings steel roof rack using the same U-bolt system and some standard roof rack cross bars, unfortunately this is a more expensive option but it is still very effective at mounting your steel roof top tent rack.

Without needing to make any serious or expensive modifications to your vehicle you can fit up a Roof top tent rack and add a roof top tent to turn any vehicle into a comfortable and handy camper setup capable of long trips away!


Get setup for outback touring!

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There is nothing better than resetting your mind and your body clock by journeying through the vast Australian outback. This is the great Australian dream and journeys through our red center are undertaken daily by thousands of adventurers and grey nomads who tour around this massive sunburnt country.

There is no time like the present to get your vehicle ready for the journey of your dreams, we’re going to give you some pro tips on making sure your rig can handle everything that the long expanses of outback tracks can throw at you!


New shoes!
Your tyres are your 4WD’s point of contact with whatever surfaces you are driving over. With inadequate tread or worn out tyres you face many hazards on the tracks, like punctures and loss of control at higher speeds.

A good set of tyres will make sure you have excellent control of your vehicle, and with the massive miles usually undertaken getting in and out of remote areas. Your piece of mind is worth it!

Simply set your new tyres to the appropriate pressure with your Kwiky Tyre Deflator or Thumper MKII air compressor and go!




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With long distance desert touring, you never know what terrains you’ll encounter, you can prepare for washboard roads, and soft sand, but are you ready for washouts and even muddy clay pans, and vast stretches of open highway. Desert roads are often graded red bull dust but can have many unsuspecting hazards and ruts that you are un-aware of. So a solid suspension upgrade will make sure your rubber almost always stays in contact with the road and you have maximum grip and control no matter what terrain comes your way.

Raw Suspension, put together many kits for dozens of vehicles, and a suspension lift kit will enhance your road feel and eliminate any sag caused by heavier upgrades. The added benefit to good suspension is you can have slightly enhanced fuel range, due to better handling and less tyre spinning.

These are all good reasons to asses your suspension and make sure it is up to the job of hitting long and unpredictable tracks

When packing your vehicle to hit the desert tracks, don’t forget to pack your gear neatly, and if your vehicle is fitted with them, use the fastening points included from factory to secure your bulky gear down, and prevent it from bouncing around the cab!

There are many storage solutions in the offroad market, ranging from plastic crates from the hardware store, all the way to car seat organisers that include pockets for nearly everything. But hands down, one of the best modifications you can make to your rear cargo area is a set of Titan rear drawers built from solid galvanised steel and fitted with double roller bearings. A set of Titan rear drawers come standard with heavy duty tie downs on top and solid metal self-latching handles. Meaning no matter what you pack your gear will stay put.

If you plan on running a 12v fridge, you can even fasten it to your Titan rear drawer’s built in fridge slide for easier access on the side of the tracks!

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Driving Lights

You may plan to never drive at night time, but with long distances between stops, sometimes delays can catch you out. Its times like this that make a quality set of driving lights essential!

Whether you choose something like a spotlight or even some of the more modern LED Lightbars, any additional light is a godsend when you are an hour or two from your next destination and the sun has set. With all the desert wildlife, Roo’s in particular like to graze on the roadside grasses, and have been known to sit in mobs of 100 or more, meaning your vehicles radiator, headlights and potentially windshield stand no chance.

A good set of driving lights, like the Kings illuminator 9” Spotties can throw usable light over 500m down the track, that is nearly double a standard high beam fitted to many modern cars!
The advantage is obvious and the ability to spot hazards well in advance, will pay itself off the first time you use them!

A good set of spotties is worth more to many people than a heavy cumbersome steel bulbar!


We cannot think of anything more gut wrenching that taking a wrong turn on an unmarked dirt road with limited fuel and supplies and travelling hours through nearly featureless terrain to find you are heading in the wrong direction.

This is where it is essential to carry with you an accurate and fully functional GPS navigator with on and offroad tracks. The VMS Touring 700HDX is one of the best tools for this job and includes over 3000+ Maps pre-loaded on a massive 32GB VMS SD Card!

The VMS has a Massive 7” high definition backlit touch screen and can even be hooked up to a VMS Reversing Camera for safer visibility when reversing a must for any parents or grandparents looking to take their kids camping with them!


If you are travelling through the outback, there is one resource that is greatly under estimated. A Solid UHF to communicate with, many people skimp out and buy cheaper hand-held units for their ease of use and lack of installation effort to get them going on the tracks.

However, a vehicle mounted unit like the Oricom UHF380PK 5W system offers a far superior range, with its included 6dB vehicle mounted antenna it can offer between 15km – 20km in ideal conditions, some people even report more. Considering the massive desert distances, this range doesn’t seem like much, but it could easily get you in touch with other travelers or a nearby farmhouse in case of emergency and get you out of a sticky situation!



With roadhouses being nearly as far few and between as townships, you’d be wise to bring your own accommodation. Desert touring accommodation can vary from a setup that is as simple as a swag or something more elaborate like a Roof top tent.

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For longer trips its definitely a wise idea to splurge a little and get your hands on a roof top tent, offering massive upgrades in comfort and getting you up off the desert floor, you wont have to worry about snakes and spiders in the remote desert campsites.

A good quality swag does still offer one of the best ways to watch the night sky as you fall asleep, and if you have read anything about the desert, the night sky is something to look forward to.

Get out there and see more, with a properly setup campsite and gear from 4WD Supacentre!

Camping gear for backyard campouts!  

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There is nothing more fun than sharing a backyard camp out with the young ones.


New experiences, in a safe environment can help to form your kids into young adventurers ready to hit the tracks and venture into new campsites with their parents when they get a bit older.

Adventure Kings produce some of the best value camping gear on the market and with a small budget you can afford even a more complex camping setup and have an excellent time with the little ones in your own backyard.

The simplest camping setup is as basic as a Kings Big Daddy Double Swag or a Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag.

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Both of these swags are solidly built out of 400gsm ripstop canvas, with double stitched seams its perfect for even the roughest play, and offers plenty of protection from the elements, with a heavy duty PVC bucket floor there is massive waterproof protection from water soaking through the bottom, the only difference between the two is the included mattress.

The Big Daddy includes a 50mm Mattress which is perfect for the young ones, and the Big Daddy Deluxe includes a massive 70mm thick mattress perfect for you to join in with your own backyard swag!

The Big daddy double swags are also absolutely HUGE, that’s where they get their name from and for its size can even fit a regular Queen-sized mattress from your bed at home inside with no worries.

Measuring 1550mm wide by 2150mm long and 1000mm tall you can even bunk several younger children (shorter than 1.5m tall) whilst lying perpendicular to the normal direction, This makes it perfect for watching movies together or having their friends over for a sleep over!

As an additional benefit, you can even use your double swag as a guest bed when people come and visit (you don’t have make grandma sleep outside).

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There are a few handy things you can add to add to your camping setup to make the experience more authentic.

It doesn’t make sense to start a campfire on your lawn. But if you wanted to bring the excitement of a campfire to your backyard camping experience, its impossible to look past the value of the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove. It is a simple portable and lightweight campfire oven which will allow you to keep warm in cooler months.

This compact woodfire oven burns normal firewood in a self-contained oven chamber, offering a safer fire and with the chimney able to reach a massive height of 2.41m and with adjustable flue for varying the temperature you can make sure the smoke stays up and away from the little ones eyes.


The campfire oven folds small and contains all the ash waste inside. This prevents scorching and killing your grass and is perfect for an easy cleanup later on!

The campfire oven can even be used to cook dinner on with the help of a Bedourie camp oven, a fun first recipe to cook with young ones is damper, there is an easy to follow recipe with simple ingredients in another blog entry that will result in a very tasty loaf of one of the outback Australian swagmans most traditional foods – sure to get a smile or two!


No matter what the weather you can organise your whole camping setup underneath an all weather Camping gazebo, designed for harsh conditions they are useful for more than just backyard camping.

A portable gazebo also opens up the opportunity to have sun protection and an absolutely waterproof shelter over the top of your BBQ’s, Picnics, and even at the beach for absolute sun protection.

The Kings camping gazebo uses a hammertone steel frame to hold up the UPF50+ rated canopy, designed with a high peak roof, even the heaviest rain won’t pool and sag the fabric.


You can setup this shade in just minutes and it will offer stacks of protection for you and the family.

Even whilst operating on a budget, you can still make sure that all the young ones have an excellent first camping experience right in your own backyard.

Take advantage of Adventure Kings affordable but high quality camping gear and organize a weekend camp out for your family TODAY!

Choosing The Right Roof Rack For Your 4×4

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Here at 4WD Supacentre we sell a huge variety of roofracks to suit many different 4WDs, SUVs and vans and heaps of different purposes too. We’re convinced that they’re Australia’s best-value roof racks because they combined incredible quality with unbeatable prices. If you’re in the market for your first or your next roof rack, you might be umming and ahhing over which one would suit you best. Here’s our expert guide to roof racks to help you decide.


FULL LENGTH STEEL ROOF RACK: This is by far and away our most popular roof rack sold. What sets this apart from the other options is the fact it runs the full length of the roof from front to rear, giving you incredible amounts of storage space for your swags, gazebo, chairs and other larger camping gear. It also has a full-length wrap-around upper rail that lets you firmly secure items like jerry cans and gas bottles in place. If you’ve got a wagon like a Nissan Patrol, Toyota LandCruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, this is a sensational option for a roof rack purely because of how much it will let you carry!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image 2_full_length_rack_4-1 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

STEEL ROOFTOP TENT RACK: This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you want to run a rooftop tent then it’s a rooftop tent rack that you want. It provides a large flat surface at the rear of the roof rack that means you can bolt your roof top tent straight to the roof rack. What’s brilliant about this design is it still provides you with a surprising amount of storage space at the front of the roof top tent, which will let you carry gas bottles, jerry cans and camp chairs at the same time. Note, if you want to run a Kings Kwiky Pop Up Roof Top Tent, you’ll need a flat rack, not a roof rack, as this tent runs the full length of the rack and will not fit with the front rails of the roof top tent rack on.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image 2_full_length_rack_4-2 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

STEEL TRADIE RACK: Not just for the tradies amongst us! Steel Tradie Racks get their name from the fact that they were originally designed for tradies to help make loading and unloading the roof rack easier. They’re also perfect for carrying long lengths of timber or PVC pipe because the front and the rear sections of the rack don’t have rails. There are still full-length solid rails down each side for securing loads. A Tradie roof rack is great for camping purposes too, especially for lifted 4WDs, as it makes loading and unloading the roofrack at home in the driveway or at camp a little easier too.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image 2_full_length_rack_4-3 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

STEEL FLAT ROOF RACK: Steel flat racks are gaining popularity in a huge way, and they’re often one of the first style of roofracks in any of our shipments to sell out of stock! Plenty of campers and 4WDers love them because of their sleek, low-profile design which looks great but is also very practical for still allowing access to underground carparks, garages and carports. In fact, on many full-sized 4WDs like the Toyota LandCruiser and Nissan Patrol, adding a steel flat rack will still keep the overall height lower than 2.1m which is one of the most common underground car park access heights. That means you can have all the storage space you need, without compromising where you can take your vehicle at home or around town.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image 2_full_length_rack_4-4 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

SINGLE-CAB, ½ LENGTH AND ¾ LENGTH ROOF RACKS: Not every needs a full-sized roofrack, or can fit one. If you have a single-cab, extra-cab or dual-cab ute then we carry a wide range of roof racks that will suit just about any length of vehicle. Utes are great for storing heaps of gear, until you realise that it’s actually very easy to fill your ute tub with a couple of swags and a portable camping fridge! Add a single-cab, ½ length or ¾ length roof rack and instantly give your workhorse a massive boost in terms of storage.


WHAT TO STORE ON YOUR ROOFRACK: In general, large bulky gear is best suited to being stored up on your roofrack. That means swags, camping gazebos and camp chairs are perfect! On the other hand, certain items must by law be stored external to the vehicle for safety reasons. These include jerry cans and gas bottles. You could spend upwards of $2000 having a custom swing-away mount made for the rear of your 4WD or SUV, or you could spent not much more than 1/10th of the price and get yourself a steel roof rack to store it all safely and legally. It’s a no-brainer, we reckon!

10 Tips to keep your Portable Ice Box cold while camping

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There’s nothing better than cracking a cold beer around the campfire with your mates after a day out on the tracks, and nothing worse than finding out your beers are actually warm when you take that first sip.

When you’re camping it can be a struggle to keep your food and drinks cold, but if you follow some of these neat tricks we’ve picked up over the last couple of decades, your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box will keep your beers cold and your food fresh all weekend, and then some!


A portable ice box is a great option if you’re on a short trip or you’ve got a limited budget – you can pick one up for under $200 from 4WD Supacentre. They’re filled with high-density CFC-free polyurethane insulation for excellent insulation & broad walls for added durability, as well as having thick EVA seals that prevent cold air from escaping, to keep your food and drinks ice cold for longer!


1 – Get the right size esky for your needs

Make sure you get a portable icebox that is big enough to fit everything you need for your trip, wether it’s a day, a weekend, or a fortnight.

Obviously, if you’re packing the wife and tinlids as well, you’ll need a bigger portable icebox than if you’re heading away by yourself. But by the same token, a bigger esky can fit more cold ones. I like to use a 60L one, as I find it gives me space for a weekend’s worth of food for 2 people, and quite a few cans hidden down the bottom.


EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-150 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

2 – Pre chill your portable icebox

Cool down your esky or icebox the night before you pack it for the trip, and get that CFC-free polyurethane insulation really working to your advantage if you’re using a Kings icebox.


You can easily do this by chucking in a few ice bricks or frozen drink bottles before you go to bed, and then shutting the lid. Your drinks and food will then be going into a cold environment, and will then stay cold longer. It works even better if you put all your drinks in the fridge at home to pre-chill as well.



3 – Solid Ice Bricks

Bags of party ice are deadset the worst option for keeping your esky or icebox cold. The smaller bits of ice are full of air, which means there isn’t much solid ice, so it melts quickly leaving you with an Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box full of cold water and soggy food sloshing around the back of your 4WD. And the servo will charge you nearly $5 a bag nowadays for the privilege. A much better option is to fill a few ice cream containers or 2L juice bottles about 3/4 full with water a few days earlier and leave them in the freezer at home. These will take a couple of days or longer to defrost.


4 – Add some salt to your ice

Adding salt to these home-made ice-bricks will actually lower the freezing temperature of the water, meaning it’ll be even colder. Seawater works even better due to the higher salt concentration. Colder ice means a colder portable icebox.


5 – Frozen meals

If you’re one of those people who are really prepared, you can make up a few meals for your trip, pack them into some takeaway containers and then freeze them as well! These give you the double bonus of helping keep your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box cool, while also providing a quick and easy dinner at the end of the day


6 – Beers down the bottom

I always pack my cold beers first for 2 reasons – 1, so I don’t forget them (that’s my worst nightmare) and 2 – they create a platform for you to stack other food on top of.


Plus, when the ice melts, it’ll help keep the beers cold, and the beers will keep your food out of the cold water and stop that open cream cheese dip from turning into soup.


7 – Keep it out of the sun

The sun can get bloody hot in Australia, and so your best bet to keep your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box and everything in it nice and cold is to keep it in the shade. If you’re keeping it in the back of the 4WD or your tent, you might as well put it in the oven, as temperatures in cars and tents can easily be 20+ degrees Celsius or more higher than outside. I tuck mine under my Adventure Kings 4WD Awning to keep it out of the sun as much as possible.


8 – Use an esky cover

You’ve seen those insulated covers for 12V 4WD Fridges – this is the same but will cost you about $10. Get one of those cheap reflective windscreen reflector shades, put it over your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box and hold it on with an ockie strap or bit of elastic rope. Keeps the sun off and therefore your food & drinks cold.


9 – Keep the lid shut

OK, this one is pretty obvious, but every time you open the lid on your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box, not even the thick EVA seals can keep the cold air in.

So if you’re settling in for a big one, maybe chuck a few drinks in a smaller icebox or Adventure Kings Cooler Bag, and this will help keep your main portable icebox colder. Another option is to have two eskies, and keep one for food and one for drinks.


10 – Ice, Ice and More Ice

Once you’ve packed for the weekend, see if there are any gaps in the esky. There’ll probably be a few. Now tuck as many small frozen drink bottles or icepacks as you can into these gaps. A full esky will stay colder, and all that extra ice can only keep your portable icebox colder for longer.



See you round the campfire with a cold one in hand!


Scott – 4WD Action Team

Six Things Everyone Should Know About Generators

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A portable generator is such a cracking bit of gear to own, whether it’s for use at home, on the jobsite or out at camp. Being able to produce your own clean electricity as long as you’ve got a bit of unleaded fuel at the ready opens up so many opportunities.


Portable generators have come down dramatically in price these days, and where you used to have to spend $2000 or more, you can now pay a third for one that’ll do just as good a job! We sell two different sized camping generators here at 4WD Supacentre, and many campers, tradies and home DIYers who buy them are purchasing their first portable generator. Here’s our list of six essential things everyone should know when they buy their first generator.


  1. BIGGER IS ALMOST ALWAYS BETTER: We sell two different sized camping generators at 4WD Supacentre; a 2kVa generator, and the monster Colossus 3.5kVa. For the vast majority of people, a 2kVa generator is plenty sufficient. It’ll run just about anything you could ever dream of around camp, including a hairdryer! But if you’re a tradie or you just love the idea of never running out of power, then there’s little to be lost from buying a bigger portable generator. All that means is you’ll always have ample power to spare, have the ability to run power-hungry tools like grinders and cut-off saws and never really risk over-stressing the motor. And the Colossus isn’t actually that much physically bigger than the 2kVa generator, either.


  1. TWO-STROKES’ DAYS ARE OVER! It used to be that small, high-revving engines like mowers, whipper snippers and generators were all two-stroke. These days, new technology means that four-stroke engines are more powerful than ever before. Forget carrying two-stroke oil and trying to mix it in the dark, because 4WD Supacentre’s portable generators all use highly-efficient, surprisingly-quiet four-stroke motors. Just give ‘em a splash of 91 unleaded and they’ll run for ages!


  1. LIKE ANY MOTOR, IT NEEDS TAKING CARE OF: That means doing your best to protect it from water and dirt. While our camping generators are built tough, they’re still motors after all and motors generally hate water and dust. That’s why you can buy purpose-built travel and storage covers for your 4WD Supacentre generator, for barely more than the cost of a six-pack. It’s a worthwhile investment! It’s an especially good idea if you store your generator on the drawbar of your trailer, on your roofrack or just leave it out at camp in between using it.


  1. TECHNOLOGY’S HIT THE GENERATOR SCENE: Back in the day, the power that came out of portable generators was rough and dirty. It’d make your light-bulbs glow on and off as it came in dirty waves. These days, pure sine wave inverter technology on both the 2kVa and the Colossus 3.5kVa portable generators is clean and safe enough to run your laptop, phone or other delicate voltage-sensitive equipment straight off without having to worry about causing any damage.


  1. THERE ARE SOME RESTRICTIONS ON USAGE AT CAMPSITES: Not all campsites allow generators, and some allow them only at certain times. That’s not the end of the world – typically it just means that the porkchop four campsites over can’t run his rough old two-smoke generator all night to power his air con. A lot of the time you’ll find that it’s perfectly okay to run your generator up until about 8pm at night. We’re big fans of carrying about 50m of extension cords with us and sitting the generator up and over the next sand dune or down behind that dry creek bank, just as a way of muffling the sound.


  1. ADD A CTEK BATTERY CHARGER FOR THE ULTIMATE IN 12V POWER PRODUCTION! If you run a big battery bank in your 4WD, caravan or camper trailer, then adding a 240v charger from the CTEK range will let you crank serious power into your batteries, seriously quickly. The bigger the charger’s capacity, the faster the batteries will recharge and the less time you’ll need to run your generator. Most typical power setups will drain about 40-50A in any given 24 hour period, so assuming you didn’t have solar panels topping your batteries up, two hours with a CTEK M300 25A charger would have your battery bank completely full again. Free camp for as long as you like!

And remember, 4WD Supacentre have a price-match guarantee on the range of CTEK battery chargers that we stock. If you find a better price anywhere, we’ll match it! Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/terms#ctek.

Waterproof UV proof shelter is the key to comfortable camping!

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When you hit beaches and campsites all over the country you’d be blind if you didn’t see a sea of shelters blazoned with the famous blue, black and white Adventure Kings logo.

There are 2 main categories of all weather shelter produced by this Industry leader.

The first category of shelter is the brand’s premium 4×4 Awnings. These awnings are built to last using a 280GSM ripstop polyester that is fully waterproof and UPF 50+ rated by a NATA accredited facility ensuring that less than 2.5% of harmful UV light transmission which is the highest UPF rating a material can get!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-147 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

There are heaps of reasons to add an Adventure Kings Awning to your vehicle; but the greatest reason everyone should include an Adventure Kings awning on their setup is purely convenience.

With the ability to set up a 4×4 side awning in literally just a few seconds you can have instant waterproof and UV proof shade, wherever you can get your vehicle.

Available in 1.4m x 2m, 2m x 2.5m, 2.5m x 2.5m, 2m x 3m you can choose a size to suit your setup!

Nearly any campsite can reap the benefits of a vehicle mounted roll out awning, and by setting up your awning coupled with an awning wall over your campsite you can add even more of waterproof protection and shelter from the elements to a simple swag camping setup.

An awning is perfect for beach runs, or even trackside lunch breaks, or even smoko for tradies and is built with solid metal knuckles at the hinging points so it won’t break apart like some of the competitor brands that use cheaper plastic knuckles.

Permanently mounted to your vehicle an Adventure Kings awning is the perfect shade and shelter solution for nearly any setup, and best of all you don’t need to remember to pack it!
Australia’s second favourite setup is the Adventure Kings gazebo!

A Kings gazebo is built seriously tough, with a hammer tone finished steel frame for extra durability. It allows some more flexibility to your setup and allows you to add shelter to any setup regardless of whether you can get your vehicle there or not.

The flexibility afforded by a gazebo allows you to setup a solid base camp and leave everything put, whilst you do short side trips, to explore the area, restock food and drinks, go grab some ice, or even if you are at a campsite you simply cannot drive into.

The gazebo canopy offered by Adventure Kings is a 420D Oxford weave polyester. This fabric is very simple but very durable and offers excellent longevity and unlike nylon won’t stretch or sag when it is wet!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-148 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

On top of being durable and heavy duty, this polyester has a protective polyurethane coating on the inside offering an even more waterproof setup for even heavy rain, and is accredited with the same UPF50+ rating of the Adventure Kings Awnings offering superior protection from Australia’s harsh sunshine.

The adjustable legs allow you to lift the canopy to a max head height of up to 2380mm with the peak of the roof apex being an additional 940mm higher for additional roof “slope” allowing water to flow off without pooling up or adding any strain to the strong and heavy duty hammer tone steel frame.

The adjustable legs also allow the Adventure Kings Gazebo, to be set up on uneven ground, perfect for setting up on the beach or in rocky/hilly country.

The Adventure Kings Gazebo comes available in 2 sizes, the most popular size is the 3m x 3m gazebo, it is compact and easy to set up making it perfect for market stalls job sites, campsites and even smaller backyards.

The larger option available in the Adventure Kings range of gazebos is the 6m x 3m gazebo which shares all the same features of its popular little brother whilst offering double the shade and shelter.

When you consider all the benefits of setting up an Adventure Kings gazebo or unrolling a Kings 4×4 awning there isn’t a better value shelter for any outdoor application.


Adventure Kings works hard to provide the best value shelters at the best prices possible, allowing more Australians to afford getting away to their dream campsites for less!


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Believe it or not, Australia is encountering a power crisis. This is not political power, but rather 240v mains power, with rising costs and unreliable supply, its becoming more and more common to come up with alternative solutions to maintain power at home for what can sometimes be over 24 hours with no supply!

This is where Adventure Kings portable generator range comes into its own, with a 2KVA and 3.5KVA and a 1500w 240 volt Inverter. Adventure Kings has your emergency power needs sorted.

First of all, this seems like common sense, however when dealing with 240V AC mains power there can be risks around wet areas. To maintain absolute safety, ensure you don’t use electrical appliances around water, and that all extension leads and power boards are in safe working order!

Moving forward, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding on an emergency power setup. The most important criteria to consider is the demand of the appliances you wish to run, when an inevitable blackout hits.

The Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator is by far our most popular generator for camping, work, and for emergency use, as it has a massive 3500W peak power output. This output means you can run power hungry appliances like fridges, 240V lighting, and with its integrated pure sine wave inverter can even charge 12v accessories like phones iPads, and laptops without causing damage to more sensitive components.

The Kings 3.5KVA Generator is also great for emergencies, because of its fuel economy. The reliable and efficient 150cc four stroke boasts an efficient and powerful overhead cam shaft and reliable CDI electronic ignition (Capacitive Discharge Ignition).

The powerful and reliable engine coupled with an easy to start smooth pull ripcord, and adjustable choke this generator is extremely simple to use, turn the ignition switch on and pull the cord and you are good to go!

Economy mode is a feature not found on all generators and with the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA allows it to automatically adjust its RPM to suit the demand of the appliances that are plugged in!

If you have done your calculations and you don’t require the massive power output offered by the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator, have no fear. There is a smaller Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator, which at almost half the price, puts out a whopping 2000W.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-137 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

When push comes to shove, the Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator still offers great fuel economy for its total power output, it is a more compact unit, that is also more affordable than many similar output models on the market. even though this model is cheaper you still get a lot of bang for buck, and your dollar certainly goes further than you’d expect!

Powered by a meaty 100cc 4 stroke motor that uses a push-rod style Over Head Valve, and a similar CDI ignition offered with the larger Kings 3.5KVA generators. The 2KVA camping style generator can still run stacks of your home appliances, and still boasts the same automatic rpm adjusting economy mode, meaning its 4.1L of fuel capacity can last you up to 9 Hrs of total running time.


EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-138 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

This feature will help to conserve more fuel for longer time off the grid, however may have trouble powering all of the same luxuries offered by the larger 3500W unit!

Lastly but not least, is the Adventure Kings 1500W inverter, on its own this device doesn’t generate any power but will rather convert 12v DC power, like the power found in your standard 12v car battery or 12v deep cycle batteries used in caravan’s boats and other battery banks into 240v mains, using the same pure sine wave inverter technology found in the 3.5KVA Generator and the 2KVA generator from the Adventure Kings Generator range.

A Kings 240V Inverter is very handy to have if you have a larger battery bank to draw power from but unlike the generators, it is more a temporary solution relying on your battery bank to run all of your power thirsty gear.
With few options other than a large setup of portable solar panels or by running your vehicles motor and using its alternator to recharge your batteries you aren’t left with too many feasible longer term options for powering your home appliances.

No matter where you live in Australia, it’s sensible and sane to prepare yourself for longer power outages, from an over stressed and under maintained power grid.

Take matters into your own hands with a portable power generator from Adventure Kings!

Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape!

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If you’re planning on a summer or autumn pilgrimage to one or more of the islands in south east Queensland, it’s wise to get your rig set up properly for the trip, making sure you have all the right modifications and permits to make the trip a big success!

First thing is first, choose your destination.

There are plenty of islands that offer excellent campsites, secluded beaches, shipwrecks, snorkeling destinations, lookouts, and some of the best beach fishing in the world.

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They all have something to offer so do your research and make up your mind between the options, even if you take a blind punt, there is something to be had at all of these wonderful destinations!
Once you’ve chosen an island that has the perfect blend for your tropical escape check if you need a permit to take your vehicle on the beaches.

Some of the areas that require a permit to be pre-purchased are;

  • Bribie Island
  • Cooloola
  • Fraser Island
  • Fraser Island and Cooloola Recreation Area
  • Minjerribah
  • Moreton Island

You can book yours online but will need to display a permit when driving on the sand, in a prominent location.

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As a word of warning before booking the Queensland parks and wildlife service recommend that “Only high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles with low range capacity are recommended. However, driving such vehicles will not guarantee your safety.”

You will also may require a spot on one of the ferries that will grant you access to Fraser or Moreton Island, these do require advanced booking (but can get busy during peak periods)! Bribie is as simple as crossing a bridge!

Now you have your destination sorted, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is up to scratch!

Salt and sand are some of the harshest things that can affect your vehicle and without the right prep can eat your vehicle alive.

To prevent rust there are dozens of simple to apply films like INOX or PTFE spray which can be applied to all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle, these stop salt water and air from turning your car into flaky biscuits.

If your vehicle is a 4WD and has low range abilities it usually will not need any serious modifications to get further on the sand, even running standard highway tyres reduced to offroad pressures will work quite well on the soft stuff. If you really wanted to gain a mechanical edge a 2” suspension lift will easily enhance your rig’s offroad handling and give you more clearance for the deeper rutted sections and knee deep powder found in some locations in these gorgeous spots!

Now that you are confident in your vehicle’s ability, and setup its time to make your rig more comfortable at camp.

The perfect offroad campsite setup starts with a roof rack.

A steel roof rack from Adventure Kings can be mounted to nearly any vehicle and will open up a world of accessories you never could have thought about.

An Adventure Kings Awning offers the perfect shelter for quick stops and a break from soaking up rays, simply park up and unroll and you are laughing!

A solid roofrack is also a perfect place to mount your shovel and offroad high lift jack, using a shovel and jack holder. These accessories are almost essential for getting a stuck rig out of soft sand, simply lift up your vehicle, shovel some sand under the tyres and dig small ramps in front of your tyres allowing you to simply drive straight out of your trouble!

A good quality roof rack will also give you a great place to stash your Maxtrax MkII Recovery boards, available in a pair they simplify any 4WD recovery by creating a solid surface you can simply drive up and out of most awkward bog situations with, they work by increasing your tyre’s available surface area and allowing you to gain traction on even the softest surface!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-141 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

On top of your new roof rack you can also carry your bulky camping setup gear, if you are bringing a gazebo or a swag, a roof rack is the perfect location to transport them.
Soft sand can really slow you down and increase fuel consumption to figures well in excess of what you may be used to from driving around town. So adding an extra fuel jerry can will extend your fuel range, simply ratchet strap it to your racks and you are good to go. A 20L jerry can should be enough to at least get you back to your ferry ride home.

Other than installing a handful of solid recovery points, like the Hercules Hitch Receiver and Bow Shackle you can get away with some rather mild modifications to your vehicle that won’t affect the general usability of your daily driver.

Enjoy one of the most picturesque and enjoyable holiday destinations in the world with your Adventure Kings setup!


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When talking to overseas tourists, it’s hard not to hear about the top 10 things the foreign tabloids says will kill you before breakfast, however with more deadly venomous snakes than nearly any other country, are your foreign friends really that wrong to be worried.

If you’ve spent any time out in the scrub or been in the bush, the sight of a slithery serpent, may worry you more than it should, in actual fact you are more likely to be bitten by a shark than killed by a snake.

Thanks to many advancements made in antivenin, in the last couple of decades.

We’re going to go over some helpful hints to make sure you don’t get fanged by one of these no legged lizards!



Ok, well a snake is not your enemy, but it sure pays to know a little bit about them.

Firstly they like to bask on rocks, and can be found hiding in long grasses or across clear sections of bush track. If you see a snake, stomp your feet 9 times out of 10 they’ll run away.

And if they don’t run away, maybe you should…. But first read on to find out more about snakes!

There are 2 main types of snake in Australia, the first being the Pythonidae family , these are your typical pythons, like the popular diamond python, or the carpet python, whose bite isn’t as bad as their cuddle. Pythons aren’t the kind of snake we are worried about with snake bites, as their bites will typically only end in minor cuts and a little bruising.

The scariest kind of Australian snake type is the elapid family. This family includes broad-headed snakes, tiger snakes, Australian copperheads, red-bellied black snakes, king brown snakes and death adders. just the names of these snakes send a shiver down many people’s spines.

This family of snakes covers most of the deadly venomous fanged varieties of snake in Australia, these guys have small hypodermic needle style fangs.

The fangs found on most venomous Aussie snakes are contrary to popular belief, quite short, and rearward facing meaning an Elapid snake needs to open wide and get a really really good hold of its prey to inject a good shot of venom.

Because the fangs on elapids are so short and enter at a shallow angle, even if you get bitten by a ‘garden rake’, you aren’t dead yet!

This is where carrying a fully kitted out first aid kit comes into play there are many qualilty first aid kits on the market, ranging from simple kits suited for smaller injuries, all the way to remote area kits which resemble something that EMT responders carry.

For fixing snake bites you dont need too many things. but with a snake bite specific kit, you can buy yourself a little more time to get to a hospital, where they can treat you with modern medical science.

Included in the Survival Snake Bite Kit offered by 4WD Supacentre is a handful of useful components suited to Australian and PNG snake bites;

  • 3 x Cotton gauze swabs, sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • 1 x Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6m in zip lock bag
  • 1 x Mini black permanent marker
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves, large
  • 3 x Pressure bandages – 2 SMART Bandages, heavy duty, reuseable and washable, 10cm x 2m; 1 medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m
  • 1 x Snake bite instruction card, includes bite record register and CPR instruction card
  • 1 x Splint, 11cm (W) x 61cm (L)

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-143 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Once bitten it is best to identify the breed of snake. from here starting from the top of the limb you want to start wrapping, the limb firmly from top(end of the limb closest to the torso, to bottom furtest extremeties) repeat this step until you have no more bandages. Don’t forget to splint the limb to prevent as much movement as possible, and once it is wrapped, you need to elevate it, to slow circulation. please take proper first aid training for more details on how to handle an emergency like this!

The correct pressure is necessary to slow the transmission of venom through the lymph system and to your blood stream. this is hard to know exactly how tight to wrap your victims limbs, so survival created a one of a kind pressure bandage with indicators that become squares when the tension is ideal. this will mean you don’t go too soft and allow the venom to travel through the body.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-144 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



The old adage, a snake is more scared of you than you are of it, almost rings true.but if you scare a snake the consequences could be deadly so appropriate clothing and carrying a good quality first aid kit like the Rescue swag or The survival snake bite kit at all times is the safest course of action!

LATEST NEW GEAR : Adventure Kings new Gazebo Accessory range!

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Adventure Kings gazebos represent one of the greatest value gazebos on the Australian market for both performance and value for money. Built with a tough steel chassis and coated with a hard wearing hammer-tone coating for extra durability in harsh conditions.

To complement the range of Adventure Kings portable gazebos, the product development team has come up with a handful of gazebo accessories to suit many campsites, picnics and even market stalls.

The first accessory is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side Wall made from, 210D Waterproof polyester, it offers an additional level of sun, wind and water protection for most setups.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-134 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Easily fastened to most similar sized gazebos the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall adds stacks of privacy for families and campers, and can be fastened to either the 3m x 3m or the 6m x 3m gazebos for enhanced shelter in nearly any environment.

The next brand new accessory released for the Adventure Kings gazebo range is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Mosquito Net similar to the Adventure Kings Mosquito Nets suitable for the range of awnings. These Gazebo mosquito nets offer protection from all the creepy crawlies around camp without sacrificing a cool refreshing breeze.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-133 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Made from 150g mosquito proof see through mesh, and with a 400gsm bucket floor, you’ll be able to keep all of your food and even your children away from pesky blood suckers!

This handy mesh will fit both the 3m x 3m or the 6m x 3m gazebos with no problems, and offer a sheltered space away from things that make you itch!

The final accessory released by Adventure Kings for the Adventure Kings gazebo range is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent.

The Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers absolute protection from the elements, and is a fully enclosed 3m x 3m room that can be easily added to all Kings gazebos.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-132 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Made from 210D waterproof polyester, this fabric Is weatherproof and hardy, coupled with a PVC bucket flooring will keep you and your family safe and dry, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

The Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent fastens to both sizes of Adventure Kings gazebos and can be coupled with the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall or an Adventure Kings Gazebo Mosquito Net underneath a 6m x 3m Gazebo for maximum shelter and covered space, with plenty of outdoor sheltered area to let the kids play

The whole setup is absolutely waterproof, and Adventure Kings gazebos have proven themselves at thousands of campsites as being tough and resilient even in marginal conditions that other brands seem to have trouble in.

Adventure Kings offers the best value setups for people camping on a budget, and with the constantly expanding range, has something to offer for nearly every setup imaginable!

Six Bits Of Gear To Make Your Fraser Island Trip Incredible!

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Easter is the best time to visit Fraser Island because the weather is so beautiful. Over summer it can get a little too hot sometimes, but you still want to visit Fraser Island while it’s warm enough to swim in the beautiful lakes and rockpools.


If you’re about to go 4WDing and camping on Fraser Island for the first time, you probably have a long list of questions about what camping gear to take. Between us here at 4WD Supacentre, we’ve done Fraser almost 50 times over the years, so we’ve put together this list of six pieces of camping gear to take to Fraser Island that’ll make your trip incredible.

  1. SOLAR PANELS: The real beauty of Fraser Island is that the campsites are so incredible you’ll never want to leave. If the fish are biting you don’t want to have to drive somewhere to charge your battery up, which is why a solar kit for your campsite is a great idea! Solar panels like the ones we sell here at 4WD Supacentre will take the worry out of running your batteries flat. Solar kits to look for should come with their own regulator ideally, or you can purchase one separately if your panel doesn’t have one. Kings 120w, 160w and 250w solar kits come with their own regulators.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-130 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

  1. ROOF RACK: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take all the camping gear for Fraser Island with you! Big, bulky items like swags, camping gear, tables and chairs are perfect for storing on your roof rack. Roof racks instantly increase your vehicle’s storage capabilities and mean you don’t have to shoe-horn everything into the back of your 4WD. You’ve got a choice of roofracks here at 4WD Supacentre – full cage racks that let you store heaps, flat racks and tradie roof racks that are great for ease of access and even roof top racks that suit a roof top tent.


  1. GAZEBO: If you haven’t got a gazebo yet, make it your next thing to get! Whether it’s a 3×3 gazebo or a 3×6 gazebo, they’re brilliant because they pack up relatively small and can be setup in moments to provide huge amounts of shelter. It’d even be a great idea to carry two – one for throwing the swags under, and another to use as the communal living area. Gazebos are gaining so much popularity in the camping scene and they’re perfectly suited to Fraser Island.


  1. PORTABLE GENERATOR: When the sun’s not shining you still need a way to charge your batteries, and a portable generator is the way to go! Portable generators let you keep your batteries topped up regardless of what the weather’s doing. You can’t use them every campsite on Fraser as some have restrictions on generator use, but if you’re on one of the more basic beach campsites then a generator will serve you well. Run it for a couple of hours of an afternoon to pump some charge back into your batteries and you’ll be able to camp for a fortnight without ever having to drive anywhere.


  1. SWAG: When it comes to the best type of camping accommodation for Fraser Island, it’s very hard to go past the humble swag. That’s because you’ll want to do a lot of little day-trips when you’re on the island, visiting places like Champagne Pools, Lake Mackenzie and Sandy Cape. With a swag you can just leave it setup under your gazebo, and it’s easy to drive away without having to pack your entire campsite up. Plus, the bonus is if you leave your swag and gazebo at camp, there’s less chance that someone will pinch your campsite before you get back.


  1. MAX TRAX: Maxtrax MKII are incredible bits of recovery gear on the sand, and if you’re heading away to Fraser then it’s highly recommended that you carry a pair or two. Max trax mean the difference between getting stuck for hours on soft sand, or a quick recovery so you’re on your way again. One pair is totally fine, but carrying two pairs is even better. We’ve seen MAXTRAX  work so well that they extracted a fully-loaded 4WD towing a camper trailer that was stuck down to its chassis rails.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image 170327-barringtondvd-maxtrax-86_1_2 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

How to hit the tracks more often!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-129 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

There aren’t many other things we’d rather be doing than when we hit some top quality sections of track and having a good time with our friends and family. This article is dedicated to getting you more track time, and not missing out on quality time with the other half or family whilst doing what you love the most.

Comfort is key

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Happy wife, happy life’ this is your golden rule, you may be happy to roll around in the mud all day and hit the hay without having a shower. But nothing could be further from the truth for your other half, something as simple as a fresh water rinse can make the difference of night and day.

A simple 12v shower like the adventure kings 12v shower can make all the difference, pressure shower anywhere you can park your vehicle and have a water source, and as a wise man once told us, if you can heat the water you’ll get extra brownie points, so boil up your billy kettle and add it to your water supply for a warm shower no matter what season it is.

The next step to comfort is having a safe place to go to the toilet. Nothing beats not peeing on your shoes, so I’m told, so getting your hands on a flushable toilet, like the Adventure Kings portable toilet might sway the other half to come camping more often. But don’t forget to grab a shower tent for a little privacy (and lots of brownie points).

The next step to making sure the other half is comfortable is by cooking foods she likes, between me and my mates we could devour 2 kilos of snags in an afternoon sitting. But the better half has more refined tastes, so make sure you cater to her needs, add some fresh veg to the mix and get creative, you’d be surprised with how well you can eat on the tracks, and just how far the green stuff goes without taking up all the drinks space in your 12v car fridge.

