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Choosing The Right Sized Gazebo!

July 26, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Choosing The Right Sized Gazebo! - image gasebya on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


A portable gazebo is an amazing bit of gear! They are so universally useful, as a way to create almost instant campsite shelter, or weather protection for the jobsite, protection from the elements at the kids sports or even as a temporary backyard shelter. Over the past few years, portable camping gazebos have really exploded in popularity, and there are a lot of options on the market today when it comes to selecting the right sized gazebo. In this How-To article, we’ll talk about the most common portable gazebo shelter sizes on the market today, and how to choose the right sized gazebo for you.


The most common gazebo sizes on the market today are 3x3m and 6x3m. Some smaller gazebos do exist that are smaller than these dimensions, but they are generally not designed for much more than very lightweight protection from a bit of sun, and aren’t typically considered to be proper gazebo shelters. 3x3m and 6x3m are perfect sizes for gazebos, for a number of different reasons! To help visualise just how big a 3×3 gazebo or a 6×3 gazebo are, consider this fact. A standard single-car garage is typically around six metres long by three metres wide – roughly the same as a 6x3m camping gazebo. That means both a 3x3m camping gazebo and a 6x3m portable gazebo are wide enough to drive a standard-sized sedan or hatchback under! In fact many people use a 6x3m gazebo as a portable car shelter at home as they’re the perfect size to park a car underneath.

The reason most portable gazebos aren’t any bigger, comes down to the fact that portable gazebo marquis should be portable! Most 3x3m and 6x3m camping gazebos feature a collapsible design that allows them to be easily transportable, which is an important feature. When collapsed down, a 3 metre gazebo is roughly 2 metres long, by 300mm wide by 300mm. That means it’s usually pretty easy to strap an Adventure Kings portable camping gazebo onto your roofrack so you can use it anywhere you want to! Even a 6m gazebo isn’t that much bigger when it’s collapsed down for transport – it will roughly measure in at that same 2 metres long by 300mm wide, but will be about 600mm wide across its other dimensions owing to the fact a 6×3 gazebo is double the size of a 3×3 gazebo!


There are so many different ways that you can use a 3×3 metre gazebo. They’re by far the most popular sized gazebo on the market, because they offer excellent weather protection and portable shelter. Of course one of the most popular uses for a 3×3 metre gazebo is when you’re camping, as portable protection from the elements! You can use it to add shelter across the top of your swag, or as a communal hang-out spot for your entire camping crew. You can even add gazebo walls, mesh floor and fully enclosed gazebo tents for further portable camping shelter.

Many tradies use 3×3 metre gazebos on the jobsite so that they can continue to work even when the weather isn’t very good. Instead of being rained out and having to postpone a job, you can simply take your 3×3 metre gazebo to the jobsite and set it up wherever you are! Once you’ve set your 3x3m gazebo up to work under, it’s easy to move around your worksite as portable shelter, following your job as you move. Sometimes you can’t get your vehicle onto a busy jobsite, but you can always carry your camping gazebo and set that up!

Kids sports are another place where portable gazebos are so useful. There’s nothing worse than trying to cheer on your kids as they play sports, only to get burnt by the sun or soaked by the rain! Even if your kids are playing on a field far away from your car, you’ll easily be able to carry your portable 3x3m gazebo to wherever you need to go. You’ll definitely be the envy of all the other parents, and don’t be surprised if you have other people ask if they can share your portable camping gazebo shelter too!

The backyard is yet another excellent spot to make use of a 3×3 metre gazebo. If you have an open backyard with very little protection from the elements, a 3x3m camping gazebo makes the perfect shelter for your kids to play under. Put it over the sandpit or the swing set and you’ll have easy backyard shelter you can trust!


Of course a 3x3m gazebo isn’t going to be the right portable shelter solution for everyone! Some people need additional shelter, and that’s where a 6x3m camping gazebo comes into its own. If you camp with a large group of mates, then there’s nothing better than using your 6x3m gazebo as a large communal camping area! It’s perfect for creating shelter for happy hour as well. A 6x3m gazebo provides enough sheltered area for up to a dozen or more campers at any one time – and can provide shelter for even more campers when you add gazebo walls!

At home, many people use 6x3m gazebos as a temporary shelter for their car, caravan or boat. As we mentioned earlier, a 6×3 metre gazebo is quite close to the size of a single car garage, which means most cars and 4WDs, and all but the biggest boats and caravans will fit under a 6×3 metre gazebo!


Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to choosing a camping gazebo. If you need the extra portable shelter, then you just can’t go past a 6x3m gazebo, but on the other hand sometimes you only need a modest amount of shelter – and in that case, a 3x3m gazebo is the perfect option. Whatever size portable camping gazebo you choose, remember this – the more you use it in a variety of locations, the better value it becomes!

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