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ESCAPE Busy Campsites with a 4WD!

August 22, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur ESCAPE Busy Campsites with a 4WD! - image Capture-13 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


Australia is known as the island continent, and for good reason, measuring over 4000km wide and just over 3600km from the most northerly cape to the most southerly tip. With all of this space and less population than the US state of California, it’s truly a wonder why, whenever you go camping mostly all of the regular campsites are packed full!

But don’t fear, you aren’t sentenced to a life sentence crammed like a sardine into paid campsites, we have the perfect free campsite solution. By getting you and the family into a 4WD ute or wagon you can easily access the vast and untouched national parks and remote regions of this country and gain a greater appreciation for those who lived here long before wifi and air conditioning.

Some people might say a 4WD is a farmers tool and reserved for country people who live way out in the bush – these people are wrong and the common argument about fuel economy went out the window with modern common rail computer controlled turbo diesels with more popular large capacity diesel Utes easily  delivering under 8L/100km fuel economy in the city, when you find out just what a 4WD can really do for you, you’ll be wondering why you never owned one before.


With hardcore advertising being the way it is many larger vehicles are marketed as 4WD, and whilst some do have all 4 wheels driven, they should be considered an “all wheel drive” these are designed to give extra grip and smoother power delivery in the wet, however a true 4WD usually has a reinforced drive train, and should be able to handle the varying torque loads encountered when tackling rugged off-road tracks.

A typical 4WD has a simple method of engaging and disengaging the gearbox from the 4WD function, either with a button or a gear shift lever, this allows the front wheels to disengage and for the vehicle to use much less fuel on high traction pavement surfaces an additional feature typical 4WD’s have over all wheel drives is the option of low range gearing, which to put it simply, will make your 4WD perform a bit more like a low speed tractor than a rally car, which gives it plenty of extra soft surface grip and power to drive through obstacles when you are in tough conditions.

There are a few tips and tricks that 4WDers use to gain even more traction, like differential lockers, limited slip differentials and even traction control systems, however the biggest secret to getting further off-road is to lower your tyre pressures using a purpose designed tyre pressure gauge like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator. A tool like this can nearly double your vehicles tyre contact area meaning you will float above soft terrain and have even more bite on soft terrain.

This simple trick should get you closer to your destination no matter how rugged the tracks are!


A Typical 4WD has an elevated ground clearance, not just a “compensator” as some people who have never been offroad might believe, but a 4WD needs to be able to clear offroad obstacles without damaging the underbody or the drive line, the more clearance you have means you will have plenty of room underneath your vehicle and avoid being “high sided” a term that describes being bottomed out on the tracks by an obstacle like a big rock or pile of sand. Usually a true 4WD will offer more than 30cm of ground clearance under the body with some suspension components hanging lower.

Rugged tracks will challenge the standard clearance of many 4WD’s and if tackled uncautiously could end up resting a 4WD square on its belly, so a good set of underbody bash plates and even a 2” Lift Kit, like the highly affordable Raw Suspension kits which contain everything you need to lift your vehicle a little bit more for additional ground clearance for off-road driving.

However even the most heavily modified and equipped vehicles get stuck in some situations and by bringing a Recovery kit and an offroad jack and jacking base, you will be surprised at just what a basic vehicle with minimal modifications can do when the going gets tough!


Typical 4WDs are engineered to have stronger frames, motors, gearbox’s, suspension and body panels. These are all designed to cope with the forces encountered on the tracks. The durability also makes sure that bumps and scrapes do not leave vehicle parts as souvenirs on the track for the next vehicles that are coming through.

Usually the motors are stronger and output much more torque and horsepower than a standard family car typically a diesel requires much less maintenance than a standard family car with many people reporting to be able to get their old Toyota Landcruiser motors up and over 1,000,000 km before retiring them.

The longevity and reliability of a 4WD makes them perfect for travelling longer distances into the arid regions, and the extended range fuel tanks typically found in LandCruisers and Nissan Patrols often make them the perfect vehicles for mining, and farming applications. This reliability makes those longer journeys trouble free and enjoyable, even in mostly uninhabitable environments!


Internal storage is usually not a problem with the larger size of 4WD’s. Typically having much larger space inside being intended to carry practical loads out into the untamed terrain this means that there is plenty of internal storage space inside most 4WD’s to stash all your creature camping comforts.

Now you have decided to get away from caravan parks and busy urban campsites, you’ll need to bring some of those comforts and amenities with you on the tracks. With a Privacy Tent, 12v shower and portable flushing toilet, the better half will be happy to join you no matter where you end up!

Being able to stash all of your creature comfort camping gear organized in the back of your car in a set of Titan rear drawers will help to keep everything easy to access no matter how far you are travelling. With a heavy duty fridge slide included, even icy cold drinks will be on hand at any given moment!

Get your family away from the crowds and enjoy quieter and more pristine campsites, with a tough 4WD and gear from 4WD Supacentre!