Back to the phrase ‘happy wife, happy life’ nothing rings truer than when it’s time to hit the sack. There is a plethora of sleeping options available, but nothing comes close to the comfort of a Kings roof top tent, take it from me, the massive 80mm mattress is more comfortable than your bed at home massive fly mesh also allows for excellent ventilation, and offers awesome sunrise and sunset views, and it will also keep you and the better half up off the deck and away from the creepy crawlies!

There isn’t very much bad to say about the comfort you get camping in a rooftop tent. If you get one, she’ll love you for it, all you need to add is a cozy warm sleeping bag like the Adventure King premium sleeping bags which zip together meaning you can lay cozy on cool winters nights, and share your warmth, the added benefit to being zipped together is there will be no arguments about who steels the blankets at night!

Another way to add a level of comfort is by getting yourself a solid camping refrigerator. By introducing this to your camping artillery the comforts from home don’t end up floating around in an ice bath, like a sore athlete.

Through personal experience, I’ve had many occasions fishing beers out of icy water with 2 or 3 broken eggs, this can turn even the heaviest drinker into a sober man, when everything tastes like raw eggs you’ll soon be drinking warm beers for lack of better options.

A refrigerator allows you to keep dairy fresh, cheese and dips for the afternoon, and refreshing beverages on tap at all times, not only will you both be happier for it, you can rest assured you can chill a beer to the perfect temperature with set and forget thermometer settings!

Starting out with the objective of getting your camp comfier for your partner, it’s easy to see why many people end up upgrading their camping setups for their own comfort.

After realising the value for money of an Adventure Kings campsite, you’ll get even the most staunch city slicker, boot scooting in no time!


Roof top tent vs dome tent for camping

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If you’ve ever wondered what the black square box things are with the word Kings written on them that you see on top all sorts of camping 4x4s, utes and SUVs, then you wouldn’t be the first person. Those are Adventure Kings camping roof top tents, and they’re changing the way Aussies head bush to enjoy some relaxing time off from work, school and the hustle and bustle of daily life.


A roof top tent differs from traditional dome tents that you probably used as a kid. Roof top tents are much easier to set up. They’re also faster to pack away, not to mention they’re much more comfortable and convenient too.

A Kings roof top tent comes with everything you need combined in one package. That means there’s a high density open cell mattress (either 75mm thick if you get the Weekender or Tourer model, or 80mm in the Kwiky) already included and permanently set up. That takes the first bit of hassle out of your roof top camper set up – no need to bring a blow up bed along on the trip – there’s already a super comfy mattress included.


Roof top tents also keep their waterproof ‘fly’ secured at all times as well, so when you fold out your Weekender or Tourer, the entire tent opens and sets up as you fold out the tent. The only setup required is attaching a few quick poles to your window flaps to really let the ventilation flow through while you sleep comfortable up on the roof. There’s no guesswork required as to whether you’re putting the fly on backwards or not, and nothing you need to peg out to get the tent tight and ready to be slept in. This is especially handy when you’re camping on rocky or sandy ground, where a normal steel tent peg isn’t the easiest thing to make stick!


Once you fold the base of your Weekender or Tourer roof top tent open and have opened up the window vents with the included poles, you’re pretty much ready to sleep in it. Sleeping bags, doonas, sheets and pillows can actually be permanently kept inside the bedding compartment of your Kings roof top tent – you know that’s impossible to do with a dome tent. Yes, you Kings rooftop tent can hold all the pillows and blankets you want, all the time, meaning it will be as cosy as your bed at home on a cold winters night. And not only will it be warm, but it takes next to no time to set up, so while your mates still have to unroll sleeping bags and dig around the back of the car for pillows after pegging out their tent and struggling with the fly, you’re well and truly set up and ready for bed!


Apart from holding all your sleeping gear in one place and being so fast to set up, roof top tents also offer many other advantages to traditional dome tents, and this is why they’re such a huge hit.


Sleeping up off the ground has many advantages. In your Kings roof top tent camper you’ll be up high and dry from any wet ground that can puddle during an overnight storm. In winter, you won’t have your body heat sapped out of you through the floor of a tent that’s resting on cold earth. In summer, you’ll be up higher, giving you more chance of catching a breeze and getting a cooler night sleep, as well as not having your body resting on hot, sun-drenched earth. Anyone who doesn’t love the idea of sleeping at ground level with bugs and snakes (new campers especially have this concern) will rest easy up high with their roof top tent.

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Roof top tents are also convenient for quick trips or long stays, meaning you won’t ever outgrow them if you upgrade from doing overnighters with your mates to bigger trips with the family. If you’re driving long distances en route to your final destination (e.g. heading north to Cape York), a roof top tent can be set up and ready for sleep in just a minute or two – especially the pop up Kwiky roof top tent. This is important for people who drive through the night and pull up for a few hours sleep. Being able to climb into your tent and be asleep in seconds is a huge advantage where every minute counts. Trying to rummage through your 4WD or ute tray to find your tent, sleeping bag and pillow (because the can’t all fit together in a tent bag, remember!) is not easy at midnight on the side of the road. Certainly it isn’t as easy as unclipping your Kwiky pop up tent and climbing in.


With incredibly breathable high quality canvas fabric, your Kings roof top tent with ‘breathe’ when you’re inside, meaning you won’t wake up to a stuffy, sweaty hotbox with condensation pooling on the walls. The thick mattresses in all Kings roof top tents will give you a great night sleep, and the simple and rapid nature of setup and packup ensures you conserve more of our most precious commodity – time!  Read the reviews online and even better, ask campers what they think of their Kings roof top tent. It won’t be hard to find them, they’re all over the place! You’ll be very hard pressed to find a better value for money model on the market, and that’s what our customers will tell you they love most – the value! You get a high quality product with many features found on roof top camper tents two or three times the price. Our quality is fantastic and our products have stood the test of time, and each time you choose a Kings product over another, you can rest happy knowing you’ve kept more of your hard-earned in your back pocket without compromising on quality. In fact, many people choose to use their change to order other camping accessories they never dreamed they’d be able to, like a fridge/freezer or solar panel kit!


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It’s rare to see a well set up campsite without a 4×4 awning or two in the mix these days. Thanks to the Kings range of high quality, low cost 4×4 awnings, everyone can now afford to build a campsite around these to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.


Kings 4×4 awnings are similar to the other brands on the market, however, the biggest difference is their value for money. While Kings awnings cost less than $100 each, some similar style awnings from competitors can cost three times that! And, the other big talking point is that for the price, the quality isn’t lower, as people might expect.


Do your research and you’ll see that Kings awnings use heavy duty alloy knuckles for superior strength while many others use plastic. King awnings also include mounting kits at no extra charge – some other awnings don’t include these, which will end up costing you more. For these reasons, Kings awnings are the #1 selling 4×4 awnings in Australia. Just take notice of how many more Kings awnings your see on cars and 4WDs compared to other brands every day when you’re on the roads and you’ll see the proof for yourself!

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We often say a 4×4 awning is the foundation of your campsite, and below we’re going to explore what we mean by that and offer some practical tips to making your campsite more comfy by using a Kings awning.

When setting up your Kings awning it pays to have one side slightly lower than the other. To do that you loosen one of the anodised anti-scratch alloy legs and make it a bit shorter than the other one. It doesn’t have to be much (we don’t want you making the awning too short to stand under) but just enough to allow water to run to one corner instead of pooling in the middle. A puddle of water in the middle of your awning puts a lot of extra weight on it, and if the puddle gets so big that it flows to one side, it can dump a lot of water on your campsite in an instant. That gives you a heck of a fright in the middle of the night if that puddle hits your swag while you’re sleeping.


After making sure one side it lower than the other, take the time to peg out your included guy ropes. While the 4×4 awning range from Kings is built tough, it’s always a good idea to utilise the included guy ropes to give it extra support and stability. You never know when a breeze can pick up and often the wind will get up under your awning and want to blow it up unless you have it pegged down tight. Also, because your awning is the foundation of your campsite, it makes sense to anchor it as best you can. Think of it like a concrete slab on a house – the walls and roof can’t be stable if the slab isn’t, just like the additions to your awning won’t be secure if the awning isn’t.


Once your awning is pegged down tight it’s time to grab one or two side awning walls. These are compact and affordable and fold up into handy carry bags. When pegged out, the add a whole lot of extra shade and shelter (from rain and wind) to your 4×4 awning and can effectively double or triple your living space. We peg out side awning walls out on either side of the awning. Use the Velcro ties to connect one edge of the side wall to the ‘arms’ of your 4×4 awning and peg out the other end that touches the ground. If you do this on either side of your awning and you will now have a very large living space to work with.


Now that you have your roof and walls sorted, it’s time to lay a flooring foundation in the form of a Kings mesh camping floor. We recommend either using a 6x3m mesh floor to run underneath your whole awning and wall setup, or a smaller 3x3m mesh floor to run under the awning, which will be your main living area. Regardless of what size mesh floor you use, peg it out and keep it tight as it works best when it’s flat and secure. This reduces trip hazards at night.


With a mesh floor down, it’s time to set aside a sleeping area. If you’ve got a 6x3m mesh floor laid, great stuff. If you’ve got a 3x3m, that’s fine too, as all Kings canvas swags have a 100% PVC waterproof base. Tuck your swag right up under one of your awning side walls.

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It’ll either sit on the end of your 6x3m mesh floor or one the grass or sand not covered by your 3x3m mesh floor. Either way, with the 100% waterproof PVC base, your bedding will be dry. We advise getting your swag as close to the wall as you can as this will maximise living space. If you’re camping in a Big Daddy or Big Daddy Deluxe double canvas swag, you can block one side of the swag off and still make it easy for two people to climb in from the other side thanks to the huge access flaps.


With your swag setup and pegged out, you’ve probably got a small bit of space near your front or rear tyre that’s got the edge of the awning wall and swag there. This space is too small to do much with, which makes it perfect to thread wiring through for things like LED camp lights, solar panels or your portable car fridge.


Bring your car fridge out of the car and into the living area of your awning space, on your mesh floor. Run the cables for your fridge back to the car through the area that is mostly unusable. You can do the same if you’ve got a solar panel out near your car but need to connect it to a battery bank under your awning. Having power at camp is important and it doesn’t have to take up all your living space if you set it up with a bit of thought and preparation.


The next thing to do is sort out your camp lights, and these will hang off the arms of your awning that connect the end that is bolted to your car to the other end. These alloy arms are strong and can easily support a 1.3m or 4m LED strip light, or your 4 or 5 bar camp light kit. Connect your LED camp lights to the arms of your awning as well as along the edge that hangs off your roof rack. Spread them around to give yourself a well-lit area, and then connect them to the battery bank or through the car window/door to your 12v plug in your car.


By now you have your awning anchored, a bed set up out of the way under an awning wall, and a fridge, lights and power set up, yet you still have most of the main awning space as well as the extra space from the other awning wall – how handy is that!


Here’s where you add the comforts like a couple of camping chairs and an aluminium roll up table. You can also fit your icebox, food box and portable BBQ in this space without being too crowded or cramped.


With a setup like that you can see how easy it is to use your 4×4 awning to build a really comfortable campsite. This is a really affordable way to make camp as you don’t need to buy all the components in one go – it can start with just a awning and then grow from there. You can also chop and change this setup as your family grows. Many people start with one 4×4 awning with all their sleeping and living arrangements under it like how we have described, but then upgrade to a second awning where they shift all their bedding to one side and all their camping to another. You can even then add a waterproof and private awning tent to that extra awning to give you a full on bedroom feel. Then you can throw a 1.4x2m rear awning to the back of your 4×4 or ute to give you shade while you access your Titan Rear Drawers, fridge, BBQ or whatever else you access from the rear of your vehicle.


It all starts for less than $100 with a 4×4 awning from Adventure Kings – with that, the possibilities are endless. Make camp however you want, for whatever your camping style is!




Build your own Solar kit for camping!

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Solar power has quickly become the power of choice for campers. It’s clean, affordable (no running costs), versatile (you can get kits small enough to fit in a backpack to big enough to power a house), and is easy (and fun!) to set up.


If you’re after an all-in-one complete kit that is ready to plug in and start charging a minute after taking it out of the bag, then you’re in luck. Kings have 120W folding blankets and 160W and 250W folding solar panel kits that include regulators, cables, clips and bags. These are the simplest types of solar kits to use and are the most popular among campers for this reason – simple is often best. But if you’re keen to build or assemble your own DIY solar setup to suit your particular needs, let’s take a look at the different components you’ll need to get powered at camp without blowing your budget.


  1. The panel


All solar kits need a panel of course. The Kings 110w monocrystaline fixed panel is one of the best building blocks you can get for your solar kits. It is compact enough to be fastened to your roof rack, camper trailer or boat canopy. In fact, you can easily fit two to many vehicles if you’re looking for double the output. Its solid aluminium frame makes it rust and weatherproof as well, so you won’t be replacing cracked mounts after your first trip or two away.


  1. A regulator


A solar panel is no good to you without a good quality regulator. A regulator is the buffer between your solar panel and battery. It converts and maintains solar output into safe and manageable levels before that is put into your battery to charge. By turning incoming voltage into safer levels for charging, a regulator essentially protects your battery from an early grave from being overcharged.

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Kings have two types of regulators for you solar kit. Both are extremely good value for money and are very affordable. Both are IP68 waterproof and dustproof so they’re last a long time in the weather. They both have three stage charging – boost, equalise and float, and both are super easy to DIY install.

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The PWM regulator is the most cost-effective option and transfers up to 83% of to the battery. The MPPT regulator is a little more advanced and can deliver up to 96% of solar power to your battery, meaning you get more charge for the same amount/time of sunlight. Either way you can’t go wrong.


  1. Deep cycle battery


A good quality, deep cycle battery should be the recipient of your solar charge that’s come through your regulator in your solar kit. Kings AGM batteries are perfect for this. They are modern, leak and gas-proof batteries that are designed to be charged and discharged regularly. Unlike your car or 4×4’s standard starter or crank battery that doesn’t like being drained or flattened, a Kings deep cycle battery is designed to be used and then topped up hundreds of times in its life cycle. That means you can run a portable fridge for a few days, run the battery low, charge it back up, and it’ll be good to go again in a healthy condition. A standard cranking battery won’t like that.


Buy choosing a Kings AGM deep cycle battery you can put it in the boot of your wagon without stinking it up with gases. You can put either a 98aH or 115aH Kings battery in your camper trailer, boat, ute tray, or caravan, and run all your appliances off it, all the while being able to charge it from your 110w solar panel and regulator.


That’s the essentials of a solar kit – a panel and regulator and then a good quality battery to then connect your accessories to. But you can take your kit to the next level by investing in some quality CTEK charging systems and accessories.


The D250SA DC-DC battery charger, for example, will not only help charge your battery while you drive to and from camp, but it also acts as a solar regulator meaning you can skip the PWM or MPPT regulator if you’ve got a D250SA. This is a very smart charger that will allow you to run and charge multiple batteries as you upgrade your solar kit when your power-demands increase (bigger family, more electrical accessories etc).


You can also add something like a CTEK Comfort Connect battery indicator to your kit. This connects to your Kings AGM deep cycle battery and quickly shows you the charge level of your battery. This is handy as it helps you know how much charge you have left and whether or not you need to make sure you’re getting some more solar charge into your kit.


Camping solar panels are taking over campsites because they’re THAT handy. Whether you choose to buy a complete all in one kit or build your own using these steps as a basic formula, make sure you’re using quality components backed by a 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. And do your research to make sure you don’t end up paying more than you have to for quality gear – at 4WD Supacentre, we set out to make 4WDing and camping more affordable for everyone, and the price and quality of our products are proof that you don’t always need to pay top dollar for high quality gear.

What are Max Trax? And why do you need a set for your 4WD?

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Max Trax are a multi-purpose recovery aid that offer stacks of additional offroad traction assistance wherever you find yourself getting stuck offroad.

Without the need to fit expensive offroad specific tyres, Maxtrax allows you to choose a milder tread pattern that is more suitable for use on mild offroad situations and highway driving.

Recovery aids like the Max Trax have been around for ages, whilst many people focus on their handiness in soft sand, they are excellent for use in mud and rocks and even as a “bridge“ across shorter terrain features that would leave many vehicles stranded.

Max Trax MKII are the latest addition of Max Trax and offer an easy to use solo recovery tool that can be used in conjunction with other recovery methods like winching or snatch straps and work in nearly any environment.

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Max Trax built the MKII out of a UV-Stabilized Reinforced Nylon for absolute longevity on the tracks.

The UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon, has been independently tested for maximum flexibility on the tracks, conforming to uneven obstacles. You can also stack 2 or more Max Tracks for added rigidity and bridging ability.

Being a massive 1150mm long by 330mm wide you can give your tyre plenty more purchase on the softest surfaces and with the integrated lugs, your tyres will have the perfect surface to bite into!

As an added bonus the six handles positioned down the sides can even be manipulated to use the MAXTRAX as a shovel for moving sand from in front of your tyres creating a more even surface to make using the Max Trax easier getting your tyres a better purchase on the soft terrain!

Not only are Max Trax MKII easy to spot, even in muddy sand, the high visibility orange nylon is also a safety feature, making it hard to leave behind.

Each MAXTRAX weighs only 3.4KG and can be easily stacked on top of themselves taking up very little room measuring only 85mm thick for each tread, this results in neater and more compact storage.

The aggressive large cleats on MAXTRAX sink their teeth into the tyre tread and the terrain under your 4WD vehicle to prevent the trax from slipping backwards and burying itself deep into sand, mud, snow or slush, these aggressive teeth, make vehicle recovery safe, simple, quick and easy.

Using your MAXTRAX MKII recovery boards!


Step 1 –
If your vehicle starts spinning tyres, without progressing down the track, STOP using the accelerator. It will only dig your vehicle deeper resulting in getting really stuck!

Step 2 –
Dig clear debris dirt and obstacles from around your tyres underbody and driveline components, such as diffs, axles and suspension components. You can use your MAXTRAX to dig using the handles along the edges.

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Step 3 –
Wedge your MAXTRAX firmly against your tyre tread. In front of both front tyres if trying to drive forward, or tight against your rear tyres if trying to reverse out.

Make sure the MAXTRAX are pointing in the intended direction of travel and that they are sticking up on an angle and not flat on the ground, this will ensure they grab maximum traction on your tyres tread.

If you haven’t already you should lower your tyre pressures to gain as much possible traction on the MAXTRAX.

Step 4 –
Just as with all recoveries, make sure all bystanders are well away, and clear of the path of the vehicle, and the potential path of the MAXTRAX, freeing a stuck vehicle takes a lot of energy and can cause potential injury or death for anyone in the danger zone whilst recovering.

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Step 5 –
Engage 1st gear low range, if you have an auto make sure you aren’t in drive but either ‘1’ or ‘L’ this will make sure that you have absolute control over the recovery and aren’t losing any grip. DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS WHILST GETTING RECOVERED!

Wheel spin will damage your MAXTRAX(by generating sufficient heat to melt the material and burn off the teeth) and dig you in deeper.

Spinning wheels will also prevent the MAXTRAX lugs from fully engaging your tyre tread resulting in a failed recovery!


Step 6 –
If your tyres don’t engage the MAXTRAX immediately. STOP reposition and try again.
In some really sticky recoveries like ruts and thick mud, you may need the assistance of a 12v winch like a Domin8r X or Grande MKIII to do most of the work for you. Even in these situations, MAXTRAX play an important role as you can use them to assist the recovery, putting less pressure on your winch and other recovery accessories and car components.MAXTRAX wedged under your tyres can help you pop out of a rut easier by creating a ramp. They can also give you more traction and break the suction in very thick mud.

Step 7-

Once you have traction keep your momentum until you reach firmer terrain, this will mean you don’t have to recover your vehicle all over again.  You can now retrieve your MAXTRAX!

Equipped with one of the leading industry recovery traction aids you will easily be able to take your vehicle further with less modifications.

The price of MAXTRAX is a small price to pay for confidence when hitting the trax!





Don’t be a pelican – increase your safety night driving with LED driving lights!

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When driving at night particularly on country roads there are many unseen hazards, each of which can cause mayhem to a vehicle travelling at highway speeds.

We’re going to talk about all the auxiliary LED lighting that is available from 4WD Supacentre, to increase your night vision, and dramatically reduce the risk during long night drives!
You have 2 main options for Illuminating the road ahead!



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Traditionally spotlights and driving lights have been the go to for many decades, and in recent years have taken quite a few leaps and bounds improving the performance and efficiency.

Unlike a traditional style spotlight which uses 1 halogen bulb in a large reflector, modern LED driving lights use many smaller bulbs which combine with highly refined and efficient reflectors which are focused to throw light a long range down the track, as well as offering a reasonable amount of spread to illuminate the sides of the track, and give you a warning about any unexpected hazards on the shoulders of the road ahead.

The traditional style of spotlights waste lots of energy, by turning electricity into heat, you waste power that could be turned into light. LED’s are typically far more efficient in this regard, and for the same given power will output sharper and brighter light, in a much more ‘tunable’ frequency of light.

Typically you will find LED Lights in frequencies ranging from 4500K to 6500K, with better quality lights approaching 6500K This band of light is closest to the light you see from the sun at midday. Human eyes are tuned to this colour temperature and can distinguish greater details at longer distances when it is used.

Light emitted in this temperature generally makes spotting hazards easier and is much harder to achieve with a traditional halogen bulb.

The Adventure Kings 7” and 9” LED Driving lights offer one of the best value alternatives to any other spotlight on the market. Using ultra bright LED’s a set of 9” led driving lights can achieve a massive 18,000 lumens per pair with a lux rating of 1 lux at approximately 575m.

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For under $150 per pair , this is simply unbelievable value.

The 7” Spotties offered by Adventure Kings utilise the same style of LED chips, on a more compact unit, outputting still rather impressive 10500 lumens with 1 lux out to 230m. The 7” driving lights are suited to more compact mounting locations like many bullbars on the market and priced just over $100 will offer a massive performance light for even the most budget oriented night drivers!



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LED Lightbars are a relatively new innovation to the 4WD and trucking community.

An LED Lightbar uses one or more rows of led light modules, with individual reflectors similar to those in LED driving lights, they are encased inside a durable and waterproof alloy housing with big cooling fins on the rear.

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Led light bars often incorporate a flood style reflector on both the extremities to throw light wider on the tracks allowing more vision out wider.

Some led light bars share the same performance characteristics of an LED driving light, however most do not and typically spread the light wider and shorter range.

With all things considered, you can see the benefits of both the led lightbars and the led driving lights.
for different driving conditions, for maximum light output you can even combine both styles for maximum range and maximum spread.

There are many ways to wire up your led lightbar or your LED Spotlights. All Adventure Kings units come fitted from factory with waterproof Deutsch plugs, which simply plug and play into a suitable Adventure Kings wiring harness.

Manufactured with simplicity of installation in mind the Adventure Kings LED Lightbar and LED Driving Light harnesses incorporate everything you need to make your spotlights operate whilst you operate your vehicles factory fitted high beams.

The Adventure Kings Wiring harnesses all include an adaptor kit to plug directly into H4 and HB3 style high beam globes and can even be modified to suit vehicles that use negative switching circuitry like many Toyotas and other Japanese manufactured vehicles.

When looking at making your night driving safer, there aren’t too many options quite like the Adventure Kings range for throwing a lot of light down the tracks and saving you plenty of money in the process.
Before you shop anywhere else, check out the full range of;

LED lightbars HERE:  https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/led-light-bars.html
– LED Spotlights HERE: https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/driving-lights.html 


How to fit an Adventure Kings Universal Steel Rack to any vehicle!

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Not all vehicles are created equal, some manufacturers include a handy rain channel that is located around the rim of your roof.  This rain gutter comes in handy for fitting a universal roof rack.

The universal steel roof racks come supplied with brackets that simply clamp to your vehicle’s rain gutters using the included fasteners, but if you are like many vehicle owners and your vehicle doesn’t have gutters built in, from the manufacturer, you are going to have to mount your roof racks in a different way.

There are a few different ways you can attack this task, but the simplest way to attach a solid set of steel roof racks to the top of your vehicles regardless of make and model is by fastening your steel roof racks to a set of existing roof rack cross bars or sports rails using a set of rated steel U-bolts.

All that you may require is a helping hand from a friend to lift the steel rack onto your vehicle’s roof and to help align your U-bolts for the perfect fit.

When aligning your u-bolts it is wise to remember that if you can make sure that the steel tubes that run cross-ways on your steel roof racks are supporting the whole weight of the roof rack mounting u bolts.

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It is also a good idea to mount your u-bolts as far to the outside of the vehicle as you can get them.
Mounting them as far outboard as you can will give your roof rack the widest and longest foundation meaning it will put less stress and strain on your vehicle.

NB: no matter how sturdy your steel roof racks are fastened to your vehicle it is important to make sure that all fastenings are in compliance with your local state regulations regarding the fitment and fastening of a roof rack or roof rack system.
Mounting a set of steel roof racks to your vehicle, whether there is a fitment kit or not, easily opens up your journeys to the practicality offered by a set of full length steel racks. They will allow you to take much more with you when you go away, and as an added benefit when you are choosing your camping upgrades you will have an easy place to mount an Adventure Kings 4×4 Awning or even an LED light bar with integrated mounting holes and a handy side rail which makes mounting a breeze.

There are many ADR (AS 1235-2000) compliant steel roof racks on offer at 4WD Supacentre of varying lengths widths and features; 


Full length steel roof rack

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  • Suitable for larger wagons and SUVs integrates a full length side rail and tie down points along the perimetre has three central cross bars that can be used to fasten to fixed points on your vehicle. Also utilises a mesh base for easy cargo carrying


Steel Roof Top Tent Rack

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  • Similar to the Full length steel rack however only has a front perimeter rail. This rack is designed to suit most roof top tents available on the market allowing them to be fastened to the rear whilst still being able to contain cargo at the front with the perimeter rail. Also includes light bar mounting points.


Steel Tradie Roof Racks

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  • The steel tradie rack incorporates 8 separate cross bars, for extra torsional strength, it can also be used to fasten a standard sheet of plywood or gyprock, being 220cm long and 125cm wide and with the side rails you have plenty of options to fasten your gear and includes the standard led light bar mounting holes on the front


¾ Length Steel Roof Rack

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  • This rack is ideal for smaller SUVs and vehicles that don’t want to lose functionality of their sun roof. A ¾ rack uses many of the features of a Full Length Steel Roof Rack but is only 190cm long allowing for less aero dynamic resistance. There are also the standard led light bar mounting holes on the front.


½ Length Steel Roof Rack

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  • The half-length steel roof rack is 125cm x 125cm and is perfect for hatch backs and smaller 4WD’s like the Suzuki Sierra, Jimny and Vitara. This size can even be fitted to smaller hatch backs and dual cab utes and it uses the standard led light bar mounting holes on the front


Steel Flat Racks


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  • The Steel flat rack by Adventure Kings uses a steel frame with 4 steel cross bars that support the load; there is also the standard led light bar mounting holes on the front. The steel flat rack is flatter and lower profile than many rack systems on the market allowing more roof clearance for underground carparks.



All of the Adventure Kings roof racks can be made to fit just about any vehicle you can imagine. With a little ingenuity and some cheap parts available at any hardware store you can convert your vehicle into one mighty touring machine!

Camping with solar panels

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Camping with solar panels has been a game changer in recent years. With our campsites more power-hungry than ever thanks to all the modern comforts we travel with, it makes sense we need something to power them.

Advances in solar kits and solar technology have made this a very affordable, useful, powerful technology to take camping. With the right camping solar panels you can easily charge your batteries to supply power to portable car fridges like the Kings 60L fridge/freezer, LED camp lighting, radios, chargers for phones, and much more.

Kings camping solar panels are some of the best bang for buck on the market. While the range is already big and always growing, let’s focus on the two most popular portable solar kits for camping – the 160W and 120W solar kits.

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The 160W folding solar panel is a traditional hard-frame design that comes with everything you need, from a carry bag right through to the PWM regulator to convert solar energy into safe charge for your battery.

The 120W folding solar blanket is part of the new technology that’s taking campsites by storm. With a PWM regulator, 4.4m lead, high quality monocrystaline panels and the versatility to charge from your roof, windscreen or the ground, this panel is incredibly popular – especially because it costs hundreds less than similar types of panels from other brands.

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To get the most out of your camping solar panels, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right size and kit for you. Many people choose complete kits as the plug-and-play nature of them means they are low fuss, almost fool proof to use, and are quick and easy to set up. Both the 160W and 120W Kings folding solar panels can unfold and be clipped up to your battery in seconds for quick and easy set up and pack up.

What size you need depends on the nature of your camping gear and accessories. A 160W solar panel with PWM regulator with monocrystaline cells can put up to 8.75A of peak current output into your batteries. That means on a sunny day you could top up a 100aH battery by 50% in 5-6 hours.

A 120w folding solar blanket is obviously a smaller unit, but still charges very efficiently. This unit even has a built in digital display so you can see your panel working in real-time, taking the guesswork or uncertainty out of your solar kit.

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The inbuilt USB charger ports in this panel mean you can even charge your phone, rechargeable LED headlight or Bluetooth speaker off this panel while it harnesses energy from the sun. Rather than having to turn your car to accessories mode just to charge small appliances like this, let the 120W folding solar blanket do the work for you so you don’t flatten your starter battery!

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A 160W folding solar panel or 120w solar blanket makes a perfect camping solar panel because either one will provide enough charge to keep a deep cycle battery like the Kings AGM 98ah or 115ah topped up while you run all your accessories off it. A 12v fridge/freezer and LED camp lights won’t draw a huge amount of power each day (the lights are only needed for a few hours each night, and in winter a fridge/freezer doesn’t have to work very hard!), so you can prolong the time you can run your camp accessories before having to head home.

The 160W folding solar panel has an IP68 regulator which is waterproof. Combined with a hard-wearing and rust-proof frame, this panel won’t mind getting a bit of rain or sea-breeze blown its way if a shower comes over while it’s charging your batteries for you.

Perhaps the best part about the Kings camping solar panel range is the fact that you can go to more secluded campsites away from the crowds without running out of battery life in a day. And, if you do prefer camping in more popular places, the price difference between a non-powered site and a powered site is quite significant – a Kings camping solar panel will pay itself off in no time!

There are other models in the range, starting from a compact 10W personal solar kit that’s perfect for charging things like phones and tablets on the go. There’s also a 110W fixed solar panel and a range of regulators, extension leads and CTEK battery chargers for someone who would rather build their own kit to suit their unique needs. Finally, a big 250W folding solar panel packs even more punch than the 160W model for those who are really looking to keep their campsites running around the clock for weeks on end!

The Kings range of solar panels and accessories is tested, proven and trusted by thousands of Aussies, and is backed by a 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee for ultimate peace of mind!

What’s the go with canvas?

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You don’t have to know how to use a sewing machine to know that a good quality canvas fabric can make the difference between an okay time away and a great escape!

With modern material science making developments daily, it’s easy to get lost in the descriptions of these materials and what are the pros and cons of each.

We’re going to run over all the different canvas fabrics you will find in the Adventure Kings Range and what all the ratings and other mumbo jumbo means when looking at all the awesome gear we have on offer!


A few facts about Canvas

Starting with ordinary canvas, this is an age-old fabric that dates back hundreds (possibly thousands) of years and traditionally was made by hand with organic plant fibers like hemp.

Modern canvas is made from spun cotton fibers woven tightly to produce a durable and breathable fabric that can absorb a small amount of water, this absorption swells the fibers making an impenetrable barrier for water, keeping you safe warm and dry inside! (more on this later)

The problem with pure cotton canvas is that it is prone to rotting, mildew and mold if not stored in perfect conditions.


What is the solution to rotting and mold?

This is where Adventure Kings poly cotton canvas comes in, by integrating synthetic fibers into the canvas we get a composite, where the naturally rot resistant and high tensile strength of polyester fibers enhance the tough, durable and breathable cotton of the canvas resulting in a durable, breathable, tough and sturdy fabric that will last for many years in tough conditions.

You can find Adventure Kings poly cotton canvas in products like the Adventure Kings Premium Winter sleeping bags and many of the storage sacks included with Adventure Kings products.

An added performance benefit given to much of the Adventure Kings canvas poly cotton range is the introduction of ripstop mesh woven into the fabric.

Adventure Kings rip stop poly cotton canvas fabric uses a clever grid of core spun fibers. These core spun fibers are a single synthetic filament with cotton fibers spun all around it. This core spun fiber is integrated into the canvas when it is being woven and takes full advantage of the excellent tensile strength of the synthetic fiber to arrest any rips or tears where they are. This ripstop grid also prevents stretching sagging fabric and often makes repairs easier and the overall strength of the canvas greater without adding too much weight.

You can find this tough weatherproof fabric, in the Adventure Kings Swag Range and in the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Range.


On the subject of weight, what is GSM?

When you are looking at all the different canvases available on the market, you’ll see them described in different weights. The weight of a canvas refers to its thickness per area eg ounces per yard or Grams per square meter.

Because canvas is a more traditional fabric many people may still use imperial measurements and often refer to the thickness in ounces, this is the weight of 1 square yard (36” x 36”) of canvas fabric in ounces with no stitching or eyelets included.

Seeing as we are dealing with space age technology, all Adventure Kings products use metric to offer a similar measurement of Grams per Square Meter (GSM) which is how many grams there are per square meter of a single layer of fabric with no stitching or eyelets. We find this to be more consistent across our range and easier to understand.

For an example of GSM in the real world the Adventure Kings entire swag range uses 400gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas, and the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent range uses 320GSM canvas fabric.



We aren’t talking about the little packet that comes in your 2-minute noodles. Seasoning is the method of preparing a new canvas product before you take it out for the first time.

To season a canvas product, you have to get it wet.

Not just a little bit wet like the refresher napkins from the chicken place, we mean soaked all the way through. Sometimes even letting it dry and then getting it wet again a few times is required to fully season a canvas product.

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The reason we soak canvas is to swell all the cotton fibers, this allows them to lock in and engage the fibers surrounding them. It will also allow the fibers to swell into any of the needle holes around the stitching and close up any gaps in the fibers that may leak water through.

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Many people ignore this step and end up having a bad time in the outdoors. Trust us, you don’t want to season your swag in the bush with rain water, you’re going to have a bad time!


In conclusion

With all of these tips and information about what makes a good trip great, its hard to look past the quality and performance of the Adventure Kings canvas products and exactly what you are getting for your money.

We hope this has clarified any confusion you may have had with what exactly is the deal with canvas!

Quick and easy ‘Kwiky’ installation!

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The Adventure Kings Kwiky Pop Up Roof Top Tent is one of the best value hard shell roof top tents on the market. Able to be set up in just seconds, you’d be hard-pressed to find a faster more comfortable setup anywhere in Australia.

Featuring a massively thick 80mm plush open cell mattress, it’s easy for anyone to get their beauty sleep wherever you’ve pulled up.

The Adventure Kings Pop Up ‘Kwiky’ Roof Top Tents are built tough and are easy to install.We are going to go over what you need to get your Kings ‘Kwiky’ Roof Top Tent mounted to your vehicle.

Roof Racks!

Starting from the very beginning you are going to need a solid roof rack like the 4×4 roof racks you can get at 4WD Supacentre, something like the roof top tent rack or a steel flat rack.

If your vehicle isn’t listed on the website you can fit one of these solid roof racks to your sports rails or existing roof racks (according to your manufacturers advised weight recommendations) using a set of rated steel U-bolts.

This process is really easy and allows you to fit all of your other favourite Adventure Kings accessories like 4×4 awnings and other camping and 4WDing accessories like an led light bar or camp lighting.

Once your roof racks are fitted, you can start installing your roof top tent Kwiky.

Not only is the Kwiky roof top tent fast and easy to set up, it’s also fast and easy to install on your vehicle.


Mounting your tent!

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Firstly get a friend to help you lift the rooftop tent onto the roof rack of your vehicle, this is short work, but you should still thank them with a refreshing beverage from your Adventure Kings fridge/freezer. We keep ours plugged in like a bar fridge, in the shed.

To install your new hard-shelled roof top tent start by taking the 4 included metal plates with square holes and fit 2 bolts into each, ready to slide into the channels on the base of the tent.

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With help from your mate, lift the end of your roof top tent and slide 2 of the plates fitted with bolts into each rail and position the fasteners in place.

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Make sure the fasteners are on either side of one of the solid steel crossbars on the steel roof rack for maximum holding strength.

Put the lower plate into position (with both bolts on corresponding plates matching up) and fasten the nuts using the included 13mm spanner.

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Repeat these steps on all four mounts and the job is done, feel free to celebrate with your mate, and quench a hard-earned thirst with a refreshing drink of your choice, this time it’s his shout!


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to double check all the fasteners are tight after your first drive, and again after another week, to make sure you don’t lose your rooftop tent or damage your steel roof rack!


Setting up

Now with your roof top tent fitted, all that’s left to do is fit some bedding and then hit the tracks.

To open your Kings roof top tent up simply loosen the two buckles on either end and push the roof top tent lid up. Once you have started the upwards motion the internal gas struts will take over the job.

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Pro Tip: The canvas is very weatherproof and can create a vacuum when opened. So you may have to unzip the door to allow air into the rooftop tent, and break the vacuum created inside for it to fully extend.


Remove the telescopic roof top tent ladder from its storage bag, and release the velcro keeper strap, and extend all the sections carefully making sure each spring-loaded latch locks itself into place.

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Attach the ladder to your tent and climb on in!

Inside the roof top tent Kwiky, you will notice the massive ventilation that is provided by the openable mesh windows, and the handy storage pouches that have plenty of room for smartphones, keys and wallets, and much more.


Underneath you are sure to notice the plush 80mm thick mattress, whilst you are up there don’t forget to stash your pillows blankets and sleeping bags so they are already packed and you are ready to rock and roll!

Packing up

To store the tent away simply fold up the ladder, pack it away in its storage pouch, and chuck it into the roof top tent.

Grab a hold of the compression strap and pull down using your body weight for extra leverage. Once the roof top tent has been compressed, loosely buckle one end of the roof top tent.

Repeat this for the other end, and fasten all the straps down tight ensuring the ABS plastic shell nests neatly over the base for a weatherproof seal.


It’s as simple as that, you can go from having an ordinary 4×4 to having a fully kitted touring machine in a matter of just a few hours and for way less than you’d think thanks to 4WD Supacentre!

Valentine’s gifts for him!

It’s getting up to that time of year, and if you are like us, struggling for some clues to get your better half, a Valentine’s day gift they will actually want!

Here are our top picks to get your other half the best 4WD and camping Valentine’s day pressies this year!



This one seems silly, but a quality set of camp lights make the difference at camp, like night and day.

Modern LED camp lighting is usually powered by your vehicle’s battery, and with such low power draw and included dimmer switches you can get a couple of days worth of camping without even worrying your battery.

LED Camp lighting is more than just for camping as well, if your other half enjoys working on their vehicle, a good camplight will brighten the whole workshop as well as all the little nooks and crannies around the motor and under their car!

If this seems like the right option the Adventure Kings LED Camp Lighting range is affordable and offers something for nearly any price range!

But don’t go anywhere yet… there is still more to look at!


2.Tyre deflator


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When heading offroad, you’ve probably seen the other half, go find a stick or use the end of their key to let the air out of their tyres.

If you’ve seen them do this STOP THEM NOW!

There is an easier way, with a purpose made tyre deflator they will have a much easier time letting down their tyres accurately. A tyre deflator like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator is worth its weight in gold and will allow your tyre pressures to be dropped in just seconds to exactly the right pressure and at less than the price of a 6 pack, its one of the simplest and most versatile bits of gear.


 3. Comfortable camp chairs.

This is like finding hen’s teeth. A comfortable and compact camping chair is sometimes difficult to find and when you find a good one, some have trouble lasting.

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The Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chair uses thick and durable 600D Oxford weave fabric, with a reinforced steel frame, which means not only is it tough, it’s built to last. The Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chair is also extremely comfortable and wide, making it perfect to lounge in when you are relaxing at camp.

If you like going camping too, you can even get a pair of Thrones in a combo to save more money!

That sounds like a romantic way to get away to us!


4.Cooler bag

If your other half is always taking a full-sized esky to sporting events or even to BBQ’s at mates places but only ever brings a 6 pack make sure you grab a Kings cooler bag.

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With plenty of internal room a Kings cooler bag will fit a freezer brick and 6 cans of your favourite refreshing beverages and with the internal insulation will ensure they stay cold for hours!

With a Kings Cooler Bag you are sure to win massive brownie points this Valentine’s day!



There is nothing more primal than cooking fresh meat on an open fire. The smells, sounds and taste of a BBQ that has been cooked over hot coals is one that makes even the most staunch vegetarian’s mouth water.

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With a Kings Camp Fire BBQ Plate Grill you can make use of your camp fireplace, simply grab a shovel load of hot coals and place the BBQ plate over the top, the radiant heat of the coals will heat the steel plate evenly and allow it to cook anything from thick steaks to bacon eggs and hash browns!

6. Car seat covers

A set of car seat covers can make a vehicle feel new again, with 2 different varieties on offer by Adventure Kings, you can make your seats a little bit more comfortable and save them from wear tear and mud from the tracks!

