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Its wise to invest in a Roof Top Tent TODAY!

June 28, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Its wise to invest in a Roof Top Tent TODAY! - image Capture-39 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

There is no denying that campsites across Australia have been taken over by these new-fangled Roof Top Tents and if you’ve never taken a good look inside of a good quality roof top tent, you are likely still wondering, what is so special about a Roof Top Tent so listen closely, we’re going to tell you just what has captivated campers across Australia, into upgrading their campsite to a penthouse setup!

1.Weather proof

One of the first reasons why the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents have taken over campsites, is because the whole range of roof top tents is they are FULLY WATERPROOF! We aren’t kidding, these tents are 100% water proof and with all the windows shut are also 100% windproof, meaning that even in the middle of the night there are no more drafts, and no more waking up damp in the morning after a hectic storm!

Often in modern marketing, the words “waterproof”, “weatherproof” and even “wind proof” get thrown around quite a lot… but what does it mean?

The technical definition of waterproof is when a fabric can completely prevent the ingress of water, under an amount of pressure, some fabrics are called waterproof however they can seep water through, and are therefore to differentiate between waterproof and water resistant we make sure they are rated with “water head ratings” this rating describes how high a column of water can rise above the fabric before it starts to leak.

To ensure absolute waterproofing for all conditions, all Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents are rated to have a minimum of a 2000mm head rating. That’s a WHOPPING 2m worth of water suspended above the fabric putting immense pressure on the fabric before it will begin to leak.

2.Absolute speed of setup

If you are setting up camp, speed of setup is a really relative term – if you are running on bush time, you may have all the time in the world. However, what if we told you that, you can pull up at camp, and be completely setup and sipping on your beers, in under 5 minutes.

The speed of roof top tent setups absolutely blows your concept, of speedy setups!

When you have an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Weekender, you can set up camp in just a matter of minutes – by unzipping your tents cover, you can simply grab the ladder and flip the whole tent out. This means you, can be kicking back in no time at all!

This speed is fantastic when you are touring through Oz and find yourself at a new campsite just about every night, it opens up a world of potential campsite possibilities!


The range of Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents, all stock standard supports a 75mm thick (80mm in the Kwiky) you’ve never had a comfy sleep on the tracks, we really mean it!

All Adventure Kings Mattresses are made from a comfortable and dense, open cell foam. Which is not only comfortable but extremely breathable, the included mattress is comfortable in all Kings Roof Top Tents, it is so comfortable you’ll want to replace your mattress at home!

4.Extreme Breathability

The human body can release an unbelievable 2L of water every night in the form of sweat and breath vapor, which can condense on the inside of less breathable setups. This is why the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents are stitched together out of an extremely breathable 320gsm Poly Cotton Ripstop Canvas, the range of Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents are designed to breath out all the excess moisture. with MASSIVE mesh opening windows you can really let the excess steam out, no matter what time of year it is or what the weather conditions are!

5.FREE climate control!
We cannot imagine anything too much, worse than setting up camp to be stuck in a steaming hot canvas tent.

Because an Adventure Kings roof top tent is elevated up off the ground, the massive wide insect proof mesh windows on the Adventure Kings Range, this allows the cool breeze to quickly and easily remove excess heat. The ‘Tourer’ and ‘Weekender’ models use a clever ‘tropical roof’ design which acts like an air conditioner because of it’s double skinned roof.

The tropical roof will keep you cooler in summer but as an added benefit, during the cooler winter months, a roof top tent gets you up off the chilled ground, meaning the icy cold dirt doesn’t pull your heat out of your body.


As long as you can get your vehicle into a tricky location, you can easily set up your camp with an Adventure Kings Roof top tent.

Being fastened to your vehicle via heavy duty fasteners, and a solid steel roof rackyou create an extremely stable foundation for your campsite!

A solid steel roof rack and the integrated strong metal internal frame found within the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent is one of the most stable camping setups available on the market. We’ve set up n ours during massive storms, and slept comfortably with confidence, knowing that whatever nature throws at us we’ll stay dry warm and away from the wind and rain!

7. FREE-UP internal space

The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents have enough space to store all of your bedding and pillows, and even a change of clothing, this means you’ll have plenty of free space inside your vehicles cabin.

But by having the majority of your camping setup already on the roof, you instantly ensure the internal space of your cabin is free for more important things like a case or two of your favorite beverages.

As an added bonus of having most of your setup on the roof also you also make sure you have the clearest vision around your entire vehicle even in heavy traffic.

There are plenty of other reasons to upgrade your camping setup to include an Adventure Kings Roof top tent, but we are sure you don’t need any more convincing.

Check out the full range of Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents TODAY – because we know you are missing out!