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Safety both on road and off road is paramount, and clear unobstructed vision is critical to safely operating your 4WD anywhere! Now you can retrofit your vehicle, with a state of the art safety device that won’t break the bank, and will make reversing your large vehicle much less stressful!

This is why VMS has teamed up with Adventure Kings To release the latest in 4WD safety accessories, The VMS Reversing camera is one of the best ways to gain clear vision of what is behind your 4WD at any given moment. A simple plug and play installation, means you can install this device in just an afternoon.


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Fitted with a 150° wide angled lens you can clearly see not just, what is behind your vehicle, but what is beside you as well, there are far fewer surprises from obstacles and people that move into the path of your reversing 4WD!

The kit includes over 9m of extension cable so is easily suitable for installation on nearly any 4WD, van, family, SUV, camper van or camper trailer setup, and installation is quite simple, simply plug the IP67 dust and waterproof rated camera directly into your VMS Touring 700HDX and tap into your reversing lights for automatic operation whenever reverse is selected. This gives clear vision through the large 7″ LED backlit screen, for crystal clear vision!

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With the added ability to see clearly and from a lower perspective means you can easily find your trailer hitch, and avoid running into the wall at the back of your parking space, you are also afforded the ability to reverse your trailer easily.

By simply installing a reverse camera, many people are given the ability to easily reverse larger vehicles, like dual cab 4WD utes in crowded areas with much more confidence than without this supplementary safety device connected, and with the simplicity of installation, you will have a feature that is usually reserved for much more expensive 4WD vehicles.

At 4WD Supacentre, we’ve found the addition of an extra set of eyes being installed in to the back of our 4WD gives better vision when off road. In the event of a failed hill start, or simply turning around on tight tracks, you may need to reverse down tight sections of track, that are particularly tough to navigate, and being able to see where ruts are behind you means you avoid the dreaded rut crossover, which can be disastrous. You will also be able to see obstacles like tree’s when doing tight 3-point turns.


There are plenty of situations where a 4WD reversing camera like the VMS Reverse Camera, can save the day by avoiding any minor collisions whilst parking, hitting trees on the tracks, and being able to see if there are any small children around whilst you are reversing out of your driveway. By being able to see so much behind you, the VMS Reversing Camera, also makes reversing much more comfortable, without requiring you to contort your neck all the way around to see what obstacles might be behind your vehicle.

The added safety benefits are far outweighed by the affordable price tag, for less than the price of a carton of beer, you can have one of the most high-tech safety aids, that you will use every day!

Swags for a new generation of Aussie Campers!

The current generation of young Aussies are facing challenges, like unaffordable house pricing, increased cost of living, and overdeveloping cities, they aren’t left with many lifestyle alternatives than to escape the busy and overpriced way of life found inside and on the fringes of Australia’s major cities and satellite cities.

The growing trend with the younger generation is to pack up and escape to the rugged wilderness that Australia has to offer, to recharge and get back in touch with nature. However, with the aforementioned expensive cost of living and limited disposable income, the expensive brands that formed the status quo of the 4WD industry have had to make way for the new industry experts in camping…. Adventure Kings!

Offering exclusive products with excellent build quality, for extremely competitive prices, the Adventure Kings business strategy is to offer undeniable bargains, to campers and 4WDers who don’t want to sacrifice quality but cannot afford the inflated prices of the old players in the game.

With a range of camping shelters, like awnings and gazebos, and a large range of 4WD camping accessories, like recovery gear, winches, spotlights and more the Adventure Kings range is constantly growing, but the elements of the range that have not changed and don’t need to change are the swag range. Offering campers a more traditional alternative to camping in a tent, the Adventure Kings swags take young Aussies, back to the days of the traditional swagman.

Where a large portion of the Australian workforce were mobilized through the great depression, to follow the available work and help boost the Australian economy from the depths caused by the great war!

The Adventure Kings Swag range is hard to look past for a convenient and comfortable way to setup camp, with the Big Daddy and Big Daddy Deluxe double swags taking the stage as one of the most cost effective ways to get out camping, in comfort and in style. Boasting massive 1550mm wide mattresses and over 1 meter of head height, you’d be excused for mistaking this popular swag for a polycotton canvas barn.

