Choosing The Right Roof Rack For Your 4×4

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Here at 4WD Supacentre we sell a huge variety of roofracks to suit many different 4WDs, SUVs and vans and heaps of different purposes too. We’re convinced that they’re Australia’s best-value roof racks because they combined incredible quality with unbeatable prices. If you’re in the market for your first or your next roof rack, you might be umming and ahhing over which one would suit you best. Here’s our expert guide to roof racks to help you decide.


FULL LENGTH STEEL ROOF RACK: This is by far and away our most popular roof rack sold. What sets this apart from the other options is the fact it runs the full length of the roof from front to rear, giving you incredible amounts of storage space for your swags, gazebo, chairs and other larger camping gear. It also has a full-length wrap-around upper rail that lets you firmly secure items like jerry cans and gas bottles in place. If you’ve got a wagon like a Nissan Patrol, Toyota LandCruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, this is a sensational option for a roof rack purely because of how much it will let you carry!

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STEEL ROOFTOP TENT RACK: This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you want to run a rooftop tent then it’s a rooftop tent rack that you want. It provides a large flat surface at the rear of the roof rack that means you can bolt your roof top tent straight to the roof rack. What’s brilliant about this design is it still provides you with a surprising amount of storage space at the front of the roof top tent, which will let you carry gas bottles, jerry cans and camp chairs at the same time. Note, if you want to run a Kings Kwiky Pop Up Roof Top Tent, you’ll need a flat rack, not a roof rack, as this tent runs the full length of the rack and will not fit with the front rails of the roof top tent rack on.

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STEEL TRADIE RACK: Not just for the tradies amongst us! Steel Tradie Racks get their name from the fact that they were originally designed for tradies to help make loading and unloading the roof rack easier. They’re also perfect for carrying long lengths of timber or PVC pipe because the front and the rear sections of the rack don’t have rails. There are still full-length solid rails down each side for securing loads. A Tradie roof rack is great for camping purposes too, especially for lifted 4WDs, as it makes loading and unloading the roofrack at home in the driveway or at camp a little easier too.

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STEEL FLAT ROOF RACK: Steel flat racks are gaining popularity in a huge way, and they’re often one of the first style of roofracks in any of our shipments to sell out of stock! Plenty of campers and 4WDers love them because of their sleek, low-profile design which looks great but is also very practical for still allowing access to underground carparks, garages and carports. In fact, on many full-sized 4WDs like the Toyota LandCruiser and Nissan Patrol, adding a steel flat rack will still keep the overall height lower than 2.1m which is one of the most common underground car park access heights. That means you can have all the storage space you need, without compromising where you can take your vehicle at home or around town.

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SINGLE-CAB, ½ LENGTH AND ¾ LENGTH ROOF RACKS: Not every needs a full-sized roofrack, or can fit one. If you have a single-cab, extra-cab or dual-cab ute then we carry a wide range of roof racks that will suit just about any length of vehicle. Utes are great for storing heaps of gear, until you realise that it’s actually very easy to fill your ute tub with a couple of swags and a portable camping fridge! Add a single-cab, ½ length or ¾ length roof rack and instantly give your workhorse a massive boost in terms of storage.


WHAT TO STORE ON YOUR ROOFRACK: In general, large bulky gear is best suited to being stored up on your roofrack. That means swags, camping gazebos and camp chairs are perfect! On the other hand, certain items must by law be stored external to the vehicle for safety reasons. These include jerry cans and gas bottles. You could spend upwards of $2000 having a custom swing-away mount made for the rear of your 4WD or SUV, or you could spent not much more than 1/10th of the price and get yourself a steel roof rack to store it all safely and legally. It’s a no-brainer, we reckon!