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Customising Your Portable Camping Gazebo

July 21, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Customising Your Portable Camping Gazebo - image gazebo-tent on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

In all our years of camping, we’ve had the opportunity to try out countless different camping gear to test its effectiveness and usefulness. Some bits of camping gear are so useful that we couldn’t imagine heading away camping without them, like a camping fridge or LED camp lights. Other things we’ve found to be nothing much more than un-necessary gadgets, like over-complicated stoves that take special types of hard-to-get fuel in order to run!

Time and time again, we’ve found that one of the most universally useful bits of camping gear that we own is the mighty portable camping gazebo. These are such an amazing bit of camping gear that once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever went camping without it!

When you’re out camping, having quality, dependable portable camping shelter is so vital. The weather can turn bad in an instant, and even if it doesn’t rain while you’re camping, often the blazing hot sun is just as bad! There’s nothing worse than being crowded into your tent or swag just to escape the weather. Thankfully, a portable camping gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3×3 gazebo or the Adventure Kings 6×3 gazebo is an almost instant and amazing solution!

We love taking our camping gazebos away with us, because they’re so quick to setup and offer so much shelter. One of the other things we love about a camping gazebo, is how easy it is to customise your portable gazebo to suit your own needs! No two campsites are ever going to be the same, and your requirements out of your camping gear and what works for you, won’t necessarily be what works for the next person.

Think of a portable camping gazebo like the centre of your campsite. Once you’ve sorted out your gazebo, you can then add on various genuine gazebo accessories to really make it suit your needs perfectly! Let’s look at all the ways you can modify your camping gazebo to ensure that your next camping adventure is the best one ever.



Everyone who owns a portable gazebo should own at least two gazebo walls in our opinion! While a quality camping gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m Gazebo or Adventure Kings 6x3m Gazebo will provide excellent water, sun and wind protection from directly above, a genuine Gazebo Side Wall or two gazebo walls will take your shelter to the next level! Attach two of them to the two adjoining sides of your gazebo that are directly into the sun, the wind or the rain and you’ll create an amazing sheltered area that’s cosy, roomy and perfect for relaxing at camp! The Adventure Kings Gazebo Walls feature a 3×3 metre size and attach quickly to the frame of your 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo with the un-built hook and loop tape, as well as sewn-in ties for extra support. They attach in under a minute and provide so much extra shelter that they are an absolute camping essential!


Once you’ve got your gazebo walls sorted, the next bit of protection from the elements is to cover the ground under your gazebo to keep you warm, dry and clean! The easiest and best way to do that is with a camping mesh floor, which uses a clever weaved design to allow dry dirt and sand to drop down through it, but prevents the dirt and even some water from making its way back up through the mesh floor again. The really great thing about Adventure Kings mesh floors is that they come in 3×3 metre, 5×2.5 metre and 6×3 metre sizes. You’ll notice that the first and the last sizes listed there perfectly match the sizes of the 3x3m Kings Gazebo and 6x3m Kings gazebo! They fit perfectly underneath the gazebo and can even be pegged down using the same pegs that go through the feet of your gazebo. This gives you a beautiful spot to get up off the dirt and the ground, keeping you and your camping crew – plus your whole campsite – nice and clean!


A popular addition to many camping gazebos is a Gazebo Mosquito Tent or Gazebo Mozzie Tent. This is a tent designed to specifically to your portable gazebo’s structural frame, that is fully enclosed and made out of mosquito and midgee-proof mesh. This fine mesh tent gives you a fully enclosed area to camp and lounge around in, while still allowing the breeze to flow through! It’s obviously best suited to warm weather camping, but has more uses than just keeping the mozzies out. When you add a mosquito tent to your portable gazebo, you create a secure area for toddlers and even your dogs to relax in, while you relax safe in the knowledge that they can’t get out and escape anywhere!


Similar in design to a gazebo mozzie tent, a fully enclosed gazebo tent uses your camping gazebo’s frame as a support structure. The main different with a gazebo tent, is that it is completed enclosed with water and windproof material to keep you completely dry and protected from the elements. Gazebo tents effectively enclose the large space within and underneath your gazebo and turn it into a huge enclosed tent, so big that you can genuinely stand up inside it! You’ll notice that a quality gazebo tent has multiple large windows and a huge double entry door, allowing you to tailor it to the weather you’re camping in – open everything up when it’s hot, close it all up for added protection when it’s cold! If you currently use your gazebo as swag shelter when you camp, then adding a gazebo tent particularly when it’s cold or wet is a great way to add even more shelter to your setup!


A gazebo hub is a very clever fully enclosed tent that primarily uses your portable camping gazebo’s frame to as the support structure, with the main different being that it is designed to extend off one side of your gazebo. That way, it leaves the underneath area directly under your gazebo free for you to use as a living room – effectively doubling the space of your camping gazebo!

However you choose to customise your portable camping gazebo, one thing’s for certain. If you choose genuine Adventure Kings camping gazebos and gazebo accessories, then you’ll get incredibly high quality gear at amazingly affordable prices. 

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