There are more options in the range than this goliath, with the Adventure Kings Escape swag range offering even better value, with a slightly more compact setup that comes in both a single and a double size, using the same reliable and waterproof 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas and finally the ultra compact Kwiky Single swag, consisting of a foot and a header pole, and a large fly mesh cover, this is one truly fast and light setup,  you can easily set up the Kwiky in just a matter of minutes, and with the 750mm width, will fit just about any broad shouldered bloke, no worries.

All the offerings within the Adventure Kings range of gear offer excellent products with next to no margin, meaning that nearly anyone can afford to get out and go camping when they shop with Adventure Kings.

Get more organized on a budget!

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Titan Rear Drawers
are one of the best value and most durable vehicle mounted Rear Drawer systems available on the market. Packed full of features that others charge extra for, the Titan rear drawers are also nearly 1/3 of the price of many similar competitors!

Built from an extremely durable galvanized steel chassis and fitted with tough double roller bearing the Titan Rear Drawers are able to smoothly hold an unbelievable amount of weight, and to test this limit our team, loaded up with 2 whole wheelbarrows of pavers the Titan Rear Drawers still opened and closed smoothly, and the tough metal latches could hold the whole weight no sweat!

All vehicles are different sizes, so to accommodate the various needs that many people require their rear drawers to cope with the Titan Rear Drawers have 4 main models, the 900mm single sided drawer, the 900mm double drawer, the 1070mm drawers and the 1300mm Ute drawers. All models of drawers, except the 900mm single drawer offer the option to install a wing kit tailor suited to specific models of vehicle, aswell as the ability to custom fabricate a wing kit using the Universal Ute Wing Kit , which fills in the vacant space between the drawers and the internal trim panels of the vehicle.

These wing fill panels offer the perfect place to stash spare parts out of sight, whilst still being able to load equipment on the top of the drawers, making Titan Rear Drawers the perfect accessory for 4WD touring, camping, the jobsite, and everyday use.

The internal capacity of the Titan Rear Drawers allows people to pack and secure all of their necessary emergency equipment like a full recovery kit, cooking gear and even Awning accessories, neat and tidy and out of the way, secured and locked away by the key locking metal latch mechanism handle.

Covered in a dark marine carpet the Titan Drawers offer a quiet, noise dampening surface to quieten vibrations and minimize echoing in the cab. The marine carpet also offers excellent water-resistant qualities and prevents equipment from sliding around easily on top.

All Titan Rear Drawers are also fitted with heavy duty spring loaded tie down points that prevent rattles and clunks, when not being used, whilst allowing heavy loads to be easily secured to the top plate of the Titan Drawers for secure luggage, even on the toughest tracks.

As an even better value added bonus, the double sided Titan Rear Drawers also all include an integrated self-latching fridge slide. Offering stacks more value, and the ability to extract your fridge from the rear of your vehicle to access the food and drinks stashed at the bottom!

Brand New 250W Solar Panel From Adventure Kings!

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There is little denying that solar panels are the way of the future, and with a flood on the market of low cost campsite power alternatives, its easy to see the economic benefits to fitting out a campsite with a self-sustaining power supply that is emissions-free, affordable and requires minimal to no maintenance through its entire lifespan, other than the occasional wipe down.

Even with many makes and models of solar panel, becoming more and more affordable, there aren’t many that can boast affordability and absolute power output, like the latest release panel in the Adventure Kings range of solar panel systems.

The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel is a refreshing update to the outdoor industry, and unlike its predecessor within the Adventure Kings range, this updated panel offers the same 250W output from a more efficient and compact photovoltaic cell, without requiring 2 separate sets of solar panels. Being able to output 250W of clean and regulated 12v DC power the brand-new panel offers stacks more output than the “trickle charge” that many other less powerful panels on the market advertise.

With a peak output current of 13.74A even during the winter solstice in Hobart (the shortest amount of daylight of the year in the country) a 12v campsite setup still has over 9 hours of usable charging time which equates to over 120Amp hours and over a full summer day with up to 15 hours of daylight, can provide over 200Amp hours of juice to power camp.

For an even better perspective and more clarification, most 12v camping power setups require less than 100Amp hours to last over 24hrs at camp even with a 12v refrigerator running full time.

With a powerful and convenient 250W solar panel Aussie campers can stay at remote bush campsites, with a silent, emission-free, and virtually cost-free power supply offering absolute independence from the grid, and from overcrowded paid (powered) campsites.

