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Digital upgrades for your 4WD!

April 16, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Digital upgrades for your 4WD! - image Untitled-1 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Over recent years technological developments have meant that more and more digital devices can feed us with much more information than has ever been available before. Some consider this an overload, but with more and more accessories in demand, the value of these products has never been so good.

With some clever research and development, at the touch of a finger you can have your vehicles real time speed, gps location, and tap into your vehicles sensors for accurate and up to date info about what is going on under the bonnet.

Thanks to adventure Kings these accessories have never been more accessible and compatible to 4WDers Australia wide.

Check out these awesome digital devices that make road trips and 4WD trips away that much easier, and without the heavy toll on the hip pocket either!


VMS Touring 700HDX

For generations navigation on the traccks meant whipping out a compass and unfolding large paper chart maps to work out where you are and which direction you should be heading. These maps are great, but in the long term they get out dated, and eventually the information presented on them is inaccurate and can lead 4WDers astray on the tracks.

Thanks to the VMS touring 700HDX GPS Navigator available at 4WD Supacentre this is no longer a problem that many 4WDers face on the tracks.

With over 3000+ topographic and detailed road maps of australia, and turn by turn navigation all clearly displayed on the easy to read 7” led backlit touchscreen display, finding camp will no longer be so difficult.

With touring made thousands of times easier, you can use the VMS touring 700HDX GPS Navigator in conjunction with a Reversing camera to make sure that you are absolutely safe when reversing, this can help with alighing your tow hitch, and even the proximity to walls, bollards, and other vehicles. Making the ability to reverse your 4WD both on and offroad as easy as pie!


At an insanely valuable price you can pick a VMS touring 700HDX GPS navigator for under $300, which smashes the value offered by similar offroad GPS navigator units!


Engine Data Scan


With the advent of common rail turbo diesel engines as standard equipment, many 4WD’s now take advantage the enhanced efficiency and control offered by electronically controlled diesel injectors. With all of the complicated circuitry required to run these beasts to maximum efficiency, it’s only a matter of time before something doesn’t go quite right. With malfunctions possibly meaning being stranded, it pays to be aware of what your vehicle is doing under the bonnet.

An Engine Data Scan computer, easily connects to and is powered by your vehicles OBDII port, this is  found underneath your dash, and is the same connection that mechanics use to diagnose engine fault codes in your vehicle. By using an Engine Data Scan, you can monitor your vehicles vital signs and have a heads up on whether your vehicle is running as it should.

With the added ability to operate as a vehicle trip computer, offering fuel usage stats, and coolant temperature information, you can ensure you have a thumb on the pulse no matter where you are. And as an added bonus the EDS computer, has the ability to scan a check engine code, helping to diagnose trackside ailments with the same accuracy as a dealership mechanic, and offers the ability to clear vehicle fault codes, getting you out of the dreaded “ limp mode” when you are stuck in remote locations, allowing your vehicle to operate normally until you can get to a location to fix the issue.

All for well under $100 this is a sure favorite for anyone who loves taking their 4WD into remote areas!


Adventure Kings Heads Up Display (HUD) Unit


With concentration on your speedo being critical in these days of highly restrictive speed rule enforcement all over the country, it certainly pays to be aware of your speed, with road safety authorities citing it as being one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents, other factors seem to have been ignored.

Fines can be heavy and if speed limits are exceeded you can lose over $200 easily by a simple lapse in judgement.

So when you need to keep your eyes on the road, the Adventure Kings Heads Up Display Unit, will pay itself off the first speed trap you pass, available for under $50, it clearly displays your GPS satellite calculated speed onto a reflective sticky strip directly onto your windshield meaning that getting caught out by a hidden speed camera is a thing of the past.

The range available from 4WD Supacentre is excellent value and allows 4WDers more piece of mind when escaping the city, without hurting the wallet!