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Christmas camping made easy with Kings!

November 22, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Christmas camping made easy with Kings! - image sols on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Christmas camping is a great Australian tradition and as far back as we can remember heading away camping over the Christmas/New Year break has been one thing that cannot be left off the calendar.

Campsites all along the coastlines are booking out for December, and through January thanks to the great Australian tradition of heading away camping with the family over Christmas.

Not to mention that the weather is warming up you should definitely lock in your camping plans ASAP!

Once you have confirmed the plans locked in and your campsite, it’s time to get your dream campsite sorted out before you head away!


Everyone’s dream setup varies, but one thing that is hard to deny, if you were chasing even a simple setup from anywhere else, when all the costs are added up, you might as well just buy a holiday house.

The Adventure Kings dream setup is perfect for the whole family, starting with the Adventure Kings Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent, designed to offer one of the fastest and easiest camping setups available.

Being one of the best value roof top tents in our range it sets up in under 2 minutes by simply releasing the 2 end latches, where the large gas struts take over all the hard work and essentially finish setting up your roof top tent, in just a few seconds.

Tough aluminium construction and thick rubber seals, makes it the perfect partner for trips anywhere, including into the bull dust or for splashes from water crossings up in the cape.

To help keep you cool in the summer heat, the ceiling and floor is a fully insulated which means you won’t bake during your midday snooze, and the large mesh doors and windows will let the cool summer breeze take away all the heat through the evening.

Snoozing is a piece of cake with the 75mm thick high-density foam mattress which is great for even old bones, and adds even more insulation underneath for when the winter comes and you want to stay warm at night.

The fully waterproof 320gsm canvas uses midge-proof mesh and is stitched with doors on all three sides so you can set up entrance however you prefer.

The Roof top tent includes a mounting kit and the 2.4m telescopic ladder to make installation quick enough with a few simple hand tools and the included hardware.

The next in our favourite, campsite accessories you need for this summer escape, is an Adventure Kings 270° King Wing, unfolding to cover 2 sides of your 4WD if boasts a MASSIVE 11 square meters of Sheltered Space!

Adding to the impressive amount of shelter it is a genuine 1 minute setup by a single person, so you can setup your whole camp in just a matter of minutes, ready to kick back at camp without any fussing or fighting!

The 270 degree awning offers unparalleled shelter with its integrated pole system, you don’t have to play a balancing act with tarpaulin poles, and because of its waterproof, UPF50+ ripstop material there is no weather condition that will hold you back.

When you are taking a whole week or more off the grid, nothing is more important than keeping food and drinks fresh, which is where one of the Adventure Kings 70L Dual Zone Fridge Freezers will change the way you camp, offering 2 independently settable zones which can be set to -18°C all the way up to +10°C, meaning you can keep all your favourite foods nice and chilled in one side, and have all your refreshments stashed away on the other side to keep the cold in on your essentials and save battery power when you are away for a week or two.

These tough fridges utilise the SECOP brand compressors for ultimate reliability and battery efficiency, but even with the extended efficiency, adding a solar panel to your setup, will make sure you don’t have to start your vehicle back up to top up your batteries, this is where The range of Adventure Kings 250W Solar blankets are some of the best value camping setups you can buy offering reliable charge in practically any weather conditions they will constantly charge your battery through the day giving you the ability to charge your phone, light up camp and keep your refreshments cool all summer long.

There are plenty more accessories you can grab for your summer escape and at 4WD Supacentre you wone be disappointed, being able to pick up everything you need for your next escape whilst saving a mountain of cash in comparison to other outdoor gear suppliers.

For more information about the full range head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our experts on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the range in person and walk away with your dream summer holiday setup without blowing the Xmas pressie budget!