The additional benefits of adding a 250W Solar Panel to a camping setup is the integrated 12v PWM regulator that is built in, not only does this help by sensing the voltage of the battery and the overall current draw the 250W solar panel output is then also regulated to prevent overcharging and potential damage to a vehicles battery and to also ensure that the maximum efficiency is achieved. The regulator isn’t included on many panels that are available on the market, so this addition definitely adds plenty of value to the setup and allows campers to simply plug and play without a hassle!

Any remote area campsite setup can serve to benefit from a high performance 12v solar panel, and with more and more 12v accessories becoming available for campsite setups. Upgrading to a powerful 250W solar panel setup makes a lot of sense being able to power even the most power hungry campsites, no matter what time of year you go camping.

For more information about this BRAND NEW release and any other detailed information about the Adventure Kings Solar power setups visit or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to our professional staff.

Affordable 4WDing and camping is more popular than ever!

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Recently the Australian online retailer, 4WD Supacentre just passed an epic milestone of over 400,000 Facebook followers. This positive news comes after an impressive string of brand new product releases in the first quarter of the year to add to dozens of product lines that offer the same unbeatable value for money that the Adventure Kings moniker has come to represent!

The company started in 2012 and is heading into its 6th year of operation and whilst being a relatively young organization, the knowledge base of the team is grounded with plenty of experience in product development and research to create what is now their industry shaking strategy of providing good quality gear within a very affordable price range. Over the last few years Adventure Kings has single-handedly changed the way that many Australian’s camp.


Due to the increased cost of living in major cities across the country, and less disposable income than has been available for decades, an affordable break from the everyday stresses and strains of working life has become the go to choose for many Australian families and young couples.

No matter the style of camping or 4WDing Adventure Kings offers a range of great gear that suits most setups. With recovery gear, cooking equipment, and even performance vehicle upgrades and modifications like Suspension and exhaust systems, more Aussies can now escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get in touch with nature whilst still bringing many of the creature comforts required to make trips away more enjoyable.


Adventure Kings 4WD and camping gear offers many of the same features and quality found with more expensive brands on the market and by selling much larger quantities than the competition for dramatically reduced prices, Adventure Kings is able to offer well designed and performance-oriented gear at incredibly affordable prices.


The recent industry push for budget-oriented camping gear has been reflected through the entire range of gear in the Adventure Kings lineup with Rooftop Tents priced at nearly one third of similar units on the market whilst maintaining comfort, weatherproofing, durability and ease of use, whilst the range of LED Spotlights in the Adventure Kings lineup are around 10 times more affordable than similar performance counterparts on the market.

The affordable price point and feature packed nature of the Kings range has attracted many Aussies who simply cannot afford “the top brands” but desire the functionality and practicality of well-built gear!

Thanks to all the tough work by Adventure Kings, it has come to be that many other brands have had to reduce margins to remain competitive on the Australian market but in doing this have failed to match the reputation for excellent value for money the Adventure Kings brand has always represented.

Stay Warm At Camp This Winter!

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4WD Supacentre are announcing the latest release in their gas burner range.

Adding to the already reliable gasmate range carried at 4WD Supacentre, and just in time for winter the team has just released the Gasmate portable camping gas heater.

The Gasmate Portable Camping Gas Heater is designed to be fully portable utilizing a light-weight sturdy metal frame, with an integrated convenient carry handle, the heater can be placed anywhere that portable heat is required.

With the ability to output a massive 7MJ/h the compact ceramic burner delivers a toasty warm heat output, ensures Aussie campers can stay cosy at camp, no matter what and the piezo ignition results in hassle-free heating.


Fully certified to Australian standards, the Gasmate Portable Heater is one of the safest compact and portable heaters available. Being compatible with typical disposable gas cans you can refuel at many supermarkets and camping stores across Australia whilst also taking advantage of 4 clever built-in safety features that make for reliable heat and a much safer camping setup.


The new Gasmate camping heater uses clever internal mechanisms to provide maximum safety, including;

•Tip-over Protection – This safety feature automatically cuts off the gas flow in the event that the heater is tipped over, this decreases the risk of accidental fires and burns.

  • Oxygen Depletion System – By sensing the oxygen levels around the heater, internal mechanisms automatically switch off the unit when oxygen levels drop below a safe amount, this makes the device safer to us inside smaller enclosed spaces. However good ventilation is always a good idea.
  • Flame Failure Safety System – without a flame to burn gas, particularly when unattended means that dangerous levels of flammable gas can build up, this safety circuit Cuts off the flow of gas if the flame goes out meaning fire/explosion risk is minimized.