They are also perfect for tradies who jump in and out of their car with job site grub all over them.

The Adventure Kings heavy duty Seat Covers are made from a heavy duty 300GSM Polyester and fit many makes and models with the simple drawcord corset ties down the side.

Or for faster and easier covers, a pair of Kings Neoprene covers are very water resistant and will protect your upholstery from scrapes bumps and splashes when the car is off the beaten tracks!

These are just 6 of the excellent value adventure Kings accessories you can grab for your other half this Valentine’s day!


What makes the Kings Big Daddy Deluxe, so Deluxe?

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If you don’t know what a Big Daddy is, we’re going to go over a lot of facts about this EPIC swag to show you how it has worked its way into being one of Australia’s most popular swags ever!

There are a lot of misconceptions about what makes a Swag a swag.


Starting with the name

Originally the term swag comes from the pre-WW1 Australian work force, the government encouraged people from our young nation to mobilize to find work. In pursuit of work men would carry around their life in a canvas bundle referred to as a “swag” this mobile workforce included people looking for work as farm hands, miners, and whatever else work they could find.

Original swags were as simple as a canvas tarp that would contain a woolen blanket and could easily be carried over the shoulder with a length of cord when rolled up.



Times have changed and since these early days, and a swag has come to mean so much more. With many design features being integrated into modern swags, it’s not uncommon to find PVC flooring an included mattress and even pole systems to keep the canvas up off you!



This is where the Big Daddy Swag by Adventure Kings shines bright!

Many early swags simply contained 1 cord or string to tie to a nearby tree, this would serve to hold the canvas up and off you to make sure moisture wouldn’t wick through the canvas and wet your bedding.

Nowadays swags use flexible poles to hold the canvas open and off your face. Swags like the Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe are even free-standing, meaning you don’t even need to peg them down, making them ideal for beach camping.

Modern swags also utilise clever features, such as mosquito proof mesh and a fully waterproof PVC base to allow you to camp in nearly any weather conditions whilst staying dry and comfortable.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-98 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



Material has come a long way since the early 1800’s and things like modern ripstop reinforced polycotton canvas are more waterproof lighter weight and stronger than their ancient ancestors found in “traditional” swags.


The Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe Swags are similar in a lot of ways. Both Swags utilise the same durable robust, and waterproof 400gsm ripstop poly-cotton canvas.

The right fabric allows the swag to breathe whilst not sacrificing any durability and without making the swag weigh heaps!

Both Swags also use a durable and waterproof 550GSM Bucket floor. The bucket floor prevents fast forming puddles and mini streams during a rain storm from soaking through the underside of your swag. PVC is 100% waterproof and is very durable in even the rockiest terrain.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-99 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Both Big Daddy Swags use a simple 3 pole design, unlike a dome tent you don’t need to peg out a Big Daddy Swag to get it to stay standing. Simply affix the 2 identical curved poles to the pole footings in each corner. Then connect your hoop hooks to the curved pole to fasten the pole to the canvas.

Once the end poles are in place it’s as simple as takings the extendable centre pole and inserting the locating pins into the brass rivets at the top of each end of the swag!

When the swag is set up it has a massive 1000mm head height inside, that is plenty enough to get changed inside!

And voila, you can peg out your swag if you are expecting heavy weather, but otherwise, you are good to go!




An Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe Swag both have very similar construction.

‘So whats the difference?’ I hear you asking.

There are 2 main differences between the Big Daddy and the Big Daddy Deluxe the first and foremost is the included mattress.

The Big Daddy Swag has a massive 1550mm x 2150mm double mattress that is made from a comfortable and firm 50mm thick open cell foam, this provides plush comfort for many of the young guns, but if you have aging bones, aching joints, and find your hip touches the ground on colder nights, the Deluxe Big Daddy Swag is for you.

Incorporating the same footprint as the standard 50mm mattress, the Big Daddy Deluxe swag uses a massive 70mm thick mattress, a massive 40% thicker you are sure to get a better night sleep on the tracks with this massive mattress.


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The other difference between these two hugely popular swags is the carry bag, The Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag includes a handy carry bag, this keeps the swag clean and tidy when it is carried externally on your roof racks, and gives you somewhere handy to chuck your Sleeping bag stuff sacks and any other loose bits and pieces once you have your camp set up!

The Deluxe Big Daddy includes a canvas carry bag, made from the same 400gsm ripstop poly-cotton canvas to make sure your swag stays in good shape for many years, the canvas can take the abuse a swag may endure in transport, and will ensure you don’t encounter any rips or tears no matter where you end up!

As you can see the Adventure Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe Swags both share a lot of awesome features, its no wonder Australia has fallen in love with this epic affordable comfortable and durable swag found in nearly every campsite across Australia!





4WD Road Trip Tips

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Australia is one of the largest countries on earth, and it’s absolutely stuffed full of amazing things to see and do. The best way of getting around this wide brown land of ours is in a 4WD, and if you’re heading away on an adventure, there are a few things you can’t leave home without.

A 4WD is great for a couple of reasons; first is obviously that they can get you further into the bush in more comfort than your average family sedan, and secondly – you can fit all your stuff in them!


EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-94 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Here’s a quick list of the essential gear I take on every trip, whether it’s a quick weekender to Sydney’s Blue Mountains, or a 6 week trek through the great Outback!


The first thing I do before heading away on any trip is make a list of the things I need to take, and the main categories I work through are; Camping Gear, Supplies, Clothes, and Emergency Gear.


Right, you’re going to need something to sleep in, and I always use my Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag. Swags are great because they’re quick and easy to unroll and setup, so you can crawl straight inside after a long day behind the wheel, or a relaxing day down by the local creek with a few lemonades. The 400gsm heavy duty, ripstop canvas means you’ll stay dry even in the heaviest downpour, while the large storm flaps allow you to leave the end windows open for air circulation.


The next thing to add to your packing list is your 4X4 Awning – yeah I know, it’s permanently fixed to the roof racks, it doesn’t need to be ‘packed.’ But if you don’t have one, go out and get one right now! You can pick one up from 4WD Supacentre for well under $100, and it will change the way you camp with your 4WD! You can set it up in 2 minutes blindfolded, and have a shelter ready to cook under, sit under while you eat, or roll the swag out underneath. Plus, the 280gsm ripstop polyester Adventure Kings Awning is fully waterproof, and is UPF50+, so no matter if it’s pouring with rain, or you’re stopped for lunch under the harsh desert sun in the middle of the Simmo, you’ll be able to enjoy the view in comfort.

On the topic of comfort, I always make sure to pack my Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair, to kick back in at the end of the day. With tough, steel supports and 600D PVC coated Oxford Weave seat fabric, this chair is rated to 300kg and will be the envy of all the other campers.

For years I’ve always relied on head torches for camp lighting, but last year I splashed out and bought a set of 12V camp lights from 4WD Supacentre, and these would have to be my pick of camping accessories. They easily attach to my awning with the included velcro strips, and the dimmer switch means I can turn them right up to see what I’m doing while camping, then down low for mood lighting later in the night.

Once you’ve got the swag, awning, chair and lights in your 4WD, you’re set with the basics for a quick, easy and comfortable set up. The next thing to look at is Supplies.


You’ll need the obvious things like water (about 5L per person per day is a good average), food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, plus some extra for those late nights round the campfire), and beer, or your poison of choice. Once you’ve got all this organised, you’ll need something to store it properly.


Anything that comes from the long-life section of the shops can be stored in a  plastic tub, pick a size to fit your vehicle. Even better, you can keep them permanently in your vehicle by fitting a single or double set of Titan Rear Drawers.


But all the things that you’d normally keep in the fridge at home need to go somewhere, and here you’ve got two options; a portable 12V fridge or a portable icebox or esky. A portable ice box is a great option if you’re on a short trip or you’ve got a limited budget, as they’re filled with high-density CFC-free polyurethane insulation for excellent insulation & broad walls for added durability, as well as having thick EVA seals that prevent cold air from escaping, to keep your food and drinks ice cold for longer!

If you’re heading away on a longer trip, and have a dual battery system installed in your 4WD, you can instead pack your food into an Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer. These work just like your fridge at home, which means you’ll have cold beer and fresh food your whole trip, without worrying about having to drag soggy bacon from the bottom of an ice filled esky.


What clothing you pack will obviously depend on where you’re heading and when, but you should always grab a raincoat, and a jumper in case the weather changes. And don’t forget enough pairs of clean socks & jocks so that people will get back into your truck for the trip home without having to wind all the windows down.


Always remember to chuck your recovery kit in the back of the 4WD, and put it somewhere easily accessible, so you don’t have to unpack half the boot just to grab a snatch strap to escape the unexpectedly deep boghole you just got stuck in on the way into camp. Other important gear that should get packed with your recovery kit includes an air compressor, tyre deflator, and a shovel – these are great for digging those early morning holes, and putting coals on the camp oven, as well as getting your 4WD unstuck!


Now you’ve got all this gear ready, where is it all going to go? Well the best storage solution I’ve found is to install a set of Titan Rear Drawers. Built with a strong galvanised steel frame, 90 heavy-duty double-roller bearings and marine carpet inside and out mean these 4X4 drawers are super tough. There’s also heaps of space in the Titan Rear Drawers, so you’ll be able to fit pretty much all your gear in your 4WD drawer system. The right-hand drawer is where I store my Hercules Recovery Kit, and my Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic tool kit at the front so it’s easy to access if I need to tighten up anything after a long corrugated road. I also chuck my ratchet straps, a few ropes, some duct tape and cable ties, plus WD40 and silicon spray, in this drawer.

The left drawer (under the fridge slide) is where my camp kitchen gear lives – stove, billy, frying pan, chopping boards, Adventure Kings BBQ Plate, picnic set, rubbish bags (if you take it in, take it out), hand sanitiser, cutlery… all the comforts of home out on the tracks.

Storing all this gear inside my Titan Rear Drawers means that I have the rest of the boot free for my fridge or portable ice box, food box, chair, and a bag of clothes. And as an added bonus, I can still see out the back window!

Finally the 4X4 awning, swag and shovel all go up on the roof rack, and I’m ready to hit the tracks.


See you out there!


4WD Action Team

Material terms DECODED!

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There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo used in the camping industry to describe features of a fabric’s performance. Including things like its “weight”, its “material”, whether it has “rip stop” or not, how “waterproof” it is, how “breathable” it is and if it has a ‘UPF rating’ or not.

But what do all these terms mean? We describe all of these features you will find in fabrics to help you de-code which fabrics are worth looking at for your campsite upgrades!

Weight describes thickness?

For many generations, weight has been used to describe the thickness of a fabric. The weight of a fabric is determined by a sample of a predetermined area being weighed, and will help determine the thickness and durability of a material.

However when applied to different materials, a fabric’s ‘weight’ description may not give the full picture, it is better used as a tool for comparing “apples and apples” so to speak.

So how is a fabric weighed?

This part is simple, in the old days they used to take a 1 yard x 1 yard square of the fabric, and weigh it, this would give a measurement of “ounces per yard” or simply ‘Oz of canvas’.

This method has been modernized with metric and is now “Grams per Square Metre” or simplified (GSM) this measurement takes 1 square metre of fabric and weighs it for a result in GSM.

For an example;

If I have an Adventure Kings Swag made from 400GSM rip stop poly cotton canvas fabric, 1 square metre of fabric weighs 400g, however its properties cannot be compared with those of an Adventure Kings Awning, which is made from 280GSM rip stop polyester which has 280g for a square metre of fabric.

This brings us to our next point…

Material properties

Different materials offer different properties and are suitable for different purposes. Below are some general pros and cons of some of the fabrics available for the outdoor industry.

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Polyester is found in all Adventure Kings Awnings and some roof top tent components like the annex of the Tourer, but never in high abrasion areas like the base of a tent.

– Durable

– Waterproof

– Quick drying

– Lightweight

– Flexible

– Stretch resistant
– UV proof

– Not great for abrasion

– Not very breathable


Nylon –

– Durable

– Waterproof

– Quick drying

– abrasion resistant

– UV Proof

– Can stretch when wet

– Fabric can fatigue with repetitive folding


Canvas – Canvas is used in all Adventure Kings Swags and Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents.

– Durable

– Heavy duty

– Breathable

– Flexible

– Abrasion resistant

– UV Proof

– Heavier than polyester

– Not as waterproof as polyester




PVC – is a floor material in Adventure Kings Swags, Adventure Kings Awning Tents and the annex in the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent ‘Tourer’

– Durable

– Waterproof

– Quick drying

– Very abrasion resistant

– UV Proof

– Easy to clean

– not breathable

– Hard to stitch


As you can see, with just a few properties listed some fabrics are more suitable for shelter, and others flooring and everything in between.

What is ripstop and why do I need it?

This is a great question, originally ripstop fabric was developed as a suitable alternative to silk for World War II parachutes, it was a durable mesh woven into nylon fabrics. The durable mesh offered a reinforcement that prevents stretch and increases the tensile strength of a fabric without requiring much extra weight.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-91 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

In recent years ripstop mesh has been woven into nearly every material to increase strength and durability without adding much weight. This is ideal for outdoor gear because you are constantly lugging it around.

Ripstop mesh is found on nearly every Adventure Kings eligible product from the massive range of Swags, to rooftop tents, Awning Tents and much more. Without adding dramatic costs and weights to a product you can easily and simply increase its durability and performance.

How do I stay dry in the bush?

Many fabrics possess ‘waterproof’ properties, the name seems to describe exactly what that means. But how does waterproofing work?

Many waterproof fabrics rely on coatings like polyurethane to prevent moisture ingress, this works by creating a thin film on the inside of fabric and prevents moisture from ‘wicking’ through the pores of a material.

You can find examples of Polyurethane (PU) coatings on the polyester fly sheet included with the Rooftop tent Tourer.

However not all fabrics rely on coatings to stay waterproof, the ripstop polyester weave found in Adventure Kings awnings, uses a tight gap free weave to prevent water from passing through.


Similarly the ripstop poly cotton canvas found in the Adventure Kings Swags, use water absorption and swelling cotton fibers to seal out the weather.

Waterproofing is a great thing but it rarely if ever addresses the problem of breathability, without a breathable element to your shelter you will sweat up a storm inside, and wake up wet, even on a dry night. This is why canvas is so desirable, as mentioned above, the cotton fibers swell to absorb a bit of moisture, this prevents the body of the water from soaking through to the inside.

The best thing about a Kings ripstop poly cotton swag or Kings Rooftop tent is that it is still breathable no matter what the weather is doing.

There is over 1 liter of water put out by a human body overnight through your breath and through sweat, and that liter of water will condense on the inside of any tent swag or camp setup regardless of the material.

The benefits to choosing a canvas material allows moisture to soak through the fabric, and allows itself to dry throughout the night.

Where as you can imagine, using a fully waterproof material like polyester, would trap in the moisture and cause a squelchy night’s sleep!

There is more to outdoor fabrics than you first imagined, and now you know enough to embarrass even the most experienced sales person.

So when you are shopping for your new gear don’t be afraid to ask “what material is that?” with confidence!

Kings Awning Tent For Camping

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Have you ever seen a square room setup underneath an awning at campsites? Connected to your car’s side awning, awning tents are changing the way people go camping. A Kings awning tent is feature-packed and leaves traditional dome tents and other camping setups in its wake. Like thousands of Aussies every year, join the camping revolution and jump into an Adventure Kings awning tent.


What do I need?

You need two things to go camping with an awning tent – a side awning secured to your 4×4 or car, and the awning tent of the corresponding size. 4WD Supacentre sells three types of side awning and awning tents and are all unbeatable value for money. The three sizes are 2×2.5m (two metres along the car, and 2.5m out), 2.5×2.5m and 2x3m (two metres along the car, three metres out). All three sizes are terrific value for money, but the most popular awning in Australia is without doubt the Kings 2.5×2.5m awning.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-90 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

You can pick up a Kings awning with an included mounting kit for about $100, and the awning tent costs approximately $200 more. So, a complete Kings awning and awning tent setup will only cost around $300-$350 for most people, which is the cost of what many people pay for a dome tent, single swag and a fraction of the price of other camping options like trailers and roof top tents.


Why choose an awning tent?

Awning tents are so popular because they give people the freedom to camp in comfort. An awning tent offers 100% privacy if you need to stand up to get changed – you can’t stand up in a swag. An awning tent is also much bigger than many dome tents, and much more versatile. You can set a table and chairs up inside it to eat dinner away from the bugs, thanks to the fully sealed walls, roof and floor as well as large mozzie proof mesh windows for ventilation.


You can also sleep on the floor of the awning tent by lying on a Kings Sumo stretcher or queen or king size self-inflating mattress. Many people prefer sleeping like this compared to sleeping in a swag or dome tent as they feel less stuffy and claustrophobic. Many young families like this as well because mum, dad and the kids can all share a king-size mattress, which makes kids much more comfortable when they’re just getting started in camping and can get scared at night if they’re sleeping in a separate swag or tent than mum and dad.


Are they easy to set up?


Awning tents are very simple to set up, and just as easy to pack away. After your side awning is set up, the awning tent slides in along one side of the awning tracks, and then utilises strong Velcro ties around the remaining edges. Included pegs help bring the corners out, and more Velcro straps running down the awning’s legs add extra stability and strength to the setup.

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From the inside you can unzip the back door of the awning tent to access your car or 4WD’s back doors – how good is that! If it starts raining in the middle of the night while you’re playing board games with the family, but you want to grab another beer, you don’t have to get wet again – just grab one from the car through the back door!


More comfortable living

At camp, we spend much more time lazying around or enjoying camp compared to just sleeping. An awning tent with its huge mesh windows and high ceiling allow plenty of airflow and ventilation, meaning you’ll never feel stuff and stinking hot like you can in a dome tent during the middle of the day. The sandfly and midge proof mesh and doors mean that even if you set up by a river, you won’t get eaten alive while you relax (this is also a huge advantage when tropical camping/sleeping on a stretcher or mattress).


The 100% waterproof PVC base is very easy to keep clean as well. No water seeps up from the ground, and any sand or dirt you bring in can be swept out with no hassle – this tent is durable and built to use.


Inside you can hang LED strip lights and camp lights from your awning tent’s roof to give you plenty of light to cook, eat, play games or get the kids ready for bed. Again, take advantage of the high roof and hang everything up high and out of the way where you won’t trip or grab cords.


You can even use a couple of Kings 2 in 1 LED fan/lights to really take your comfort levels up a notch by providing a cool breeze, even on still summer nights.


Make your gear more multi-purpose

We love awning tents because they’re a natural addition to your Kings side awning. We believe you should be able to customise your camping setup depending on whether you are going away for a night or a fortnight, solo or with the family.

Unlike a dome tent that you can quickly outgrow, an awning tent can grow with you. If you originally purchase it to sleep in and then upgrade to a roof top tent, your awning tent is still a fully functioning loungeroom at camp. You can’t do that with a dome tent! Many people even put an awning tent on each side of their 4WD or car and sleep in one while living out of the other.


Awning tents also make use of an existing bit of camping gear you already have and love. They’re easy to transport (they fold up into a bag that you can fit in you Titan Rear Drawers, tray, rear cargo space or back seat) and don’t take up much space when not in use.

Tips from the trail: Getting longer lasting ice from a Kings Portable Ice box

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With a plethora of Ice boxes and eskies on the market, it’s hard to know which one is for you.

Luckily we’ve put together some tips and tricks for deciding on an icebox and getting your ice to last longer.

With the choices available everywhere it’s easy to get caught paying way too much for an icebox that resembles something your dad had when you were growing up because it is familiar. But much has changed since the good old tin sided esky lined with thin sheets of poly foam.

A modern icebox like the type found in the Adventure Kings Icebox range has much higher quality molded polyurethane CFC free insulation and is made from rustproof and durable polyurethane plastic, that is designed to make your ice last longer, keep your beers colder and serve you well into your old age (better than your dad’s old one did)!

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A few features to look out for when looking for an icebox are:

– Thick insulated walls – The thicker the walls of your new icebox are, the more insulation they provide, and the colder your ice will stay

-A firm waterproof EVA seal with strong latches – Unlike old-fashioned models, a modern Icebox has strong latches and heavy-duty hinges that seal in the cold and prevent any unwanted warm air from spoiling your refreshments!

-Integrated drain plugs – seems like an obvious one, but definitely beats tipping your icebox on its edge and hoping all the ice stays put.

With these pointers, we’re sure you’ll end up with a top-shelf Icebox that is capable of carrying ice for a few days… but wait… it’s not that simple.

Choosing to go for an ice box over the more versatile Fridge/Freezer designs on the market is definitely a cost-based decision and ensuring you get the best performance out of your Ice Box isn’t just as simple as chucking a bag of ice in it every few days.

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The following are our time-tested trail tips for getting the most out of your ice, without carting around a box full of sloshing water, on the tracks!



As with anything in life, performance is often based on how much preparation is performed.

The best way to get more from your ice box is to pre-freeze any of your long-term food like your meat and water bottles in your freezer at home.

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Homemade ice bricks made with water in soft drink bottles or other plastic containers provide a long-term solution to buying ice and given enough preparation you can make enough ice easily for a long weekend away.

Broken ice like the stuff in the bags you buy at the servo can chill your Icebox quickly but will also melt faster than big bricks and end up sloshing around in your car!

Just like a more expensive portable car fridge, if you can keep your Icebox out of the sun, it wont heat up as much. This one is easier said than done, but if you have an Awning or a Gazebo that you can hide your cold drinks underneath you will be certain that they will last much longer!

A silver windscreen reflector can add a bit of sun protection if you have your ice box in the car.

Always remember that on a 30 degree day your car can reach temperatures in excess of 70 degrees. This is an ice killer and will result in warm beers!

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Keep it closed!

Just like when you were young, and your parents yelled at you for taking too long to look in the fridge, a standard ice box’s insulation is next to useless if it is kept open for too long. Your ice will melt quickly a and will take longer to cool back down if you keep opening it to grab beers.

PRO TIP: If you are getting up to get a beer, offer to get one for everyone else. It’s free and it’ll save your ice the stress of being exposed to warm air as often!


Keep it filled

As mentioned above, the efficiency of an icebox is only reliable if it stays shut.Another way to keep your ice working efficiently inside your icebox is to keep the icebox full. This reduces the volume of air that needs to be chilled and increases the thermal conductivity of the cold stuff. Basically, keeping more stuff colder for longer!

With these awesome tips, you are sure to get more than a couple of days out of your ice and will be able to stay longer with more beers at your favourite campsites, thanks to your Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box! 

HOW TO: Campfire BBQ cooking made simple!

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Cooking over a campfire is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life.

We’re going to go over the easiest way to enjoy and share this experience, with your family and friends, next time you are at camp.

But be warned, fire is dangerous, and in the Australian bush, fire bans, fire warnings and common sense should all be obeyed, as the consequences can result in death, damage to property and severe injury.

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With the warnings clear and understood it’s time to get your campfire started!

Firstly you are going to need firewood. It’s good to collect firewood where permitted well in advance of when you need it and keep it as dry as possible. If you are heading into national parks, or private property you should check if you have permission to collect firewood.

If you do not have permission to collect wood you can always purchase bags of pre-seasoned dry firewood for an affordable price from many servo’s.

Before lighting your fire you want to organise your firewood into different sized logs and also gather some smaller tinder, again making sure it is dry.

Find a location that has a dirt base, and line the area with stones to prevent the spread of fire.

NB: don’t use river stones they can explode!

The idea is to stack the fire so when it is lit, it will slowly take care of itself leaving you to pay attention to other things around camp.

Start with a pile of smaller tinder with some thicker sticks and finally larger logs arranged to surround the tinder pile in the middle.

When lighting your fire, don’t use any accelerants, if you plan on eating food from the fire, accelerants can leave nasty chemical flavours in your food.

We recommend using some tissue or toilet paper and a cigarette lighter, but if you want to go “Bear Grylls” you could grab one of those flint scrapers to get the job done too!

Once your fire is lit, watch it slowly take, and add more sticks if needed to keep it burning.

When your fire is established. It is time to cook!

Take out your Adventure Kings BBQ Plate and set it up towards the side of your campfire.

Take a small folding shovel and steal some red-hot coals from the base of your fire. Careful not to steal too many as they are what is keeping the rest of the fire burning.

Place your hot coals in a bed underneath your BBQ Plate, this will allow your plate to preheat. Just like your BBQ at home.

Once the hotplate is hot enough its time to add a little bit of cooking oil and spread it evenly using Your Adventure Kings BBQ Tools scraper, to make sure there is an even coating.

Pull out your chosen meat, from your Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer. We prefer the good old mix of snags and onion sangas, or satay chicken skewers but on occasion, we’ve even made traditional Kebab wraps using 2 BBQ plates as a sandwich toaster. And filling with fresh ingredients, that was certainly a treat for the tracks!

When you have cooked your meal and enjoyed eating your hand cooked meal with your family and friends, clean up and pack up is simple.

All you have to do is remove the hot coals from underneath the Steel BBQ Plate (replace them into the fire) and wait till the hotplate is cool enough to handle.

Once your hotplate is cool enough, you can fold in one of the legs and scrape the scraps onto your fire with your Kings BBQ tools and simply fold the other leg and tuck it neatly into the included canvas carry bag ready to go next time you need to cook up a storm!

There is no limit to what you can cook on an open campfire, and you will find that no matter what you cook you will be rewarded with a hearty meal that is full of flavours that you will never forget!

Adventure Kings makes camping simpler and more affordable than ever before, but if campfire cooking doesn’t suit your tastes there is a massive range of outdoor camping cooking equipment, including Voyager Gas BBQs and grills and even a self-contained campfire stove, which you can get your hands on for an incredible price.


Get yourself more organised on the tracks!

With years of offroad experience, we all remember the days where packing your car was as simple as just ‘chucking it in the back’. We have also all known the stress of trying to find that one small thing you thought you packed but can’t remember for the life of you where it is!

Getting organised when packing your vehicle is simple and can save you from having plenty of headaches later.

These are our top tips for keeping your gear organised when offroad.

Rear Drawers

A set of rear drawers simplifies your packing regime. A set of Titan rear drawers allows you to simply leave bits of gear in your vehicle stashed away at all times, always ready for when you need it.

When shopping around for your rear drawers, it’s a good idea to look out for a set that is built tough, and not just ‘pretty’, because when it counts most, a pretty set of drawers that don’t open are more than just an inconvenience.

A set of Titan Rear Drawers are built with durability in mind and for this reason, every set of double drawers has double roller bearings all around and a galvanised steel chassis for extra durability.

Built for a range of vehicles there are 4 main sizes of Titan Rear Drawers;

– The 900mm single drawer great for compact setups
– The 900mm double drawer designed for many smaller wagons like Prados, Pajeros and even SUVs
– The 1070mm double drawers built for bigger 4WD wagons,
– The MASSIVE 1300mm Titan UTE drawers suitable for bigger wagons like Troop Carriers and most Utes.

Packed full of features, the Titan Rear Drawers are self-latching with heavy-duty steel latches, and include built-in tie-down points on all models. The Double drawers all include a FREE Fridge slide and can be adapted to fit many different vehicle sizes with the easy installation wing kits.

It easy to see how a set of Drawers can improve your vehicle’s internal storage and with stacks of features and nearly 1/3 the price of some competitors drawers without sacrificing strength or durability a set of Titan Drawers is ideal!

Steel Roof Racks

Trying to cram everything inside the rear cargo area of your vehicle is like playing Tetris with one hand behind your back. There is no reason to stress yourself out and make life more difficult for yourself!

A solid set of roof racks allows you to easily lash down all the big bulky gear from inside your vehicle freeing up internal space for clearer vision and more delicate cargo.

Like everything else in the accessory world, not all roof racks were created equal, and not all roof racks offer the strength and durability you may need.

Adventure Kings has a massive range of powder coated steel roof racks designed to cop stacks of abuse and punishment when you are off the tracks.

A set of steel racks are typically stronger than their alloy counterparts and when fitted properly (according to with vehicle manufacturer recommendations) can carry a load of up to 500KG!

Constructed for a range of different vehicles there are 7 main styles of Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks;

Full-Length Steel Roof Racksour most popular style large size with cargo rail running the perimeter

Steel Flat Rackperfect for keeping roof clearance for underground carparks

Steel Roof Top Tent Roof Racks Ideal for mounting roof top tents + cargo

Steel Tradesman Roof Racks side rails support longer loads on roof of vehicle (great for tradies!)

Steel Single Cab Roof Racksideal for smaller vehicles or single cab utes

Steel ½ Length Roof Rackideal for SUVs and smaller 4WDs

Steel ¾ Length Roof Rackideal for SUVs and smaller 4WDs
All of these models fit a range of different vehicles that come with a rain channel running the perimeter of the roof of the vehicle. Mounts are also available for more specific designs as listed.

If your vehicle isn’t listed; for an example, more modern Mitsubishi Triton, Pajero or Pajero sport, Isuzu M-UX or D-MAX, Toyota Hilux Dual Cab, extra cab or Single cab, Nissan XTrail, Pathfinder, Navara or even the newer Nissan Patrols, plus any other unlisted model of roof rack mount you aren’t out of luck.

Installation of a Steel roof rack is simple without vehicle specific mounts, all steel racks can be mounted using rated U-bolt shackles to fasten a roof rack system to the roof bars or the existing sports racks of a vehicle with very little effort. It is best to check the suitability of this with your local authority. But in an afternoon with some simple hand tools, you can even install a steel roof rack yourself!

These two pro tips allow you to expand and organise your vehicle’s storage with minimal fuss, and without blowing your holiday budget on unnecessarily expensive gear.

Get out more, with more of the right gear for less money from Adventure Kings!

Why Fit An Aftermarket Exhaust?

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There’s a common misconception out there that the only real benefit to fitting an aftermarket exhaust is to make your 4WD sound really loud. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A quality aftermarket 4×4 exhaust brings with it a number of benefits, and a louder exhaust note is only one of them.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-77 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

In fact, it’s not even close to the number one benefit! 4WD Supacentre sells a huge range of Aussie made exhaust systems to suit most modern common-rail turbo-diesel 4WDs, and they’re all built right here in Australia. Here are the benefits of fitting one to your 4WD;

  1. BETTER FUEL ECONOMY: Factory exhaust systems are very restrictive because manufacturers are more concerned with making whisper-quiet vehicles that suit new vehicle buyers. That means they choke the exhaust to make it quiet, but that the engine ends up typically working harder to get rid of the exhaust gases. That puts more load on the vehicle, which means you put your foot down harder in any given driving scenario. An aftermarket 4WD exhaust like the Domin8r exhaust frees the engine up and stops it choking, improving fuel economy.


  1. IMPROVED POWER AND TORQUE: The quicker your turbo can spool up, the more power and torque your motor will produce. How quickly your turbo spools up, is directly related to how much restriction there is in the factory exhaust, and in particular, the factory dump pipe coming straight off the turbo. The larger you make the diameter of the exhaust here, the easier the turbo can spool up, and the more boost it can produce earlier in the rev range. That’s why if you fit a larger diameter exhaust, you’ll find that your vehicle makes more power lower down in the more usable part of your rev range – which is exactly where you want it! Perfect for quicker take-offs, and for better over-taking power too.



  1. COOLER-RUNNING 4WD: One of the leading contributors to over-heating exhausts is excessive Exhaust Gas Temperatures. When an exhaust is relatively restrictive, as almost all factory exhausts are, it’s harder to get those hot exhaust gases away from the motor. A larger diameter exhaust that’s been designed with mandrel bends means the exhaust gases can flow out of the exhaust a lot quicker. Mandrel bends are a mark of a quality exhaust that’s been designed well. In this context, mandrel bends refer to an exhaust that’s had its curves bent in a special jig that prevents the exhaust pipe from crushing in as it is bent. That means there’s no change in the internal diameter of the exhaust pipe, which would create an unnecessary restriction and rob the vehicle of fuel economy and power.

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  1. REPLACE YOUR RUSTED OLD EXHAUST: By far and away one of the biggest benefits to fitting an aftermarket exhaust is the ability to completely ditch your old factory exhaust that’s probably starting to rust after years of 4WDing. With the Domin8r exhausts, you have the choice of an aluminised steel exhaust or a 409 stainless steel exhaust. The aluminised steel exhaust is built the exact same way but isn’t quite as long-term resistant to corrosion as the 409 stainless steel exhaust. If you live near the beach or do any sort of river crossings then the 409 stainless steel exhaust has excellent rust resistance, and at 4WD Supacentre it comes with an extra two years warranty as well!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-76 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


  1. MEAN EXHAUST NOTE: Okay, so we started off by saying that a louder exhaust note isn’t the only benefit to fitting a Domin8r exhaust system, but it definitely is one of the benefits! Factory exhaust systems are so quiet that they don’t do justice to an otherwise mean 4WD. Fit a bigger exhaust to your 4WD and it’ll sound tough as well as having all the other benefits listed above. For off-road use only and an even louder exhaust note, 4WD Supacentre also sells a muffler delete pipe that lets you bolt your muffler in and out in around 10 minutes. Perfect for that run on the weekend up the bush with the boys, and then quiet enough to drive to work once you re-fit your muffler!
  2. MASSIVELY INCREASED RELIABILITY: Everything about the Domin8r exhausts is built to be bush-proof. Thicker, tougher exhaust hangers almost completely do away with that factory fail-point. 10mm four-bolt flanges are heaps tougher than your typical two-bolt flanges that often blow out the gasket at the first sign of a knock

Why you need a roof top tent with an annex

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If you’re a family that wants to do more camping, a couple who like their space and privacy, or even a single person who doesn’t like feeling cramped at camp, you’ll love camping with a rooftop tent and annex like the Adventure Kings Tourer.


What is a rooftop tent annex?


An annex is the large room that you see at the bottom of roof top tents. It hangs off the floor/bottom of the main tent area where the mattress is, and can be pegged out alongside your car. Many roof-top tents like the Kings Tourer have the annex as an attachment that zips around the base of the hard floor of the tent. This means you can choose to use it on trips with the whole family, or leave it at home if you’re going solo.


But, not all tents include the annex free of charge like the Kings Tourer does. Once you’ve decided you want an annex with your tent for more camping freedom and multi-purpose set up options, make sure you don’t have to pay extra for it.


What are the benefits?


An annex does much more than just double your Tourer’s usable space. When zipped up and pegged out, the annex is a 100% waterproof room that provides extra sleeping area, storage options, and a very comfortable living space.

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Extra sleeping space:


The annex has its own 100% waterproof floor, making this a camping tent you can use in all seasons. Once set up, the annex can easily sleep a couple of extra campers without cramping anyone’s style. Popular sleeping set ups include pitching a Big Daddy Swag (the self-supporting design of this swag means you don’t need to peg it out which would obviously be impossible due to the annex’s fully enclosed waterproof floor. Many people use a Kings self-inflating queen or king size mattress, and others set up one or two Kings Sumo stretchers. Because the annex has midge proof mesh, you can sleep in an open type of bed or stretcher and not have to worry about bugs swarming you at night. Roll up the windows from the inside and you can even get a great cross-breeze going to keep anyone sleeping in the annex as cool as those sleeping up top in the main compartment of the tent.


A change room you can really use! 


Who else hates trying to get changed in a tiny tent or swag where you can’t stand up properly? It’s not pleasant, especially when it’s cold or wet and you touch the sides moist sides of a dome tent before you’ve got your dry clothes on. Well the annex of the Tourer stands over 2m tall, meaning you can easily stand up in it and get changed! Many people, especially when travelling as a couple and not needing the extra sleeping space for more beds, put their clothes bags in the annex. There they stay 100% dry and accessible and mean you can start each day getting changed in comfort, or quickly slip into your PJs at night without having to do the dash from the boot of the car.


De-clutter your car:


Speaking of cars, it can wear thing very quickly when you go camping and try to live out of the boot or backseat of your car. Where did I put my toothbrush? Where are my spare clothes? Rather than having to dig through bags of gear in the boot, move all your essentials inside your Kings Tourer with you and you’ll be as comfortable as you are at home. If you need something in the middle of the night (toilet paper, head torch etc), you can keep it close by in the annex, not in the car, which is a pain to get to when you’re not wearing shoes and it’s started to rain!


An extra living space:

Of course we all go camping to enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s always nice to have a dry, enclosed living space to fall back to if needed. Keep the window panels rolled up to let light and a breeze in, or roll them down to give you 100% privacy. Inside the annex, you’ll easily fit a couple of Kings camp chairs and an aluminium roll up table to prepare food, eat dinner, read a magazine, play board games, or set up a movie for the kids. You can even hang an LED strip light with dimmer or 4 bar camplight kit inside the annex from the underside of the main floor that the mattress sits on to make this a really, really comfortable home away from home!


Your annex in your Kings camping roof top car tent can be as versatile as you want it to be. It won’t cost you any extra when you order your Tourer, but it’ll help you make the most multi-purpose camp setup possible. You can never have enough waterproof shade, shelter, privacy and protection from the bugs and elements, and the Tourer’s annex offers all that and more. Perfect for the solo traveller up to the entire family, it’ll be one bit of camping gear you’ll be bragging to your friends about for years!

PRO TIPS: Get down and dirty in your 4wd

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Some of the most fun you’ll have offroad is driving your 4WD through slippery sloppy mud.

It’s also a great way to show people that your rig isn’t just a mall crawler and has been offroad at least once.

Other than a good quality snorkel) and a good set of All Terrains or Muddies, there aren’t too many mods you need before you head out for a drive in the mud.

These are our top tips for having the most fun and avoiding damage to your pride and joy off road!

1. Air down your tyres.

You’ve probably heard this one a million times, it doesn’t get any less important, but an aired down set of tyres has stacks more traction offroad, and will increase your grip for steering and stopping.

If you run your tyres at 36PSI on the highway dropping them down to half the pressure will double their contact area, and will also protect the sidewalls from punctures and gashes from sharp sticks or rocks.

To let your tyres down efficiently you should use a purpose made device with an integrated gauge. This way you can check what pressure you are at as you go. Something like the Kwiky tyre deflator makes short work of dropping pressures and will let you set all 4 corners down to the same pressure for the best offroad performance.

2. Wind up your windows, and shut your sunroof

This seems like a no-brainer, but unless you like getting changed halfway down the tracks and have a vinyl interior, it isn’t much fun cleaning mud out of the interior of your vehicle.

We’ve made this mistake many times, and there is nothing worse than getting mud flicked up and into your mouth or mushing it into your seat fabric.

As a quick solution you can always add a pair of Adventure Kings neoprene seat covers, or a set of Adventure Kings Heavy duty seat covers to keep the grunge off, and when you are getting back in a set of Adventure Kings Deep dish rubber floor mats to catch the mud off your boots and keep your carpet looking schmick, these can all be taken out when you are home and rinsed with the garden hose!

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3.Top up your washer bottle fluid.

This handy trick has saved our hides many times when heading home from a mud puddle sesh, don’t forget your rear washer bottle too!

A dash of soap and a simple spray whilst the mud is still fresh will make it easier to clear your vision and help you see the road ahead.
PRO TIP: Don’t forget a rag and a water bottle to clean your side mirrors too!  😊

4.Drive with a steady throttle!

Depending on the depth and consistency of the mud, it’s a good idea to keep a steady right boot, this will avoid digging ruts and help to maintain your momentum. Coupled with picking a suitable gear before the muddy section, will save you stacks of embarrassment getting into sticky situations.

This will keep your steering more predictable as well. When in greasy mud, steering inputs can be delayed by a second meaning you can predict the movement of your car with more accuracy and navigate the tricky bits easier with a steady speed.

Pro tip: If you aren’t sure about the depth of the water or the consistency, get out and use a stick to check the depth and consistency. It’s never a clever idea to hit tracks blind and doing this can surely end in disaster!


5.Pick the high ground…if you can
When presented a choice to navigate through muddy sections, water almost always drains downhill (unless in thick clay soil) so pick the higher ground for a shallower alternative (most of the time).

its sometimes not worth the risk to hit the deepest puddle you can find, only to get your vehicle well and truly bogged!


6.Bring a mate (with recovery gear)

Make sure you have a suitable recovery vehicle on hand at all times, even if your vehicle is fitted with a Domin8r X 12,000LB winch you can never be certain of a solid recovery anchor.

Before you get into the deep bits, get your recovery gear hooked up to your rated recovery points, pre-preparing this will save you from a muddy snorkelling trip trying to reach underwater (or under mud) rated points and blindly fumbling with shackles when you don’t make it to the other side!

It’s also a good idea to keep an open line of communication going over the UHF radio this way you and your buddy don’t do a synchronised dive into the thick stuff and simultaneously get bogged up to your windscreens!


7.Air up and double check your vehicle.

When driving through mud there is a lot of water pressure at play, and it isn’t uncommon for things like Number plates to be bent, and bits of sticks and branches getting stuck under your vehicle.

So whilst you are airing up with your portable 12 volt compressor like the Thumper MKII or Thumper Max go over the whole under-body and check that everything is where it is supposed to be and that you haven’t collected any unwanted cargo when you were in the mud.

This is also a good opportunity to check that your indicators headlights and brake lights are still visible to Other road users, especially heading towards dusk, as you could get yourself into trouble if you don’t clean your lenses a little bit.

