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From warm to icy cold – frosty beers in an Adventure Kings Fridge in just 10mins!

May 31, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur From warm to icy cold - frosty beers in an Adventure Kings Fridge in just 10mins! - image Capture-112 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you love to tackle weekend trips away, you probably follow this process on a Friday night after work, pack the 4WD, stock up with supplies and hit the road as soon as possible, and if you are like us, in the rush to get out and get to your favorite campsite, you forgot to chuck the beers in your Adventure Kings Fridge/freezer before hitting the highway.

If you remembered to turn on your Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer, we have an awesome trick to making sure you have an icy cold beer ready for you as soon as you finish setting up camp.

This trick only takes about 10-15 minutes to get your beer icy cold and sets the mood for a great weekend trip away!

First things first, get your beer ready to chill, it takes only a couple of seconds and will revolutionize the way you think about preparing a refreshing beer.

Take one or more of your favorite frothy beverages, make sure you grab one for your better half too, or you’ll be in big trouble! Now grab a roll of paper towel and take 1 sheet per can or bottle and no extra or it won’t work. Now dampen your paper towel until it is wet enough to stick to your drinks and wrap it around the drink leaving the bottom part where the can rests uncovered as best you can, to prevent it sticking to the bottom of your Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer and creating excess internal icing!

Now place all of your drinks in your Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer (set to -10°C) and seal the lid properly, if your freezer is not cold enough then you will have to wait a little bit longer till its temperature drops cold enough for this to work.


If you have an Adventure Kings Setup you should set a 15-minute timer, so you don’t pull them out too soon the longer they are undisturbed your beers should get frosty more quickly!

Unroll your Adventure Kings Awning, unfold your Roof Top Tent, or peg out your Big Daddy Deluxe swag, and sit back and relax in your Adventure Kings Throne Camp Chairs for another 10 minutes.

Whilst you are waiting, we’ll run over why this trick works. There are 2 main reasons scientists think this happens, when a liquid evaporates off a surface it takes with it heat from the surface it evaporates off, this is called evaporative cooling and is how sweat keeps us cool. This is why your freezer needs to be seriously cold. As the icy cold environment will tend to freeze up any humidity in the air.

This makes a freezer an extremely dry place, perfect for chilling our beers!

The next reason scientists think this works is because of liquid waters ability to transfer heat, exactly how your vehicles radiator works, your beer effectively warms the water jacket you have created around the outside of your beer, and the freezer takes the heat out of the water jacket, effectively increasing the speed that the freezer can remove the heat energy from the beer!

If you use too much water, or too many wraps of paper towel, you will end up needing more cooling for this to work than by simply putting your cans or bottles straight into the fridge, this is because a thick layer of water and paper will act like a warm jacket and insulate your drinks from the cooling effect of the freezer!

If that is a little too much science for you, just think about how jumping in a river on a hot summer day can quickly cool you to a much more comfortable temperature.

With your campsite set up and by now your campfire lit, you should be ready to grab your beers out of the fridge and have a cheers to the speed it took to chill your hard earned beers down to an icy cold refreshing temperature.

By equipping your campsite with a high efficiency Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, you make sure that you never need ice at camp again, whilst making sure the icy cold beers are always on hand!