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Keep the crew well fed on the tracks!

March 31, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Keep the crew well fed on the tracks! - image 29352459_1681953935252384_96546333569888565_o on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Gone are the days of eating baked beans from the tin, we had enough of that and we’re sure you did too, so we have put together a massive range of easy to use Cooking Gear to make absolutely sure you don’t starve when the nearest drive through is just too far away!

Everything within the range was specifically chosen to offer a campsite cooking solution for nearly everybody. With camp ovens, BBQ’s and portable fireplaces, you are sure to find something to prepare your bush cuisine within the 4WD Supacentre range.


Campfire cooking is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy a campsite meal, and despite what you’ve seen up on the silver screen, the best part your campfire to cook on is the red-hot coals, they offer more even heat and won’t cover your food and cookware in soot, as coals are much cleaner burning than an open flame.

So to get you started on your campfire cooking journey, you should grab yourself an Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate. This unit is a proven favourite for Aussie campers, offering extremely good value for money, and one of the easieset cooking methods around.

The Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate folds flat and stashes away in its canvas carry bag but offers you plenty of versatility for cooking over the coals of your campfire.

Simply remove some of the hot coals from your fireplace and spread them evenly underneath your hotplate and you are ready to cook. When you are done cooking cleanup is simple, just scrape the scraps into the fireplace, fold up your Adventure Kings BBQ Hot Plate into the included canvas bag and you are ready to roll!
With both a useful hotplate and open grill section, there aren’t many things you cannot cook with one of these handy BBQ’s!

The traditional Australian made Bedourie spun steel camp oven kits are another way you can cook dinner over the campfire.


The tough Bedourie Camp Oven, and the Aussie Camp oven were engineered and built to take the place of those old fashioned traditional cast iron cookware that is often prone to cracking on hard impacts.

The Bedourie Camp Oven range allows you to bake, boil, stew or fry your food over the hot coals of your campfire and eat tasty and hearty meals on the tracks with very little preparation. The compact spun steel construction is lightweight and not brittle meaning that your Bedourie camp oven will not crack with mild impacts and is sturdy enough to provide years of tasty bush meals ahead of you.


Camp cooking can take a tasty turn with a wood fired camp oven. The added flavor added by campfire smoke can really enhance your campsite cooking recipes.

This is why there is now the Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, which for a fraction of the cost of competitors enclosed wood stoves.

The Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove has an elevated flue which reaches up to 2410mm high to direct smoke up and away from everyone at camps eyes and will also radiate heat, that is warm enough to keep the whole campsite toasty, plus with its adjustable heat settings you can bake in it and even fry on it!


If you are heading to an area with high fire danger, starting a campfire is probably not a very good idea and starts the potential for catastrophe, this doesn’t leave you with many options for cooking, for this reason it is important to have a backup portable gas cooker on hand.

The compact Voyager folding BBQ has similar features to many other folding compact barbeques on the market and whilst retaining all of the same features as other popular brands on the market it is nearly one third of the price!

Small enough and light enough to fit in the back of a small hatchback, the Voyager folding BBQ is easily able to roast whilst retaining all the moisture keeping meats succulent and juicy. You can easily monitor your roast status with the integrated temperature gauge and easy turn heat control knob, you can make sure your roasts are at the right temperature for the best result!

Because it is compact the Voyager folding BBQ is also perfect for picnics and trips to the beach, being so compact it allows you to cook up a storm no matter what you are up to!

All these features make this is a real favourite among Aussies who double up and use this BBQ at home as well as on the tracks.


No matter what option you choose to cook up your favorite trackside meals you are probably going to need a way to stir flip and clean when you are done, this is why Adventure Kings have released their take on a quality set of steel BBQ Tools that includes a set of stainless steel tongs, a quality spatula and a scraper/brush wrapped inside a tidy and easy to use tool wrap.

This handy bundle makes sure you have clean cooking utensils at the ready wherever and whenever you need them!

There is no denying it whatever you like to cook, wherever and however you like to cook it 4WD Supacentre is the only place you need to go to get set up with your camp Cooking equipment this camping season!