Get out there and have some fun in your 4WD TODAY!


What Do You Need In Your 4WD Recovery Kit?

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Although none of us likes to admit it, getting stuck is just part and parcel of taking your 4×4 or SUV off-road. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most careful 4WDer ever, there’s going to be a time when that ‘little mud puddle’ turns into something a lot nastier and catches you by surprise. And then there’s those amongst us who live and breathe tough 4WDing, and head out with our mates every weekend to challenge ourselves and our 4x4s against the biggest, worst hills we can find!

Whether you fit into Category A, Category B or somewhere in between, the one thing that should be in every car is a proper 4×4 recovery kit. It doesn’t even matter if you have an electric winch or not – if you carry a good selection of recovery gear, you’ll almost always be equipped to get yourself out of trouble. It’s also very good practice that even if you’re by yourself and someone stops to help, that you use your own recovery gear to get you out of trouble.

The Hercules Complete Recovery Kit is the perfect 4×4 recovery kit to keep in the back of your 4WD for emergency situations because it has just about everything you’d want in a recovery kit. Here’s what you should look for in a 4WD recovery kit, what it does and when to use it.

SNATCH STRAP: The most commonly-used bit of gear. A good 4wd snatch strap has a certain amount of ‘stretch’ designed into it, like a giant rubber band. When the towing vehicle takes off, the snatch strap stretches a little, and as it recoils it ‘pops’ the stuck vehicle up and free. Use it on the beach, or if a 4×4 is stuck in the middle just a little bit, like when it sits on its diffs in a rut, spinning tyres.

EXTENSION STRAP: Often you won’t be able to get the recovering vehicle close enough to the bogged 4WD to connect the winch cable or the snatch strap straight up. In this case, you can use an extension strap to cover the extra distance. Works beautifully with the Grande Mk3 or the Domin8r X winches, but can also be connected to one end of a snatch strap by passing one eyelet through the other, and using a large branch at least three inches in diameter to stop it coming undone. NOTE: Never use a shackle to connect two snatch straps together.

TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR: When you’re winching off a tree, you can very quickly kill even the biggest tree if you just wrap your winch cable around it. You’ll end up ring-barking the tree. Use a tree-trunk protector wrapped around the tree as an anchor point for your winch hook. If you need to winch off the back of another vehicle that has a removable towbar, you can remove the towbar and feed one end of the tree-trunk protector in, securing with the towing hitch pin to provide a solid anchor point on the other end of the tree-trunk protector.

DAMPENER/AIRBRAKE: Vehicle recoveries deal with massive forces, and sometimes things go wrong. We’ve seen rated recovery points simply pull straight out of the vehicle’s chassis rail. Whether you’re winching or snatching, you should always use a dampener over the snatch strap or the winch cable. If something breaks, it’ll happen at the moment when there’s maximum tension on the strap or cable, and the dampener will ensure that tension doesn’t slingshot a broken recovery point through your rear winch. Always, always use one.

PROPER RATED SHACKLES: Even large hardware store shackles simply aren’t rated anywhere near close enough for 4WD duties. We’ve tested our shackles and literally broke the test jig before the shackle let go. Always carry a pair of rated 4.7t bow shackles to use in connecting your strap or cable.

SNATCH BLOCK: Sometimes even the toughest winch won’t cut the mustard – some recoveries are just that difficult! If your winch is struggling, doubling the winch hook back to the vehicle by running the cable through a snatch block effectively doubles the winch’s pulling power. Also useful if you need to change the direction of a winch cable if you can’t get straight at the bogged vehicle for instance.

And the best part is the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit has everything you need in it, for about the same price as just buying a single snatch strap from some other places! Along with everything listed above, you get a folding shovel that’s perfect for digging yourself out of tight spots, a Kwiky tyre deflator for adjusting tyre pressures on the run, and a heavy-duty canvas carry bag to store it all in. Buy one, put it in the back of your 4×4 and you’ll always have the gear you need to get you out of just about any situation.

Hire or Buy Portable Generators?

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Portable generators are one of the most multi-purpose bits of equipment you can own. You don’t even need to be a working tradesman or someone who goes camping for weeks at a time to get the most out of a portable generator either. Thanks to advances in technology, 4 stroke portable generators – especially in popular sizes like 2kva and 3.5kva – are becoming much more commonplace in homes and campsites across Australia.

Portable generators like the two Adventure Kings models are giving people peace-of-mind at home, while also opening up more opportunities for them at camp. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a portable generator, before we explore why it’s so cost-effective to buy them these days.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever take your Kings portable generator camping, having it as a backup power source at home is almost a necessity these days. With uncertainties around a lot of Australia’s energy network and big question marks as to whether the grid can handle extreme demands in usage, why not take out the cheapest form of insurance you can – a few hundred dollars for a Kings 2kva portable inverter generator? From bushfires to floods, epic heat waves to cyclones, Aussies know the power can go out in an instant when extreme pressure is applied to the network. Lose power for even one day and there’s a good chance hundreds of dollars of food in your fridge and freezer could spoil. For the low price of a Kings generator, you could keep those two appliances plus many more running for days and all you’d need is some four stroke fuel.

Check the reviews on www.4WDSupacentre.com.au  and you’ll see real-life examples of people who’ve relied on their Kings generator to get them through the aftermath of cyclones and floods. And that is the first reason we believe it makes more sense to buy a portable generator than hire one – often, when you need it most, the businesses you hire from may also be affected by blackouts or floods and aren’t able to help you.

Okay, so what about when your home town isn’t under attack from mother nature?

Well, buying a portable generator over hiring one makes good financial sense if you are likely to use if for more than a few days each year. Generators can cost around $100 per day to hire, compared to a Kings 2kva portable generator which you can pick up for less than $400 from www.4WDSupacentre.com.au .

If you only ever plan to use a generator a couple of times a year, than hiring makes the most sense. But if you’e the sort of person who prefers to have their backup power supply on hand 24/7 for emergencies, there are lots of other uses you’ll put your portable generator to work with over the course of a year. That means something you buy as an insurance measure still gets a lot of use and provides you a lot of value each month.

Kings portable generators are quiet – the 2kva is only 60.6dB on economy mode, and the big 3.5kva generator is only 62.7dB on economy mode. That is more than quiet enough to run in the backyard for a BBQ where you might need extra bar or portable fridges, LED lighting and even outdoor heaters in winter.

People also run them in the shed or driveway to power pressure cleaners when cleaning cars, bikes, boats, or doing outdoor chores like getting cobwebs off the windows. A generator can follow you all around the house when an extension lead won’t.

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Tradies also get plenty of use out of their Kings portable generators. Apart from giving them plenty of power on the jobsite, their economical engines mean they can run them for hours without having to worry about re-fuelling. The 2kva model can run for 9 hours at idle – also handy if your power is out overnight, as you can get a decent sleep without having to top up the fuel tank every two hours.

Okay, so 24/7 emergency backup power, versatility to help with jobs around the yard or house, and the ability to make backyard BBQs more enjoyable…what else can your Kings portable generator do? It’ll help you set up a super comfortable base camp, of course!

Take a portable generator camping and you can power fridges, lights, charge phones and computers, run coffee machines, hair dryers and toasters or microwaves…a Kings portable generator allows you to take the comforts of home camping. While many of us prefer to get away to ‘rough it’, an equal (or larger) part of the population love going camping, but enjoy being comfortable when they’re away. You’ll have much more luck convincing the partner and kids (especially teenagers!) to join you for a few days camping if they can have their phones charged and a nice hot coffee from their favourite machine in the morning.

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For all these reasons, we certainly believe a Kings portable generator is the right choice for most Aussies. We sell hundreds a week, so a lot of people agree with us too. Great reputation and quality, exceptionally low prices, and something you’ll use over and over. A Kings portable generator will actually cost you less in the long run – especially if you want to take the family away for a week or two over Christmas (peak season – increased demand to hire).

And with thousands of happy customers, a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product that will look after you and your family well and keep the power up and smiles on at home, in the backyard, or down by the river at your favourite campsite!

LED Strip Lighting – What you need to know with Adventure Kings

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By now the secret is well and truly out about LED strip lighting and its suitability for use when camping. You see LED camp lights at every popular campsite in Australia, and also on the shelves of your favourite camping store (physical or online).


There’s a huge range on the market and while many appear similar on face value, it’s important to know the features your LED camp lights do (or don’t) have before you settle on a purchase. With so many similarities, it’s the smaller differences that make a big difference to your enjoyment and comfort levels at camp.


Shop from reputable retailers


There is no shortage of cheap and affordable LED camp strip lighting on the market. Before you jump in and purchase the cheapest brand you can find, do your research first. Is the stock Australian? Is the seller based in Australia and able to be contacted? You’ll be amazed how some places won’t show a physical street address, phone number or email address for a customer to get in touch if they have a query about their order.


Before you buy, make sure your LED strip light is backed by a 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. 4WD Supacentre offers these two things to give you peace of mind, and we also happen to offer some of the very best prices and features in Australia!


Check the finer details


LED strip lights used at camp need to be waterproof and durable. Life hanging from an awning, roof rack, gazebo or tree can be tough on LED lights. Are they waterproof so rain or morning dew don’t ruin their electrics? Kings Illuminator Max LED strip lights are, meaning a downpour won’t worry them and will ensure that even if caught in a storm, they’ll dry off and be ready to go on your next trip…and the one after that too!


Are they practical?


Not all LED strip lights are as user friendly as the Kings Illuminator range. Our 1.3m strip light and 4m LED camp lights have long cables – 5m for the 1.3m light and 3m of cable for the 4m lights. With 12v adaptors to plug straight into your car’s cigarette socket as well as alligator clips to connect straight to a battery, you’ve got two mounting options available. Their long cords mean you can run them at the back of your car, to the side, or even further out under a gazebo. Some LED strip lights on the market cut costs by giving you a tiny power cord that’s not practical enough to actually get any length out of, and you end up lighting up the side of your car and not much else!


Are they compatible?


Kings LED strip lights are multi-purpose and have been designed to work in conjunction with each other as well as the rest of the Kings LED camp light range including 4 bar and 5 bar camp light kits.


The cord on both these lights uses the same ends as the other lights, so you can plug them into each other or plug them into your 4 bar or 5 bar kits if you decide to upgrade in the future. That means you can build really bright, versatile LED camp light solutions by pairing your Kings LED lights with your mates!


Dimmers are important


All Kings LED strip lights come with dimmer switches to help you save power at camp. The dimmer switches also make them much more user-friendly at night. Rather than having to unplug your light from your car to save power, just dim it. Then if you need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to make your way to the car in the dark – just swipe the dimmer switch and you’re in business, how easy is that!


Make sure they’re easy to mount


Kings 1.3m LED strip lights with dimmers come with plastic clips on each end, as well as Velcro pieces along the length to give you a really multi-purpose mounting option. Hook the end clips to the mesh on your roof rack or fasten the strip light along the length of the arm of an awning or gazebo frame. The 4m strip light comes in a handy roll to help you set it up, and with 8 Velcro ties, can be weaved and strapped along the legs and frame of Kings awning or gazebos. They are also flexible enough to wrap around the centre pole of a Big Daddy Deluxe swag if you want to keep your bed well lit for a late night return after a few beers around the fire!


Final word


Do your research online and in store if you can. Touch and feel Kings LED strip lights at any of the stores and dealers we have around Australia. But more important of all, ask other campers what they use and why. You’ll quickly see Kings camp lights are very popular thanks to their great features and unbeatable value. We fight hard to bring you quality gear at the best prices, and thousands of Aussies are converting to Kings from other brands every year as word gets out about the fantastic deals you can always get from 4WD Supacentre.

Is the Adventure Kings Portable Solar panel range the BEST VALUE panels on the market?

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We’re riding the end of the summer wave, so you might be asking ‘is solar power really for me? Will I really benefit through winter?’ the answer is yes, in some respects the temperatures of autumn, winter and spring, can actually improve solar panel efficiency, even with reduced hours in the day!


So you’ve decided solar is for you, there are plenty of Solar panels flooding the campsites of Australian 4WD and caravanning communities, but what exactly makes a good solar panel? How do you know what you are looking for?

The whole Adventure Kings range of 12 Volt solar panels boasts excellent performance for the money.

Depending on your setup, the Adventure Kings solar range has a system that can suit. For the lighter duty setups, you can easily get by with one of the 10w USB portable solar panels this simple panel folds neatly and has plenty of charge to power your USB devices no matter where you are and can even be hooked onto the outside of a  backpack to charge your cameras whilst you hike.


If you were looking for a little more power for your 12v setup there is also an Adventure Kings 110W fixed panel, this panel outputs up to 22 volts and when coupled with a voltage regulator like the Adventure Kings PWM or the Adventure Kings MPPT solar regulator can be connected to your battery for absolute versatility at camp.

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The  Adventure Kings 110W fixed panel is combined perfectly with a CTEK DC-DC charging system like the CTEK D250SA coupled with the Smartpass 120 you can connect your panel directly to the ctek system and it will automatically regulate voltage to be suitable for nearly any battery setup!

The Adventure Kings 110W fixed panel is versatile and can add stacks of power to many different permanent 12volt setups.


Adventure Kings are pioneers of affordable solar power for your 12v setup, their newest product in the solar range is the Adventure Kings 120W solar blanket. This system utilises 8 highly efficient monocrystalline cells. The Solar blanket folds into a tidy 400mm x 400mm package and slips neatly into its zip up storage bag.


Using the integrated PWM regulator, you can monitor your batteries voltage, and make sure everything is charging smoothly.


The Adventure Kings 120W solar blanket kit includes 4.4m of heavy duty cable with alligator connectors to easily charge your batteries. The portable solar blanket is 1420mm x 725mm and fits easily over most vehicles windshields and offers extra shade for your vehicle, keeping the interior cooler and making your 12 volt fridge run more efficiently.

The Adventure Kings 120W solar blanket offers more versatility and compactness than many other panels on the market and is more competitive than many others on the market, which can reach around 4 times the price!

A more powerful 12v charging setup can be had with the Adventure Kings 160w Solar it comes with fold out legs, and an integrated PWM controller. An Adventure Kings 160w Solar panel has enough power to keep all your standard 12v campsite accessories powered.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-68 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

The Adventure Kings 160W Solar Panel is an all included self-contained panel. Included with the Adventure Kings 160W solar panel includes a massive 5m cable fitted with an Anderson plug. The Adventure Kings 160W solar panel for ease of use and simple plug and play battery charging!

There aren’t many campsites that cannot be powered by the powerful Adventure Kings 160W Solar Power, but for those who are chasing the most powerful bang for buck available the Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel setup has enough juice for even the most power-hungry setups.


The Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel uses a clever MPPT solar regulator. Comparatively the MPPT Solar regulator will enhance the solar efficiency in even low light conditions up to 35%. Using the 2 panels together will give almost most double the output of the Adventure Kings 160W Solar Panel in low light conditions.


It’s very hard to look past the power output and versatility of the Adventure Kings 250W Solar panel for outright grunt and given faster and lighter camping setups the MPPT controller will make the most of any sunshine and let your 12v appliances crank along nicely.


No matter what camping power you need, there is an Adventure Kings solar panel that can help you get powered up!

Should You Lower Your Tyre Pressures When You Take Your 4WD Offroad?

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If you’re just starting out with 4WDing, you’ve probably already realised just how much fun it is to go off-road! It can get seriously addictive, whether you like beach 4WDing or bush 4WDing. Along the way you’re going to get a lot of tips for taking your 4×4 off-road, some good and some less-than-stellar. Regardless of how modified your 4WD is, there’s one trick every 4WDer needs to know, and that’s how to adjust your 4×4’s tyre pressures so you don’t get bogged.

You might think you need the biggest, chunkiest mud tyres to not get stuck. While that’s true for very muddy, sloppy types of terrain, you’ll be blown away with how much more capable you can instantly make your 4WD if you do something as simple as let some air out of the tyres. So why is that?

There’s two reasons why you should let your tyres down when you head off-road. The first is so that your tyres have a chance to mould themselves around the terrain you’re driving, reducing the chance of the tyre being damaged. The second is that the lower your tyre pressures are, the bigger its ‘footprint’ or contact patch with the ground is. That means your 4×4 can sit up on top of the terrain instead of sinking down into it. Imagine the difference between standing in thick mud in your bare feet, versus wearing a set of thongs. The wider the contact patch, the less you sink into the terrain.

In a moment we’ll talk about the best tyre pressure for sand, and the right tyre pressure for 4WDing in the bush. First, let’s talk about the gear you need to safely and correctly lower your 4×4’s tyre pressures.

1.TYRE DEFLATOR: The first thing you need to let your 4WD’s tyre pressures down is a tyre deflator. Yes, you can theoretically do it with a stick, but it’s not accurate and it takes forever. A much better idea is to use either the Adventure Kings Kwiky Tyre Deflator, or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 Tyre Deflator. Just attach it to your tyre valve, and accurately use it to drop your 4WD tyre pressures to the right level.

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2. TYRE GAUGE: Did you know your tyres heat up during the day as you drive? That’s because as air heats up it changes pressure. The Adventure Kings Kwiky Tyre Gauge is perfect for instantly checking your 4×4 or SUV tyre pressures throughout the day to ensure they are always correct.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-61 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

3. PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR: Throughout the day you’ll find you might need to put air back into your tyres. Maybe you’ve finished driving up the beach and you’re heading for a bush campsite, or you’re done 4WDing for the day and need to air back up to the right tyre pressures for on the road. A portable 12v air compressor like the Thumper MKII air compressor or the Thumper Max compressor will let you quickly and easily re-inflate your tyres.

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4. TYRE REPAIR KIT: It’s good practice to always carry a tyre repair kit like the Hercules Tyre Repair Kit. If you do get a flat tyre when you’re out in the bush, often you can fix it yourself by plugging the hole. It’s surprisingly easy to do, if you can find the stick, rock or nail that’s punctured your tyre. Then, all you do is use your 12v air compressor to re-inflate your tyre and you’re right to keep driving!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-63 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


So what are the best tyre pressures for 4WDing? The general rule is beach driving tyre pressures should be around 16psi, and bush 4WDing tyre pressures should be around 24psi. That’s a starting point, and if you feel like your 4WD is still struggling you can try taking a bit of extra pressure out of the tyres, maybe dropping another 4psi. In an emergency on the sand, you can drop your tyre pressures as low as 10psi, but be aware that if you’re already bogged, this will just lower your vehicle closer to the sand and can actually make things worse.

The other huge benefit to lowering your tyre pressures is that it massively smooths out the ride! If you’re on a rough, rocky dirt or gravel road and you’re getting bounced all over the place, drop your tyre pressures down to around 28psi even if you are still in 2WD and aren’t having any dramas with traction. You’ll be blown away by the difference it makes!


Latest Adventure Kings release – Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board!

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4WD Supacentre is proud to announce the release of the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings Stand Up Paddle board.

Stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular water sports, and with the versatility of this portable and lightweight board, you don’t have to sacrifice any other gear to bring it along.

Small apartments, and smaller vehicles usually mean sports like Stand Up Paddle Boarding are out of reach and unreachable because of lack of storage space. NOT ANYMORE!

Opening up a range of options for waterway exploration the Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board uses durable PVC outer fabric and grippy EVA deck grip and can be inflated from its compact size to fully functional in just seconds.

The Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a neat carry back pack that has a pouch for the removable large fin and included high volume air pump for absolute portability in even small cars.

Measuring a neat and tidy compact size of 850mm x 350mm x 320mm the stand-up paddleboard will fit in even the smallest cars on the market, and is so compact and lightweight it can be taken easily onto public transport.

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The heavy-duty construction PVC fabric combined with a clever ‘drop stitched’ internal lattice for extra rigidity and sturdiness on choppy water. This added stiffness also adds extra maneuverability on the water making the Inflatable SUP responsive to subtle rider inputs.
Being such a popular new sport, there are many different SUP’s available on the market, many being of solid construction aren’t as practical, and with inflatable options ranging

The Adventure Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board also includes an adjustable height paddle, which can be adjusted between 1670mm and 2200mm for extra reach whilst standing or more compact for paddling whilst kneeling.

The integrated cargo bungee on the front deck allows you to bring lunch or snacks and with the heavy duty carry handle you can maneuver the board easily and safely to the waters edge.

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Due to the lightweight and buoyant nature afforded by the 3200mm length and 830mm width and 150mm thickness, the Adventure Kings ISUP is easy to maneuver on and off the water and can even be ridden in extremely shallow water, unlike some kayaks and canoes this inflatable SUP has a draft of only a couple of inches, meaning it can float across the sand flats in style.

The new Inflatable stand up paddle board is Australia’s new must have accessory for all families heading to the beach, it is easily stored and set up and offers hours of fun and exploration for years to come!


Getting the best racing pit setup!

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In the hot sweaty pit lane, there are only a handful of solutions to keeping hydrated well shaded and ready for the race ahead!

No matter what motor sport you are into, there is almost an endless need for shelter in and refreshments in the paddock, Adventure Kings has you covered!


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With the sun beating down on you, its hard to think clearly. Armed with a UPF50+ Adventure Kings Gazebo or an Adventure Kings Vehicle mounted roll out awning, you’ll have a perfect break from the heat of the sun!

If you need more space a Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo offers plenty of shelter for even a whole car or 4WD, so you can make any last-minute pre-race tune-ups or tweaks to make sure you get pole position!


2.Keep Chilled

No matter how mild the day is, being out on a track is hot and sweaty work. Nothing beats a cool drink of water to keep your fluids up, and nothing beats an Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer at keeping your water super chilled! With a settable temperature you can get it frozen down to -18°C. a Fridge/freezer will run off your auxillary batteries, and will easily be kept running all day long with an Adventure Kings 160W solar panel.

With a Kings 12v system you can keep up to 111 icy cold cans of drink on hand in even the most remote paddocks, meaning whoever is thirsty can stay refreshed all day long.

if you keep your Adventure Kings Fridge in the shade it will even use less battery power lasting longer and staying colder!


3.comfortable chairs.

No matter how many people you have in the pits, it’s a good idea to bring appropriate seating. An Adventure Kings Throne, is one of the comfiest and strongest folding chairs available on the market, and even after a log race in the sun, you will be able to have a short rest and get your legs up.

At less than the cost of a case of beer these chairs are a great investment for any pit!

4. BBQ

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Its not often the canteen is open or has anything good to eat. So a compact cooker like the Voyager portable BBQ, or the Voyager portable Grill, you’ll be able to cook up a storm feeding a whole army of race mechanics and pit lane specialists, you’ll probably end up feeding everyone in the pits, when they smell the tasty sausages, chicken skewers and rissoles you have in store!





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There is no shortage of tool brands people swear by, but its hard to look past the well thought out and fully comprehensive Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Tool Kit.

Designed by 4WDers to be able to fix just about anything that goes wrong in the bush, the Bush mechanic tool kit contains a hack saw, pliers, wire cutters sockets and even our favorite tool, a big hammer plus so much more. And with its self sufficient design is perfect for young race teams, just starting out.

Plus there is even a little more room inside to fit more vehicle specific tools, cable ties, and your lubrication of choice.

6. Camp lighting

Perfect for lighting up your pit site for early morning starts, and great for late afternoon repairs. A good quality 12v lighting system can make seeing even the darkest corners of your vehicles engine a breeze, ensuring you don’t lose any fasteners, or tools to the dark abyss!

7. 12v pressurized water.

After a long sweaty race, nothing beats a quick rinse in fresh water to feel a little bit cleaner before the drive home. A Kings 12v portable shower is perfect for rinsing yourself and even your vehicle to wash of dirt dust debris, and even mud if you’re an offroad kinda person.

8. Dirty gear bag.

To save stinking out the whole car, a dirty gear bag is perfect for chucking in all your dirty race gear, it’ll save ponging out your car and will even fit all of your rubbish from the pits, meaning you don’t leave any of your rubbish behind.


This is one of the most underrated bits of gear and can certainly make a smelly ride home a lot nicer!

There are plenty of other bits and pieces from 4WD Supacentre that will come in at the pits. Having the right gear can definitely make your race weekends a lot more fun and a lot less stressful!


How can you get away with the family for less!

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Australians have a long tradition of heading away at any chance we get, if it is a public holiday or even just on a free weekend!

Gear used to be prohibitively expensive, leading many people to resorting to going away camping with inadequate gear, and in the harsh conditions of Australia this can be a very bad idea.

There are 5 pieces of essential gear you cannot live without on your camping escapes that you can get sorted for your families trips away, without breaking the budget, and even accommodating for their more pampered side.



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Scorching sunshine, pouring rain, and even just the damp from morning dew, can really put a dampener on your trip away with the family.

By setting up a 4×4 awning or a gazebo from the Adventure Kings range you will have a fully waterproof shelter that you and your family can retreat to, in even the poorest weather conditions.

No more sagging tarps, pooling water or ripped out eyelets and confusing pole setups like the good old fashioned tarpaulin shelters. An Adventure Kings shelter is the way to go for absolute simplicity and performance

Able to be set up in just a minute or two single handed, both are rated to UPF50+ which is the highest UV rating given to a shelter and can withstand a massive downpour of rain without even the slightest leak and give much needed cool shade on even the hottest summer day!

You can setup your family’s swags underneath, or even an awning tent for maximum protection from the elements at night time. This gives maximum confidence even in the worst summer storms!

Shielded by a waterproof and UPF50+ rated shelter your family will be one step closer to relaxing in paradise and can be picked up for under $250 including delivery.

2.  Comfortable chairs

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Unlike when you are lounging around at home, when you hit camp it is sometimes difficult to find a comfortable place to kick back, sip on a cool drink and watch the world go around. With thousands of options available on the market it is difficult to decide on which camp chair best suits your needs.

Look no further! The Adventure Kings Throne camp chair has a gigantic 300kg load rating and a huge 920mm spanning arm rest. The Adventure kings Throne is truly somewhere where you and the family can command your campsite from. Made with 600D polyester, it is made tough enough for even the roughest campers!

The Adventure Kings Throne will set you back less than a carton of your favourite drink, and if you grab yours in a combo you can save even more on your campsite!



  1. Refrigeration


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Whether you prefer a cold drop of amber nectar after a hard day of negotiating camp setups with the boss of the campsite, or whether you need to feed a hungry army fresh food for a week, there is only so much a bag of ice in an esky will get you!

A 12v portable car fridge opens up a world of opportunities at camp and allows you to chill plenty of icy cold beers really quickly even if you have to save some space for meat and dairy.

Adventure Kings has a range of fridges and fridge accessories, and for a fraction of the cost of many of the competitors 12v fridges you can have a reliable refrigeration unit that will run easily off a dual battery system, or even solar!

Currently available in 60L and 80L you can choose the model that suits your needs.

  1. Campsite lighting

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With stacks of modern conveniences, like light switches and 24/7 power and plumbing, it’s easy to take good bright easy to use lighting for granted.

With modern developments in LED lighting systems, you can now have on demand 12v lighting that is brighter than your lights at home and for less than the price of a 6 pack.

Adventure Kings Camp LED lighting
is BRIGHT, but all models also include an integrated dimmer, on/off switch so you can get the mood just right!

With many options you can light up your campsite from as little as the price of a six pack with something like the Illuminator MAX LED strip light or go for a completely custom and versatile whole camp lighting system with the Illuminator 5 Bar Complete LED Camp Lighting Kit for only the price of a case of beer!

5. Campsite power

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Modern conveniences make camping easier for the less initiated, and if you pick a campsite close to town you may even get reception to keep the whole family entertained with the latest goss on social media.

To make sure that the whole family’s needs are sorted you must have a way for keeping all the devices fully charged for maximum chill outs!

A solar charger is great for topping up car batteries when you are at camp, a good solar charger like the Kings 250W panel can be left out all day replenishing the drain on your car’s second battery from the night before.

If you needed more umph to charge up your campsite, it might be wise to look into a portable generator, the Adventure Kings range of generators offer maximum power output for minimum fuss and run on the smell of an oily rag.

4 stroke generators are a great tool to have in your arsenal and will find themselves even being whipped out during blackouts, or big family events or where power in a remote area is needed.

But most importantly of all, a powered site in peak season could end up costing your family thousands over a few years.

A 240 volt generator, like the generators in the Adventure Kings Range will let you setup camp away from expensive caravan park ‘powered sites’ where all you get is a spider infested socket to hook into and some noisy neighbors and a Kings 3.5KVA generator even has enough juice to run a caravan air-con unit.

These tips will help you save thousands on your dream campsite and will open up free camping opportunities that you haven’t even thought of yet, so get away with your family and don’t leave luxury at home with your Adventure Kings camping setup!

Time tested recovery solution – Offroad Jacks explained.

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An offroad jack has been farmers, campers and 4WDers best friend for decades. Being avid 4WDers we are positive many people have their offroad Jack mounted to their 4WD without knowing all the tips and tricks you can do with one of these classic bits of kit!

Firstly we’ll go over the design and how it works:

A 4×4 Jack uses clever spring-loaded pins and massive amounts of leverage to ratchet over 1 tonne worth of force over 1m high. It can also ratchet in the opposite direction allowing you to lower your vehicle.

A 4WD jack can be used for dozens of purposes, the most obvious is for lifting very heavy things. We’ve seen some creative applications for the staggering 1050kg force this clever piece of machinery puts out.

With a little ingenuity it can be used to straighten bent steering tie rods, against chassis crossmembers or even the vehicle’s diff.

To operate an Offroad jack it’s as simple as placing your Jack base on the ground underneath your vehicles jacking point. Once the jack is in place, slide the jacking head into position along the jacking frame and then lock the jack into ‘lifting mode’, by lifting the operation latch until it clicks into place.

You are now ready to jack.

To jack your vehicle up, simply place one hand on the jacking frame and the other on the jack handle and cycle the jack handle until there is a little bit of tension on the jack. You can now use both hands on the jacking handle for extra safety.

NB: It is wise to be cautious of the jacking handle whilst jacking up and down as when the handle is not latched, it has a lot of force on it and could cause injury.

When you have the vehicle jacked as high as you need, latch your jacking handle in the vertical position. When you are ready to lower the jack, simply reverse the operation latch to the lower position until it clicks into place.

Carefully grab the jacking handle with both hands, and cycle it to lower, again be cautious of the load on the handle as it can injure you.

Once the jacking head has no load it will automatically slide to the bottom of the jack.

Congratulations you now know how to jack with your high lift jack.

Using the lifting power an offroad 4wd jack offers and a little bit of rigging knowledge an offroad jack’s massive pulling force can be used to inch a stuck 4WD out of trouble, in a primitive hand winching technique.

This same technique can be used to straighten a 4wd’s bar work in case of unexpected strikes or impacts.

You can also utilise the top jaw on your offroad 4WD jack to clamp like a vice. This means anything you need to be squeezed or clamped can easily have over 1000kg of force. This is great for dented rims or other offroad repairs.

A 4WD offroad jack is perfect for picking your 4WD out of tricky situations when you are on the track, this is its intended purpose.

For an example if your 4WD drops a wheel or gets itself stuck in soft sand, and you are fighting for traction. A high lift 4WD jack combined with an offroad jacking base will let you pick your vehicle up and out of the trouble, so you can pack underneath your tyres, allowing you to drive straight out of trouble with little to no sweat.
If you have ever needed to break a tyre bead on the track a High lift jack is the perfect tool, by using the weight of your vehicle you can put pressure on the side wall of your tyre, breaking the bead with ease.
coupled with a compressor and a Tyre repair kit you have the perfect all-purpose repair kit for any tyre dilemma!


It’s hard to list everything that you can do with a high lift offroad jack, its simple operation means you are only limited by your imagination and the materials on hand. So get out there and see more and hit the tracks with confidence that you can get further with your offroad jack!

Top tips for washing your 4WD after a good time offroad

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When you’ve just come back from a fun trip offroad many people might feel content to unpack the car and relax at home.

To save yourself long term trouble and to make sure your 4WD vehicle and all your Adventure Kings accessories stay operational and looking fresh. We recommend giving everything a thorough clean this will also bring your attention to anything that might need fixing up!

First things first, whether you’ve hit the mud or done a beach run, salt dirt and grit trapped underneath your vehicle will end up corroding and damaging sensors, seals and even steel components!

To soften the grub on the underside of your vehicle, you can setup a sprinkler underneath your vehicle for 15-20 minutes.Tthis old-school trick will loosen any caked-on mud and allow it to soften making it easier to clean later.


A quick drive to your local self-service car wash and a couple of dollars later you can use their high pressure spray lance to rinse the whole car in soapy water, this will break down any built up grime. Make sure to take off your spotlight dust covers and get into all the nooks and crannies of your Kings steel roof rack and the fins in the back of your LED Lightbar.

We start from the top of the car and work our way down, this means any muddy drips don’t dirty the bit you’ve just cleaned.

A common place people forget to clean is the lens of their reversing camera, if you have one fitted to your vehicle, give it the same attention you would pay to your windscreen, as a dirty reversing camera lens could be dangerous with limited vision down low on your 4WD!

Do not neglect your vehicles wheel arches, under body, the inside of the chassis rails and inside part of your wheel rims. This part of your car cops the most abuse offroad especially if you’ve driven through salt water or corrosive greasy mud.

NB: Dirt in these dark places can rust your chassis from the inside out and ruin the longevity of your car and mud caked to your wheels will make your wheels un-balanced and give a lumpy drive!



Next comes the most satisfying thing in the world, the rinse spray!

After you’ve given the suds time to do their work, you can use the spray nozzle to rinse the whole car top to bottom.

Make sure not to damage paint by holding the nozzle a few hand widths off your paint and any rubber seals or boots.

And again starting from the top of the vehicle and working your way down. Your car will look as good as new underneath all those suds, again don’t forget the nooks and crannies of your Kings Steel Roof Racks, or your lightbars glass lens and the cooling fins on your spotties.
NB: be careful with high pressure water it can cut through rubber boots, tear seals and even strip paint!


Once the deep rinse is completed and your car is wet, I usually head home for the last touch ups, this saves a bit of cash and is easy enough to do on the lawn or in your driveway.


Start your motor up and with a good quality degreaser, spray down your engine bay paying attention to anywhere there is oil and grime. This will mean around oil filler holes, below all your gaskets, and even around the firewall and on top of your gearbox.

Degreaser usually requires a scrub as well so make sure you follow your instructions on the packaging and give everything a good scrub.

As always soap on soap off, it’s time to rinse!

With a low pressure tap water from your hose, rinse the whole engine bay out, paying attention to all the major greasy areas. They may require more attention than you’d think and your engine bay will come up looking new!


Once everything has dried it is time to use your favourite anti-rust spray, some people use fish oil, others use INOX (lanolin spray) and others use high tech PTFE (Teflon) spray. All of these will work by making a thin waterproof film over everything to prevent rust and corrosion, it will also mean that next time you hit the tracks.

The mud, dirt and grease won’t stick as easily. With your spray of choice, don’t forget to coat any electronic connectors wires like the ones in your Adventure Kings Illuminator wiring harness, or your reversing camera wiring and any other exposed metal components (unless otherwise directed).

The body and connections of your Spotties and LED Lightbar can be protected with this too. The more attention to detail you pay now, will prevent unexpected failures later on.

It is also common practice to coat the under body of your car with your spray of choice. This will aid in rust prevention and keep any rubber boots and seals protected until next time you give your pride and joy and all your toys a good scrub!

How to get more out of your 12 volt fridge setup

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A 12 volt fridge is a serious investment, so we are going to go over a handful of ways to maximise the performance of your fridge in any conditions.

A fridge works by making gas compress and release in a closed circuit. This results in pulling heat from one part of the refrigeration circuit to another and releasing it using a ‘radiator’ similar to a car’s radiator. The hotter the ambient temperature around the fridge, the more energy your fridge will need to use to cool down.

Studies have shown that on a 35 degree day the interior of your vehicle can reach a massive 65 degrees and any black surfaces can reach up to a massive 85 degrees which is hot enough to burn skin.

Because of the way your 12 volt refrigerator works, and knowing what we know about cars heating up in the summer sun you will find that if you leave your fridge in a hot sealed car, it will be overwhelmed trying to cool down, it will also want to use more energy to transfer heat.

There are a few awesome strategies we can implement to keep your beers cooler and your batteries to last longer.



  1. Ventilate your car

Just like with your car, if the fridge’s radiator has air flowing over it, it will run cooler. So keeping your windows cracked is a good start. It also pays to keep your fridge/freezer in the shade. So make sure you get one of those silver window shades you can get from a $2 store, they can reduce the temperature inside your car by a massive amount!


  1. Add insulation

Insulation will improve the temperature holding ability of your fridge, this means that if you get the inside of the fridge cold, it will stay cold. We can take advantage of improved insulation from a fridge cover and the dual operating voltage. What do we mean by that? Read on.


  1. Pre-chill

By plugging in your fridge with the 240v function you can cool the fridge down for a day or 2 and get the internals chilled to nice and cold operating temperature.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-44 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

  1. Fill your fridge

Air is an excellent insulator, so if your fridge hasn’t got much in it, it will use more energy trying to stay cold.  So fill your fridge up! We typically freeze our meat at home and some people even use frozen water bottles to fill the empty space inside the fridge. This will drop the temperature and reduce the effort the fridge has to use to maintain temperature.

Our preference is to fill the space with your favourite beer, that way you have icy cold beers on hand at all times!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-42 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


  1. Re-stock your fridge at night time

The Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer can take an insane 81 cans and the Kings 80L Fridge freezer a mental 111 cans, this means there is no need to restock your fridge with hot beers  throughout the day. We recommend waiting till the cool of the night . That way your fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to chill them, and you won’t risk heating up the already cool beverages.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-45 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

  1. Install a dual battery

No matter how good you are at increasing the efficiency of your fridge it is inevitable that eventually you will drain the battery it runs off if it isn’t being charged. This is why people install a dual battery system. This gives your camping setup even more power to use. Dual battery systems utilise clever isolators to cut off your crank battery, to make sure you will always be able to start your car no matter how long you enjoyed camp and combining multiple auxiliary batteries if you have the space, will mean you can stay at camp for even longer!


  1. Recharge you batteries

A solar charger will mean you don’t deplete your vehicle’s batteries as quickly. A clever system like the 120W solar blanket can even be thrown over your windshield to block even more sunlight, whilst putting the rays to good use! A solar charger uses clever voltage regulating circuitry to maintain your batteries and keep your fridge and other 12v accessories running smoothly virtually cost free!


If you follow these top tips for getting the most out of your 12v portable car fridge you will discover even more versatility for your camp and be more confident hitting longer tracks without fear of running out of battery or icy cold beverages!

EASY tyre puncture repairs on the tracks!

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It’s hard to imagine a worse sound on the tracks than – pop-psssst. But don’t worry for less than the cost of a 6 pack of beer, you can make sure you have a surefire solution to most tyre problems no matter where you find yourself!

The Hercules Tyre Repair Kit has a solution for nearly any tyre puncture, innertube tear or valve damage and includes 45 pieces in a bright hard plastic case.

We are going over how to best use your new tyre repair kit for a range of different issues you may encounter.


A damaged tyre can leak air in a number of ways:

If you are lucky and your tyre is leaking from the valve core you can repair it in seconds, simply take the valve removal tool and remove the damaged valve core. This is as simple as unscrewing the damaged core, if there is still pressure inside your tyre once the core has been removed it will start to empty itself quite quickly. Don’t worry, once the new valve core is in place it will take less than a few minutes to get your tyres back up to pressure with a Thumper compressor. To replace the core, make sure the replacement core is clean, and then simply lubricate the rubber seal with a bit of spit or some lubricant from the tyre repair kit. Simply screw in the replacement core and re-inflate with your compressor.


The next easiest repair you may need to encounter, is a puncture in the tread of your tyre. This is fairly simple to fix. The first step is to clean up the tear with the reaming tool from your tyre repair kit, firstly use a little bit of the lubrication from the included jar. Once the tool is inserted into the damaged part of the tyre, you will need to saw it back and forward to clean up the hole and to give the repair strips something to bite onto.

Once the hole is reamed, insert one of the 20x included self-adhesive rubber repair strips into the eye of the insertion tool and pull it about half way through.

Now it’s time to push the tool into the hole, be careful to not push your plug all the way through. Once the plug is inserted you can remove the insertion tool, you may need more than one plug if the hole is larger.

All that is left to do is cut off the excess with the included knife and re-inflate the tyre using your 12v car compressor.

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The final and most difficult, common tyre issue people may encounter is a busted tyre valve stem. This is a slightly more complicated repair. To replace your valve stem, you’ll have to remove the whole rim from your vehicle. When jacking your car up, make sure the vehicle is stable and not going to fall off the jack.

With the rim off the car you’ll have to now de-seat the bead, firstly you’ll need to release all the air pressure from the tyre, the easiest and safest way to release the pressure is by removing the valve core as described above.

NB: don’t lose the valve core.

To de-seat the bead, place your deflated tyre on its rim underneath a vehicle that is stable (maybe your mates) and setup an offroad jack to put downward pressure on the sidewall of your tyre this will push the lip of the tyre off the seat.