    • Pressure Sensing Safety Shut-Off – Gas cartridge pressure, is critical to safety, this pressure shut-off circuit senses whether the pressure levels inside the gas can are safe and will eject the can if the pressure becomes too high, this often happens if the gas can is heating up too much, and can result in an explosion.

With safety and comfort being paramount to a happy camping experience, Adventure Kings are happy to be selling the Gasmate camping heater in their range just in time for winter camping expeditions, and is sure to not disappoint winter campers looking for a little extra warmth this winter chill!

Solar power: Moving your campsite into the future!

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Green energy has become a recent highlight in modern cities, through high demand and increasing costs of non-renewables, energy providers worldwide have had to look at implementing large scale green energy, to reduce emissions, and satisfy the demand of customers.

In recent years Photovoltaics (solar power panels) have advanced by leaps and bounds and have increased their potential efficiency by many factors and currently offer users a silent and basically cost free raw energy source ready to go!

These dramatic advances in technology have spread through the whole community and now allow 4WDers, caravanners, and campers to have reliable and steady 12v power through camping solar panels to assist in topping up battery systems and running 12v accessories.

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When coupled up with a reliable solar regulator to their camping solar panel, campers are afforded the ability to run accessories safely and smoothly without fear of power loss or long-term battery damage.

With the increase of affordable and extremely cost effective solar power there are many available 12v solar systems that offer supplementary power for longer stays at camp.

With intense scientific research and some of the best development teams around the best value solar power systems on offer are the Adventure Kings Range available from 4WD Supacentre.

Built using superior high quality monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, coupled with smart regulators a safe 12v output is always maintained.

The range offered by Adventure Kings starts with a simple 10W personal panel with a standard 5v USB charging output perfect for charging cameras smartphones and tablets on the tracks without draining your vehicles batteries, perfect for social media lovers and bored kiddies.


The next Solar panel system on offer is the 110W Fixed panel system, this is a panel that gives you the choice between 2 different regulators, it includes mounting bracketry and hardware and is able to be fastened permanently to the roof of campers, 4WD’s, trailers, caravans or even boats and yachts.

With the choice of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or the MPPT (Multi Point Power Tracking) 12v regulator you can choose the maximum potential possible, PWM is efficient at converting bright sunlight, whilst MPPT is more efficient in varying light conditions and in cloudy light.

There are also 160w and 250W solar panels which come fitted with a clever PWM regulator these are solid panels set inside an aluminium frame and allow efficient and easy transportation and setup at camp.

And finally one of the best value solar panels on offer through the Adventure Kings range, the 120W Solar Blanket. Being one of the most compact and portable panels on offer this massive output panel folds down to a tiny 400mm x 400mm package and includes a massive 4.4m extension cable with alligator clips, and a PWM charge controller with voltage readouts on the integrated LCD display.

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The biggest kicker with this compact and powerful panel system is it’s massive affordability compared with similar units sometimes ranging up to 10x more expensive.

The benefits to an Adventure Kings solar panel system are more than just the practicality of reliable 12v power anywhere you are set up, they are also some of the best priced camping solar panels available on the Australian market, making them unbeatable value for money.

To find out more about the full range head to or call 1800 88 39 64 for more info!

Adventure Kings Generators are incredible value

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Adventure Kings Portable camping generator sales have gone through the roof in the lead up to Easter 2018.


Easter stocks had already taken a hit after recent heavy rains and flooding in Queensland left tens of thousands of residents without power. Many turned to the reliability and value of a portable Kings generator to power their homes back up until the mains were back on. It was during this time many people realised that portable generators aren’t just handy on the jobsite or at camp; they’re perfect backup power at home and can save you hundreds in damages if your food and drink goes off in the fridge and freezer.


After the rush for backup power slowed, smart shoppers turned to 4WD Supacentre to get in early to get their portable camping generator before the masses. Both the 3.5kva and 2kva portable camping generators have sold like crazy in recent weeks as in store and online customers prepare to power big campsites with their friends and family over the Easter break.


With recently-added portable generator covers, combos of the portable generators and their covers began selling really well. Customers were attracted to even bigger savings and exceptional value for money that they’ve come to trust 4WD Supacentre to deliver time and time again.


