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Get the best Camp Kitchen from Adventure Kings!

June 30, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Get the best Camp Kitchen from Adventure Kings! - image Capture-41 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you find yourself on the side of the tracks struggling to cook up a meal on a regular basis, it’s just about time to sort your camping setup, with a camp kitchen from Adventure Kings!

With a camp kitchen you open a world of possibilities, a camp kitchen needs to include the basics, starting with organization and moving all the way to 12v lighting you can take all the creature comforts of home all the way to camp!


Rear Awning

You’ve seen them at campsites, you’ve heard the spiel – and even if you have an Adventure Kings Awning on the side of your 4WD you should still consider adding an Adventure Kings Rear awning on the back of your 4WD.

By setting up a 1.4m x 2m Adventure Kings Awning on the rear of your 4WD, made from the same reliable components as the rest of the Adventure Kings range of Awnings, the Adventure Kings Rear Awning, offers UPF50+  U.V. protection which protects campers from not only the sun but the condensation, rain and when coupled with an Awning Wall will keep your camp kitchen nice and dry.

An Awning makes sure that no matter who is the master cheff at your campsite, they wont have to brave the elements to provide you with tasty bush tucker!



No camp kitchen would be possible without effective 12v refrigeration – The Adventure Kings Fridge/Freezer range includes a system to suit nearly any camp setup. By far our most popular fridge freezer is the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer it is large enough to fit up to 81 cans inside and has a temperature range that can cope with +10°C to -18°C.

By being able to keep your favorite meats and drinks fresh and at hand, you ensure your campsite is always satisfied with the best quality of gear. Fitted with seriously good quality internal components such as the durable SECOP compressor, as well as being built from a tough outer body and extremely efficient internal insulation.

The Adventure Kings whole range of Fridge freezers includes a mesh basket inside, this allows easy packing and allows cool air to circulate around the items stored within. When heading out on the tracks you have to make sure that you include all of the essentials with you.


Camp lighting

With your camp kitchen located, you need to keep things lit up! This is where 12v LED campsite lighting comes in. By simply connecting a camp lighting kit directly to your 12v setup you allow absolute control over your campsite lighting.

Camp lighting kits such as the Adventure Kings 4 bar or 5 Bar complete camp lighting kit, allow you to light up more than just your camp kitchen.  By installing a camp lighting kit into your campsite you’ll never trip on a guy rope or stub your toes on a rock ever again.

The benefits to an Adventure Kings Camp lighting kit is the ability to control the intensity of the lighting with the included dimmer switch.

But with a range of campsite lighting available to us, you can choose to select any of the camp lighting in the range to lighten up your entire campsite!


Cooking with gas!

Now you have your camp kitchen sorted, with a reliable gas burner, you can cook just about anything, from toast, to roasts and everything in between. The Adventure Kings 2-Burner Stove is one of the best value gas burners on the market. With the adjustability of the two separate burners allows you to 5,000 BTU’s each.

Built out of a powder coated steel body, fitted with stainless steel hardware and burners, these are designed to be extremely easy to clean and are fitted with an AGA certified standard 3/8″ BSP-LH brass fitting, that allows you to screw it into a standard 9 kg gas bottle.

With the compact nature of the stove, it quite simply fold down into a small package – 480mm x 330mm x 90mm. When it is set up, uses a simple locking mechanism to secure itself into place.


When you have your whole setup purposefully set out, you will also need some reliable cookware. Without a doubt no part of the kitchen is more critical than reliable cookware.

The Aussie made Bedourie Camp Oven in our books, just has to be “THE BEST COOKWARE FOR CAMPING” built from spun steel, the bedourie camp ovens are extremely tough and can handle all the abuse on the tracks. The durability and lightweight nature of this tough camp oven makes sure that no matter where you are and what you want to cook, you’ll have the right tool for the job.

Because you have both the oven, fry pan and pot for boiling, baking, frying and much more. Whilst the Bedourie Camp Oven. You may decide to upgrade your campsite with an Adventure Kings cast iron frypan to cook up all of your favorite campsite meals.

Regardless of which cooking vessel you choose, it is time to get your hands on an Adventure Kings BBQ Tool set, which includes stainless steel tongs, spatula and scraper/brush. Not only does this tool set include everything you need for cooking on the tracks. but also comes in a handy tool roll which keeps your car clean and allows you to take your camp cookware home, to clean them later!

Storage solution

When organizing your cooking equipment, people resort to using plastic crates for storage, these are convenient, if not rudimentary, although brittle and flimsy, they will help you get organized on the tracks – as a more permanent solution to these plastic, flimsy storage systems, you have the option of upgrading to a rugged and durable Titan Drawer System.

Built from tough galvinised sheet steel, folded into a tough and corrosion resistant, heavy duty frame. The Titan Rear Drawers are a near universal fit, with the adjustable ladder style mounting brackets fitted to the base!

Most of the Titan Drawers come as a pair, both drawers run smoothly on roller bearings on both sides of the drawer and include a free built in fridge slide with spring loaded tie down strap.

The most common issue with a set of home-built drawers is the loud echo you introduce into your vehicle, this is why Titan Rear Drawers which are covered both inside and out with a water-resistant sound dampening marine carpet.

By unrolling your awning over the top of your open drawers you instantly introduce a sheltered area to cook food for your whole campsite!

With a set of drawers installed in the rear of your vehicle – you instantly have access to a rolling pantry, we’ve found coupling our rear drawers with a chopping board across the top of your drawers to help prepare your food, and subsequently you can setup your 2 burner stove.

Get out and hit the tracks!

Whilst we have all of the gear, it doesn’t pay if it’s sitting in the shed or permanently living its days out in the back of your 4WD. By making sure the underbody of your 4wd sees some action every now and then and your suspension has a chance to stretch out every no and again, you will surely get better value for money for any 4WD camping setup because you will be out there in the real world, able to use your gear!