Once your tyre is de-seated you can remove the jack, use a set of pliers from your Adventure Kings toolkit to pull the old valve free. Now with the damaged valve removed grab one of your 3x replacement valve stems from your Hercules Tyre repair kit and feed it through the rim from the inside.

Once you can see the valve stem on the outside, grasp it with your pliers and pull until it is seated neatly.

It is time to reseat your tyre bead, this can be a little bit tricky but with a high flow air compressor like the Thumper Max’s huge 300L/min output, reseating beads is made very easy!

If you have a ratchet strap handy connect the 2 hooks together to make a loop. Run the loop around the circumference to compress the tread and push the sidewall near to the lip of the rim to make your compressor’s job easier.

Hook up your Compressor and let it rip, you’ll know when the bead seats, as it will make a sharp pop. Once your bead has seated, keep an eye on your pressure till you reach your desired pressure and you are ready to rock and roll!


These are a few simple tricks that will get your 4WD back up and running, once back in town a professional tyre repairer can make a more permanent repair to punctures using glue in inserts, these will reduce the risk of your tyre losing pressure unusually fast.




Choosing the right Roof Racks for you

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You can never have enough storage for your 4WD, especially if you take the family away, and the most bang-for-buck option to massively increase your storage is with a Roof Rack from 4WD Supacentre.


With 7 different styles of roof rack in a range of sizes to suit most vehicles, you’ll easily be able to find the roof rack to suit your 4WD storage needs.


There’s the classic full cage option, which makes it really easy to store heaps of gear on your roof rack without worrying about it sliding off, and is especially useful if you’re planning to load it up with firewood on long trips.


If you’re planning to use your roof rack as a platform for your Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent, then the roof top tent rack is your best option. This is a flat rack, with a cage around the front quarter of the rack, giving you the perfect flat space to mount your Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent, plus still leaving you a storage area at the front for other gear or to mount an Domin8r LED Light Bar to light up the tracks when you’re looking for that next remote campsite.

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For the weekend warrior who still has to navigate suburban carparks and the garage at home during the week, then a steel flat rack is an excellent choice. A flat roof rack gives you heaps of storage space for the weekend camping trip or long-range 4WD adventure, but only raises the overall height profile of your vehicle by around 100mm (this will depend on your vehicle), which in many cases will still allow you to fit in plenty of undercover carparks. My 120 Prado is fitted with a 4WD Supacentre flat rack, and still clears the standard 2.1m entry, even with a 2″ lift and 31s!


The last option in the range of full size roof racks is the tradesman racks, which feature full-length side rails and open ends, making it easy to slide on extension ladders, lengths of timber, PVC pipe, or whatever other building supplies you’ve got to haul around during the week to earn enough beer tickets to get away for the weekend.


If you’re getting around in a single cab or dual cab ute, or a smaller 4WD like the tough old Suzuki Sierras or SWB Patrols, you can pick from a range of shorter roof racks to suit your vehicle, these range in length from 900mm for the single cab rack, up to 1800mm for the 3/4 length rack.


All the roof racks from 4WD Supacentre are made from solid, over-engineered powder coated steel, and are tested to carry over 500kg, which is perfect for all your bulky 4WD gear including swags, food boxes, gas bottles, jerry cans and even tool boxes! This amazing weight-carrying ability is made possible through the use of strong steel tubing run in a double channel down each side, and then reinforced with cross-bracing for extra support. This tough frame is then covered in steel mesh, which means you don’t have to worry about smaller items or firewood falling through and damaging the roof of your 4WD. Plus this mesh gives you extra mounting point options for securing items to your roof racks.

All of 4WD Supacentre’s roof racks are tested and comply with Australian Standards AS 1235-2000 (A.D.R.). All testing was performed by a NATA accredited Australian laboratory, according to Australian Standard AS1235-2000.


To complement the strength of these roof racks, 4WD Supacentre roof racks are powder coated for durability, which means you’re less likely to damage the finish when you’re loading them up for a trip, so your roof racks will stay rust-free for longer.

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When mounting your roof rack, there are 2 options; gutter mounts, which are designed to fit vehicles with rain gutters, such as GQ and GU patrols, 60, 70 and 80 series LandCruisers, older Hilux utes, older Mitsubishi Pajeros and more!


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There is also track mounting options available for those vehicles which have roof racks fitted that system. This includes 100/105 & 200 Series LandCruisers, and 120 & 150 series Prados.


While some other companies charge over $1000 for a set of roof racks, at 4WD Supacentre you can pick up smaller roof racks to suit your single-cab or dual-cab ute for under $200, and full size racks to suit most 4WDs including LandCruiser, Patrol, Prado or Pajero, plus many more for under $300!


And the final reason you need a roof rack from 4WD Supacentre is that they make the perfect base to build your 4WD into the ultimate touring rig!

As well as the options for extra storage listed above, they serve as a mounting platform for a range of 4WD accessories and camping gear, including rooftop tents, 4WD awnings, LED driving lights and light bars, shovel and hi-lift jack holders and even hard mounted camp lighting.

So fit a 4WD Supacentre rack to your 4WD today, and get out there!


Best way to remove bad smells from your Adventure Kings fridge/freezer

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The Adventure Kings fridge/freezers have fast become one of the most essential pieces of a 4WDers camping gear. These fridges are incredible versatile and represent unbeatable value-for-money, but as with any fridge or freezer there may come a time where unpleasant odours or smells may start appearing.

As with everything, prevention is better than a cure. When it comes to avoiding a smelly fridge it is best to put into practice some preventative measures during and after each use to stop any odours from developing in the first place. But if this unfortunate situation does happen to you there are several simple solutions that are cheap and readily available in most supermarkets that can completely eliminate the rank smell coming from the depths of your trusty fridge/freezer.

The primary causes of an overwhelmingly bad smell in your fridge/freezer are leaving food to rot unattended, or by excess moisture which can cause mould to form.

For rotting food the solution is simple, unpack your fridge/freezer as soon as you get home this seems obvious but is one of the most common mistakes made by lots of tired campers who just want to hit the sack.

As for mould, you can easily prevent this by ensuring you thoroughly wash and air dry your fridge/freezer after each use and store with the lid open (even just a crack), in a cool dry place where possible.

Try to avoid using your fridge/freezer for storage of things such as cooking gear in between uses, despite the obvious space saving benefits.

If you notice a mysterious pong coming from your fridge/freezer your first course of action should be to check the contents to ensure that none of your food or drink has gone bad or has passed its expiration date. If you do find a particular piece of food is starting to turn, eliminating the smell may be as simple as removing the offending item, this will also help to preserve the rest of your fridges contents from grubby germs.

Often you will find that all your food is perfectly fresh and no individual item is emitting the odour, and even when you remove everything and let your Kings fridge/freezer air out the smell remains! Other times a smell won’t even develop until after you have finished using your fridge/freezer and it has been turn off and stored away ready and waiting for the next family camping trip.

In these situations, your next move should be to thoroughly clean the inside of your fridge/freezer with warm soapy water. The Adventure Kings range of fridge/freezers include handy baskets and dividers to help keep your fridge organised and tidy. when cleaning your fridge/freezer interior don’t forget to give these baskets and dividers a thorough wash down as well!

In a vast majority of cases thorough wash with dish-soap and warm water will eliminate bad smells in your camp fridge, but in the case of extremely foul odours you might find that a faint smell remains.

Your next step if the smell hasn’t gone while the fridge is empty is to cut a brown onion in half and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Often this is all that’s needed to absorb any foreign smells, and it costs a few cents and a minute of your time.

In more stubborn cases, people have found that placing a dinner plate covered in baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) inside the fridge and closing the lid for 2-3 days will soak up most of the bad odour leaving you with a clean and fresh smelling fridge.

In extreme cases where an unpleasant smell remains, ensure that food matter has not become stuck in hinges or small crevices and check that the outside of your fridge is also thoroughly clean. Kings fridges have removable handles so take these off and ensure nothing has spilled and found its way in behind the mounting locations. Once you are 100% confident your fridge is thoroughly clean, a handful of activated charcoal (your local pet store should have these) inside your Kings fridge/freezer for as long as 1 month even while it is running. Activated charcoal is extremely effective at absorbing all organic molecules, thereby removing any smelly organic particles it encounters in the air surrounding it.

If you have an Adventure Kings portable ice box or cooler the same principles will apply to avoid or remove bad smells so you can enjoy camping all summer long with cold drinks and fresh food and no stinky offputting smells, to ruin your experience!

Campsite etiquette –   5 things to never do at camp!

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Where ever you go in life it is almost inevitable to run into people who come across as obnoxious and rude.

This is an etiquette guide to camping, so when you hit the tracks you will make friends with the neighbors and not enemies.

These simple rules will keep you in the good books, and possibly gain you some camping friends for life!


1.Give some space!

When you get to camp, particularly in more crowded areas, it’s a great idea to set up with plenty of space between yourself and any other campers that may already be set up and kicking back. There is nothing worse than being at a campsite and enjoying a little slice of peace and quiet, and a rowdy bunch of people shows up and camps at your doorstep, giving you a swags eye view of their ugliest sides!


We recommend finding a space that is well away from others, whilst still giving yourself plenty of space to open out your Awning, unroll your 3 x 3 metre mesh floor, and set up your Big Daddy Deluxe Swag, you never know… they may even be the rowdy ones!


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2.The bush is not a toilet

In the same way you wouldn’t want someone pooing in the middle of your yard, the bush and your fellow campers should be respected. There are many popular campsites around Australia that see hundreds of campers every week, and for this reason they have been fitted with handy pit toilets, to save people wondering around in the dark from finding a man-made landmine with their thongs!


However if your campsite hasn’t got a pit toilet fitted you aren’t S*!T out of luck yet…. The Adventure Kings Portable Toilet is the perfect solution for campers who like to have the simple luxuries of the modern world. It features a 10L Fresh water holding tank and easily flushes with the pump of a handle.

For those with more rugged refinement, nothing beats a fold up shovel and a roll of dunny paper! Simply dig a small trench about 15cm deep (that’s about 1 thong length FYI) and when you have finished business and the paper work simply fill in the hole. If your campsite is a popular one, get some camper karma and mark the spot with a stick and a square of toilet paper. Doing this will save the next guy (maybe even yourself) from digging up buried treasure!


3.Keep the noise down when your neighbors have gone to bed


This rule applies to anywhere, it’s a common courtesy and will pay itself off in dividends.

Respecting your neighbours means they will respect you. When you have stayed up much later than them, in the morning, they will more than likely return the favour when your head is pounding and your world is spinning!

This doesn’t just mean don’t shout and carry on. It means don’t keep your music blaring (even if its your favorite song) and make sure you setup your generator well away from other peoples campsites!

4. If you packed it in – pack it out!

There is no worse feeling than planning a trip out into nature to get away from the mess and clutter of the city, to find the people at camp before you left all their rubbish laying around. There is no excuse for being a grub, so make sure if you packed it in, you pack it out.If you don’t want rubbish in the cab of your vehicle, grab a Kings Dirty Gear Bag  to chuck over your spare tyre(and line it with a garbage bag) this will give you a great spot to throw all your empties at camp, and its right near your 12v fridge in the rear of your vehicle!

This means when the morning comes you don’t have to wonder around camp looking for empties. And you can just hit the tracks and roll!

5.If you see someone struggling, don’t just watch!

It may be hilarious watching someone struggle to setup their camp, but if someone is really genuinely having trouble getting their camp set up, it might be a good idea once you have your camp sorted, to stroll over and offer to lend a hand. A small gesture like this can take stacks of stress out of a new camper’s situation.

You never know, that may be you one day, and after all, the other person is just like you, they picked the same awesome spot, on the same day to get away from the fuss of town, so you probably have more in common than you imagined!

These are just a handful of tips to help you to contribute the kind and friendly nature of people who enjoy getting out and about in the bush. In our opinion there frankly isn’t much in the world better than getting to some remote spots. And making sure that ourselves and others are always welcomed back!

Never Turn Your Car Fridge Off Again With This Incredible Complete 12v System from 4WD Supacentre!

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Thousands of campers, 4WDers and tradies have switched on to the fact that the Adventure Kings 60L and 80L portable fridges represent incredible value for money. However, if you’ve just bought your first 12v fridge then you might be surprised to learn that you can’t just run it all the time, or you’ll end up draining your batteries quickly. 4WD Supacentre sells one of the best ranges of 12v gear in the country, and we’ve put together this essential guide to show how anyone can install a complete 12v system in their car, van, 4×4, boat or caravan that will let you keep your fridge turned on permanently – no matter how much you drive every day. Let’s look at how it all works.


  1. START WITH THE RIGHT BATTERY BANK: You need at least one auxiliary deep-cycle battery to run a fridge, because if you run it off your starter battery, you risk the battery being too flat to start the engine again. The Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle batteries come in both 98 amp-hour and 115 amp-hour sizes. What size do you need? For most people camping overnight, the Adventure Kings 98 amp-hour battery is heaps. But we’re talking the ultimate setup here – so we’d start with two of the 115Ah AGM deep-cycle batteries, and wire them in parallel, with the positive terminals connected together and the negative terminals connected together. This will give you an insane battery bank of 230Ah! Considering most fridges use around 5A per hour at their absolute most, that gives you almost 48 hours of running time without putting any charge into the batteries at all.

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  1. NEXT, THE 12V BATTERY CHARGER: Because you’re running a large battery bank, you need some serious charging ability. 4WD Supacentre stock and have a price-match guarantee on a huge range of the cracking CTEK 12v and 240v battery chargers. In this scenario, we’d run the CTEK D250SA DC-DC charger, and pair it with the CTEK Smartpass120 which can massively boost the charging capacity of your 12v system – up to an incredible 120 amps! That means that even on short drives, you’ll be hammering heaps of juice back into your batteries, and from almost dead flat it’ll take you about two hours of driving to completely fill the batteries again. That’s seriously fast!


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  1. NOW ADD SOLAR FOR A CONSTANT POWER TOP-UP: Whenever you’re not driving your car or 4WD, your batteries can still be charging if you add a roofrack-mounted solar panel to your electrical system and wire it in so it is permanently connected. Start with one of the beaut 4WD Supacentre steel roofracks to suit most vehicles, and you’ve got a place that you can permanently mount a solar panel. Then, add the solar. In this case, we’d add two of the Adventure Kings 110w Fixed Solar Panels, for one particular reason. These panels come without a regulator, which saves you money because the CTEK D250SA has its own in-built solar regulator. And here’s a beaut little ‘did you know’ fact – the D250SA can handle multiple types of input charges at the same time. While you’re driving down the highway, it’ll be taking the power from your alternator, supercharging it and directing it to your auxiliary batteries. At the same time, it’ll also be harnessing the power coming from your solar panels and putting that into your deep-cycle batteries too!

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  1. FINALLY, ADD A 240V CHARGER FOR PIECE OF MIND: This next bit of gear is perfect for tradies who spend long days on job-sites, those who camp at powered campsites or those who don’t drive their car or 4×4 every day. Permanently connecting a 240v charger like the CTEK M200 or M300 battery chargers allows you to top up your batteries any time they start to run a little low. Wherever there’s a powerpoint you can be assured that within a couple of hours, your batteries will be full to the brim again, even on hot days with the fridge running all day.

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And there you have it! The ultimate never-fail electrical system that you can add to any car, van, boat or 4WD that’ll let you run your fridge permanently. And all the major components listed above are available from 4WD Supacentre! Just add in a bit of wiring and a couple of lazy afternoons in the shed, or a day at your auto electrician’s, and you’re good to go.

And don’t forgot that 4WD Supacentre have a price-match guarantee on the CTEK gear that we stock. If you find a better price anywhere, we’ll match it! Terms and conditions apply, please see https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/terms#ctekfor details.

Portable BBQs are the centerpeice of most Aussie campsites!

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Let’s take a look at different types of portable BBQs and grills and which ones are best suited to your needs.

Thousands of Kings Folding Camp Fire BBQ Plate & Grills get sold every month, and for good reason. You won’t find a simpler, more versatile folding BBQ plate, and you can always pick them up for less than a carton of beer!

They are super portable – the fold into an included heavy duty canvas carry bag, and take up about the same room as a couple of magazines side by side. That means they’re so portable you can fit them nearly anywhere – under your seat, in your Titan Rear Drawers, stacked in the boot, at the bottom of a mess kit, etc. The heavy duty bag will stop grease and ash making the inside of your car dirty to and from camp, which is obviously a huge bonus, and many similar models don’t come with this bag as standard.

To use all you have to do is fold out the two legs and light a fire underneath! For rapid cooking, use a lot of flame but be careful not to charcoal your meat (unless your name is Darryl Kerrigan). For best cooking, shovel a bunch of hot coals under the hotplate away from direct flame, and cook off the heat of those. That’ll be more than enough and it’s much easier to regulate heat from coals than sticks with flames. If you’re cooking something that needs 20 minutes on the portable grill, you can always add a new scoop of coals halfway through, which is much more consistent than having flames die down from small sticks, leaving your steaks half done!

With half a hotplate and half a grill on this portable camp BBQ, you can cook all your camp favourites including bacon and eggs, steak and onion and more. This portable BBQ is also good to put over the flames and boil a billy on – this provides a stable base for you to boil water without risking it tipping over.

If you’re after a gas-powered portable BBQ or grill, 4WD Supacentre sell a couple of real winners. The Voyager Grill by Gasmate is one of the most compact, portable gas BBQs on the market. With easy to assemble sturdy legs that can be removed for transport, you can fit the whole BBQ in its easy to carry case.

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A great thing about this type of portable BBQ, apart from its easy to start Piezo ignition which means you don’t need to carry matches, is it has a totally reversible grill/hotplate. That means you can cook grill-side-up for some nice charring on steaks, or flip it over to do a dozen eggs at once to feed a big crew.

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Another great thing about this portable gas grill is it sits up away from the ground, so you won’t get sand in your food if you’re cooking on the beach. Lightweight and portable, this easily fits on an Adventure Kings table, the top of an esky, on a tailgate – anywhere you want to cook!

Another popular Voyager Portable BBQ in the range is more of a traditional BBQ you’d use at home, but in a very compact size, similar to a Weber Baby Q. This includes a temperature gauge and lid which makes it versatile enough to do anything from snags to roast dinners. Many people are now using these at home and while camping, saving the need to buy an extra unit for the balcony or backyard.

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With a stainless steel burner, satin enamel cast iron grill, rotary ignition for effortless lighting, this portable BBQ has all the features you’ve come to expect (and love) from your big BBQ at home, but in a unit small enough to carry easily with one hand. Like the other portable BBQs from 4WD Supacentre, this is also very easy to store in the back of your car or ute.

The Adventure Kings BBQ tool set has proven to be a winner with any of our portable camp BBQs and grills. With a stainless steel spatula and tongs as well as a scraper/brush for cleaning, this kit has everything you need and comes in a tool roll pouch. The best thing is they’re super affordable and stop you having to raid the kitchen drawers at home when you want to head bush for a night or two – that’ll keep you in the good books!

Portable Gazebo – the smart choice for camping

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Shade is one of the most fundamental requirements, and nothing ruins a camping trip or day at the beach like a family of badly sunburnt outdoor enthusiasts.


Trees can provide good shade, but what happens if there are no trees near camp? Or what happens when that shady morning spot is in the direct line of the harsh western sun as it sets? Car or 4×4 awnings are excellent shelters, but not all of us have a vehicle with roof racks. Or maybe we don’t have a vehicle tall enough to hand an awning off the side of to stand under.


The most multi-purpose shade solution out there is a portable gazebo, like the Kings 3x3m or 6x3m camp gazebos.

Whether you’re a camper, backyard BBQ host, love a day trip to the park or beach, or love cheering from the sidelines at weekend sport, a Kings gazebo is the portable shade solution you need. Let’s take a look at why they’re popping up all over the place with their stunning popularity.


Easy to transport


Packed up in their included travel bag, Kings 3x3m gazebos (the most popular size) are only 1.6m long and 25cm wide and deep. That’s more than compact enough to fit on the backseat or in the boot of almost any SUV, hatchback, wagon, sedan, ute or van on the road! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a roof rack to hold an awning (and if you do, Kings gazebos travel well on the roof in their transit bags) or a big wagon with heaps of boot space – as long as you have a car, you can carry your portable gazebo and have shade wherever you go.


Set up anywhere


With two heavy duty carry handles on the bag, this gazebo is easy to take out of the car and move around at camp until you find the perfect spot to setup. That’s where a portable gazebo really comes into its own. You don’t have to erect it wherever your car is parked – take it right down to the waters edge, peg it down next to your mates, move it closer to the fire – wherever you want to set it up, you can!


Strong anchor points


To set it up, the portable gazebo comes with included guy ropes and heavy duty steel pegs to anchor the 30mm thick legs in place. While it’s still easy enough to set up with one person, it’s heavy duty enough to protect an entire family. Rather than a thinner frame that some other gazebos come with, the very heavy duty hammertone steel frame of this gazebo won’t bend and buckle at the slightest puff of wind. There’s no point in being portable if it’s built so light it can’t protect you when the weather takes a turn, which is the exact balance we had in mind when developing the Kings gazebo.


We went for heavy duty 100% waterproof and UPF50+ UV rated (that’s the highest possible rating) material to stand up to the sun and rain. We also went for thicker metal legs and frame as well as reinforced peg-down points, while ensuring the gazebo is still light enough for a single person to transport and set up.


With the included pegs and guy ropes, anchoring your portable camping gazebo in one place only takes a couple of minutes, and then you can enjoy the benefits day after day.


So what are the benefits?

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Apart from the best possible UV ray protection and a 100% waterproof roof, peace-of-mind is the biggest benefit. You don’t need to lie awake in your swag at night scared that your shelter will blow away if a breeze picks up. If it starts to rain while you’re cooking dinner, move your table and BBQ under the gazebo and keep on cooking like nothing has happened.

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Being detached from your 4×4 or car, you can position your gazebo anywhere you want as a base camp. Need to drive the car into town to get a bag of ice, or the other side of the caravan park to do a toilet run? No worries – a portable gazebo also makes your car portable at camp, giving you flexibility to see the sights without having to pack up camp every time.


With a portable gazebo you can make great use of camping with mates. If your friends have a side awning, set your gazebo up next to it for a larger shade, or at the back of their car to give shade to the side and rear. With two you can have a cooking and camp setup on one side of your car, and a sleeping shelter on the other. There’s no limit to the ways you can use a portable gazebo – many people even put them up in the backyard for parties!


If you’re in the market for some strong, multi-purpose portable camp shade, look no further than the Kings range of gazebos. Built tough yet easy enough for one person to pack up or set up, and at a price you won’t believe – you can’t go wrong!


What’s best for you – an Adventure Kings Dual Battery System or a CTEK D250SA DC-DC Charger?

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If you’re trying to set up a working 12v system in your car, van or 4×4 but you’re getting a little overwhelmed with all the technical jargon, don’t stress! We’re exactly the same – facts, figures and phrases fly over our heads sometimes, so we’ve created this simple-to-understand guide to selecting the right gear to charge your auxiliary deep cycle or AGM battery. Follow this guide and you’ll make sure you choose the right gear the first time, and avoid wasting your money on the wrong dual battery charger!

Firstly, why would you want a dual battery system? If you’re going camping and want to run 12v accessories like a portable car fridge, LED lighting or an inverter to charge the phones, tablets and laptop, you’re going to drain a lot of power from your battery. If you only have one battery, you’ll probably find that in the morning it won’t have enough power to start the engine! Definitely not ideal, especially if you’re out at a remote bush or beach campsite somewhere. A dual battery system lets you charge a second battery while you’re driving, and power all your electrical accessories off the second battery at camp, leaving the first battery safely alone so there’s always power to start your 4WD or car.

Now you know why you want a dual battery system, let’s talk about how to make it happen. You need a way for your car to charge the second battery when you’re driving, but isolate it from the first battery when you’re parked up at camp. The first option is to us an Adventure Kings Dual Battery System. This is what’s known as a ‘smart isolator, because it uses a tried-and-true Voltage Sensing Relay to connect or disconnect the second battery from the first one. When it senses an input voltage above 13.5v (when the car is running), it connects the two batteries together and both charge up at the same time. When you turn the car off and it sees the voltage drop below 13.2v, it splits (or ‘isolates’) the second battery. Clever hey?

You may have heard of a different type of charger, known as a ‘DC-DC’ charger like the CTEK D250SA. The best way to understand this type of charger is to think of it like the battery charger you have at home in your garage. The only difference is, instead of plugging into the wall socket for its power, it uses 12v power from your alternator to run. The CTEK D250SA has some very clever functions, like the ability to vary the rate of charge depending on how full or empty your second battery is, as well as varying the rate of charge depending on what type of battery is being charged. It’s a true battery ‘charger’, whereas the Adventure Kings Dual Battery System is a ‘smart isolator’ – it doesn’t develop any power to charge batteries itself, rather it directs charge from the alternator.

So which one is best for you? For any vehicle prior to about 2010 running a single second battery as well as the starting battery, the Adventure Kings Dual Battery System is perfect. That’s because you’ll have an old-school alternator that just pumps full charge out at all times (assuming the alternator is healthy). However, if you drive a modern vehicle from about 2010 onwards, you’ll likely have what is known as a ‘smart alternator’. In an effort to reduce emissions, vehicle manufacturers realised they could electronically control the alternator to reduce its output depending on how full the battery was. If the alternator didn’t need to charge as much, load on the engine could be reduced and hence emissions would be lower. The problem is these alternators sometimes only put out as little as 13.0v-13.2v when you’re driving – nowhere near enough to charge a second battery.

The CTEK D250SA comes to the rescue here by being able to accept varying input voltages and still output a nice healthy 14.0V+ to the auxiliary battery. It essentially ‘smooths out’ the changing voltage rates from the smart isolator and allows your deep cycle AGM battery to be properly charged as you drive.

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The other benefit to the D250SA is its ability to handle large banks of auxiliary batteries. These days it’s completely normal to run two, three or more auxiliary deep-cycle batteries in a 4WD so you can stay at camp for extended periods of time. The CTEK D250SA can charge up to 400Ah of batteries – enough to power your campsite for days at a time!


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And remember, 4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on the entire range of the incredible CTEK battery chargers. That means if you can find a better genuine price anywhere in Australia, we’ll match it! Terms and conditions apply, see https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/terms#ctek.

EASY D.I.Y. – Domin8r X 12,000lb Winch INSTALL!

Do you need a winch? If you are reading this we think you do! A 4WD winch is one of the greatest mods for getting your 4×4 further offroad. With one push of a button you can drag your vehicle out of sticky or sketchy situations, you’d otherwise struggle to recover from and get all four tyres back on terra firma!

With many different winches on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best suited for your vehicle, but with wired and wireless options, a massive 7.2HP motor, included synthetic rope and pintle hook Adventure Kings Domin8r X Winch absolutely domin8s the competition for features, and has an unbeatable price!

The phrase ‘DIY installation’ is that excites some and makes others nervous, in this article we’ll go over just how easily you can Do It Yourself trouble free in the garage or shed.

To start off with it is a good idea to check if your vehicle is capable of carrying a 12,000lb winch.Tthere are a few options for mounting a winch to your vehicle. There are winch cradles designed to fit to a tow hitch receiver, these are a temporary and less secure method of mounting than to a bulbar.

If you are planning on fitting a winch to your bullbar (which is by far the most common way) it’s important to find out what size winch your bar is compatible to carry. Typically, most winch compatible steel bulbar with a 254mm X 114.3mm (10”x4.5”) bolt pattern are suitable but check with your manufacturer to be sure, an incompatible bar can end up causing damage to your vehicle or bystanders if there is a failure.

Now you have identified the mounting location, its time to sort out all your parts.


What you should have included in the box;

1x pre-assembled winch with 26m of 9.5mm synthetic cable pre-spooled
1x pintle hook with easy to grab fabric tab
1x winch control box with included wiring.
1x winch controller (forward, backwards and wireless buttons)
1x hawse fairlead
1x mounting hardware kit.

Once you have confirmed these components, its time to start fitting your new winch.

STEP 1 – installing the winch.

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Align the included fairlead with the cable hole in your winch bar and check to see if it utilises the mounting holes for the winch or not, different manufacturers will vary their mounting specifications.
Align the mounting holes of your winch to the holes in your winch bar. And fasten with the included bolts.

For the moment get 1 thread 2 bolts to take the weight of the winch, then continue with the remaining hardware. Don’t worry about getting these extremely tight just yet. It’s best to leave a little slack until all the bolts are in place and snug.

Once the winch has been bolted into place, release the clutch of the winch and feed the eye of the winch rope through your fairlead and connect your pintle hook. Reengage the clutch mechanism.

NB: Depending on the mounting location you have chosen it may be necessary to mount your fairlead using the mounting holes for the winch using longer bolts (not included) in other applications you may even need an offset fairlead to prevent abrasion on your rope.


STEP 2 – This is the easy part. It’s time to run your wiring. Your winch control box has 5 heavy gauge wires coming out of it.

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The 3 wires that go to your winch are colour-coded and extremely simple to locate, all you have to do is loosen the nuts off the colour-coded winch terminals and fasten the crimped connectors with the nuts and lock washers making sure you place them in the correct order.
Once these cables are fastened, we recommend cable tying the loose cables together to make them neat and tidy and keep them out of the way to avoid any hang-ups later.

There are 2 more cables that come from your winch control box – one is positive (RED) and the other is negative (black). These two cables are best connected directly to your crank battery, even if you have a whole battery bank.

When a winch is in operation, it will pull stacks of power in a short period of time, so we recommend upgrading (if you have the space) to a 650CCA battery to cope with the high current draw of a winch under load.

NB: Never use your winch with your motor off. Your alternator will give a good chunk of the current your winch needs without depleting your battery too much, and it can’t do that if the car isn’t running.


STEP 3 – Now that your winch has been mounted, and your wiring has been run,You can install the control box to a convenient location on your bullbar. Depending on your battery’s location this may be dead in the middle of your bar, or to either side; this depends on your vehicle.

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STEP 4 – Now that everything has been fastened and wired up, it is a good idea to go over every nut and bolt to make sure everything is secured and fastened to the torques specified in the manual and the wiring is not loose or able to short out on any metal components.

STEP 5 –


This is the fun bit, reach down to your winch gearbox and deactivate the clutch, this will allow the cable to free spool out – pull your cable out a short amount (1-2m) and connect your controller to the control box.

Retract the winch by pressing the ‘IN’ button, it should spool steadily, and smoothly back in. now try feeding the winch out, it should slowly unspool rope at the same speed.


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The Kings Domin8r X winch comes standard with wireless winching. This feature is usually reserved for more expensive units. To activate the wireless feature, simply connect the wireless control module, disconnect the cable from your controller hand unit and press the blue ‘wireless’ switch on the controller.

You now have the full functionality of the winch without the restriction of the cable. This will allow you to activate your winch from the inside of your vehicle without letting in mud, or sand and will also give you full control of the winch whilst you are walking out your winch rope.

Now you can hit the tracks with confidence, and comfort knowing you have a reliable and feature packed winch to get you out of trouble when you need it most.

Is your car or 4WD overheating without you knowing it? An Engine Data Scan scan gauge will tell you!

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If you’ve seen your temperature gauge move a little up big hills over the past couple of months, there’s a good chance that your engine is working a lot harder than the factory gauge will let on. Because symptoms of an overheating car are so varied, it’s not easy to pinpoint an exact cause straight away. What’s even more frustrating, is that car manufacturers use a trick in vehicle design that prevents you from properly understanding how hot your car or 4×4 is running – and the only way to get around it is with a scan gauge tool like the Engine Data Scan EDS from 4WD Supacentre.

Ever noticed how on most days, within a minute or two’s driving, your temperature gauge comes up to a particular point and stays there? Where that point is depends on the vehicle. On some, it’ll be around the one-quarter to one-third mark. On others it’ll sit just about on halfway, or maybe a tiny bit below. But did you know that your engine could be overheating without the gauge even moving?

That’s because manufacturers program a ‘dead zone’ into factory temperature gauges. They do this because during normal driving operation, it’s completely natural for engine coolant temperatures to fluctuate up to 40°C. Think about how hard you’d work your car or 4WD climbing a big range on the highway on a warm day. Surely by the time you crest the hill, your engine must be getting warm right? And then as you coast down the other side, all that airflow combined with a lack of engine load must cool things down considerably. But how can you tell if your car is overheating when the factory temp gauge doesn’t budge?

That’s where the scan gauge tool  comes in. This clever scan gauge tool plugs into your modern car, van or 4WD’s OBDII port and can digitally read and display exact engine coolant temperatures. You’ll be blown away by how much variance there really is in your engine temps when you can watch the factory gauge side-by-side with the E.D.S. You’ll see the factory gauge sitting at its ‘normal’ mark as early as 40°C, and not moving before the actual engine temps get as high as 110°C!

An EDS is a lifesaver in any modern car or 4WD. It lets you back off the throttle a little if you see the engine temperatures start to climb, because it’s much better to crest that hill a little slower than it is to overheat your motor! Of course, monitoring motor temperatures is not the only thing the Engine Data Scan does, because it’s also a full scan gauge tool that lets you check error codes, monitor heaps of different engine parameters and even display your fuel economy accurately as you drive.

The main thing we love about the EDS, however, is just how easy it is to install. Just one single plug, that plugs into your vehicle’s under-dash OBDII port literally in seconds. In fact, from opening the box to using the E.D.S. scan gauge tool’s functions takes less than 2 minutes, it’s that easy! No special tools required, no expertise needed at all.

The Engine Data Scan instantly replaces hundreds of dollars worth of traditional gauges that’d take up valuable space on your dash, and could indeed be illegal if they restrict the driver’s view. We use ours to constantly monitor engine coolant temps, battery voltage coming from the alternator, accurate vehicle speed and engine RPMs.

But the EDS isn’t just a scan gauge tool either. One of its best functions is its ability to read Check Engine Light error codes and display them. You can even clear the error codes to take the vehicle out of limp-mode. This allows you to diagnose the problem by seeing if the code comes back, or if it was just a ‘one-off’ random light that came up. With many modern vehicles going into ‘limp mode’ and the solution genuinely being to clear the error code, your EDS will pay for itself the first time you can avoid having your vehicle towed to the dealership to clear the code for you!

We genuinely believe every modern vehicle owner should have an Engine Data Scan scan gauge tool in their vehicle, because it’s a life-saver – and an engine-saver!




Pro tips for camping with your Adventure Kings Gear!

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We’ve all heard the expression ‘all the gear & no idea!’, we want to make sure that you don’t end up being that guy at your favourite campsite.

To maximise your time relaxing at camp and avoid any confusion we’ve put together a handful of our best tips from the pro’s to get the most out of your Adventure Kings camping gear.

1. A warm shower in the middle of nowhere!


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When you have been off the beaten path for a few days, things start to pong. A combination of bad body odour, sweat, dirt, grease and campfire smoke can make the long drive home, a sting on the nose!

To make sure you don’t make the fuel station attendants nose hairs curl, or women and children run in fear at your wafting stench, nothing beats a shower before you head home.

The Adventure Kings 12V shower simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket to provide adjustable high pressure water from any source of water. With up to 4L/minute flow rate you can definitely wash off the layers of filth often accumulated from a few days on the tracks.

To make this experience a little more pleasurable, particularly in the colder months, our pro-tip is to heat up your water before you shower. Boiling up a billy (kettle) and slowly adding it to your water jerrycan till you get the desired temperature is the smartest and easiest way to have a nice warm rinse in the middle of nowhere. Just make sure you test the water first like you would a bath so nobody gets burnt!

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Try this one out next time you hit the tracks and your loved ones will be grateful when you walk through the door when you get home!



2. Solar power efficiency enhancers.

There are millions of solar panels in use all across Australia and the rest of the world. In our opinion a good quality solar panel system is one of the cheapest and most cost effective ways to keep your campsite powered up, and coupled with a dual battery system gives you nearly limitless solar charging potential.

But not all solar power is created equal.

Some solar panels don’t include a solar voltage regulator, this can be potentially damaging for your battery system. Solar voltage varies depending on the light hitting the panel, with moving clouds, and can dip as low as 0 volts and depending on the panel as high as 22 volts a voltage regulator will maintain a steady voltage and make sure your battery is kept at its optimum health.

A good quality PWM regulator will get you most of the way, coming as standard equipment on many Adventure Kings solar panels, it will keep your batteries topped up safe and sound but when you compare the performance to the smarter MPPT solar regulators, you may feel like your system could do with an upgrade, getting up to 30% more power in certain conditions an MPPT regulator monitors your battery health more closely and manages the solar output to optimise charge.

The easiest way to get more power from your solar panels is to point them directly at the sun. This allows the panel to soak up 100% of the sun’s rays and ensures maximum performance!

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3. Double your space

More people are installing 4wd awnings than ever before, they are fast becoming a more essential 4WD upgrade than the trusty old lift kit.

More than ever before families and friends are taking their vehicles on the beach and away for summer escapes, and these clever awnings are fast and easy to setup and allow people to relax in the shade.

Adventure Kings awnings come with a UPF50+ rating meaning they block more than 96% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Easy to setup, it’s also very easy to forget to tie down your awning, particularly if you are on soft sand and normal pegs don’t work. This difficulty means many people have unfortunate incidents when their awnings catch the cool summer breeze. This is why we always use a set of Adventure Kings Sand Bags to hold our awnings down on the beach! They cost less than some 6 packs and will save you a stack of drama!

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4. More comfort at night!

The  Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is Australia’s most popular swag, it is jam packed with features usually reserved for swags up to 3 times the price!

All Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swags include a plush and comfortable 70mm mattress which is superb when comparing your swag to some other swags on the market.

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This pro tip will help you to get an EVEN better night’s sleep when you hit the tracks:, The Adventure Kings queen-sized self-inflating mattress fits perfectly inside the Kings Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe swags. This means you can add an additional 100mm of supa comfortable padding between you and the cold rocky ground at night. Some people choose to replace the standard mattress, whilst others simply add the self-inflating mattress for maximum cushioning.

With that tip you wont ever want to go home to your normal bed!

From years of experience camping in the bush, these tips are just the beginning to excellent nights away, on the tracks, with the family or even on big road trips – keep any eye peeled for more articles about how to get the most out of your camping setup!

Quick tips to easily set up your Adventure Kings 4WD Awning

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If you’ve got a 4WD, you need an Adventure Kings Awning, it’s as simple as that.


If you’re hitting the tracks or heading away for the weekend by yourself, you might be worried about how to set up your awning by yourself.


Read on, and we’ll give you the tips and tricks we’ve learned about the easiest, quickest way to set up your Adventure Kings Awning.


Step 1 – Park your 4WD

The first decision is to park so your Adventure Kings Awning is going to give you the best orientation at camp – whether that’s taking advantage of the morning or the afternoon shade, keeping your 4WD between your awning and the wind, or just so you can sit underneath it and enjoy the view, it’s up to you.

But the best setups usually combine a side awning and an awning wall for maximum shelter from the elements, an awning wall will deflect the wind up and over your setup giving you a comfy space to sit even in marginal weather.


Step 2 – Unzip


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Once you’ve decided where the best location to set up your Adventure Kings Awning, you can unzip the heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag, undo the 3 retaining buckles and unroll the awning a couple of rolls, to have enough slack in the 280gsm ripstop polyester fabric to sit it on top of your roof-racks.


Step 3 – Side Poles

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At this point, its easy and clear to unfold the horizontal telescopic alloy poles from the awning mount and extend them out and away from your vehicle. This step is the key to being able to easily set up your Adventure Kings Awning by yourself, so don’t skip it!


Step 4 – Unroll


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Now you’ve got the side poles out, unroll the 280gsm ripstop polyester Adventure Kings Awning the rest of the way. As you go, keep walking backwards until the awning is fully unrolled. Now you can easily slot the extended horizontal anodised aluminium side poles with the locating pins, into the predrilled holes in the ends of the awning frame.

Fully extend the side poles, to add tension into your awning canopy and then twist to lock the horizontal poles to set them into place.

Once the side poles are locked in, you can drop the leg poles out of the dual channel on the awnings end frame and set them to a comfortable height.


We recommend keeping one side lower than the other, this will allow water to drain off in case of rain and prevent any pooling on the canopy fabric.

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Step 5 – Guy Lines.


At this point your Adventure Kings Awning is self supported and free standing. The next quick step is to unroll both of the included guy lines on a 45 degree angle from each corner of the awning and peg them out using the supplied pegs.


Using the guy lines will dramatically increase the stability of your awning and allow it to stay standing even if the weather turns a bit windy or gets misserably wet.
If you are setting up on soft sand we recommend getting a pair of the Adventure Kings Awning Sand Bags to weigh down the awning legs and prevent the awning lifting in windy conditions.

Once this is done, it’s an easy job to go down each side if the ripstop canopy and fasten the stitched in Velcro straps to make the UPF50+ awning fabric taught to the horizontal awning poles.


Step 6 – Relax

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That’s your Adventure Kings Awning fully set up, and ready for you to enjoy the Aussie bush, beach, or even just a picnic in the local park.