2kva and 3.5kva generators have become extremely popular for campers because their portable, easy to use nature has allowed families to take the luxuries of home out bush with them. Now you can cook up a feed with ease by running a microwave, kettle, coffee machine or toaster at camp. No matter how big your family is, it’s easy to cook like you’re in your kitchen at home as you balance bacon, eggs, toast and a hot brew all at once.

The pure-sine wave inverters in both the 2kva and 3.5kva portable camping generators provide safe, reliable power to your accessories. That means no matter whether you’re running a $10 kettle or charging a thousand dollar phone, you can trust these portable generators to safely power your accessories while camping.


Easy one-person pull start operation and efficient four-stroke motors mean you don’t need to carry a heap of fuel to get your portable generator running while at camp. Simply follow the instruction videos online at 4WD Supacentre and you’ll have your portable generator up and running all of your appliances in no time.


Cooking, lighting, charging – whatever power demands your Easter campsite has, a Kings portable camping generator has you covered. But be quick – the cat is out of the bag and people are ordering them at unprecedented levels to take advantage of their terrific value. Get your portable camping generator now and relax at a comfortable campsite that keeps the whole family happy.

The range of Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories is changing campsites across OZ!

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Adventure Kings Gazebos are one of the many milestones  have absolutely shattered a market filled with overpriced and inferior quality gazebo’s.

Adventure Kings Gazebo range is built tough enough to survive the harshest  Australian weather conditions without issues. The solid steel hammertone finished frame is reinforced at its hinging points meaning it has a solid structure and foundation to support the waterproof 420D Oxford PU coated polyester high peaked roof.

Due to overwhelming demand Adventure Kings had to expand the range of gazebos to include the massive Adventure Kings 6m x 3m option, having literally double the usable sheltered space beneath it.

Along with the addition of a larger double sized 6m x 3m gazebo, the brand new range of Adventure Kings gazebo accessories, easily fasten to both sizes of Adventure Kings Gazebos using Velcro fastenings. Being accessories tailor made, to fit a gazebo’s folding frame, there are no issues with aesthetics with the whole range of accessories fitting neatly to the concertina steel frame.

These brand new accessories offer extra dimensions of usability in nearly any situation, and replicate the form and functionality of the already successful range of Adventure Kings Awning accessories.

The quickest and most versatile accessory you can add to your Adventure Kings gazebo setup regardless of the size you have chosen is the Adventure Kings Gazebo Side wall, being 3m wide and made from 210D waterproof it offers stacks of additional privacy from campsite neighbors, shelter from the wind and rain.

Another simple gazebo upgrade in the range is an Adventure Kings mosquito net. Being a fully sealed room with a PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net is perfect for setups in wetland areas, where mosquitos and other insects can cause grief and irritation for little people, and is even perfect in the desert, preventing the dreaded blowy (blow flies).

Despite the 3m x 3m size the Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo Mosquito Net fits easily on most gazebos including the larger Adventure Kings 6m x 3m Gazebo, offering half insect proof shelter and allowing space for adding a few Adventure Kings Gazebo Side walls or even the new Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent.

The fully weather proof Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers an enclosed and fully self-standing shelter and when it is fitted to an Adventure Kings gazebo, creates a solid base camp for weekend adventures and even for reserving your campsite and securing loose valuable items around camp.

Built from a tough wearing 210D Waterproof polyester fabric, and with a durable PVC bucket floor the Adventure Kings Gazebo Tent offers versatile shelter from wind and rain and with its massive mosquito netting windows prevents insects from bothering you whilst still allowing plenty of ventilation and air flow for when it is needed the most!
Offering excellent waterproofing on a sturdy setup it is no wonder Adventure Kings Gazebos and Adventure Kings Gazebo accessories are showing up at campsites beaches and parks in every corner of the Australian continent.

To find out more about the Adventure Kings Gazebo and Adventure Kings Gazebo Accessories Range head over to or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to one of our experts!

Adventure Kings Gazebo’s are changing campsites, parks and beaches all over Australia!

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In recent months it has come to the forefront for many savvy Australian shoppers that the value and the quality of the Adventure Kings Gazebo’s represent one of the best bang for buck standalone shelters on the Australian market.

