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Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape!

February 13, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape! - image Capture-139 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you’re planning on a summer or autumn pilgrimage to one or more of the islands in south east Queensland, it’s wise to get your rig set up properly for the trip, making sure you have all the right modifications and permits to make the trip a big success!

First thing is first, choose your destination.

There are plenty of islands that offer excellent campsites, secluded beaches, shipwrecks, snorkeling destinations, lookouts, and some of the best beach fishing in the world.

Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape! - image Capture-140 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

They all have something to offer so do your research and make up your mind between the options, even if you take a blind punt, there is something to be had at all of these wonderful destinations!
Once you’ve chosen an island that has the perfect blend for your tropical escape check if you need a permit to take your vehicle on the beaches.

Some of the areas that require a permit to be pre-purchased are;

  • Bribie Island
  • Cooloola
  • Fraser Island
  • Fraser Island and Cooloola Recreation Area
  • Minjerribah
  • Moreton Island

You can book yours online but will need to display a permit when driving on the sand, in a prominent location.

Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape! - image Capture-142 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


As a word of warning before booking the Queensland parks and wildlife service recommend that “Only high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles with low range capacity are recommended. However, driving such vehicles will not guarantee your safety.”

You will also may require a spot on one of the ferries that will grant you access to Fraser or Moreton Island, these do require advanced booking (but can get busy during peak periods)! Bribie is as simple as crossing a bridge!

Now you have your destination sorted, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is up to scratch!

Salt and sand are some of the harshest things that can affect your vehicle and without the right prep can eat your vehicle alive.

To prevent rust there are dozens of simple to apply films like INOX or PTFE spray which can be applied to all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle, these stop salt water and air from turning your car into flaky biscuits.

If your vehicle is a 4WD and has low range abilities it usually will not need any serious modifications to get further on the sand, even running standard highway tyres reduced to offroad pressures will work quite well on the soft stuff. If you really wanted to gain a mechanical edge a 2” suspension lift will easily enhance your rig’s offroad handling and give you more clearance for the deeper rutted sections and knee deep powder found in some locations in these gorgeous spots!

Now that you are confident in your vehicle’s ability, and setup its time to make your rig more comfortable at camp.

The perfect offroad campsite setup starts with a roof rack.

A steel roof rack from Adventure Kings can be mounted to nearly any vehicle and will open up a world of accessories you never could have thought about.

An Adventure Kings Awning offers the perfect shelter for quick stops and a break from soaking up rays, simply park up and unroll and you are laughing!

A solid roofrack is also a perfect place to mount your shovel and offroad high lift jack, using a shovel and jack holder. These accessories are almost essential for getting a stuck rig out of soft sand, simply lift up your vehicle, shovel some sand under the tyres and dig small ramps in front of your tyres allowing you to simply drive straight out of your trouble!

A good quality roof rack will also give you a great place to stash your Maxtrax MkII Recovery boards, available in a pair they simplify any 4WD recovery by creating a solid surface you can simply drive up and out of most awkward bog situations with, they work by increasing your tyre’s available surface area and allowing you to gain traction on even the softest surface!

Get your car prepped for a paradise island escape! - image Capture-141 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

On top of your new roof rack you can also carry your bulky camping setup gear, if you are bringing a gazebo or a swag, a roof rack is the perfect location to transport them.
Soft sand can really slow you down and increase fuel consumption to figures well in excess of what you may be used to from driving around town. So adding an extra fuel jerry can will extend your fuel range, simply ratchet strap it to your racks and you are good to go. A 20L jerry can should be enough to at least get you back to your ferry ride home.

Other than installing a handful of solid recovery points, like the Hercules Hitch Receiver and Bow Shackle you can get away with some rather mild modifications to your vehicle that won’t affect the general usability of your daily driver.

Enjoy one of the most picturesque and enjoyable holiday destinations in the world with your Adventure Kings setup!