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First trip is gonna be grand!

May 21, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur First trip is gonna be grand! - image first-camp on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Word through the grapevine is that lock down is coming to a close, and public campgrounds will be allowed to reopen much sooner than we thought! This great news means you are probably planning your next trip away to the bush.

But don’t get torn in half trying to decide what the best setup for you might be before checking out the range of high value gear available at 4WD Supacentre for an incredible price.

Without further ado, here are our top value picks that will save you thousands on your campsite when shopping around!

Grand Tourer Roof Top Tent

This premium roof top tent has to be one of the biggest savings you could make on your campsite alone, with similar units being priced at around double the cost this roof top tent is absolutely packed full of incredible features which are ideal for taking your campsite to the next level with minimal fuss.

Fitted with an impressively thick mattress, which is not only 75mm but plush and comfortable for all night sleep, because of the aluminium shell and gas struts this tent can be set up in just a couple of seconds and also insulates from the coldest nights away!

70L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer

This has to be one of the most under-rated and under valued heavy hitters on the market! The Adventure Kings range of Fridge Freezers boast some of the best components on the market, fitted with SECOP compressors and incredibly thick insulation on the inside the Adventure Kings 70L Fridge freezer is really something to consider when shopping for a new camping fridge.

Offering full temperature control between both sides, from 10° all the way down to -18°C it even runs on 240V wall power, making it ideal for use at home as a backup for parties and even for when you need to stock up on a few extra frozen meals.

Considering its competition are selling their equivalents for up to three times as much you’d be bonkers if you didn’t stop to weigh up why an Adventure Kings 70L Fridge is the perfect addition to your campsite!


270° King Wing Awning

270° Awnings aren’t a new invention, but affordable ones seem to be something that Adventure Kings pioneered and have dominated for around a year with their 270 Degree King Wing, designed to offer 11 square meters of sheltered space that can be setup in just a few minutes single handed, and covering the side and rear of the vehicle.

Other brands charge over $1000 more for their version of this awesome value awning. So if you want to shelter your whole family and kick back at your favourite campsite dry as a bone with full UPF50+ protection then get your hands on an Adventure Kings 270° King Wing Awning before June 1st!

Titan Rear Drawers

Storage and campsite gear coordination has always been a massive challenge with plastic crates being the go-to for years, unless you had the time energy and cash to build your own set of drawers in the rear of your vehicle, whilst 100% custom home built drawers are also generally extremely heavy and difficult to design, the Titan Rear Drawers stepped into their own, other brands have offered similar drawer systems in the past, but they often offered little in the way of universally fitting drawers with the option to add tailor designed wings to fill in between the cargo area trim and the top of the drawers.

Titan Rear Drawers are available in dozens of different configurations making sure you have the most suitable setup for your specific vehicle. Because Titan Rear Drawers come 99% assembled, installation only requires minor hand tools to put together and if you are handy, can be installed in less than an afternoon!

To see the full range head out to one of our stores to see the entire range in person, head to one of our company stores, if you can’t make it in, head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call us on 1800 88 39 64 to talk to a professional.