Available in a 3m x 3m version and a 6m x 3m version there is an Adventure Kings gazebo for nearly every application, with a fully adjustable height and 3 separate detents, all of the legs are adjustable to suit almost any terrain for maximum stability

Built with durability in mind the whole Adventure Kings Gazebo range uses a strong reinforced folding steel frame design with a hammer-tone finish to protect it from bumps scratches and corrosion in salty environments.

A durable 420D urethane coated polyester canopy covers both sizes of the Adventure Kings Gazebos and offers maximum waterproofing for any weather, and is also UV rated to UPF50+, which is the maximum rating available, blocking over 97% of all of the harsh cancer causing UV rays.

Both the 3m x 3m version and a 6m x 3m size of Adventure Kings gazebo have stable feet, that can be pegged out to secure the gazebo from moving. Once pegged out and with the guy ropes fastened we’ve tested the Adventure Kings gazebo range in winds that exceed 45km/h with no troubles at all, this is one impressive feat, especially considering the affordable price point they find themselves in!

The all-weather protection offered by the Adventure Kings gazebo range, makes the Adventure Kings gazebos one of the most versatile shelters suitable for use just about anywhere in Australia.

The list of potential uses for a solid high performance gazebo is long and nearly limitless, however one of the greatest features offered by adding an Adventure Kings gazebo to any campsite setup is the added versatility offered for more ‘permanent’ setups.
Being able to leave camp and explore the local area or simply to restock supplies without breaking the entire campsite down, also allows campers the ability to “reserve” their campsite when they are out and about ensuring no one relocates into their prime position, whilst they are gone.

The Adventure Kings gazebo range has recently had a handful of practical additions that make camping simpler and easier and with accessories specifically made for a gazebogazebo wall instantly adds wind protection and adds an extra level of privacy to your campsite. With a gazebo tent you can setup a completely free standing weather proof tent, to shelter you and your family from the elements, and if you just wanted to stop the bugs from eating you alive, the gazebo mosquito net offers an extra layer of protection from just about anything that wants to drink your blood!

Built tough and with a price that is tough to match it is easy to see how an Adventure Kings Gazebo, could take over campsites all over Australia!

PRODUCT UPDATE – BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250w folding solar panel kit!

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The brand-new Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel is great for travellers looking to get the most power out of their camp set-up. This is a high output, serious panel for power-hungry campsites.

Quiet, cost-effective, and simple, the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel is the popular Adventure Kings 160W Solar Panel’s big brother, built with the same highly efficient mono-crystalline panel design and including an efficient and smart PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) solar regulator but packing an even bigger solar power punch!

Providing a steady 10a of green solar energy, with next to no running costs, this powerful and free alternative to charging 12v deep cycle AGM batteries at camp is sure to be a hit. A BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel can bring confidence to running campsite accessories all day long and not being concerned about battery life.

The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel has plenty of power and can run a 12V fridge, LED camp lights and charge voltage sensitive appliances like phones/laptops and much more all at the same time.


The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel comes packaged with an included zip-up padded carry bag for protection whilst it is being transported on rough tracks and sets up easily by folding out and is easily connecting to a 12v battery with the 5m extension lead fitted with handy battery alligator clips.

Built with adjustable legs, the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel can be angled to get the most efficient power delivery from sunlight and it can be folded away to easily fit in the back of many 4WDs vans or even inside a camper trailer.


The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel uses energy efficient monocrystalline solar cells giving campsite 12v setups more bang for buck and better panel efficiency for the given area.


In bright and direct sunlight the Adventure Kings Solar Panel can generate as much as 22.3V. To prevent damage to lead acid and AGM batteries the panel is fitted standard with a high tech PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) weatherproof IP68 solar controller. A 12v voltage regulator is essential to drop the voltage down to a more reasonable level. A PWM solar controller not only protects batteries from overloading, it also includes short circuit protection for incorrect assembly.


Back it up - into the future! - image 171218-_250watt_folding_solar_6_of_10_ on

The BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 250W Solar Panel will safely charge most camping setups, automatically without requiring any user input, except for moving the mono-crystalline panel to point directly at the sun every couple of hours!


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Easy camping gas cook-ups are taken to the next level with the BRAND NEW Voyager Portable BBQ Grill offered by 4WD Supacentre.

Featuring a Double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hot plate, the portable Voyager BBQ Grill offers the choice between using a flat hotplate or when flipped over acts as a grill to allow juices to drain away.