There really isn’t much to this last step, as a final tip to make this last step even easier we recommend sipping one of your favourite beverages that has been chilled to perfection in an Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer


It’s so easy, we’ve even seen Shauno from 4WD Action set his Adventure Kings Awning up in under 2 minutes, while blindfolded!


Of course, you can always add an Adventure Kings Awning Wall to extend your space and act as a wind break, or even an Adventure Kings Awning Tent, or Adventure Kings Mosquito Net for extra protection from the elements, but we’ll leave that bit up to you!


Happy relaxing!




The camping gear & tips to get offroad with a smaller vehicle – you don’t need a 4WD!

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If you’ve ever thought ‘I wish I could get off-road for a few nights but I just can’t fit any of the camping gear in my car’ this is the article for you. Whether you own a 4-door sedan like a Holden Commodore or you’re stuck with the missus’ small hatchback Mazda 2 we’re here to tell you that you don’t need a 4WD to get offroad but the huge range of 4WD Accessories and camping gear available from 4WD Supacentre and before you ask – no, you don’t have to break the bank to do it!


While Toyota Hilux’s were the number selling car of 2017 and there’s been a huge rise in SUV’s across the Australia market tonnes of Aussies still rely on a smaller sedan or hatchback and the range of 4WD accessories on offer has skyrocketed too. But be careful, not everything you see online or on your travels is going to be as high quality or suited to getting to a campsite in your vehicle as the Kings range. Plus, many other brands are more expensive.


There’s plenty of campsites – both free and paid – that are easily accessible without a 4WD but to find some of the most hidden of gems a VMS 700 Touring HDX On & Off-Road Navigator can get you there. With over 3000 maps including 1000+ free campsites you’ll never be short of options. The 7” HD touchscreen makes it simple to use and you’ll also have 5 years of free street map updates. While not strictly thought of as a 4WD accessory or piece of camping gear this little bit of kit will pay for itself in a few short trips.

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QUICK TIP: For just pennies you can add in a VMS Reverse Camera with wide angle lens – give your pride and joy that little upgrade it’s been begging for.


Now to get your bedding sorted – the Kings range of single swags & double swags are perfect for any campsite, backyard BBQ, kid’s sleepover or as a makeshift bed for the in-laws. The Big Daddy is by far Australia’s #1 selling swag – it’s a massive 1550mm wide but don’t let its size fool you – it’ll fit easily in any car. With the waterproof and durable 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas you’ll be warm and dry in any weather condition plus it even  comes with a super comfy mattress. Upgrade to the Deluxe Double Swag model for an even comfier nights sleep with the thicker 70mm mattress. Check this handy video with tips and tricks to fold your brand new double swag even quicker!

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With your affordable accommodation sorted you’ll now be wanting to add a few creature comforts. Unfortunately, you’ll be lacking the full 12v setups that are available to most 4WDers with dual battery systems, deep cycle batteries & power management systems from the likes of CTEK. A portable camping generator from Kings is a great way to take care of your power needs. The 2KVA model is a great size due to its lightweight, compact design. It features 2x 240v outlets as well as a standard 12v ciga plug meaning whatever you need to power you won’t be stuffing around with adaptors and it’s easier than you could imagine to start with the simple rip start cord. It already doesn’t break the bank but chuck it in economy mode to make your fuel last that little bit longer and you’ll be cheering.


Every Aussie knows the importance of keeping those beverages cold at home let alone a campsite and while it would be easy to power a portable fridge and trust us, the 60L Kings Fridge/ Freezer is hard to beat for value for money but you’re going to be likely to struggle with space. That’s why we’d recommend one of the portable ice boxes from the Kings range. Available in 4 sizes from 40L , 60L, 80L and 100L all with superior insulation you’ll never be left worrying about having a coldie on hand.


To us, these pieces of camping gear are the most essential for setting out on any trip with a smaller vehicle but you don’t need to stop there. A 3m x 3m mesh floor is a great way to add even more comfort to your campsite and everyone loves a comfy camp chair and we’ve got 2 different options for you to choose from. Throw in a portable gazebo for your shade, some LED camp lights to couple with your Kings generator, a portable bbq like the Voyager Grill for the morning cook ups and you’ll have one of the most enviable camping setups imaginable.


What should you look for in a roof top tent?

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With rooftop tents fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular ways to camp, we’ll give you some of our top tips to help work out the best value roof top tent for your setup and your budget!

There are many styles of roof top tent available on the market, without the need to tow, and offering similar levels of comfort to camper trailers. A roof top tent sets up in an incredibly short period of time a rooftop tent can transform a camping setup with relative ease.

Opening up campsites and opportunities that were, until now impossible to reach.


With many available rooftop tents on the market, it’s hard to know which one is for you. Firstly, you’ll need to decide how much space you need at camp.

If you are a ‘bigger is always better’ type of person, then a roof top tent like the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Tourer with an included Annex is one of the most spacious roof mounted tents on the market. With 2 massive levels of sheltered area, you can use the annex area as a change room, a kitchen, a second bedroom for the kids or even just somewhere to store your gear at night so no one nicks it! The annex is included in the purchase price of the Tourer, while some competitors charge you extra for it. Do your research before buying so you don’t pay more than you need to.

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The Tourer Rooftop Tent comes standard with a plush 75mm thick mattress and can be upgraded to an even thicker and comfier Kings self-inflating mattress with relative ease for an even better nights sleep!

As an added bonus the included annex offered with ALL Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tents comes at no extra cost. If you choose to not use the annex at your campsite you can leave it off and use the covered space as an awning.

If you aren’t one for elaborate setups there is a good to fair chance you prefer fast and light, this is where hard topped automatic rooftop tents like the Adventure Kings Kwiky Pop up Roof top tent come in.

Built with a UV stabilized ABS plastic shell, 320gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas walls and spring loaded internal struts, this tent is truly good value.

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To set up you simply unlatch the buckles on the front and back, lift it a little bit, and the struts do the rest of the work. All that is left to do is to hook on the ladder and you are good to go, no pegging out and no arguments required.

On the inside you get an included 80mm mattress, the thickest included with any adventure Kings rooftop tent, plus a wall mounted organiser, which has enough space for a phone a wallet your keys and even more!

This tent is represents honest value, it is built well and designed for ease of use – it is hard to look past the Kings Kwiky pop up rooftop tent!


If you are a truly budget oriented person and find yourself holding off on buying your favorite beer because it was $2 cheaper last week, the Adventure Kings Weekender roof top tent is for you.
Priced to be an absolute steal there is no reason to hold of getting your hands on one of these easy budget-oriented tents, sharing many of the same features as the rooftop tent tourer, the Weekender will truly surprise you with how much comfort and style you get for your dollar. Including the same 75mm thick mattress found in the roof top tourer, and 320gsm poly cotton ripstop canvas all around, the Weekender roof tent setup is almost as practical as the fully-fledged Tourer setup with the only thing being sacrificed is the  annex.

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The rooftop tent Weekender has large ventilated bug proof mesh windows on all sides that have canvas flaps to deflect rain away, allowing you to keep the windows open even during summer squalls.

For a fast setup in all weather camping performance that can be erected on rocky and uneven soft or muddy ground and anywhere else you can get your vehicle a Kings roof top tent is ideal. They are built to last and priced to sell you really cant go wrong with one of these little rippas for quality and performance, particularly if you are camping on a budget.


With many more features than we’ve listed here, it’s easy to understand why you will see more and more adventure Kings camping setups across Australia. You can browse the whole range of Kings Roof Top Tents at www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/rooftop-tents.html or call 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of the many 4WD Supacentre stores or dealers > https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/stores

The Ultimate Campsite – an Adventure Kings Gazebo and two Adventure Kings 4×4 Awnings!

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Anyone can comfortably camp when the weather is nice. When the sun’s shining, the nights are balmy and the wind is barely a gentle a breeze, it’s easy to set up a comfortable campsite. But what about when the weather turns nasty? Being able to camp comfortably in the rain is something we all need to do from time to time. That’s where the Adventure Kings range of camping gazebos can upgrade your campsite in a massive way!

It’s very possible that you already have an Adventure Kings 4WD awning on the side of your 4WD, SUV, van or car. They’re brilliant because they’re so quick to setup, and they provide heaps of shelter, whether you have a 2×2.5 meter awning, a 2.5×2.5 metre awning, a 2x3m awning or even a 1.4x2m rear awning. There’s a good chance your mate also has a 4WD awning as well, and he probably throws his swag underneath at night. So how about adding one single thing to your campsite that will change the way you camp?

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By adding an Adventure Kings camping gazebo between yours and your mates awnings, you instantly create a huge amount of under-cover living area that’s secure, safe and ready for whatever the weather can throw at it. The Adventure Kings 4×4 gazebos come in two sizes – 3 x 3 metres which creates the perfect amount of camping space for two people, or 3 x 6 metres which is fantastic for a whole family or a group of mates.

You can never have too much proper under-cover area to camp in! We’ve all been there, when the weather turns nasty, and a 4WD gazebo is the perfect way to comfortably camp in wet weather without being huddled together trying to stay dry.

Here’s how you set your gazebo up to create the ultimate weatherproof campsite. First, set up your awning off the side of your 4WD, like you normally would. Then, unfold your Adventure Kings 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo and set it up so the edge of it is in contact with your Adventure Kings car awning. Secure the gazebo and the awning with pegs, and if the wind is starting to blow up a little, you can even strap the gazebo legs to the awning poles with velcro straps or even a bit of electrical tape. Now, carefully position your mate’s car or 4×4 so that when he unrolls his awning, it perfectly lines up with the opposite side of your gazebo. Don’t worry if you don’t get the spacing right the first time – if you hold the 4×4 awning up, the car can be moved in or out until the spacing is perfect. Now, do the same to the second awning, and secure it with pegs, and maybe even velcro straps. And now you have the ultimate campsite accommodation – two awnings for the swags, and a massive living area in between under the gazebo!

And the best part about this setup? Forget spending hours rigging up your old tarps with poles and ropes, only for it to all come down overnight in the wind. It takes less than ten minutes to set up a pair of Adventure Kings 4WD awnings and an Adventure Kings Gazebo, and it doesn’t take much longer to pack them away either.

What we love about using a gazebo as part of your campsite, is the ability to keep everything undercover if you want to go for a drive to get firewood, see some local sights or go for a fish. All you have to do is quickly pack your awning away, and you’re able to drive away from camp no worries! If you’re going for a day trip somewhere, you can leave your swag under your gazebo and it’ll stay dry and protected if the weather turns iffy. Plus, other campers will see that your campsite is taken, and you’re less likely to come back to people camping in your favourite spot!

The opportunities for upgrading your campsite even further are endless with the Adventure Kings camping range. Add a mesh floor under the awning or gazebo to keep you up out of the dirt, or add one or more awning walls for extra privacy and shelter. In fact, your campsite’s only limited by your imagination, especially since the Adventure Kings range of camping gear is such good value that everyone can afford it!

Camp in luxury with Adventure Kings

Got a partner, kids or friends that you’re dying to take camping but they refuse to go? No shower, no toilet, no power – no deal? You’re now in luck, thanks to Adventure Kings rapidly-expanding range of camp accessories to make life at bush or beach campsites much more enjoyable for all Aussies.

Let’s take a look at some of the camping accessories that are changing the way people spend their time away from home. These can all be used independent of each other, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to begin enjoying the comforts.


Portable camping toilets

Chances are if you can’t get the ladies in your life to come camping, lack of a clean toilet at camp is one of the big reasons. That’s no longer a problem thanks to the Kings Portable Flushing toilet.

A portable flushing toilet with a double sealed holding tank won’t smell like those pit toilets we’ve all have to brave in the past. Its comfy toilet seat just like home will be a welcome change from squatting in the bushes. With lack of clean toilets being such a big hurdle for many new campers, this portable, simple solution quickly fixes that problem.



Shower tent – plenty of privacy


The Adventure Kings self-standing portable shower tent is another handy addition to your setup, and goes hand-in-hand with the flushing toilet. Made from a heavy duty material (that you can’t see through), this free standing structure is big enough to stand up and get changed in, wide enough to put the portable flushing camp toilet in for use, and of course, helps give you a relaxing shower at the end of the day. Nobody likes to feel dirty at camp, especially when you’ve got a few days there, so being able to rig up a running shower in the tent makes the world of difference.

A really good feature of this shower tent is that is has a protective base for you to stand on while you’re showering. This stops the base of your shower becoming muddy – what’s the point of rinsing off if your feet never get clean!


Portable shower

The Kings 12v portable shower kit can be purchased on its own or with the shower tent to save even more money, and has quickly become an essential bit of camping gear.

It has a 4L/min flow adjustable pressure head which is a great mix between giving you enough water, but not draining your supplies too quickly. Fill a 9L bucket up and you can get more than two minutes of shower time – that’s all you need to rinse the salt and sand off you, or clean your arms and legs after a day of exploring in the bush.

Because it runs on 12v, you can plug it into any car and get it going which means you don’t have to carry an extra power source. The shower is easy to hang from a roof rack, awning, gazebo, tree or shower tent, but is also easy to use in one hand. Lots of campers like to wash their dogs or cool them down on a hot day with a little spray from the portable camp shower.


Power on demand


One of the most multi-purpose bits of camp gear you can take with you is a Kings 2kva generator. This portable camping generator will easily power all the essentials of home that your family might want to take bush. Its built in pure sine wave inverter can safely power everything from coffee machines and hair dryers to iPads and laptops. With 2 inbuilt 240V sockets, you don’t need to add any additional adapters or components to crank up the power right away. A fuel efficient four stroke solution to helping power your camp and make sure everyone is comfortable – hard to argue with that!


As an added bonus, you’ll use this generator at home as well. Many people are getting portable camping generators as a backup power source with the unreliable situation of mains power in Australia at the moment. If you do experience a blackout, being able to keep the fridge and freezer running for a few days can save hundreds in spoiled food.


Why CTEK’s 240V chargers are a vital part of your car or 4WD’s electrical system

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If you’re in the process of setting up a 12v system in your car, van, 4×4 or 4WD, you may have already installed accessories like an AGM deep-cycle battery, a camping solar panel and a dual battery isolator. You probably want to run accessories like a portable camping fridge to keep the food and drinks cold right?

However you may have quickly realised that unless you drive your car or 4WD every day for at least a couple of hours, you’re probably draining your battery quicker than you can recharge it. An Adventure Kings solar panel definitely helps, but you can’t always rely on the sun, especially in winter. That’s where CTEK’s range of 240v battery chargers becomes such a vital part of your car or 4WD’s electrical system!

4WD and van battery chargers have come a long way over the past couple of years. That old charger sitting gathering dust on your garage shelf is a dinosaur compared to CTEK battery chargersYour old battery charger is probably as slow as a wet week, and might only put out as little as 2 amps or so. Here’s five different ways that the incredible new 240v CTEK battery chargers range will transform your vehicle’s 12v system.



Whether you’re a tradie who wants to keep lunch and drinks cold, or you just love the idea of your fridge staying on the whole time, having a CTEK 240V charger on hand allows you to do exactly that. As long as you keep an eye on your auxiliary deep-cycle battery, you don’t even need to worry about driving long distances each day. If your battery gets down to about 11.8v, that’s around half-way flat so you just plug your CTEK 240V charger in at home or at a jobsite and let it charge your battery back up while you’re parked.



Sometimes you’ll realise that your batteries are getting flat at an inconvenient time. You might be pulled up to Aunt Beryl’s for a family Sunday dinner, or you’re at a mate’s house for drinks on a Friday night. If you have a CTEK 240V charger mounted in your vehicle, all you have to do is carry an extension lead and you can plug in, anywhere there’s a power outlet!



One of the cleverest functions of the majority of the CTEK battery charger range is its ‘RECONDITION’ mode. This is a special charging mode that desulphates the internal plates within your battery. If you run your battery really flat then it may struggle to charge back up properly. We’ve personally seen the CTEK battery charger range save four different batteries that we were certain were destined for the scrap-heap, bringing them back to life when they wouldn’t charge up any other way.


If you head away for an annual family camping trip and you’re going to a powered campsite, then the CTEK range of battery chargers can not only keep your batteries topped up, but it’ll let you power your entire campsite off 240V! Just make sure that you have enough ‘reserve’ capacity in your charger. You’ll probably need about 10A of power to run everything, and a ‘spare’ 5A of power to keep the batteries topped up too. In this case, the CTEK M200 charger is perfect for your needs.



Not all batteries are the same. Wet-cell type batteries charge at different rates to AGM batteries, for instance, and there’s a huge difference between charging a single 98Ah battery and charging multiple house batteries in your boat or caravan. The CTEK range of 240v battery chargers have the ability to differ the rate of charge being delivered to ensure your exact battery bank is being charged as well as possible.

Whether it’s the M100 7A charger to keep on your garage shelf to charge the motorbikes, the car or the boat battery, or the M200 or even M300 chargers that’ll handle the biggest battery banks, CTEK’s full range of 240V battery chargers are what you need for your 12v system!

4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on the entire range of the incredible CTEK battery chargers. That means if you can find a better genuine price anywhere in Australia, we’ll match it!

Terms and conditions apply, see www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/terms#ctek 


Going bush – a guide for backpacking around OZ!

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Many young people have seen movies and photos of the vast Australian outback and endless untouched coastline Australia has to offer. It very quickly becomes a dream to come and see these wonders of nature and come and meet the easy going friendly locals.

With little understanding of just how vast Australia is it is easy to assume from our population figures that you could circumnavigate the whole country in a week or two, however the full lap is up around 40,000km and will take nearly one full year to complete.


Here are our top tips for seeing as much of this country as you can on a budget;


 Vehicle Choice

Despite what the brochures show, not all major roads are navigable in a 2WD vehicle.

If you are looking for the perfect touring rig to tour Australia with, you’ll need to assess your budget and prioritize a hardy vehicle. We suggest you try and find yourself a reasonably priced 4WD preferably with a turbo diesel engine as they usually have better fuel economy than equivalent petrol-powered models. This will get you further offroad for less money, and will also assure you certainty of fuel in even the most remote fuel stops, where distances between fuel sometimes ranges up to 400+km.


Driving offroad

Television makes 4WDing look easy, there are many pitfalls if you are new, and have no solid experience taking your new 4WD offroad. So follow these tips and you should be sorted.

Firstly let down your tyres, by releasing some air with a Kwiky Tyre Deflator. A vehicle which has had its tyre pressures decreased to around 15 -16psi has double the contact patch. The drop in pressure will give more floatation through soft sand and mud, but will also allow the sidewall of the tyre to conform to the surface allowing the tyre to bend and mould to whatever the terrain throws at it.

Tyre pressure is the one contributing factor to most vehicles getting stuck in mud and sand. But just in case, don’t forget a shovel and a pair of Maxtrax, these two tools together will aid in gaining traction in even the slipperiest terrain.

When you have passed all of the tough obstacles, and are hitting paved surfaces, it is time to re-inflate your tyres with a car compressor like a Thumper  MkII. A good quality compressor has the ability to inflate all 4 tyres to highway pressure in just a few minutes and will mean your tyres survive abuse at highway speeds without any damage.



Cooking setup

When driving in remote areas, there are plenty of opportunities to pull up in peaceful and scenic places where you won’t have to pay a cent to camp. Remote free camping will reward you with million dollar views on a shoestring budget, however, you will need to bring your own amenities.

Important things like clean drinking water and a place to cook your food will need to be considered, particularly in more remote areas, drinking water is a must.

During the hotter months, a ration of 5-6L of fresh drinking water per person per day is a minimum essential, whilst also carrying an emergency ration of about 4 days worth should be kept available.

Cooking can be very easy and as simple as baking and frying over an open fire, (smoke will keep the insects away too) but be aware of ‘fire bans’ as when in place, there is increased risk of dangerous fires, and massive fines can be issued for starting fires even in a controlled environment.

A simple gas BBQ like the Voyager BBQ will run for many hours on a 9kg gas bottle and provide you with weeks of cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Running on gas means you will have no problems during fire bans and can even do roasts if you choose!

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Camping setup

A good camp setup will become your home away from home. And can be as simple as a swag (a traditional Australian self-contained bed roll) or as complex as a roof top tent tourer with an included annex. You can add an awning or gazebo for added shelter from the harsh sun and driving rain.

There are benefits to nearly any setup, with a rooftop tent you’ll be elevated away from the ground, and in the hot summer sun, lifted into the cool breeze. A rooftop tent also will have windows on all sides allowing for commanding views of sunrise and sunset, wherever you camp.

A swag is fast to setup and pack away, and now days can be quite roomy unlike the more traditional envelope style, like with a Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, in just a few minutes you can be kicking back at camp.

With all of these tricks and tips we’re sure you’ll be well ahead of the rest with getting your trip organised for traveling around the great land down under!






Driving Lights – How you can light up the night!

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LED driving lights (or LED Spotlights) are a necessity if you’re taking on a night run or tackling long stretches of outback roads – in fact whatever you drive and wherever you are in Australia, driving lights are essential to see potential hazards ahead of you, long before they are an issue.

Some of the best value LED driving lights on the market are the Adventure Kings Illuminator 9” spotlights. They feature a combination spread and spot light pattern which means that these powerful 9” lights are equally suited to lighting up wildlife at more than 500 metres as well as spreading enough light to see way off to the sides of the track.

They’re popular with everyone from 4WDers, to caravanners, truckies and families because they improve your field of view in the dark and improve your safety – it can be unsafe to drive at night without the right lights. So to make sure you have a set of high quality and bright LED spotties, here’s what you should look for:
A high Ingress Protection rating.

Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Driving Lights have an IP68 rating – that means they’re rated as totally waterproof at more than a metre of depth, for more than half an hour. They’ll easily cope with the heaviest rain storms, and even being completely submerged in river crossings. They’re also rated as being totally dustproof so you can take your Illuminators everywhere, knowing they’ll lead you there and back again!

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Tough Design

Illuminator LED Driving Lights are made out of a cast alloy housing which makes them light and strong – the lens is clear polycarbonate for high impact resistance without losing light output and they feature large cooling fins for excellent cooling and overall efficiency. That means they’ll put out heaps of light without overheating. If trucking companies can use them night after night on corrugated logging trails to get the job done, you know they’re built to survive just about anything. People even rely on their Illuminators to light up the way on heavy plant machinery and earthmoving equipment.

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Strong Mounts

Whether you’re doing the daily drive or hitting the tracks you need your lights to stay attached and pointing in the right direction. Adventure Kings LED Driving Lights use a stainless steel adjustable mount with a three bolt mounting system for superior strength and anti-vibration properties. On each side of the mount the housing is fastened with two bolts – one large bolt for strength and holding, and a second smaller bolt that the locks the light into position, so it can’t vibrate loose and will always point where you want it. With all the hardware included in the box – nuts bolts and washers you can rely on your Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Driving Lights to go the distance. We’ve heard from truckies who regularly take on tough outback roads and say these won’t rattle loose.


Easy to Install

The mounts on the Illuminator Driving Lights are not just tough, they also make it super easy to fit and position your lights. In addition, Adventure Kings LED Driving Lights are all fitted with waterproof and quick connect deutsch plugs. Combine them with an Illuminator Driving Light Wiring Harness and you can fit them and fire them up in no time.


Quality Components

Adventure Kings LED Driving Lights use quality LEDs and smart circuitry to ensure a good balance of power and efficiency – each light has a total of 32 five watt LEDs and puts out a huge 9000 lumens each. For a pair you’re looking at over 18000 lumens of lights output. Not only that, Adventure Kings LED Driving Lights are compatible with both 12 and 24 volt electrical systems so they’re ideal for almost any car, ute, van, 4WD, bust or truck.

Value for Money

The last, but definitely not least, thing to look for is the price. Adventure Kings products are well known for offering unbelievable value. Compare the specifications and features of a pair of Illuminator LED Driving Lights to other brands, then compare the cost, and you’ll be shocked that Illuminators can be so good, while still offering such great value!
So if you’re looking for a pair of LED Driving Lights that won’t break the bank, and offer heaps of light output they’re have to be Adventure Kings Illuminators.

They’re tough enough to take on any conditions, they’re IP68 dust and water proof and they’re so bright they’ll give you the confidence to tackle night runs and ensure you don’t miss your turn off or that perfect campsite.

But most importantly you’ll see hazards and wildlife long before they’re a problem. Illuminator LED Driving Lights are a low cost investment that can potentially save you thousands on repairs and keep you and the family safe.

No 4WD is complete without a decent pair of LED spotties and whether you’re on or off-road you can trust Illuminators to light the way and lead you home safely.

Essential camping gear

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Campsites can be as simple or complex as you like them. The longer you’ve been camping, the more likely you are to know what ‘style’ you like. Some people love spending half a day setting up the Taj Mahal of 10 person tents, bar fridges, TVs and everything in between. Others love a yoga mat under a tarp and few other creature comforts. Most of us, fall somewhere in between.


If you’re new to camping and aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you. If your partner loves camping and you don’t, this article is also for you as it shows you just how easily and affordably you can make camp as well.


Also posted on the 4WD Supacentre website is a series of articles about ‘getting started camping’ – we won’t cover that ground again here, but we recommend you check them out. They cover the absolute essentials needed like a bed and some shelter and what the best options are for you. Assuming you’ve got that sorted, let’s jump in to a few things that won’t cost much, but will make the world of difference to your camping trips, whether you’re a young bloke travelling away every weekend with the dog, or a family doing a couple of week-long trips each year.


We all love a fire…


Humans love fire. It’s comforting, warms you on a cold night, lifts your spirits on a raining day, and is an affordable and easy way to cook a hot meal or boil a billy. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex you camp, you’re going to want a fire, and that’s where the Kings camp oven/stove is your new best friend. Yes, you can make a fire on the ground like humans have been doing since the day it was discovered, but the real beauty of the camp oven is that you can cook on it, and because you can control its burn, you can conserve wood and make your fire last a lot longer on limited supplies. Anyone who doesn’t like paying for bags of servo wood, has camped in the rain where dry wood is hard to find, hates doing a ‘wood run’ at 11pm, or is a combination of all three, will appreciate just how important it is to make your wood supply last when you’re huddled around the fire enjoying a night cap.


Let there be light


Apart from fire, every campsite needs a bit of LED camp lighting. Being able to cut veggies and cook with a light makes preparing dinner safer. Having a light to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night will stop you tripping over guy ropes and tent pegs.


You don’t need to go crazy here – a couple of Adventure Kings LED Head Torches only cost a few bucks, are small enough to store in a glove box, and throw enough light to get you out of trouble. Of course as your needs change the Kings range of LED camp lighting has got you covered when you are ready to fit more powerful and multi-purpose lights to your camp.


Somewhere to sit


Fire, lights, and somewhere to sit. That’s all you really need after a bit of shelter and a place to sleep. And yes, while you can sit on an esky or icebox or lump of wood, being able to really relax in a camp chair will make your time at camp much more enjoyable.


Kings Throne Camp Chairs have a massive 300kg load rating so you know they’ll be able to support even the jolliest camper. They’re great to sink into and their thick padding on the back and arms makes them so comfortable.


If you’re after a chair with more uses, then the Kings Director Camp Chair with Table is really handy. You don’t have to try to balance a hot bowl of soup in your lap or risk spilling your coffee in the morning thanks to the sturdy side table on the chair.


Both chairs are available in a number of combos (as is the camp oven/stove and all LED camp lights) on the 4WD Supacentre website to save you even more on our already low prices.


Getting comfortable at camp is that easy, and you could get a chair, camp oven and light for under $200 – not a bad way to make camping fun for everyone. Of course you can always add to your setup as you want with fridges, fans and everything in between when you want, but don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend a lot to get quality camping gear. 4WD Supacentre is making camping and 4WDing more affordable for everyone.


Industry shaker – Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Pop Up Roof Top Tent.

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Adventure Kings is well known for their affordable and high-quality camping gear. Designed by 4WDers and campers who possess the desire to manufacture and release the latest and most innovative camping gear into the Australian community, whilst maintaining some of the most affordable prices on the market.

With an eye for detail and a design for efficiency the latest release in the Adventure Kings Lineup is the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Pop Up Roof Top Tent, it utilises internal spring-loaded struts to open itself in one of the quickest and easiest campsite setups available.

In less than 1 minute and only requiring 4 buckles to be released, camp is sorted. The anti-aging ABS hard-shelled pop-up tent boasts a comfortable 80mm thick mattress and has plenty of space to store sleeping bags and other bedding when closed for transport.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-147 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Fitted with large fully opening insect proof mesh windows on all 4 sides of the waterproof 320gsm Canvas body and external annex flaps on both sides means that no matter which direction the cool summer breeze is coming from ventilation is easily achieved.

Easily fitted to a sturdy roof rack using the supplied fitting hardware, the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Roof top pop-up tent can turn most vehicles into a comfortable mobile campsite, with many of the features found on more expensive tents.

The Kwiky’ Roof top tent comes with a telescoping collapsing ladder which extends to a massive 2320mm which is suitable for even 4WD’s with large lift kits and big tyres whilst folding down to a tiny 70cm to fit in the cargo area of even smaller wagons, or to be stashed away securely inside the closed roof top tent.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-149 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

When it comes to packing the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ roof top tent down, it is as simple as pulling on the tether straps on the front and back ends of the tent to compress the internal spring loaded struts and reconnecting the latch mechanism. The canvas is also automatically tucked in by the clever internal elastic strapping. Once the latches are fastened the roof top tent is ready to go.

The simplicity of use and plush comfort are targeted towards campers looking for a more luxurious and simple camping setup. Situated in the market amongst some of the most affordable Rooftop tents in Australia, there is no doubts that the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Pop Up Roof Top Tent is one of the best value, and one of the fastest camping setups that has ever been available!


To find out more about the Adventure Kings ‘Kwiky’ Pop Up Roof Top Tent or the rest of the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent range head to https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/products/rooftop-tents.html or call on 1800 88 39 64

Tips to pack your Adventure Kings roof rack

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A heavy duty steel roof rack is one of the most underrated accessories you can add to your 4WD. While not as exciting as a shiny pair of new spotlights, a roof rack really opens up a heap of possibilities for storing and carrying essential campsite and outdoor gear.

Let’s take a look at a few simple tricks you can use to make packing your rack easier. These will help secure your cargo which will stop you worrying about it on a long drive. When used, these tips minimise the risk of damage to your gear, and make it easier to secure some bulky or awkward items like canoes. They will also help improve packing and unpacking times so you can spend more time with your feet up before and after a drive to camp!

Choose the best rack for your needs

Take a look at the Kings roof rack range and you’ll see there are many different models, and sometimes the subtle differences are very important, depending on what you need it for. The most popular type of rack is the full length rack, because it has a steel tube raised lip or ‘cage’ that runs around its entire perimeter. This is really handy as it gives you something very secure to tie from, and also to wedge cargo against before lashing it down. For example, a heavier item like an esky or generator will store more securely when you can pin it against the steel lip of a full length rack, rather than having a flat rack without anything extra to tie down from (but flat racks have many uses which we’ll get to later).

Kings roof racks fit many utes and 4WDs. Apart from the universal gutter mount racks and model specific racks we feature, any of the range can be fitted to a ute or 4×4 by fastening it to roof rails or crossbars using u-bolts. That means you don’t need to pay hundreds elsewhere if we don’t make a rack to suit your specific vehicle – a couple of low cost u-bolts will sort you out in no time.

Okay, so full length racks clearly have an advantage when storing lots of smaller items thanks to their extra lip acting like a fence. The other models are all very handy too. Roof top tent racks, apart from being the obvious choice if you want to fit a Kings Tourer or Weekender roof top tent, are also very versatile because they have a raised lip at the front and a flat section at the back. You can put heavier items on the front but aren’t restricted by the lip at the back if you need to throw some oversized or awkward gear on the back from time to time.

Tradesman racks have rails running north to south along the rack (if you imagine your headlights facing north) and flat racks have no extra rails on top of the heavy duty mesh on the rack. These are especially handy for long items, or for 4x4s or utes that need to access low-ceiling carparks or garages.


Tips to secure your load

While a few lengths of quality rope and the ability to tie a truckie’s hitch are always handy, most people secure their cargo using a quality set of ratchet straps like the Hercules straps from 4WD Supacentre. We recommend using between two or four straps (so one or two pairs) to secure your gear. A good tip is to secure the heaviest item first and make sure it’s grounded firmly on the rack (and not half sitting on a bit of mesh floor or sleeping bag). A firm grounding is important so when you lash down tight, the rack grips hard on the heavy duty steel of the rack and won’t move. Sometimes when people try to secure a heavy item on top of a flat but soft item underneath, it appears tight until you travel a few kilometres and the bumps in the road force it to shift a few centimetres. That’s all it takes to loosen a load and cause problems.

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Use light and bulky items to pack down

Once you’ve secured any heavy items with their own straps, you can throw lighter things like swags over the top and strap them down. Softer, flexible cargo like this works like a heavy duty tarp – it compresses around your gear and really helps to lock it in. Plus, items like Kings swags which all come with a carry bag are nice and smooth surfaces for ratchet straps or rope to bite on to. They’ll keep them in much better condition compared to items with sharp edges like shovels.


Old towels are your friend

If you don’t have old rags, grab a metre of marine carpet from a hardware store and cut it into a few lengths. The aim here is to have half a dozen bits of thick, tough fabric handy (keep them wherever you keep your ratchet straps) to help protect your gear or the ratchet straps. Any time you have an item you don’t want scuffed from being pinned against the steel lip of a rack, slide a piece of marine carpet or a rolled up towel between the two. You can also use this trick to protect your straps from sharp edges, and the place under the ratchet mechanism of the strap that sometimes rests against the cargo once pulled tight. This stops the metal on the ratchet rubbing against something soft like a swag for hundreds of kilometres on a trip.


Get some heavy duty rubber tube

A final trick and one that’s really handy when carrying large items like canoes and kayaks is to get a couple of lengths of heavy duty rubber pipe or tube. Cut the flexible but tough tube into lengths of about 30cm, and then but a cut down the pipe, so you can force the tube over the steel bar or end of a Kings roof rack. This trick is a beauty when you’ve got a heavy item like a canoe that you need to carry. If using a full length rack for example, a 50kg, 4 metre canoe will only have two touch points on the rack – right at each end. If there’s a bend on contour in the canoe’s gunnel or hull, there might only be a tiny amount of surface area in contact between the rack and the canoe. By buffering them with some really heavy duty rubber pipe and lashing them down hard, you can increase the effective surface area by 4-5 times, which makes all the difference when travelling down a bumpy corrugated dirt road to a secret fishing spot. Don’t forget to use a spare piece of carpet to protect your strap from the keel of a canoe or kayak which is rarely smooth after being dragged over rocks.

The perfect adventure sports base camp!

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If you are into adventure sports, it’s about time you thought about getting into 4WDing, with modern turbo diesel 4WDs having excellent fuel economy. It’s never been easier to get to the snow, find better mountain bike tracks, cleaner untouched surf breaks, further and more rugged kayaking spots and more unreachable unclimbed rock climbing locations.
A 4WD allows you safer access further up lesser maintained dirt roads. 4 wheel driving can even help you find locations that others have never been to before.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will be getting gnarly air and adrenaline rush’s you and your mates never even thought was possible, within a short drive from home.


Get organised!

Storage seems simple enough but how often have you had to virtually unpack your car to find your surfboard fin key, your bag of climbing chalk or your tyre repair kit. There is much to be said about organising equipment as a tidy and clean work environment makes every job a little bit easier.

A solid set of rear drawers will help you keep your gear in an organised state, regardless of how wild and untamed the tracks are. With heavy duty locking latches even your expensive climbing metal gear will be secure and out of sight of thieves no matter where you park. In a good set of drawers you can fit stacks of gear.

A bolted down set of drawers is the perfect spot to tie down bulkier cargo with integrated spring loaded eye loops it will surely stay put.

Another way to bring even more gear and people with you on your adrenaline packed adventures is with a sturdy roof rack system. It will free up the internal space of your vehicle meaning you can bring extra friends, or supplies to make the trip even more enjoyable.

With a hard wearing steel rack you can chuck all your larger bulkier gear like surfboards, bikes, kayaks or even a swag or 2 for longer journeys and is even the perfect place to mount an LED lightbar (in accordance with your state legislation) to light up the tracks on your early morning drives in or late evening treks out.

Get practical.


Many people are put off by obnoxious modifications but you’d be surprised with how little you need to make your 4WD a practically go anywhere machine!

A good set of all terrain tyres, a 12v car compressor and a tyre deflation tool will open up 95% of 4wd tracks, even to an un-modified 4WD, with the remaining 5% being an adrenaline challenge in their own right and not necessary to tackle.

By dropping your tyre pressures down to about 16psi when you are offroad, you’d be surprised with just what your vehicle is capable of.

Having nearly double the footprint and half the ground pressure, your tyres will have double the float on soft stuff, and your tyre sidewalls will be protected from punctures and tears, but be cautious, dropping pressures too low has its own dilemmas.

A good compressor is a must, when you are back on the hard, and you are heading back into civilisation it is important to bring your tyres back up to highway pressure. Extended journeys on reduced pressures can be terminal for any tyre.

There have even been cases of less than 15kms where a set of tyres was ruined driving at highway speeds on offroad pressure.

Backup plans!

As with all adrenaline sports, it pays to have a backup plan, for if the weather changes, or if you cannot progress any further.

Make sure you have a way out, a stuck 4WD can be a simple fix, but can also be a life threatening hazard if no one knows where you are. Recovery gear will allow you to get out of a pickle but most gear is next to useless without another vehicle to recover with.

If you are hitting the tracks with only one vehicle, make sure you have a reliable winch fitted to your vehicle that is rated for the weight of your vehicle, or are well practiced in the art of using an offroad jack as a come-a-long hand winch. Professional training definitely helps in these nail biting situations, and will pay itself off, the first time you need to get yourself out of trouble.


Have fun!


It’s important to make sure that no matter what your adventure is, that you have a big smile the whole time. It is easy to get lost in a situation and to forget why you are out there, so pack some refreshing drinks into your fridge or icebox and don’t leave your mates at home!

When all is said and done, with the right equipment you will have a blast, and have many pub stories for years to come!

Quick tips to easily set up your Adventure Kings 4WD Awning

If you’ve got a 4WD, you need an Adventure Kings Awning, it’s as simple as that.


If you’re hitting the tracks or heading away for the weekend by yourself, you might be worried about how to set up your awning by yourself.


Read on, and we’ll give you the tips and tricks we’ve learned about the easiest, quickest way to set up your Adventure Kings Awning.


Step 1 – Park your 4WD

The first decision is to park so your Adventure Kings Awning is going to give you the best orientation at camp – whether that’s taking advantage of the morning or the afternoon shade, keeping your 4WD between your awning and the wind, or just so you can sit underneath it and enjoy the view, it’s up to you.

But the best setups usually combine a side awning and an awning wall for maximum shelter from the elements, an awning wall will deflect the wind up and over your setup giving you a comfy space to sit even in marginal weather.


Step 2 – Unzip
Once you’ve decided where the best location to set up your Adventure Kings Awning, you can unzip the heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag, undo the 3 retaining buckles and unroll the awning a couple of rolls, to have enough slack in the 280gsm ripstop polyester fabric to sit it on top of your roof-racks.


Step 3 – Side Poles

At this point, its easy and clear to unfold the horizontal telescopic alloy poles from the awning mount and extend them out and away from your vehicle. This step is the key to being able to easily set up your Adventure Kings Awning by yourself, so don’t skip it!


Step 4 – Unroll

Now you’ve got the side poles out, unroll the 280gsm ripstop polyester Adventure Kings Awning the rest of the way. As you go, keep walking backwards until the awning is fully unrolled. Now you can easily slot the extended horizontal anodised aluminium side poles with the locating pins, into the predrilled holes in the ends of the awning frame.

Fully extend the side poles, to add tension into your awning canopy and then twist to lock the horizontal poles to set them into place.

Once the side poles are locked in, you can drop the leg poles out of the dual channel on the awnings end frame and set them to a comfortable height.


We recommend keeping one side lower than the other, this will allow water to drain off in case of rain and prevent any pooling on the canopy fabric.


Step 5 – Guy Lines.


At this point your Adventure Kings Awning is self supported and free standing. The next quick step is to unroll both of the included guy lines on a 45 degree angle from each corner of the awning and peg them out using the supplied pegs.


Using the guy lines will dramatically increase the stability of your awning and allow it to stay standing even if the weather turns a bit windy or gets misserably wet.
If you are setting up on soft sand we recommend getting a pair of the Adventure Kings Awning Sand Bags to weigh down the awning legs and prevent the awning lifting in windy conditions.

Once this is done, it’s an easy job to go down each side if the ripstop canopy and fasten the stitched in Velcro straps to make the UPF50+ awning fabric taught to the horizontal awning poles.


Step 6 – Relax

That’s your Adventure Kings Awning fully set up, and ready for you to enjoy the Aussie bush, beach, or even just a picnic in the local park.

There really isn’t much to this last step, as a final tip to make this last step even easier we recommend sipping one of your favourite beverages that has been chilled to perfection in an Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer


It’s so easy, we’ve even seen Shauno from 4WD Action set his Adventure Kings Awning up in under 2 minutes, while blindfolded!


