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February 13, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur EMERGENCY POWER ON DEMAND! - image Capture-136 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Believe it or not, Australia is encountering a power crisis. This is not political power, but rather 240v mains power, with rising costs and unreliable supply, its becoming more and more common to come up with alternative solutions to maintain power at home for what can sometimes be over 24 hours with no supply!

This is where Adventure Kings portable generator range comes into its own, with a 2KVA and 3.5KVA and a 1500w 240 volt Inverter. Adventure Kings has your emergency power needs sorted.

First of all, this seems like common sense, however when dealing with 240V AC mains power there can be risks around wet areas. To maintain absolute safety, ensure you don’t use electrical appliances around water, and that all extension leads and power boards are in safe working order!

Moving forward, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding on an emergency power setup. The most important criteria to consider is the demand of the appliances you wish to run, when an inevitable blackout hits.

The Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator is by far our most popular generator for camping, work, and for emergency use, as it has a massive 3500W peak power output. This output means you can run power hungry appliances like fridges, 240V lighting, and with its integrated pure sine wave inverter can even charge 12v accessories like phones iPads, and laptops without causing damage to more sensitive components.

The Kings 3.5KVA Generator is also great for emergencies, because of its fuel economy. The reliable and efficient 150cc four stroke boasts an efficient and powerful overhead cam shaft and reliable CDI electronic ignition (Capacitive Discharge Ignition).

The powerful and reliable engine coupled with an easy to start smooth pull ripcord, and adjustable choke this generator is extremely simple to use, turn the ignition switch on and pull the cord and you are good to go!

Economy mode is a feature not found on all generators and with the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA allows it to automatically adjust its RPM to suit the demand of the appliances that are plugged in!

If you have done your calculations and you don’t require the massive power output offered by the Adventure Kings 3.5KVA Generator, have no fear. There is a smaller Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator, which at almost half the price, puts out a whopping 2000W.

EMERGENCY POWER ON DEMAND! - image Capture-137 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

When push comes to shove, the Adventure Kings 2KVA Generator still offers great fuel economy for its total power output, it is a more compact unit, that is also more affordable than many similar output models on the market. even though this model is cheaper you still get a lot of bang for buck, and your dollar certainly goes further than you’d expect!

Powered by a meaty 100cc 4 stroke motor that uses a push-rod style Over Head Valve, and a similar CDI ignition offered with the larger Kings 3.5KVA generators. The 2KVA camping style generator can still run stacks of your home appliances, and still boasts the same automatic rpm adjusting economy mode, meaning its 4.1L of fuel capacity can last you up to 9 Hrs of total running time.


EMERGENCY POWER ON DEMAND! - image Capture-138 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

This feature will help to conserve more fuel for longer time off the grid, however may have trouble powering all of the same luxuries offered by the larger 3500W unit!

Lastly but not least, is the Adventure Kings 1500W inverter, on its own this device doesn’t generate any power but will rather convert 12v DC power, like the power found in your standard 12v car battery or 12v deep cycle batteries used in caravan’s boats and other battery banks into 240v mains, using the same pure sine wave inverter technology found in the 3.5KVA Generator and the 2KVA generator from the Adventure Kings Generator range.

A Kings 240V Inverter is very handy to have if you have a larger battery bank to draw power from but unlike the generators, it is more a temporary solution relying on your battery bank to run all of your power thirsty gear.
With few options other than a large setup of portable solar panels or by running your vehicles motor and using its alternator to recharge your batteries you aren’t left with too many feasible longer term options for powering your home appliances.

No matter where you live in Australia, it’s sensible and sane to prepare yourself for longer power outages, from an over stressed and under maintained power grid.

Take matters into your own hands with a portable power generator from Adventure Kings!