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With a clean efficient 16MJ/h of heat output provided by a full length stainless-steel burner. It runs the total length of the hotplate for even heating over the whole surface.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill is versatile and easy to use with only one highly efficient burner that uses approximately 320g/h of LPG on its highest heat setting, the burner has the capability to last for more than 4 hours of solid cooking and with an inexpensive adaptor will happily run for over 26+ hours of happy cook ups using a standard 9Kg gas bottle found at service stations, BBQ stores and hardware stores.


Back it up - into the future! - image BURNER on

The double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hotplate is designed to be easy to clean and easily distributes heat across the large cooking area of 46 x 29cm.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill was designed and built with travelers in mind, it has a light-weight construction and simple design, which includes removable stainless-steel legs, and a protective hard carry case, the whole grill sets up in under a minute, and its portability and practicality is second to none.

Back it up - into the future! - image gasmate-voyagergrillportablebbq-03 on

To set the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill up, simply requires it to be unpacked from its carry case, with its legs to be slotted into place, and the included 3/8” BSP-LH fitting hose to be connected to a suitable gas bottle, turn the gas flow valve and simply fire the integrated push button Piezo ignition and it will cook just as a normal full sized BBQ does, without any fuss.

Back it up - into the future! - image UNPACK on

Weighing in at just over 8kg and being a compact design it will easily stash in the back of many vehicles, ready for impromptu cookups, to take away camping or perfect for 4WD Touring breakfast, lunch and dinners in places that do not allow for solid fuel cooking (campfires) or where there isn’t enough time to start a roaring fire.

For absolute convenience it is hard to look past the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill for its ease of use and durability, it will cook tasty meals easily, and stash away compact and small when not in use, it is sure to be a favorite amongst travelers, campers, and 4WD tourers in Australia.

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To find out absolutely everything about the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill head to

Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Box – Brand New Product Release!

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Last week 4WD Supacentre released the Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Box, this secure storage solution is the most recent of a full line of secure and sturdy cargo storage solutions offered by the online retailer including rugged 4WD Drawer systems and Heavy Duty steel Roof Racks.

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Built to complement the handy storage space offered by a tray-back Ute, the Under Tray Tool Box is suited to 2WD and 4WD Utes in dual cab, extra cab and  single cab configurations, that may require additional secure storage space for both on and offroad applications and can even be mounted easily to a box trailers or camper trailers with little fuss.

Sold as a pair, the kit includes 2x corrosion resistant checker plate aluminium boxes that are equipped with lockable stainless steel T-handles and weather resistant rubber seals around the doors for maximum water resistance and security.


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The Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Boxes are made to suite both left side and right side of vehicle and can be mounted fore or aft of a ute or trailers wheel, given there is enough space.

The checker-plate boxes are 750mm long and 400mm tall, with a handy 250mm depth and have an opening size of 560mm wide and 210mm tall.

The Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Box, can fit stacks of camping gear including Awning Walls, Mesh Floors and essential easy to access tools and 4WD recovery gear plus any safety equipment that is needs to be on hand e.g. first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Built with a reinforced topside for a fully customisable fit, the checker-plate toolbox can be mounted to fit in exactly the right place on the underside of nearly any flat Ute tray or on box trailers or camper trailers.

Mounting holes can be easily drilled using a suitable drill bit through the reinforced top side and fastened into place using non-corroding fasteners, to secure it into place. Proper installation should be simple, sturdy and secure leaving no doubt as to the security of the contents locked inside.


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As always with Adventure Kings products the Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Box is priced extremely competitively for the Australian market and is sure to quickly become one of Australia’s go to accessory for additional secure, weather resistant storage on fleet vehicles, Tradies Utes, worksite trailers, Light Trucks and so much more.

To find out any other information including specific dimensions head to Adventure Kings Under Tray Tool Box or call 1800 88 39 64 to speak to one of  the experience customer service representatives.


Tough As Nails Kings Awnings Break Record Sales

The range of Adventure Kings Awnings and Awning accessories blitzed the Australian 4WD and camping market, giving Australian consumers a great quality product at a price much more affordable than most other competitors.

Because of the easily accessible price-tag these Awnings have become the foundation of thousands of Australian campsites, this winning recipe resulted in 4WD Supacentre celebrating another year of record breaking sales of Adventure Kings Awnings.