Of course, you can always add an Adventure Kings Awning Wall to extend your space and act as a wind break, or even an Adventure Kings Awning Tent, or Adventure Kings Mosquito Net for extra protection from the elements, but we’ll leave that bit up to you!


Happy relaxing!




How to get your reluctant partner to go camping

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Most Aussie blokes will take any chance they can to get out of the hustle and bustle of their day to day lives especially when it’s with a bunch of mates for a long weekend filled with beers, barbeques & bonding.


But what happens when you want to get away when all the boys are busy and your better half refuses to go anywhere without running water, full amenities or a minimum 4 star rating? It’s the same old arguments – ‘I don’t want to get dirty’, ‘where will we go to the bathroom’, ‘isn’t it expensive’.

Thanks to this article you’ll be able to convince ANYONE how the range of camping gear and camping accessories on offer from Adventure Kings will get even the most stubborn person to their first campsite and ensure it won’t be their last.


Before even planning a trip, you’ll have to inspire your other half. There’s tonnes of different ways to do this from social media pages to magazines & articles. The best place to start though is the 4WD Supacentre website, YouTube channel or Facebook and Instagram accounts – there’s loads of videos featuring the affordable and top-quality range of Kings swags, awnings, rooftop tents, camping accessories, gazebo’s plus more that show just how amazing a trip offroad can be.


Firstly, we all know how important comfort is at home and to an unenthusiastic camper it’s probably even more important when you get to your camp site. That’s why we’d recommend a Big Daddy Deluxe swag as the first item you pack. The huge width and height make this swag stand out head and shoulders above other brands. You’ll have more than enough room to stretch out together on the comfy 70mm mattress and stay cool in the warmer months thanks to the midgy proof mesh.


Top Tip: For even more comfort don’t stop at your bedding – add some camping accessories like mesh floors, camp chairs & mozzie nets. A 10w Solar Blanket is also a perfect way to keep your hand-held devices charged in case of emergency or to check that latest snapchat from your besties while they’re stuck in the big smoke.


Once you’ve got your bedding sorted you’ll need to take care of your shelter. Depending on your vehicle you can’t go wrong with a Kings retractable awning (also known as roll out awnings). Featuring tough alloy knuckles you’ll be protected from any elements you encounter and when combined with an Awning Tent you’ll have even more shade and shelter. If you’re worried about having to travel around a bit to find a pub feed for dinner then a Kings Gazebo definitely is a sensible decision. Available in 2 sizes you can set and forget your campsite for the length of the trip.


To tackle the most common questions you’ll be asked about amenities a Kings Portable Shower Kit and Shower Tent bundle not only provide a place to keep clean but it’s also a handy place to get changed away from prying eyes. Plugging straight into your cig socket you’ll be able to have a nice warm shower with 4L/min of pressure.


Now to take care of the toilet situation – a Kings Portable Camping Toilet is the bargaining chip to get the missus camping you’ve been waiting for. With a double sealed drain you won’t worry about leaks or odours around the camp site and the in-built pumping mechanism allows up to 50 flushes through the 10L tank.


With your double swag as bedding, awning or gazebo for shelter and your basic amenities sorted we guarantee the next question would be about food and how much money you’d be spending to keep well fed at camp. A Kings portable fridge freezer is one of the best value car fridges on the market. When looking at portable fridges the 60L size from Adventure Kings is perfect for a quick getaway or a few nights stay at any campsite as you can comfortably fit a full week’s worth of food and groceries with plenty of room left over for a bottle of wine or few cans of her favourite cider. Not only does this take care of food on a trip it’s even better value than any bar fridge because you can take this thing with you anywhere.


Camping may sound like you’re bound to get covered in muck and be roughing it but how comfy you are depends on what you want out of your trip and what camping gear you have on hand and there’s no better place to stock up on camping accessories than 4WD Supacentre.

Cast iron camp cookware is a thing of the past, thanks to Bedourie Camp Ovens!

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Traditional cast iron cookware has been a staple of camping equipment for decades with older generations passing their camp cookware down to younger campers for many ages.

Nothing has changed with the updated and more modernised Bedourie Camp oven, designed by Dr. Livingstone to fill a need for more durability of a camp oven that is able to survive a fall from horseback without shattering like cast iron.

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The Bedourie Camp Oven is made from spun steel and unlike cast iron wont crack with heavy impacts, this makes them perfect for 4WDing!

So you’ve decided the Bedourie Camp Oven or the Large Aussie Camp Oven is the go for you, before you use yours for the first time you need to season it. This sounds scary but the process will make sure your oven will last for years and not spoil the taste of any food!

To season your camp oven you need to give it a good scrub down with a scourer and warm soapy water. This scrub will get rid of any manufacturing contaminants and dirt, it isn’t normal to wash your camp cookware or use soap at all, but don’t worry this is just once for seasoning.

Once you have given your camp oven a good scrub down and rinse it’s time to bake it. You can do this in many ways, we recommend using a wood fireplace as it is a more traditional method, however you will find this process can be done in a hooded BBQ or in a pinch in your home oven.

To bake your new camp oven, evenly coat the whole inside with olive oil. Position your oven and lid open side down over the coals, this will stop the oil from pooling inside. Our goal is to get the stove as hot as you can get it for about 10 minutes. This process allows the oil to enter the pores of the metal and prevents any rust or corrosion.

Once it has cooled down you can start to cook with it!

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If you are unsure where to start here is a quick and easy recipe to make a hearty and rewarding Sheppard’s pie in the bush using simple ingredients you can easily bring with you no matter where you are camping.



1kg of mince

2  large carrots

1 brown onion

Shredded or grated cheese to melt

1 packet of instant mash potato

1 Jar of instant gravy

Oil or butter to grease pan.



  1. To get started on your bushies Sheppard’s pie, it’s time to get a small fire going, we aren’t chasing a massive bonfire and flames so use some thicker branches to get some nice hot coals going.

Nb: If you aren’t allowed to have open fires at your campsite you can use an Adventure Kings Camp/Oven to contain the fire, it’ll also get the smoke up and out of your campsite.


  1. To get your pie going, your Bedourie camp oven lid can be used as a frying pan, take some of your coals with a small shovel and place your oiled Bedourie lid on an even bed of hot coals.


  1. Quickly brown 1 sliced brown onion and a clove or 2 of garlic then add 1kg of mince and break apart and stir regularly.


  1. When your mince is browned add 1 cup of beef stock and about a quarter of a cup of instant gravy powder and 2 large sliced carrots, and if you’d like you can add a can of peas. Stir extremely well to make sure there is no dry powder left, let this mixture stew for about 20 mins or so to get the most flavour.
  2. Transfer your cooked mixture to a large bowl.


  1. Using your Bedourie camp oven lid like a saucepan, boil enough water to rehydrate enough instant mash potato to cover your meat mix according to your instructions, make sure to stir it very well to avoid burning your potato mix.


  1. With your mash sorted you can now begin the bake, simply add your potato on top of the meat and veg mixture, and cover with crated cheese. Cover with the lid, add some extra hot coals on top and bake for approximately 20-30 minutes.


  1. Serve this winning formula to your hungry army, and they’ll owe you coldies for the rest of the trip!


Protip: Make sure you made enough for seconds for everybody!
This is just one of thousands of easy camping recipes you can make with your new Bedourie Camp Oven the only limitation to what you can cook is with your imagination. So get out and eat better food with your new Bedourie Camp Oven!

A car fridge is the best accessory for all Australian drivers – not just 4WDers!

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There is nothing like a cold drink on a searing hot day. It’s not only refreshing to have one on hand – it can be downright dangerous not to!


It seems Australians are never too far away from their car, and that’s why a car fridge is probably one of the most useful accessories you can fit to your vehicle.


For years 4WDers have known the convenience of installing an Adventure Kings fridge in their 4×4, but did you know that you can install a 12V fridge is almost any car? Even one that never leaves the city!


You’ll use your car fridge for keeping drinks and halftime oranges cold at kids sporting events, for safely storing your lunch away from sticky fingered colleagues, and even as a beer fridge when friends and family come to stay.


You might be thinking that a few bags of ice and a cooler has served you well enough all these years, but consider that once you fill your typical icebox with a bag or two of ice, there is barely any room left for drinks!


With a Kings car fridge, you not only save on the cost of bags of ice but you can fill the entire refrigerated compartment with drinks or food and save precious space in what is likely an already jam packed car on your next road trip.

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You also won’t need to worry about your ice melting with a car fridge, in fact if you really want ice at your destination remember that your Adventure Kings car fridge is also a freezer!


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a car fridge is where in your car you will be putting it. If you own a SUV or station wagon the obvious place to install your Adventure Kings car fridge is right at the back in the cargo area where it is easily accessible.


For a sedan, depending on the complexity of your installation you might place it securely in the cabin, or run a power cable to the boot. Remember that the temperature in your car boot will likely be higher than in the air conditioned cabin, so the lowest temperature your car fridge can reach will be impacted.


Once you have decided on the perfect place for your car fridge you can look at the various sizes available and decide what best fits your needs. The Adventure Kings 80L fridge/freezer fits a massive 111 cans and is perfect for larger cars and SUVs, while the Kings 60L car fridge is more suitable for smaller cars like hatchbacks and sedans.


Installing a car fridge can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. If you just want a car fridge that you can put in and take out of your car between road trips with ease, the process is extremely straightforward.


Simply find a secure location in your vehicle for your car fridge and plug the 12V (DC to DC plug) into a cigarette lighter style socket in your vehicle. Many modern cars even have these sockets installed where they are accessible from the back seats or in the rear cargo area for exactly this kind of use!


Your drinks will stay cold the whole way to your destination, and if your destination has 240V power (like in your home) you can switch the cables on your Kings car fridge and plug it in to keep it cold without needing to transfer food and drinks into another fridge. If you are going to leave your car fridge in your car, just remember to turn it off when your reach your destination to preserve the charge in your car battery.


If you live or work on the road, or often head bush for extended camping trips it’s possible to install a 12V charging system so that you never have to turn your car fridge off!


For this you will need one or more AGM deep cycle batteries and a DC to DC battery charger that will charge all your batteries from your cars alternator while you drive. These auxiliary batteries will be what powers your car fridge, leaving your primary battery fully charged to ensure your car starts once it’s time to leave.


A good DC to DC charger like the CTEK D250SA will also allow you to charge your batteries via solar. If you have a quality solar panel or solar blanket and plenty of sunshine you can stay where you are with your fridge icy cold indefinitely without having to run your car engine to help top up your battery bank.


If you’re serious enough about installing a 12V and solar charging system so that your car fridge can run 24/7, you should also consider some accessories such as a fridge slide for easy access, and a fridge cage to protect your fridge from your other loose cargo.

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Next time you’re looking at buying an icebox or planning a road trip, consider if a car fridge is right for you. With the incredible quality and value for money of the Adventure Kings fridge/freezer range, a car fridge is within reach of all car owners – not just 4WDers!


 5 expert tips for setting up a perfect beach campsite!

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With the vast expanses of Australian coastlines boasting thousands of kilometres of world class sandy beaches, the benefits to knowing exactly how to setup camp on soft sand will give you an unbeatable camping experience that you will never forget.

So if you are new to camping on the beach or you are an old salty seadog looking to modernise your setup there might be something here for you!

1. UV protection

Everyone knows how harsh the Australian summer sun can be, and with all the science and research on the topic, ow more than ever, you have no excuses to not keep the scorching UV rays off you and your family.

When looking for quality beach shelter to get away from the sun, it is important to look for the UPF test rating for the fabric. This rating will determine just what kind of percentage of harmful UV rays are kept out, when testing, the results can range from about 6% UV Light transmission, to less than 2% and range from UPF15 which is adequate, all the way up to UPF50+ which blocks more than 97.5% of harmful UV radiation.

Adventure Kings range of Gazebos and awnings are all tested and rated to UPF50+ UV rating, and are also fully waterproof for when the afternoon summer squalls hit.

PRO TIP: When setting up your preferred beach shelter, don’t forget to anchor it down well to protect it from big gusts of wind, we recommend setting up your awning and gazebo on the downwind side of your vehicle.

Also by using an Adventure Kings sand bag to secure the legs firmly even on even the softest sand, some people even make underground sand anchors from the reusable calico shopping bags and a length of cord.

2. Campsite flooring

The simplest beach campsite floor is no flooring, this is okay if you aren’t too fussy, however there is next to nothing more annoying than getting sand all through your bedding, your clothing, and even into your vehicle.

Many people resort to using something like a cheap poly tarp, this is not the best idea, as a purpose made campsite floor like the Adventure Kings mesh floors are made from a cleaver open weave mesh, and are available in 3mx3m, 5.2mx2.5m and a 6mx3m option. This weave is made from durable poly propylene and automatically filters sand down and through leaving a clean and tidy campsite. An added benefit to purpose made campsite flooring is that because of the mesh, even when it is wet and rainy the water won’t pool on top and is allowed to drain into the sand underneath. No doubt this handy and affordable accessory will prove itself every time you hit the beach.

3. Sleeping setup

To get the absolute best camping setup you definitely need somewhere to sleep. Due to the difficulty of pegging out your setup in soft sand a traditional dome tent may be a poor choice, often not standing on their own you will find it extremely tricky to get it to stay put in a cool sea breeze.

This is where a solid free standing swag like the famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag comes into its own.Built from extremely durable an fully waterproof 400gsm rip-stop poly cotton canvas, this giant swag sets up in seconds, and includes a thick comfortable mattress, and being fully waterproof can withstand a massive downpour.

If swagging it like a traveller of old isn’t your cuppa tea, you can always look at a rooftop tent, built to elevate your campsite up of the ground. A well-made roof top tent like the ones found in the Adventure Kings range have a comfortable 75mm thick mattress perfect for older bones. A Kings rooftop tent also uses a clever design technique called tropical roofing, where an inner and outer roof layer allow air to flow through removing  internal heat from the tent, and on winter nights adds a blanket of air that helps to insulate. These features coupled with massive mosquito & midge proof mesh windows you will be up in the cool breeze enjoying the best summer campsite sleep!


4. Bush tucker

Often overlooked, some of the best meals we’ve ever eaten were in the bush, using a simple camp oven like the Bedourie camp oven or the Aussie Camp Oven. With a simple campfire and basic ingredients you can cook up the heartiest stews, and juiciest roasts with little to no effort, and after a few icy cold beverages from your esky or 12v fridge you’ll be scoffing down on a tasty dinner!

A camp oven is basically a Dutch oven and can be made from cast iron or steel, and is one of the most versatile cooking implements you can use on the tracks. Heated by hot coals from your fire, the lid can even be used as a frying pan for added versatility.

The meals you can prepare in a camp oven, sure do beat the heck out of simple sausage sandwiches specially on longer trips away!

5. Campsite power –

When you have searched high and low for the best campsite and spent time getting everything setup the way you like it, the last thing you’ll wanna do is pack up your campsite due to lack of power. The best way to extend your time at camp is with a solar panel system with a 12v regulator. These systems can range anywhere from $100 to $2000.

Some of the best value 12v solar panels are from the Adventure Kings camping solar panels. The simplest system is the 120w solar blanket, which has enough power to top up your battery system, and will happily keep camping fridges powered and running all day long in the bright summer sun.

PRO TIP: Solar panels work the best when they are pointed directly at the sun, so if you have one at your campsite, don’t forget to check its position every few hours as the suns movement will vary the performance.


These tips are just the beginning to getting your campsite set this camping season, don’t miss out on having the smartest camping setup at the beach with all the right gear from 4WD Supacentre.

How To Choose The Perfect LED Lightbar

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Whether you own a four wheel drive, ute, van, wagon or sedan – an LED light bar is a fantastic way to improve your night vision and safety – but with so many on the market how do you choose a quality light bar? The answer is to compare the feature and specifications, as well as the price.

Adventure Kings offer a range of light bars with the features that you need, and the high quality that means they’ll last in tough Aussie conditions. We’ve tested them extensively in the lab, in the workshop, on the road and of course off road! There are thousands of happy customers around Australia who have put them to the test in every corner of the country in any weather imaginable. If you want a light bar that you can trust to light the way, it has to be Adventure Kings!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image lightbar on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

First you want to choose a size that suits your vehicle – Adventure Kings offers a range of sizes from 6 inch, through to 22 inch, 32 inch and right up to 42 inch. Plus, both single and dual row lightbars are available. The beauty of an LED light bar is that they’re low profile and streamline, so they’ll easily fit on your bull bar, nudge bar, roof rack or even as a camp light or reverse light.

With adjustable brackets you can mount a light bar almost anywhere and make sure it’s pointing in the right direction! Adventure Kings light bars come with adjustable mounting brackets and the hardware required for fitting.

Another obvious feature to look at is the light output of the lightbar – all Adventure Kings lightbars have a huge light output yet still run efficiently – for example the 42” Domin8r light bar has a massive output of over 13000 lumens!

When investing in a lightbar it’s also important to look for a high Ingress Protection Rating (or IP Rating for short) – an IP67 rating means the lightbar is fully sealed against dust, and is able to be immersed in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes with no water getting inside the housing. The Adventure Kings Lethal, Big Bro and Godfather light bars are tested and rated to IP67, so you can rest assured knowing they’ll survive in anything from torrential rain to deep river crossings.

IP68 is a step above offering full dust ingress protection and means the lightbar is waterproof to a depth of over a metre, continuously! The Adventure Kings Illuminator Mk2 and Domin8r Lightbars share this high IP rating – so they’re ready to take on anything you can throw at them.

I P 6 7

Ingress Protection Dust Tight Waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes

I P 6 8

Ingress Protection Dust Tight Waterproof over 1m continuously


Adventure Kings light bars are so dust and water proof because they’re engineered with high quality materials and components. The outer casing is aluminium and the lens is a tough, almost bulletproof polycarbonate – the same material used in riot shields. Plus the hardware and brackets are stainless steel for strength and resistance to the elements. Inside every Adventure Kings lightbar you’ll find high quality components and modern technology including the latest LEDs and lens designs. Adventure Kings lightbars also feature specifically designed circuit boards to suit each lightbar type and size.

You also need a lightbar that’s easy to connect up to your vehicle – Adventure Kings makes this super simple by fitting a waterproof deutsch plug as standard to every light bar. Combine it with an Illuminator LED Light Bar wiring harness and installation and wiring up your new lightbar couldn’t be easier.

Finally when comparing light bars, consider the cost – great quality LED lightbars don’t need to be expensive! The entire Adventure Kings range is full of powerful, high quality lightbars that won’t break the bank. With Adventure Kings you could partner your new lightbar with a powerful set of Illuminator LED Spotlights and still pay much less than some other brands.


For more information and to explore the entire range of Adventure Kings Domin8r and Illuminator Mk2 lightbars

Simple Tips For Driving On The Beach This Summer

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Beach driving is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your 4WD or SUV. There’s something so relaxing about cruising down an empty beach, the sea spray in the air and hardly anyone else around. You can keep your crowded city beaches, we love our empty 4WD beaches! However, getting stuck on the beach isn’t fun, but it happens time and time again because people aren’t aware of what to do. We’ve put together a quick glovebox guide to how to 4WD on the beach that’ll help make your next beach adventure so much fun.



If you try and drive your 4WD or suv on the beach without adjusting your tyre pressures, you’re guaranteed to get stuck. Letting your tyres down to beach driving tyre pressures with a Kwiky tyre deflator allows your tyres to sit up on top of the sand instead of sink down into it. The simple rule of thumb is tyre pressures for beach driving should be 16psi as a good starting point. Don’t try doing it with a stick! Use a Kwiky tyre deflator or the cracking Adventure Kings 3 in 1 Tyre Deflator, and make sure to check your tyre pressures with the Adventure Kings Kwiky Tyre Gauge.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image kwiky on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



Make sure your hubs are locked in if you have manual hubs, and that you’re in high-range 4WD where equipped. This means you’re equipped for beach 4WDing. Always aim to get onto the beach a couple of hours before low tide. Low tide’s is when you make beach 4WDing easy on your car, so you’ll have a good four hours of easy going driving ahead of you.



We can’t stress this one enough – you need to keep an eye on your temperature! The problem here is all vehicles have a ‘dead spot’ in their factory temperature gauge. Your 4WD may well be running extremely hot but you won’t know about it – unless you have a way to digitally read the coolant temperature, like an Engine Data Scan. Every modern 4WD with an OBDII port should have an EDS, because it lets you read vital engine data in real-time. You’ll be able to see when your 4×4 gets warm, and be able to back off and let it cool down before it’s too late.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image eds on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



Before you even think about beach driving, you should have as a minimum get yourself a Hercules Snatch Strap Kit. If you do get bogged, it’s common courtesy if someone comes by to tow you out, that you use your own snatch strap to save theirs getting dirty or worn. The Hercules Snatch Strap Kit comes with an 8,000kg snatch strap, a pair of 4.7 rated shackles and a canvas carry bag, and it’s small enough to tuck under your drivers seat. If you do a lot of beach driving by yourself, then one of the best investments you’ll ever make is a set or two of Maxtrax. They’re perfect for beach 4WD recovery missions because they provide a nice firm, grippy surface for your vehicle to pull itself up and out of the soft sand.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-135 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



Beach driving is all about making it as easy as possible on your vehicle. You’ll no doubt see the tyre tracks from other 4x4s or SUVs on the beach. Unless they’re super deep and you’re worried you’ll get stuck, it’s often best to follow the ruts. Those previous 4WDs have actually compacted the sand, which makes it a lot easier to drive on.




On really hot days when the sand is dry and soft, you might find that even at 16psi your 4WD will struggle to maintain momentum. In this case, grab your Kwiky tyre deflator, Adventure Kings 3 in 1 tyre deflator or your Kwiky tyre gauge and drop your tyre pressures another 4psi. It doesn’t sound like much, until you consider that you’ve just dropped another quarter of their pressure again. You’ll be blown away by the difference it makes, we swear!



Don’t ever forget basic road rules when you’re on the beach. Be a good, conscientious 4WDer and go slow around sunbathers or walkers, and when you approach an oncoming 4WD, always keep to the left. Sometimes it may not be obvious which side you’ll pass on, especially if the beach is narrow. Use your blinker to indicate which side you’ll pass on to the other 4WDer.



When you’re done for the day and you’re back on the tarmac, don’t forget to air your tyres back up to road pressures to prevent tyre damage. Sure, you could wait all afternoon at the service station to use their slooooow old compressor, but you’d be heaps better off using a Thumper MkII or Thumper Max portable 12v air compressor! They’ll have your tyres back up to proper pressures in no time and you’ll be ready to drive home safely.

Six Reasons an Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent will change the way you camp!

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No doubt you’ve seen countless 4x4s and cars running rooftop tents these days, and you’ve probably even seen people out at campsites with rooftop tents mounted to their 4WDs. If you have never had the opportunity to camp in a roof top tent, you’re missing out! They’re such incredible ways to camp at your favourite free campsite, because they offer so many benefits. Here’s our top six reasons why an Adventure Kings Kwiky roof top tent, Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent or an Adventure Kings Weekender rooftop tent will change the way you camp!

  1. There’s just so much room in an Adventure Kings rooftop tent

It doesn’t matter which of the three 4wd roof top tents from the Adventure Kings range you like the look of best, they’re all so roomy inside! For two adults, there’s bucketloads of room. Camping with kids under five is easy too, because there’s still heaps of room! Even camping with a family of teenagers is no drama – the Tourer rooftop tent comes with an included annex that sets up in seconds and offers heaps of extra space when you’re camping.


  1. On hot nights, the breeze up higher makes camping so much more comfortable

We all know what it’s like trying to keep cool while camping in summer – it can definitely be difficult! A roof top tent on your 4×4 or car helps keep you cool in a couple of ways. First, the tent itself is huge and airy, and all three Adventure Kings rooftop tents have big windows with mozzie and midge proof fly screens that let heaps of air flow through the tent. Secondly, sometimes being four or six feet off the ground when you’re camping can let you get those beautiful cool breezes that you’d otherwise miss out on if you were down at ground level.


  1. Setting up and packing up is so quick!

This is one reason we really love camping in a rooftop tent. Rooftop tents make setting up a campsite so easy! While your mates are fumbling around with their 20 year old tents with a million poles, you’ll have your roof top tent setup in just a couple of easy minutes. You’ll be kicking back by the campfire with a cold drink in hand before they’ve even setup half their tent. And packing away is just as easy! Especially because of one tricky we absolute love…


  1. Leave all your bedding and pillows in the tent ready for the next camp

The design of the three Adventure Kings camping roof-top tents means that you can leave your pillows and your sleeping bag inside when you pack it away of a morning! No longer do you have to un-make the bed every morning, take up half your free space inside your car or 4WD with pillows and blankets during the day, and then have to remake the bed each night at camp. Leave it all there, and pack the tent away knowing your bedding is safe, dry and secure for the next time you need it!


  1. Easily add an annex for instant extra space

What if you have a growing family, or you just need a bit of extra space? The Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent is perfect for you, because it comes with an included full-sized annex that zips onto the bottom of the rooftop tent in seconds! Perfect for the kids, or mates, or your pup to sleep in at night. It’s even great for just letting you have a bit of privacy to get changed standing up, without having to crawl back into bed. The extra room in a rooftop tent is always a bonus!


  1. Get up away from the bugs and the nasties

If you’re the kind of camper who recoils at the thought of creepy-crawlies in your sleeping bag, then a rooftop tents ability to get you up off the ground should have you smiling. Because you sleep up high in a rooftop tent, you’ll keep out of the dirt and there’s much less chance of a night-time encounter with something furry, bitey or otherwise not fun to be around. Sleep well up high in your Adventure Kings roof top tent knowing you’re safe and sound.

The Full Range of Adventure Kings Roof Racks has something for everyone and every vehicle.

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A roof rack allows you to take more camping gear away, pack more toys like bikes or kayaks for day trips and means you’ve got extra storage on top of your vehicle for any bulky items or those things you would want to keep outside your car like firewood, or wet or muddy gear.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-132 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

The other benefit of a roof rack is it transforms your daily car into the ultimate work and play machine. Whether you’re a tradie or just a home handyman it makes taking anywhere supplies easier than ever. Whether you’re carrying lengths of timber or a storage box full of your gear

Plus a roofrack is the basis of a great campsite – they allow you to fit a rooftop tent, camp lights, side and rear awnings and plenty more. Once you’ve got a roof rack the possibilities are almost endless.

The range of Adventure Kings roofracks cover almost every vehicle too – there’s a single cab rack ideal for single cab utes, a half-length rack for dual cab Utes or short wheelbase vehicles, a three quarter length rack for mid-size wagons or vans and of course a wide range of full size racks that are perfect for large 4WD wagons, utes with canopies or vans.

First there’s a flat rack, this is the perfect choice for people who want a roof rack but need it be low profile – whether it’s for fitting into underground carparks for easy access to the gear on the roof. A flat rack is also well suited to long items such as surfboards, kayaks or even lengths of timber as there are no rails on the front or back, meaning they can be strapped down low and flat. Of course a flat rack also gives you a large flat space for bulky items – which makes transporting furniture a breeze. The Flat Rack also allows you to fit a Kwiky Roof Top Tent on your vehicle for the quickest camp setup you’ve ever had!

Next there is the Tradie racklike the flat rack the tradie rack doesn’t have front or back rails which allows you to throw longer items up top whether it’s lengths of timber or conduit, or your surfboard or kayak! But the raised side rails make it easy to stack a heap up top and strap them down safely .

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-133 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

The roof top tent rack has a wrap around rail on the front of the rack and a flat rear section that allows for a Weekender or Tourer Roof Top Tent to be fitted off the side, or off the back, plus gives you space at the front to tie down extra gear.

Last but not least there’s the full length rack – this is a full sized rack, with a full wrap around rail ideal for storing large items and stacking them safely. Strapping pretty much anything down is easy on a full length rack.

All Adventure Kings Roof Racks are powder coated black, include all the mounts and brackets required to fit and are so tough they’re rated to hold 500kg (Check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for load limit) plus they comply to Australian Standards AS 1235-2000 (ADR). Plus all racks with rails including the single cab rack, ½ length rack, ¾ rack, tradie rack, roof top tent rack and full length rack include welded tie down points to make it even easier to strap your gear down.

Whether you’ve got a wagon, van, ute or just about anything else there’s likely  an Adventure Kings roof rack that’ll suit your vehicle and your lifestyle! Many people have even used them as baskets and bolted them to crossbars to make their existing setup even better. There are also specific racks available for channel mount vehicles such as Toyota LandCruiser 100 and 200 Series and Toyota Prado 120 and 150 models. If your vehicle has gutters then the gutter mount racks are almost universal. So if you’ve got an older LandCruiser 40,60 or 70 Series, Nissan Patrol GQ or GU, Land Rover Defender or Mitsubishi Pajero and many older utes and vans you’ll find a roof rack to suit. Even high roof models like Troopys, Defenders and 60 Series Saharas and Nissan Safaris can be fitted with an Adventure Kings roof rack thanks to the extended length brackets, available separately.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-131 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

To see the whole range and find out more info, head to www.4wdsupacentre.com.au

Why you can only run AGM-type deep batteries inside your car’s cabin

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There are many advantages to running an auxiliary or second deep-cycle battery inside your car as opposed to mounting it under the bonnet, but you need to understand a couple of very vital safety points in order to do so safely. The Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle batteries are perfectly suited to being mounted inside a car or a ute for a number of reasons.

Why would you want to run a deep-cycle battery inside your car? For starters, many modern vehicles have such small engine bays that running a second auxiliary battery under the bonnet can often be extremely difficult, or even impossible. Modern car engine bays are so cramped with new technology there simply isn’t room for a deep-cycle battery. Even if you do have the space to run a deep-cycle battery under the bonnet, you’ll then need to fork out more for an auxiliary battery tray and often spend hours relocating other under-bonnet components to make room for ?

It’s also a fact that like all electronics, batteries are much happier in cool, clean environments. That’s not to say you can’t run an auxiliary or secondary deep-cycle battery like the Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle battery in your engine bay, but if you have the opportunity to mount it within the cabin of the car, it’ll prolong the battery’s life considerably.

The other massive bonus that mounting your Adventure Kings deep-cycle AGM battery within your vehicle’s cabin brings, is that you’ll then only need a very short run of cable between the battery and your 12v portable fridge. The shorter the cable run to the fridge, the less chance you’ll have of experiencing voltage drop, a natural process where the voltage coming from the battery can reduce by the time it reaches the fridge. If you’re running an Adventure Kings 60L or 80L fridge then the Secop BD35F or BD50 compressor is extremely efficient anyway, but the more voltage you can supply to the fridge, the longer it’ll run.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-129 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

There’s even the option of running multiple Adventure Kings deep-cycle AGM batteries in the rear of the vehicle, for those campers who love staying at a picture-perfect campsite for multiple days in a row. We’ll discuss exactly how you can link multiple deep-cycle AGM batteries together inside a car’s cabin in a future news post.

So now you know why you would want to run a deep-cycle AGM battery within your cabin, but do you know what type of batteries can and can’t be run safely inside a vehicle?

The Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle batteries feature a special completely-sealed construction type that prevents dangerous gases from being emitted from the battery during normal charging and discharging. Traditional deep-cycle batteries are known as ‘wet cell’ type batteries, and when they’re being charged by an isolator like the Adventure Kings Dual Battery System Smart Isolator or the CTEK D250SA DC/DC charger, the gases produced by the chemical reactions within the battery’s cells are potentially deadly if inhaled, and explosive as well. They’re fine to run under the bonnet, but you cannot run a traditional wet-cell battery within a vehicle’s cabin as it lacks airflow to safely remove those gases.



The Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle batteries are of an Absorbed Glass Matt type. This is an entirely different type of battery technology that allows you to safely charge and discharge a battery inside your car’s sealed cabin. They’re sealed, and maintenance free – no need to top up the water like you would with a traditional wet-cell battery. They are perfectly suited to camping because they can store energy for long periods of time, and they’re also excellent at being recharged fast.


So how do you tell the difference between an AGM battery and a wet-cell deep-cycle battery? Firstly, an AGM battery like the Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle battery range will almost always state on the label that it’s AGM. If it doesn’t say it – then it isn’t. More importantly, the Adventure Kings AGM battery range features no removable caps on the top of the battery, as they are maintenance-free.

We’ve developed the Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle battery range to be the perfect way to power your Adventure Kings 12v fridge/freezer as well as other 12v accessories you need at camp light lighting. There are currently two sizes – 98aH and 115aH. The range features the same high quality you’ve come to expect from the entire Adventure Kings range of camping and 4WD gear, with features normally found only on AGM batteries up to twice the price. If you’re setting up an auxiliary battery system and want to run your second deep-cycle battery inside your car, then the Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle battery range is exactly what you need.



Titan Rear Drawers – Why You Need a Set

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Whether you’re building up your 4WD for remote touring through the harsh Red Centre, or just for weekend trips to hit the tracks a couple of hours away from home, storage is one of the most important components that everyone needs in their ute, 4×4 or car. And a set of Titan Rear Drawers from 4WD Supacentre is the best bang-for-buck 4WD drawer system out there. For a few hundred bucks you can get a professionally designed and manufactured set of drawers that will fit straight into the back of your 4WD or ute, and can be installed in an afternoon with a couple of mates to pass you tools and a cold one once the job is done.


4WD Supacentre sell 3 different sized twin drawers; 900mm deep x 1000mm wide to suit smaller wagons including 120 Series Toyota Prados, 990mm deep x 1000mm wide to suit larger wagons including your GQ or GU Patrol, or 60, 80 or 100 Series LandCruiser, or the 1300mm deep x 1000mm wide set designed to fit in the tray of your single-cab or dual-cab ute – the Ute drawers are available with or without wings. Plus, if you’re looking to build a versatile storage system, there’s also a single drawer now, at 500mm wide x 900mm deep, which keeps one side of the back of your rig free to load up with your esky, fridge slide, or even a hard mounted bed frame and mattress so you can turn your 4WD into a camper!


These drawers are built around a strong galvanised steel frame, that has been folded and bolted together, and designed with multiple mounting points, making it simple for you to install into your vehicle without necessarily having to drill any holes. Add to this strong frame 90 heavy-duty double-roller bearings which ensure the drawers run smooth and quiet every time, before closing with a satisfying clink as the latch locks into place, and you’ve got a set of drawers that will serve you well on all your 4WD adventures. The key-locking latches means you can store valuable gear in the drawers, safe in the knowledge it’ll be there when you get back to your 4WD.

These drawers are so tough, that even when fully extended they can support the weight of an engine, or even Brenno and a couple of 35″ 4WD tyres, so you know they’ll be able to take all your camping gear without a drama!


Every set of Titan Rear Drawers is covered inside and out in hard-wearing, marine carpet. Designed for use in marine environments, you know that marine carpet will stand up to any punishment you can dish out, and won’t rot away no matter how many times the kids spill food or drinks in the back. And if that bottle of soy sauce you chucked in there loses a lid due to all the corrugations up at the Cape, you can easily hose them out so your 4X4 drawers are clean and ready to use again!


Titan Rear Drawer sets feature an included fridge slide which uses the same heavy duty roller bearings as the rest of the drawer system. This strong construction means it’s perfect to load a fridge full of food and drinks onto, and once you’ve tied your fridge down to the spring-loaded tie-down points, it’ll be securely packed into the back of your 4WD. This means you won’t have to worry about it rocking and rolling around the back of your 4WD as you tackle the ruts and rocks into that perfect secret campsite for the weekend.


The side wings that come with your Titan Rear Drawers are designed specifically for a flush fit in the back of your 4WD, which means you’ll have a nice neat finish, and no dodgy gaps like some of the cheap DIY jobs we’ve seen running around. You can barely even buy the materials to build your own rear storage solution for the price of Titan Rear Drawers, so save time and money and order your set from 4WD Supacentre today!

The side wings don’t just look good – they also give you space to store a bunch of gear out of the way. A DIY trick that I’ve used in my set was fitting a set of hinges to the back wings in my LandCruiser, making it even easier for me to access the spare belts, hoses and filters I keep tucked out of sight on long trips.

Some of my mates have even hard mounted air compressors and auxiliary batteries down the side of their Titan Rear Drawers, and then run cabling out to the rear drawers. An extra hour on the tools and you’ve got a mint rear drawer set up for your 4X4!

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-127 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Once you’ve got the drawers installed, you’ve got all afternoon to work out what you’re going to pack into them and where all your 4WD and camping gear is going to live. Luckily there’s heaps of space in the Titan Rear Drawers, so you’ll be able to fit pretty much all your gear in your 4WD drawer system. The right hand drawer is where I store all my Hercules Recovery (it’s right at the back because I drive a LandCruiser, so I never need it), and my Adventure Kings Bush Mechanics tool kit at the front so it’s easy to access if I need to tighten up anything after a long corrugated road. I also chuck my ratchet straps, a few ropes, some duct tape and cable ties, plus WD40 and silicon spray, in this drawer.

The left drawer (under the fridge slide) is where my camp kitchen gear lives – stove, billy, frying pan, chopping boards, Adventure Kings BBQ Plate, picnic set, rubbish bags (if you take it in, take it out), hand sanitiser, cutlery… all the important stuff to whip up dinner once I get to camp.

Storing all this gear inside my Titan Rear Drawers means that I have the rest of the boot free for my fridge, food box, chair, and a bag of clothes. And as an added bonus, I can still see out the back window!


So save your time and money, and fit a set of Titan Rear Drawers to your 4WD – it’ll improve the way you camp and 4WD forever!


Scott Osborne

4WD Action Team


Why choose a portable fridge/freezer over a bar fridge?

Everyone knows why a second fridge in the house is a great idea. You save power opening a smaller fridge to get beers out compared to opening your big kitchen unit every 20 minutes when you’ve got guests over. It also much easier to grab a cold drink when you’re in the shed when you’ve got a second fridge close by.


EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-124 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


We’ve got some great news to share – the humble bar fridge has been overtaken by another type of fridge/freezer that’s far more portable and practical. Let us show you why you need an Adventure Kings portable fridge/freezer in your home instead of a bar fridge.


Much more multi purpose:

Bar fridges are very limiting as far as their uses go. Once you plug one in your garage, that’s basically it. They only run on 240v mains power which means they have to be close to a mains power point or you need to run a long (trip hazard) extension cord if you want to use it in the backyard for a BBQ.


Once full, they almost never get used. They don’t have easy carry handles and they’re not designed to be transported. Chances are your second fridge at home is also being used as a storage shelf on top, so it’s definitely not going anywhere in a hurry.


An Adventure Kings 60L fridge/freezer will change the way you think of second fridges, trust us.


First up, this is a real fridge/freezer. Bar fridges either don’t come with a freezer option, or have a tiny little shelf at the top that can barely fit a few trays of ice cubes. Your 60L Kings fridge can either cool down a heap of beers (81 cans in fact) or act as a full-size 60L freezer – perfect as extra storage after buying bulk meat, or prepping for Christmas. Many people use their Kings fridge/freezer as a bar fridge most of the year and as a freezer if guests are coming, removing the need for a full time deep freeze in their house. This of course saves them plenty of power.


When used as a bar fridge, a Kings fridge/freezer will hold a better variety of drinks. You can stand tall wine bottles up in it – good luck doing that in a bar fridge. If the champagne is open, you don’t need to worry about it spilling like it can when a bar fridge door is swung open in a hurry. It’s easy to put a big jug of juice or punch in the deep Kings 60L fridge/freezer as well – far bigger than the small sizes that a bar fridge can accommodate in a narrow door.

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But the real versatility of a Kings fridge/freezer lies in its portability. A 240v power cord is included, so you can easily take advantage of it in the house. Move it between the kitchen, garage, shed, backyard or basement with the easy carry handles and you can quickly shift the second fridge to wherever it’s needed that day.


Swap the 240v cord for the included 12v cord and you can run your portable Kings fridge/freezer in your car, boat, caravan, camper trailer or off the grid using a battery and – how handy is that!


A bar fridge is something that has very few uses. A Kings fridge/freezer is just as handy to have around the home but is also perfect to take for a week camping, a day trip to the beach, or as emergency backup during a blackout. Your bar fridge won’t be any use if the power goes out, but you could hook your Kings fridge/freezer up to your car to keep milk and meat cold for a day or two at a time if needed, saving you the cost and hassle of spoiled food!

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Kings fridge/freezers are built to handle the rough-and-tumble of 4WDing, so they’re certainly up to the challenge of life in a workshop or shed. Able to down to minus 18 degrees, you’ll never have a problem keeping your beers cold thanks to the legendary Secop BD35F compressor in the 60L model. An internal basket with divider makes it much easier to pack and unpack this fridge compared to a bar fridge too – no need to hurt your knees and back bending over to load a fridge for the weekend!


Easy to move, easy to pack, easy to clean – it’s no wonder the Kings 60L fridge/freezer is as big a hit at home as it is at camp. Enjoy!


Tips to organise your Titan Rear Drawers

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A set of Titan Rear Drawers will literally transform the back of your 4×4 Wagon or ute. By giving key bits of camping gear and 4WD accessories a permanent home, your vehicle will be so much more organised for work, camping trips and daily driving. Nothing is better value for money for organising your 4WD than a set of Titan Rear Drawers from 4WD Supacentre.

