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June 1, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur EVERYDAY CARRY ESSENTIALS – 4WD MUST HAVES NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! - image Capture on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

The list of things you could pack inside your 4WD is just about endless, but there are a few things you should never leave home without even on your daily drive to work!

When deciding what should have  a permanent place in the back of your 4WD, there are so many things you could easily leave at home without thinking twice, but if you know what’s good for you this list will give you some excellent pointers from years of experience on the tracks.

First things first, you need somewhere to stash all of your essential bits of kit, whether you are on the tracks or daily driving to and from work, you can easily keep everything organised in a set of Titan rear drawers.

The range on offer is huge and offers 5 different sizes for stacks of storage in just about any 4WD. They roll smoothly on the roller bearings, lock securely with a key and you can chuck all your essentials neatly away for when you need them in the most unexpected situations.

Titan Drawers are much more affordable than you would think, so definitely check them out!

Talking about packing the essentials, you must never forget a toilet roll (or two), this one seems a little bit over the top as a priority, but together we couldn’t count on all our fingers and toes the amount of public toilets that fail to provide adequate dunny roll!

Not to mention all of the inopportune moments where the better half simply couldn’t hold it any more on rough and corrugated sections of track (can’t really blame them!).

Toilet paper (unused) is also the perfect dry tinder for getting your campfire started, and If you stash your roll in a waterproof zip lock bag, you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised whilst travelling!

Whilst it is essential to life, this next pointer is often forgotten, that is clean drinking water, whether it’s in a jerry can, collapsible water carrier, or even a slab of 600mL bottles from the supermarket. It’s important to bring enough water for everyone, a safe rule of thumb is 5L per person per day, more in summer and more again in the desert, and always make sure you don’t litter and that you bring all your rubbish back to civilisation to keep the tracks pristine!

For this reason we always keep a dirty gear bag on the back for carrying empties, and the dirty recovery gear, slung over the spare tyre!

Another essential, you MUST bring with you is a fully stocked first aid kit, (and know how to use it) there are countless hazards encountered by regular people every day, and anything from a splinter to life threatening injuries can be helped by having a proper first aid kit on hand at all times in your vehicle.
4WD Supacentre offer a pretty good range of first aid kits that are tailor made for many different situations which can come to the rescue when you least expect it!

The next bit of gear you should never leave home without is a handy and fully stocked tool kit.

There are quite a few really solid toolkits on the market, but not many of them have all the equipment that you need to get your 4WD back on the tracks in a timely fashion as the Adventure Kings range does!

Regardless of the kit you decide to buy, it should include a digital volt-meter (multimeter) or a test light to help get to the bottom of any electrical problems, by probing connections, you can find any faults pretty quickly and should never be without a good roll of duct tape, electrical tape, a roll of clear packing tape is good for emergency window repairs and stopping chips turning into cracks! (gaff isn’t ideal for every fix!) and a quality water dispersant spray and spare fuses (that are the same type your vehicle takes, you could get stuck if you only have those old glass ones and you’ve run out of spare blade fuses).

The included soft bag means the bush mechanic tool kit easily fits inside your Titan Rear drawers and wont bounce around even on the toughest tracks.

We also always stash a good quality compressor like the Thumper MKII, Kwiky Tyre Deflator and a tyre repair kit, to make sure no matter what we encounter in a day on the tracks we have all bases covered!

One of the most critical bits of kit you will need for camping, road trips and even emergency battery charging, is a Kings 120W solar blanket.

Built to be one of the most versatile solar panel systems in the Adventure kings solar panel range, the 120w solar blanket is more than a camping solar panel, it has enough power to recharge your cars battery in just a few hours, with USB outputs you can even charge your phone in a critical emergency!

The integrated regulator on the 120W solar blanket regulates the voltage and amps going into your battery for the best possible charging performance, no matter where you are.

The handy thing about the 120w solar blanket is its convenient folded size, measuring just 400mm x 400mm, it stashes away easily your rear drawers with no issues, meaning wherever you need power, you have it!

One of the last things you absolutely need to include in your every day carry is a quality recovery kit, this can be as simple as a rated snatch kit, or as comprehensive as a Hercules Complete Recovery Kit.

A solid recovery kit, should include a shovel, a reliable tyre deflator, a snatch strap, a tree trunk protector, an extension strap, a recovery dampener, rated U shackles, and if you have a winch fitted, you should not neglect the equipment required to do a double line pull.

One last thing we forgot to mention is good old Australian ingenuity, above anything else you should always keep your wits around, as often the simplest solution is the easiest!