Designed as a weatherproof fold out shelter that is fully modular and neatly mounted to the side of your vehicle.

An Adventure Kings Awning setup can be as simple as a tarp sheet to give shelter from the rain or sun, you can add an awning wall to double your usable space, all the way up to a fully enclosed room with mosquito netting, massive zip closed windows and even a back door to allow access to your vehicles storage.

Customer feedback, technical insight and a wealth of experience in the Australian bush, both 4WDing and camping, has given the Adventure Kings product development team valuable insight into what components and designs are required for the most durable, practical and aesthetic 4WDing and camping equipment.

The Adventure Kings Awning uses a rigid alloy structure that delivers piece of mind with its heavy-duty alloy knuckles and hard anodised alloy frame system that supports the Adventure Kings tried and tested UPF50+ Rated 280GSM Ripstop polyester, and ensures all-weather performance for protection through heavy rain and beating sunshine.

Available in a range of sizes (1.4m x 2m, 2m x 3m, 2.5m x 2.5m and even the massive 2m x 3mAdventure Kings Awnings can be fitted to nearly any vehicle with suitable rooftop mounting points (like a roof rack, cross bars or roof rail system, and coupled with any of the range of accessories can instantly improve a camping setup.

4WD Supacentre is certain the high quality and excellent affordability are a winning recipe for continued record breaking sales.

To find out any other information including specific dimensions head to  or call 1800 88 39 64


4WD Supacentre has recently announced the launch of a BRAND-NEW Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer.

This brand new release is the result of a large customer demand for a higher volume alternative to the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer.The Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer product release is timed to match other summer products recently released by the Adventure Kings product development team, and is available for purchase through the 4WD Supacentre network of retail outlets, licensed dealers and online shopping.

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The Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer is priced competitively and has been released just in time for summer, which is a perfect option for the Australian consumer who is looking for a high value portable refrigeration system.

The Adventure Kings team continued with a beefed up version of the Secop BD35F compressor found in the smaller 60L model, meaning the Secop BD50F compressor can ensure control over the massive set and forget +10°C to -18°C temperature range on the 80L model made simple and stress free with the integrated push button digital display.


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Made from tough poly-carbonate, the Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer has been rigorously tested to ensure it is durable and lightweight, and with the highly efficient polyurethane insulation means, the cold is trapped inside for longer making it highly suitable for remote Australian conditions.

Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezer was designed in the typical Adventure Kings style, maintaining affordability without sacrificing performance or quality, and certainly delivers a lot of features for the money,  it has a removable basket to help cold air flow around your goods and has 2x internal dividers to stop your food bouncing around inside, it also has a separate dairy section to keep your milk, cream and cheese for longer.

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The product development team have stated that “Many of the features found in Adventure Kings 80L Fridge/Freezers can be found on much more expensive fridges on the market, and can even be run on 12 volt and 240 volt power.”

To find out any other information including specific dimensions head to or call 1800 88 39 64


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4WD Supacentre has recently announced the launch of a BRAND-NEW RANGE of Adventure Kings Portable Ice Box’s.

The release marks the first of a series of newly released summer products from Adventure Kings, and is available for purchase through the 4WD Supacentre network of retail outlets, licensed dealers and online shopping.

Through rigorous research and development, the product management team worked tirelessly with manufacturers and engineers to produce what they believe to be “one of the best value ice box’s on the market”.

Released in 4 sizes 40L, 60L, 80L and 100L, they are made from a durable blue polyurethane plastic with highly efficient CFC-Free Polyurethane foam core which has proven itself among many brands on the market to be one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient insulation solutions available, leaving less of an impact on the environment and providing more insulation than has been traditionally available for keeping food and beverages cold during typical outdoor activities such as camping, boating, fishing or 4WDing.

The product development team has stuck to the typical Adventure Kings approach of “affordable quality”, and have stated that “the Adventure Kings Ice Box’s have a lot of similar features found on much more expensive units that are available on the market, such as the integrated drain plug, thick EVA seals and stainless-steel latches, you can be assured that you are getting more than your moneys worth”.

The Adventure Kings range of Ice Box’s are priced competitively and have been released at the beginning of the Australian summer, this timing is perfect for the Australian consumer who is looking for a high value product at a minimal price tag and with the development teams attention to detail is sure to not disappoint.
To find out specific dimensions or for any other information head to or call 1800 88 39 64