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Gizmos and gadgets for the tech head in your family

November 20, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Gizmos and gadgets for the tech head in your family - image HUD-Display on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


We all have that one person in the family who loves technology, but this Christmas, do you know what you are going to get them.

4WD Supacentre offers, a massive range of awesome tech gear that will leave the tech head in your family giddy this Christmas break.


Cyclone Remote-Controlled Drone

Easily one of the best Xmas gifts for the kids or the big kid in the family, The Adventure Kings Cyclone Drone is easy to fly so you’ll be in the air and filming in no time – and with two speeds, 360° directional flight, hovering and barrel rolls you’ll be a drone expert before you know it.

This compact and portable drone folds up so it’s easy to take with you on all your adventures, then simply folds out and is ready to fly in seconds.


The included controller directly connects to your smart phone via an easy to download app to make it easy to see where you’re flying, as well as save footage and photos straight to your phone’s internal storage.

There’s no doubting what the favourite Christmas pressie this year will be.

EDS Data scan

Most modern vehicles are fitted with complicated computer systems which can monitor just about every action on your vehicle from wheel speed, to temperatures and even issues with your headlight bulbs or braking systems, these sensors provide supreme control over all elements of your vehicles operation, along with setting in precautionary measures to make sure if there is a fault on your vehicle that it wont continue on potentially destroying itself in the process.

This is where the EDS Data Scan comes in, simply plug into your vehicles diagnostic plug underneath the dash, and it will automatically power up when you turn the ignition, this plug communicates the status of all of your vehicles monitored data, and stores it like a black box, this allows you to track things like;

  • Fuel system
  • Speed
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Speed
  • Air flow rate
  • Trip Computer
  • Car black Box
  • Scan tool and fault code clearing.

This nifty device offers hands on control over the computers in your car and gives the tech head in your family another tool to add to their OBD2 compliant vehicle.


You’ve probably seen the films where fighter jets are flying through canyons and all of the information is projected up onto the windshield where the pilot doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road ‘so to speak’.

This is exactly what the Kings GPS HUD (Heads Up Display) changes the game, the clever device pops onto your dash with the included holder and clearly displays a GPS Readout of your vehicle’s speed just like the fighters in the movies, and because it is taking speed from your position and not your tyres, it will remain accurate even if you have fitted larger tyres.

This clever device automatically dims down with changes in light, and also projects your real time compass heading right up on your screen, not only will this save you a few pennies from the speed traps, but it will let you keep an eye on the road making sure you have less risk of having an accident.

To see the full range of accessories at 4WD Supacentre head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the range in person, our expert and professional team can offer you some of the best advice for getting the best setup this Christmas, to get the best deals from the comfort of your home you can give our experts a call on 1800 88 39 64, to get your hands on the best value gear right to your door.