Many people choose to fill one rear drawer with dry foods and simple cooking gear like rolls of aluminium foil. The Titan drawers are very heavy duty and won’t have a hassle with the weight of a drawer full of canned food, bags of rice and flour. Insulated with heavy duty marine carpet on the inside, these items won’t drive you crazy with rattles and vibrations as you drive.

A good tip to organise your food drawer better is to get a bunch of plastic containers with screw or clip on lids. Don’t re-use old ‘Chicken Tonight’ glass jars – glass is never a good idea when camping as it can crack, and can’t be crushed down to save on space if needed. Use these plastic food organisers to keep rice, flour, spices, breadcrumbs and anything else in there that normally come in a plastic packed, and shouldn’t come into contact with moisture until you’re ready to eat them. Tins of tuna and soup don’t need re-packing, but a well organised Titan 4×4 drawer with stack-able, labelled, lockable containers will ensure your boot stays clean, and cooking is always a breeze at camp. Say goodbye to a busted sugar packed making a mess in the back of your 4WD.

The other drawer is often used for cooking gear or recovery gear. Pick up a cheap cutlery organiser like you’d have in your drawer at home and it becomes a handy way to store the essentials that you need to access often from your drawers. A set of BBQ Tools in a roll like those sold at 4WD Supacentre are easy to throw in the drawer too, and the padding from the roll helps pin the loose cutlery down so it doesn’t rattle and vibrate. Also take advantage of stubby coolers, tea towels and anything else like that in your drawer and use this to insulate any items that shouldn’t be knocked around like butane canisters.

Okay, so you’ve got your food and cooking Titan drawers neatly packed in your 4WD or ute – what else can you do to keep them organised? It’s very simple to knock up additional wooden dividers to help take advantage of any extra space you’re not already using. Titan drawers are BIG, especially the sets made for utes that are 1300mm deep – few of us need to carry that much food! Put a small divider towards the back (an area you don’t need to access regularly) and you’ve instantly created an extra storage spot for yourself. You can put anything in there from spare oil and fuel filters to an extra towel or blanket that you keep handy just in case.

Another way to really make the most of your ute and wagon drawers is to fill the wings with anything from spare parts and hoses to BBQ wipes, paper towel and garbage bag rolls.

All double Titan Drawers made for wagons and SUVs come with an included wing kit. The super popular Ute drawer set also comes with an optional universal wing kit which is very easy to fit to your make and model in just a couple of hours. That means it doesn’t matter if you need drawers for a HiLux, Ranger, Navara or any other single or dual cab ute – there’s a Titan set of rear drawers that has you covered.

The latest addition to the range – the single drawer – is also a huge hit and apart from all the obvious uses in SUVs, utes and wagons, this drawer is a huge hit in canopies and trailers. It still has the same heavy duty construction as the legendary twin Titan drawers, but is able to be fitted anywhere.

A well-organised set of rear drawers for your 4×4, van or car really changes the way you travel. By nature, having permanent spots for essentials stops them rolling around and taking up valuable free space that might need to be accessed regularly. That’s why tradies who use their utes for work or parents who are constantly in and out of their 4WDs with kids prams, sport gear or groceries swear by a set of Titan Rear Drawers.

Pay attention to the utes and wagons you see without drawers compared to those you see with them – the difference in organisation is astounding. And when you’re working or travelling with your 4×4, a well organised vehicle will keep everyone sane and save a lot of time and frustration. And thanks to Titan Rear Drawers, getting a good fitting, high quality set of drawers has never been easier or more affordable. Most people we speak to reckon they couldn’t even make a set for the same price as ours, and they don’t have to spend day after day in the shed to get a great product!

A first timers guide to camping with a dog

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Getting out and seeing the great outdoorsis one of the best past times Australia has to offer especially if you can spend a few days and nights camping. Planning on your first camping trip with your beloved pooch, just like the first time with children can be a stressful experience.


Will they be overwhelmed with the new space and scents? Will they bother other people camping? Where will they sleep, particularly if they’re a little too pampered at home?

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All these questions are worth asking but with the following 5 camping accessories you’ll have all the answers you could ever need.


Camping Gear Essential #1

An Adventure Kings Mesh Floor – available in 3 sizes 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and 6m x 3m to suit any camping site – will provide your pooch a nice comfy spot to lay down. The special weave design allows dirt and sand to work its way down while stopping anything below from getting through, including any glass or prickles. These affordable mesh floors don’t heat up like a normal tarpaulin so once the pup lays down they’ll be able to cool their pads to make sure they aren’t too hot – especially during a scorching Australian Summer.


Camping Gear Essential #2

An Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo is the perfect shade solution for your pups first campsite. Not only are they great quality and super affordable they set up quick, easy and provide a perfect match to our most common size of Mesh Floor. If you’re camping with more than one of man’s best friend a 6m x 3m Kings Gazebo is a great way to cover more space while still not breaking the bank. The benefit of a free-standing Gazebo over an Awning or Awning Tent is that in case of any emergency you don’t have to pack up before driving away.


Camping Gear Essential #3

Every doggo needs a good meal but even they can be fussy eaters, especially when there’s limited options around. With a Kings Fridge/ Freezer – available in 60L & 80L sizes – there’s plenty of space to take drinking water, dog treats and cans of wet food without having to sacrifice space to feed the adults too. The adjustable temperature all the way down to

-18°C means that no matter how hot it is outside, the food inside will be safe to consume. Pair this with a Kings Insulating Fridge Cover and you’ve got a camping accessory to pass any test the Australian heat throws at you. If you need more space you can look into a Kings portable ice box.


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Camping Gear Essential #4

Hygiene – seeing your dog come back from a walk covered in mud is enough to make you cringe so how can you beat that at a campsite? Simple, with a Kings Portable Shower Kit you can hose those dirty paws down before getting your back seats covered in all sorts of muck. Once you plug into a 12V DC power source and place the pump into a water container you’ll have access to 4L/min of adjustable water pressure.


Camping Gear Essential #5

Every dog owner knows that their canine companion is an inquisitive character – at night they’ll be sure to be sniffing about and if you’re woken up throughout the night to some barking the last thing you want is to be stumbling about the dark. The Kings range of LED camping lights will light up your camp site with ease. From LED light bars to LED strip lights with included dimmers and Maglite LED torches there’s no way you’ll find anything that goes bump in the night.


All in all, camping for the first time with your pet shouldn’t be a chore or daunting task and with the range of Kings camping accessories available at 4WD Supacentre it’s never been more affordable or desirable to make this Summer season your first time and best of all, you can use this gear around the home on a daily basis to make your back yard that little bit more comfortable for your best friend.

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Handy Hint – Dogs are vulnerable to the same pathogens in water that humans are. If you’re needing to treat water for yourself, make sure you do the same for your pup – they’ll definitely thank you for it.

A new generation of camp lighting from Adventure Kings

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Many moons ago, growing up there weren’t many options when it came to finding your way around a dark campsite.

We had flashlights that were next to useless, where even if you had a good one, you could only just make out the silhouette of your feet as you tripped and stumbled over tent and tarp guy ropes, and that was only if you had fresh batteries.

We also had communal lighting like those old style LPG gas lanterns that were made of glass and had a mantle made of ash that would fall apart in even the slightest breeze, and burn the legs off any moths or flies unfortunate enough to succumb to its allure, not to mention toppling over like a fresh faced 18 year old who just got refused service at the local pub.

With clever circuitry and LED technology moving forward by leaps and bounds, it is no wonder that there is finally a handful of incredibly bright, incredibly feature packed lights that are perfect for around camp, and are even able to be stashed under your car seat or in the glove-box, in case of emergency.

A modern day camp setup can consist of a number of LED camp lights that can be powered by your car battery, a generator or even some units that run on AA batteries.

with years of experience we’ve found the best lighting systems to be adaptable and easy to use like with the fully modular Adventure Kings camp lighting range, which includes the Kings Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light, the Kings Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light and the Kings Illuminator 4 Bar Camp Light Kit and Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit all of which utilise state of the art components that allow them to be made into a complete lighting solution, all use the same plugs so can be integrated into one total and complete camp lighting setup.

Combining multiple systems is great if you are looking to light up a massive campsite, however most people have more modest goals. For the simplest lighting solution you need to look no further than the Kings Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light. This has a durable and water-resistant cover that can be hung with Velcro or easily hung by its 2 quick connect swivel hooks, and is easily dimmed to a comfortable level of light for any situation with its touch sensitive dimmer switch.

The Kings Illuminator MAX LED Strip Light, has more than enough light output to suit smaller campsites and is easily connected directly to your vehicle’s battery with the included alligator clips or can plug directly into a cig socket for instant light. Being one of the smaller of the range available through 4WD Supacentre even on the full brightness setting it only draws 1.1Amps of current, that means with a large 98ah deep cycle battery you can run it for nearly 4 days (or eight nights) straight without running out of battery.

For a bit more illumination you can always jump into an Kings Illuminator 4m MAX LED Strip Light, this is perfect for running around the perimeter of your  camping awning.It comes on a handy spool meaning you can unroll as much or as little as you need and easily fasten it to whatever shelter your camping setup has.

Another clever way to Illuminate your campsite is with an Illuminator LED 4 Bar Camp Light. This kit contains 4 individual 50cm long magnetic camp light bars, these have massive output of light and use magnetic keepers to allow you to fasten them to any magnetic surface and can even be attached to the canopy of an awning using spare bottle caps or even some steel washers.

And can be setup to suit your campsite with 1 to 4 separate bars, and an included dimmer switch this kit will suit most campsites that want a little bit more light.

Last but certainly not least we have our Kings Complete 5 Bar Camp Light Kit, which includes 5 of the same extremely bright magnetic LED bars you get with a Illuminator LED 4 Bar Camp Light, but also includes 5 easy to use dimmers, and a handful of splitter cables and 19m of extension leads that will allow you to fully customise your campsites LED lighting, and fully dimmable room by room.
Thanks to the application of  massive advancements in technology, LED lighting for your campsite has come a long way, there has never been a better time to go camping and get your gear for way less than you would imagine from www.4WDSupacentre.com.au


6 Awesome uses for an Adventure Kings Generator.

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With an almost limitless list of potential applications a 240V AC Generator like the ones on offer within the Adventure Kings range of petrol 4 stroke generators, a stack of new opportunities for work and play open up!

Built to last and not to break your budget, Adventure Kings Generators are powerful, compact and run very quietly (under 63dB) with a 4 stroke CDI motor and require next to no maintenance to get the job done.


1. If you are a Tradie or find yourself working in remote areas or on sites where massive extension cords just won’t do, a massive Adventure Kings 3.5Kva Generator puts out a whopping 3500w of clean Pure sine wave 240v AC power. This is enough juice to run many power thirsty power tools and with eco-mode switched on the RPM will automatically adjust to suit the load, potentially saving stacks of fuel (and money). The easy to carry handles and integrated locking wheels meanyou can carry or drag the generator into the best position for the job and with low oil alert and overload warning light there is no more guess work with how your generator is working


2.Campsites can be power thirsty, especially in the summer heat. Even with a reliable 12v system when you combine the power draw of fridges, LED campsite lighting and cranking your radio all day long there will come a time when your AGM battery bank just cannot cope with the heavy load, this is why 4WD Supacentre carries the Adventure Kings 2Kva Generator.

A generator for camping can open up longer stays in more remote areas, powering fridges and LED camp lighting, and keeping food and drinks colder in your portable fridge without fear of not being able to start your car in the morning.

This handy and simple to use OHV motor starts with a simple and reliable pull of a cord, and with bullet proof CDI ignition you can trust it to kick over no matter where you are.



3. The sensitive Inverter controlled pure sine wave output of an Adventure Kings 2Kva Generator is delicate enough to run less robust electronics, for example, laptops and camera chargers that don’t require the massive wattage of heavy duty power tools.This means that if you need to keep all your navigation work and entertainment electronics going for weeks on end, when you are well out of reach of civilisation, an Adventure Kings 2Kva Generator might be the power source for you!



4. If you are from a more comfort oriented grey nomad background, an Adventure Kings 3.5 KVA Generator with its Over Head Valves has enough grunt to power your average caravan air conditioner. This means that even on the hottest summer days you can keep your cool inside the van with no power sources nearby.  It will also run many power-hungry appliances like a microwave, kettle, toaster PLUS MORE. This is excellent news if you are a free camper or prefer touring through more remote areas away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.



5. With the headlines these days, it’s easy to understand why the popularity of a portable reliable and affordable 240v generator has skyrocketed. A reliable mains power source cannot be guaranteed by the power suppliers during heavy storms, through infrastructure maintenance and by a massive over demand of the established system. To combat the lack of reliable 240v power many have resorted to a portable 4 stroke generator to guarantee their home fridge and freezer stay running no matter what is going on around them.


6. Finally, keeping the better half and little ones happy when you are in more remote areas. Both the Adventure Kings 2Kva Generator and the Adventure Kings 3.5 KVA Generator have  240v outlets and 12v outlets, this is perfect for charging all their mobile devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming units.

Making sure there is no limit to selfies, top scores, music, movies and if there is a little bit of reception, they can keep up with all the latest goss on social media (and maybe brag about where you have dragged them).

Some of the best trips in the world can be easily spoiled by not having enough power at camp, with an efficient Adventure Kings 4 stroke generator you can be assured that wherever you pull up, and whatever reason you are there, you will have all the power you need ready to go on tap, without wasting a drop of fuel.

Get the confidence to step truly off the grid with an Adventure Kings 240v AC Generator it will give you more power, and more reliability

Adventure Kings Solar Panels Can Save Your Batteries Dying!

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These days camping definitely doesn’t have to mean roughing it! Gone are the days of soggy food, warm drinks and always constantly worrying about whether you have enough ice. Many campers are now decking their cars, 4WDs and boats out with incredible 12v power systems that allow them to run 12v accessories like portable fridges and LED lights.

If you’re running a car fridge like the Adventure Kings 12v portable fridge, you’ve most likely got a dual battery system installed in your car or 4WD. It might be something like the Adventure Kings Dual Battery System Smart Isolator, or you might even have a DC/DC charger like the CTEK D250SA. When you’re driving, this will keep your auxiliary deep cycle battery charged, but what about when you’re around camp?

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That’s where solar panels come into the picture. We’re all well aware just how popular solar is these days, both at home and also around camp. But did you realise portable solar panels can actually pay for themselves in as little as one or two camping trips? It’s true!

The auxiliary deep cycle batteries we put into our vehicles like the Adventure Kings AGM deep-cycle batteries, are a worthwhile investment. They power all our 12v accessories and camping gear, but did you know that you need to look after your auxiliary deep-cycle battery and make sure it doesn’t run flat? When an auxiliary battery runs flat, it doesn’t just stop your 12v 4×4 and camping accessories from running. If it goes flat enough, you can even risk permanently damaging the battery to the point that it will struggle to be recharged. More on that in a moment.

Portable solar panels have changed the way we go camping. Hands up if you’ve ever been to a campsite you just didn’t want to leave? Us too. Solar panels allow us to camp for longer at those favourite camp sites, by ensuring that our auxiliary deep-cycle batteries don’t drop too low that they risk being damaged.

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How low is too low? If your auxiliary battery starts to read anything under 11.8V, that means it’s less than half full. By 11.4V, it’s barely got 20% of its capacity left. Many 12v accessories like the Adventure Kings portable 12v fridge range have a low-voltage cut-out that will turn the 12v gear off to save your battery, but this isn’t always the case.

If you connect your 12v solar panel to your auxiliary deep-cycle battery while you’re at camp, you can continue to put anything up to 14v of power back into the battery – all while you’re sitting there relaxing and enjoying the sun! Ironically, hot days when the sun is shining its brightest will also drain your batteries quickest, because your fridge will be working harder to deal with the ambient temperatures, and everyone will constantly be opening it to grab out a nice cold drink. That’s when you definitely need solar panels for camping.

Deep-cycle auxiliary batteries start at around $200. That’s how much you’d have to pay to replace your deep-cycle battery if you accidentally kill it by running it too low while powering all your 12v gear. That means there’s a definite financial benefit to investing in a solar panel from the Adventure Kings portable 12v solar range, especially because they’re such excellent value and have features and quality normally associated with solar panels three or four times their price.


And the best part? They’re so easy to use. Whether you have one of the Adventure Kings 120W Portable Solar Blankets, or the Adventure Kings 160W or 250W Solar Panel Kits with MPPT solar regulator, it takes almost no time at all to set up your solar panels for camping and ensure that your 4×4 battery is getting a good solid charge the entire time you’re at camp.

And in the meantime, if you do happen to run your auxiliary deep-cycle battery down so low that it won’t recharge properly, all is not lost. Don’t throw the battery out yet! 4WD Supacentre has Australia’s best prices on the range of CTEK 240V battery chargers, which feature an intelligent ‘recondition’ mode that has the ability to bring old, dying batteries back to life in many cases. We’ve personally seen these chargers rescue batteries that we thought were destined for the scrap pile. 4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on any CTEK products that we stock, so if you find a cheaper price anywhere, we’ll match it! Terms & conditions apply, see https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/terms#ctek.


Adventure Kings 4WD Awnings PLUS Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swags, a winning combination

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I spend nearly every other weekend camping in my Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, and most times it’s unrolled beneath my Adventure Kings 4WD Awning, which makes it even more enjoyable for me to be out in the Aussie bush.


“But the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag is made from 400gsm heavy duty, ripstop canvas with big storm flaps at each end, why would you need to set it up beneath an awning?” I hear you ask… Simple – It makes getting in and out of my Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag so much more pleasant!

That’s because the Adventure Kings 4WD Awning doesn’t just protect my swag from any rain that might fall overnight, but it also keeps the dew off the canvas and the ground around my Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag. Anyone who has spent time out in the bush knows that Australia is notorious for its heavy dew, especially on the east coast of the country. And no-one wants to crawl out of their swag and get a slap in the face from a wet, dew-covered, 400gsm heavy duty, ripstop canvas flap.

And the same thing applies to the ground around your swag – with an Adventure Kings 4WD Awning over the top of your swag, you can leave your boots and bag of clothes outside your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be dry when you get up in the morning, thanks to the 280gsm ripstop polyester that the Adventure Kings 4WD Awning uses.

If it’s raining when you pull into camp, you can quickly set up your 4WD awning, using the telescopic aluminium poles, and have a dry area to unpack the truck and roll out your swag in a couple of minutes.

Keeping everything dry also means you can quickly and easily pack up camp in the morning, plus, the bedding that you keep in your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag will be dry when you go to crawl into bed the next night! How good is that!


And the Adventure Kings 4WD Awning doesn’t just protect you from rain and dew, but the 280gsm ripstop polyester is also UPF50+, which means that you can use your awning to protect you from the sun as well! Because it is so quick to set up (I’ve seen Shauno do it in under 2 minutes while blindfolded), you’ll be putting it up at every opportunity. Whether you’re stopped for lunch or a fish on a beach run, or simply down at the local park for a picnic, you can quickly and easily unroll it from the heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag it’s stored in, and sitting down underneath to enjoy the day without having to worry about you or the kids getting sunburnt.

If you’re using the Adventure Kings 4WD Awning with your Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag, you can even get a few hours extra sleep – the awning will keep the sun off your swag, which stops it heating up, and the heavy duty canvas keeps the interior nice and dark. So even if you’ve had a few too many lemonades the night before, you’ll get to enjoy your weekend sleep in, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy another great day in this amazing country we call home.


The other advantage of the Adventure Kings 4WD Awning is its modular nature which allows you to add all kinds of different awning accessories from 4WD Supacentre. Using the easily connected Adventure Kings 4WD Awning Walls to each side, means you can further extend your living space. I like to tuck my Adventure Kings Big Daddy Double Swag under an awning wall, which means that I can use all the space under the awning to set up my aluminium roll-up table to prepare food and cook, or even just sit back in my Adventure Kings Throne Camping Chair and relax.

Before I roll out my swag, I also like to put down my Adventure Kings Mesh Floor – this helps keep sand, dirt and leaves from getting into my swag, while also making it more comfortable to walk on when I’m barefoot. The clever design of the 280gsm polyethylene mesh allows dirt and sand to fall right through, keeping my campsite clean and tidy.

If you’re running a 12V setup in your 4WD, you can also run some 12V LED Camp Lighting under your awning, making it easy to see once the sun goes down. When I’m all set up, I like to call it my outdoor lounge room.


With your swag rolled out under your awning, and the mesh floor and LED lighting set up to light up your outdoor lounge room, you’ll be the envy of everyone else at the campsite, and living like an Adventure King.



Scott Osborne

4WD Action Team


Best truck spotlights – Kings 9″ Illuminators 18,000 Lumens

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Nobody relies on clear vision and a well lit road to make their living more than truckies. In recent years many smart truckies have clued onto one of the best kept secrets in the industry – Kings 9″ LED spotlights , these are some of the best value driving lights on the market, and are making life easier for more and more truckies every night.

Here’s why truckies trust the Kings 9″ driving lights:


  1. Best value!

Kings spotties are always sold as a pair. When you see their low advertised price, you’ll actually get two spotties, not one. Many competitors sell spotties as single units, which ends up costing you a lot more by the time you fit your truck with two or four. Putting a pair of Kings spotties on your truck can save you $1,000 or more compared to similar spec and quality lights from other brands.


  1. They’re bright

A pair of truck driving lights needs to be bright, so we’ve packed 18,000 lumens into each pair of Kings 9″ driving lights . They throw out 6500k white light which is easy on the eyes and won’t tire you after many hours behind the wheel. With 1 lux at over 500 metres, they’re not only super bright flood and spread spotties – their spot beam shoots a long way down the road. This is especially important when driving outback roads with the chance of cattle and native wildlife – the more time you’ve got to react the better, and 1 lux at 500 metres is a massive upgrade over standard halogen headlights.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-107 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


  1. Tough design

The best truck LED spotlights are built tough and you won’t find much tougher than Kings 9″ spotties. A dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, impact proof IP68 cast alloy housing keeps the 32 5w bright LEDs well protected from the hazards of the road. Corrugations, stone chips, animal strikes – none of those are a worry for the best value LED driving lights on the market.

EIGHT THINGS NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT ROOF TOP TENTS - image Capture-109 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



  1. Strong mounting brackets

One of the easiest ways to spot inferior driving lights is a poorly-designed mounting system. Kings LED 9″ spotties are the envy of many other brands because of their 3 bolt mounting system harnessing a tough-as-nails stainless steel bracket. Many truckies swear by Kings driving lights because the anti-vibration properties of our bracket stand the test of time in tough conditions. We’ve had reports of truckies who’ve crossed the Savannah Way and Gibb River Road – some of the harshest corrugations in Australia – and their Kings spotties haven’t rattled loose one bit. Spotties that don’t stay firm on the vehicle also flicker and bounce and can become a distraction, and with Kings 9″ spotties you won’t have that problem.

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  1. Peace of mind

With a 12 month warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, and tens of thousands of happy customers across Australia, you can shop with confidence when ordering Kings 9″ LED spotties. With their incredibly low price, unbeatable value for money, long lasting durable design and bright white light, these spotties won’t just keep your hip pocket happy, they’ll keep you safe on the road night after night.


  1. Easy to install

With the optional extra 9″ wiring harness specially designed for Illuminator spotties, anyone can install a pair in less than an hour. Why pay auto electricians hundreds for something you can do yourself to save even more money!


  1. Two sizes to choose from

If you’re after a smaller set of spotties, the Kings 7″ Illuminator Spotties share many of the same legendary specs as the 9″ pair, in a more compact unit. Their 10,500 lumens per pair pack a powerful punch and fit on smaller bars or tighter spots if needed.


  1. Multi-purpose

We’ve seen Kings LED 9″ driving lights on all sorts of vehicles from fishing trawlers, tractors and harvesters to police cars, SES 4x4s and trucks. Put through strenuous lab and real-world torture tests regularly to ensure their technology and rugged design remains at the forefront of LED light development, you can rely on your pair of Kings spotties to go the distance and light up the road ahead. The myth is well and truly busted that pair of quality truck spotlights needs to cost you over $1,000 –

That is more, than enough reasons to take the jump and grab a set of Kings Illuminators and bolt them onto your rig and see the results for yourself!


Best portable car fridge – Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer

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Not all portable car fridges are built the same, and before making your decision, it’s important you do your research and make sure you’ve considered the most important features that go into making 12v fridge/freezers good quality and value.


The Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer has been a huge hit with Aussies because of its big list of features at a bargain price. Take a look at what makes this such a hit and you too will be able to shop with confidence.


  1. It all starts with the compressor

The heart of any portable fridge/freezer is the compressor. A quality unit will use less power compared which is very important when using your fridge/freezer in a car that isn’t fitted with a dual battery system. The more battery power you can conserve, the better. It means you’ll get a longer run time out of your portable fridge/freezer without having to charge the battery.

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The Adventure Kings 60L fridge/freezer uses a legendary Secop BD35F compressor. Formally known as Danfoss, the Secop range has been in production for over 50 years with more than 2 million created in that time. With a history like that you can be sure the heart of your car fridge is built with the right components, giving you peace of mind for an efficient, long-lasting unit that will be a great investment.


  1. Easy to transport

A portable car fridge has to be easy to move, and the Kings 60L fridge/freezer will amaze you with how easy it is to get in and our of your car. Two big carry handles make it simple for one or two people to lift (these also make great tie down points to keep it secure during transport). It also comes with an internal basket which means you can lift the basket full of food and drinks in and our of the fridge separate to the rest of the unit. By being able to do this, you can keep the weight of food and drinks out of the fridge/freezer when you lift it, meaning you never have to strain your back. This removable basket makes it easier to pack as well – lift it up on your kitchen bench and load it up without having to hurt your back bending over. The fridge/freezer itself only weighs 20.8kg unloaded, which means it won’t put ugly dents or creases on your car seats if you store it on the back seat as well.


  1. Easy access

The 60L fridge/freezer has a reversible lid which means that it suits almost any car you want to put it in. Whether you want to store it on the back seat or in the boot, you can put it wherever you want and flip the lid to make sure it always opens conveniently. This is perfect if you have baby seats fitted or boot space is limited – a car fridge that doesn’t open for easy access isn’t very practical, and that’s why all the little things like this have been considered when we designed the Kings 60L fridge/freezer.


  1. Big capacity

Able to hold up to 81 cans or a whole lot of food and drink, the Kings portable car fridge/freezer is perfect for picnics, overnight trips, storing a bunch of drinks for a BBQ, or keeping leftover food cold for a few days. To do that you can plug it into 240v household power (the connector comes standard along with your 12v car socket so you can use your fridge/freezer at home and on the go). An inbuilt dairy compartment makes this as practical as your full-sized house fridge!

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  1. Plenty of handy accessories

The Kings 60L fridge/freezer is a fantastic value for money unit on its own. High quality, low price – it’s the choice for hundreds of smart shoppers every week. And with a few of our optional accessories, you can really make this the easiest portable car fridge you’ll ever use.


The accompanying cover is insulated, making your fridge/freezer run even more efficiently. This means it runs cooler and uses less battery life. The cover doubles as a bit of extra protection in transit, helping keep scuffs off your fridge/freezer and looking like its new for years to come!

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4WD Supacentre also sells single and double rear drawers that fit most SUVs, wagons and utes. The double Titan Drawers come with an inbuilt fridge slide, and 4WD Supacentre also stocks a range of aftermarket fridge slides from Dunn and Watson, which can be used with or without rear drawers. A fridge slide makes it much easier to access your portable car Fridge/freezer when it’s in the boot.

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Stop Relying On Service Station Air Compressors – Get a Thumper!

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Beach driving is such a fun part of 4WDing. There’s something so relaxing about a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon down at the beach, away from the crowds, and beach 4WDing is the perfect way to find your own little quiet patch of beach paradise. Carrying your own 12v portable air compressor is so essential if you want to go take your 4WD out onto the sand.

If you don’t want to get bogged on the beach, then you have to let your tyre pressures down. This will allow you to successfully drive your 4WD on the sand, by letting the tyres spread out, creating a large ‘footprint’ that lets your tyres sit up on top of the sand, instead of digging down into it. A lot of 4WDers ask the question about what modifications are needed for driving your 4WD on the beach, and the truth is, there aren’t many!

The first accessory you’ll need to go beach 4WDing is a tyre deflator like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator or the Adventure Kings 3 in 1 Tyre Deflator. This will easily let you drop your tyre pressures for beach driving. The rule of thumb here is to start at 16psi, but you may need to go even lower if the beach is really soft. If you’re wondering how low you can run your tyre pressures, you can lower them to as little as 10psi if you’re really struggling for traction. Be aware that your steering, braking and acceleration will change dramatically when you deflate your tyres to beach-driving tyre pressures.

When you’re done 4WDing for the day, you’ll need a way to re-inflate your tyres and air them back up to road pressures. This can be done at a service station, but you should never rely on a service station air compressor. For one, they’re incredibly slow, and can take up to ten minutes per tyre to reinflate your tyres so you can drive on the road. They almost always get busy on sunny afternoons as well, and sometimes you can wait up to an hour to use one! That should be enough to convince you to carry your own portable air compressor that will run off your car battery, but if it isn’t, then this next point will definitely convince you.

The number one reason you should carry your own 12v 4×4 compressor is that if you drive on the road with your tyres at beach-driving pressures, you’re causing massive amounts of internal damage to your tyres. That’s because the steel belts within the tyres are moving and flexing to such an extent that intense heat is being created within the tyre. On the other hand, if you use a 4WD air compressor like the Thumper MKII or the Thumper Max to air your tyres back up to road pressures immediately after coming off the beach, then those steel belts don’t have as much opportunity to move around and create heat.

The heat that is created by driving on the tarmac while still running beach-driving pressures is enough to cause a blow-out on a hot day in as little as 10km. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your original tyres, or big chunky 4WDing tyres – there’s still the potential for a blow-out if you mis-treat your tyres. It’s incredibly rare that a service station will be situated right at the beach exit, so it’s a much better idea to find a nice shady spot under a tree, and use your own portable air compressor to re-inflate your tyres.

12v air compressors can use a lot of power, so you should always have your car running and idling while you’re putting air back into your tyres. This will let your air compressor work as quickly as possible because it will be getting lots of power. Connect the alligator clips to your main or starter battery, start the car and let it idle while you re inflate your tyres. This will make sure you don’t drain your battery flat as well.

But the best part is when you carry your own 12v portable air compressor, you no longer have to wait for ages at the service station to use their one, that’s if it actually  works, and the nozzle hasn’t been run over multiple times. Tens of thousands of Thumper MKII and Thumper Max 4WD compressors have been sold and are being used right around the country. Thousands and thousands of people reckon they’re the best value 4wd air compressor, and we agree!

Best modifications to make to your brand new 4WD to go ANYWHERE!

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If you have recently purchased a new or ‘new to you’ 4WD and are excited to start making modifications, these are the MUST HAVES for any new 4WDer!

Firstly, its always good to drive your new vehicle offroad a few times to ensure you know what it is capable of, and what it’s limitations are, this is definitely the first step in deciding what upgrades you need for the style of driving you prefer.

For instance, if you like hitting hardcore tracks and getting your vehicle crossed up on heavily rutted tracks, perhaps a new set of suspension springs will do the trick they will allow your suspension to absorb the undulations and keep grip on tough sections of track and whilst you are at it, might as well get a little more clearance with a 2 inch lift kit, nothing beats being able to crawl in low range over the top of obstacles you couldn’t imagine tackling in standard gear.

When shopping for suspension, it is definitely wise take into account the weight of all your permanent accessories like steel bull-bars and rear tyre carriers as if you don’t do your research properly from the start and get a light duty spring and shock combo you will end up with sagged out springs in no time. Alternatively if you go too heavy duty, your on road ride will be harsh, and you will loathe hard packed dirt road corrugations and even speed humps and potholes around town.

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The next must have modification is a good set of tyres, it’s one of the most common questions in the 4WD world ‘do I need bigger tyres?’. Despite what every man and his dog has to say about this issue, its always best to stick with the size your manufacturer recommends, there are plenty of options available for most modern 4WD’s and they can usually suit your needs perfectly.

With that being said, some people prefer to go to a  bigger size and install a larger set of donuts to their rig, which improve off-road performance but affect fuel economy and braking performance, and could give reductions in low end torque outputs.

Bigger shoes are not all bad news, the benefit of larger rubber is the ability to drive up and over larger obstacles.

There are many options regardless of the size you choose to run, there are 3 main categories that people refer to;

– The first is ‘H/T’ which stands for Highway Terrain, typically gives excellent road holding but lacks good grip when off paved surfaces.

– Next is A/T which stands for All Terrain, these are designed for a bit of everything, they will give excellent offroad performance whilst maintaining good road handling and often give the best mileage out of offroad tyres.

– And lastly M/T which stands for Mud Terrain these usually have softer rubber compounds and deeper tread lugs, this makes them ideal for grip in full on hardcore offroad driving, however they sacrifice some of the longevity that A/T’s offer and can wear out fast and make lots of road noise when used ‘on road’.

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However, the lines are getting blurry between these variants due to recent developments in chemistry and engineering you can have some excellent all-round performers, that work well on nearly any hardcore terrain and outlast your standard traditional H/T tyres.

Whatever tyres you choose for your 4×4, it’s a good idea to know how to use them to their best ability.

Whenever you leave the bitumen, it is a good idea to reduce your tyre pressures to allow the largest tread footprint possible, this helps in a few ways, it will increase your contact patch, allowing more horsepower to get to the tracks, it will also allow you to grip steep rocky steps and other similar terrain by conforming to the surface and will give you more buoyancy on soft sand and greasy mud, making it less likely you’ll need a recovery.

Reduced tyre pressures will also protect your sidewalls from puncture from sharp sticks and roots and save you from using your  Tyre repair kit, and give you more confidence with your vehicles off-road performance.

There are a few ways to drop your pressures, but having a reliable tyre deflator with a gauge like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator, makes life easy, by simply removing your tyre’s valve core it can dump lots of pressure quickly and in control, but using the integrated gauge you can make sure you are running the right pressures all around.

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Once you’ve had your fun and its time to move on, it is best to get your tyres back up to your vehicle manufacturers recommended pressures before you hit paved surfaces.

A simple portable air compressor like the Thumper MkII or the Thumper Max will allow you to pump up all your tyres to the right pressure without needing a service station handy, after all, there aren’t many servo’s where you are likely to be dropping pressures.

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Using these tricks will get the most life out of your 4WD tyres and get you further offroad without damaging your new pride and joy.

Another modification that you cannot live without, is a quality set of LED Spotties regardless of your vehicle, standard high beams simply don’t cut it when there is a risk of hitting wildlife at high speed in remote areas.

A set of good quality LED Spotties will throw clear, bright white light hundreds of metres down the track, and even out wide, making even the youngest joey clearly visible with plenty of time to slow down.

The Adventure Kings LED Driving light range offers excellent value for money, they are competitive performance-wise with many of the more expensive brands available on the market, but find themselves ranked as one of the most affordable. You can get a pair of 9” Adventure Kings Spotties and wiring harness combo for under $200 including delivery.

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There are plenty of accessories beyond these that you can add to make camping better, but for the fastest offroad performance increases, the Adventure Kings Range cannot be beat!

Give your Ute wings with Titan Rear Drawers!

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This job doesn’t involve energy drinks, or a degree in aeronautical engineering!


Fitting a set of Titan Universal Wings to your Titan Ute Drawers is simple and can be knocked over in an afternoon with a handful of simple tools and a bit of common sense, and maybe an extra set of hands for lifting and maneuvering stuff around.

Even people with high school wood working experience under their belt should be able to knock this job out in a weekend!


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We also have a full step-by-step video of how to install Ute wings on the 4WD Supacentre website for anyone who prefers a visual guide.


The first step to getting a set of Titan Universal Wings fitted to your Titan Ute Drawers is to get the drawers out of the vehicle, slide out the drawer tub, remove the top panels and turn your drawer frame on its edge.

Having your drawers on their edge allows you to begin aligning the included brackets onto the drawers edge and marking out the pre drilled holes location onto the un-drilled bracket.

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Before marking with a felt tip pen make sure the brackets are flush and square.

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Once marked you can use a punch to locate your pilot drill bit, followed by a 6.5mm Drill bit to open up the holes to the right size for the included fasteners.

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When one side is completed, and you are happy that everything lines up well, flip the drawers over and repeat the previous steps along the other edge of your drawers.

When all the brackets have been drilled and their alignment double checked you can install the frame into your vehicle. This is where your mate will come in handy, to help you locate the drawers.

When your drawers are bolted down, you can fasten the brackets with the fasteners listed in the installation instructions. It’s time to reinstall your tubs and your drawer tops!


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With a scrap piece of cardboard, it’s time to start making templates for your wings, the idea is to start big and slowly work them down to the right size. We recommend trimming them bit by bit, and taking your time, the more perfect they are the better your fit and finish will be. Once a snug template has been created, you’ll have to trim it to accommodate for the carpet thickness on both edges, so double up a piece of the included carpet and mark the width off on the straight edge of your template and trim the template down to size.

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When you are happy with your templates for the front and back, you can repeat the steps for the other side, and then transfer your templates to the included plywood panels and trim down to size with a saw.

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There are 2 ways to transfer your bracket mounting holes to your plywood templates, firstly you can measure them out and draft them up onto your wings and hope when you drill them through they line up with your fasteners


Secondly, our favorite way, is to thread your fasteners in through the bottom of your brackets, and position your wing on top to exactly where it needs to be, and give each corner a light tap with a hammer to make an indent into your plywood piece.

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Drill out the marked holes with a 6.5mm drill and double check the alignment with the riv-nuts

Now that everything is ready to go it’s time to stick on your marine carpet, we recommend using an adhesive that will adhere to the fabric and the timber,make sure to follow the adhesives instructions for the neatest finish, don’t forget to glue the sides edges.
Trim all of your excess carpet once the adhesive is dry.
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Whilst your back wing is drying, mark out the location of the front wing, using the 2 slots on the middle bracket and the plug hole on the first bracket as a template, trace them onto your timber, making sure the wing is centered to allow for the carpet on all edges.

Use a 51mm holesaw to drill the plug hole, then align the two metal tabs with the slot marks you traced earlier. You can test fit with 1 screw in each tab and when happy with the fit, fit the other 4 screws and then carpet the wing.

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When the carpet has been applied you can cut a hole for the screw plug, and mount it up. Repeat the process for the other side, and you are done!

An easy as installation will get your Titan Ute drawers looking schmick, and with your new infill panels you’ll have storage space all your mates will be envious of and all completed in a couple of hours with some simple tools!



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Easy camping gas cook-ups are taken to the next level with the BRAND NEW Voyager Portable BBQ Grill offered by 4WD Supacentre.

Featuring a Double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hot plate, the portable Voyager BBQ Grill offers the choice between using a flat hotplate or when flipped over acts as a grill to allow juices to drain away.


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With a clean efficient 16MJ/h of heat output provided by a full length stainless-steel burner. It runs the total length of the hotplate for even heating over the whole surface.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill is versatile and easy to use with only one highly efficient burner that uses approximately 320g/h of LPG on its highest heat setting, the burner has the capability to last for more than 4 hours of solid cooking and with an inexpensive adaptor will happily run for over 26+ hours of happy cook ups using a standard 9Kg gas bottle found at service stations, BBQ stores and hardware stores.


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The double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hotplate is designed to be easy to clean and easily distributes heat across the large cooking area of 46 x 29cm.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill was designed and built with travelers in mind, it has a light-weight construction and simple design, which includes removable stainless-steel legs, and a protective hard carry case, the whole grill sets up in under a minute, and its portability and practicality is second to none.

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To set the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill up, simply requires it to be unpacked from its carry case, with its legs to be slotted into place, and the included 3/8” BSP-LH fitting hose to be connected to a suitable gas bottle, turn the gas flow valve and simply fire the integrated push button Piezo ignition and it will cook just as a normal full sized BBQ does, without any fuss.

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Weighing in at just over 8kg and being a compact design it will easily stash in the back of many vehicles, ready for impromptu cookups, to take away camping or perfect for 4WD Touring breakfast, lunch and dinners in places that do not allow for solid fuel cooking (campfires) or where there isn’t enough time to start a roaring fire.

For absolute convenience it is hard to look past the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill for its ease of use and durability, it will cook tasty meals easily, and stash away compact and small when not in use, it is sure to be a favorite amongst travelers, campers, and 4WD tourers in Australia.

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To find out absolutely everything about the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au

Installing an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Tourer on your Dual Cab Ute!

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Dual cab utes are currently some of the most popular vehicles in Australia and part of their popularity is their flexibility and versatility – they’re ideal for work or play and make a great base to build your dream camping set up.

Similarly, a dual cab ute will allow you plenty of options when fitting an Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent Tourer to your vehicle.

We’ll start with the obvious;

Roof Bars

Fitting roof bars or a solid steel roof rack system, is the simplest way to get a Adventure Kings Tourer Roof Top Tent Tourer fitted onto your vehicle. Included with your tent is a fitting kit, which works by fastening the Roof Top Tent’s built in mounting rails to your factory fitted roof rack bars directly.