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Kiddies top value Xmas gift ideas!

November 30, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Kiddies top value Xmas gift ideas! - image 161209-Aussie-Christmas-7-of-9 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


The most hectic day of the year is approaching fast, and if you are still scratching your noggin’ over exactly what pressies will put the biggest smiles on the kiddies faces whilst not breaking the Christmas budget this festive season, look no further.

Without pushing the dead horse too far up the hill, here are our top 5 picks for the kiddies this Christmas;

#5 Kids Fishing Shirt

If your kid is an Adventure Kid, then the Adventure Kids Outdoor/Fishing Shirt is just what they need.

They are made from a lightweight, hard-wearing, quick dry, durable material, making the Kings Kids Outdoors Shirt perfect for even the most adventurer kids,  they are made with long sleeves and a collar for superior sun protection, and they are resistant to the stains and dirt that real Adventure Kids love getting in amongst, and looks great too!

Perfect for kids who love fishing, camping, 4WDing or any type of outdoor activity they may end up on, the Adventure Kids Outdoor Fishing Shirt is available in sizes 4-14, to suit a wide range of kiddos and means you can set up your kids, this Christmas.


#4 10W solar panel

The Kings 10W Solar panel is the perfect affordable stocking stuffer, these days everyone has digital devices charged via USB, this pint sized Adventure Kings Portable Solar Panel small size and light weight design the Adventure Kings 10W Solar Blanket is the pinnacle of convenient and transportable USB power.

Producing up to 10 watts of power the kit can charge everything from phones, e-books, tablets, cameras, UHF radios and GPS units, making sure no matter how off the grid you are, the kids will always have their digital devices fully charged.

There is also a small LED charge light to let you know when you’re producing power.

Additionally, its rugged Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) construction offers improved strength over standard monocrystalline setups and offers far higher resistance to high temperature, chemicals, corrosion– plus it has suction cups and a carabiner, so you can confidently take it anywhere and mount up for fully charged USB powered devices.


#3 Action Camera

If your kids are into action, this high definition Digital camera has all the features they need to film and remember everything from your driving skills offroad, hitting bike jumps with their mates, or catching waves in the surf in FULL HIGH DEFINITION 1080P – it’s crystal clear and will show every rut, rock and dive and backflip at the skatepark, in stunning full HD.

The Adventure Kings Action Cam has a built in 2-inch colour LCD on the back which makes it super easy to locate the camera with the perfect frame, so you never miss the shot, or you can even play back and review your best moments before you’re even off the tracks. this incredible value camera also takes advantage of an incredibly wide angle lens with 140° scope, so that you won’t miss capturing action off to the sides.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Adventure Kings Action Cam if we didn’t chuck in a tough waterproof housing that’s good for up to 30 metres of depth! That’s deeper than you’ll ever need 4WDing, but if you’re a surfer, diver or fisho it’s the perfect camera to capture your adventures.

#2 Cyclone Drone

For the tech minded kids, who love to explore, and enjoy the scenery, the Adventure Kings Cyclone Drone wins hands down, with a 150m extended antenna range – you can get a bird’s eye view of the action and get awesome photos and video of 4WDing, campsite, or just to soak in the view!

The Adventure Kings Cyclone Drone is easy to fly so you’ll be in the air and filming in no time – and with two speeds, 360° directional flight, hovering and barrel rolls you’ll be a drone expert before you know it.

The included remote control connects straight to your smart phone via an app to make it easy to see where you’re flying, as well as save footage and photos straight to your phone – you can even use your smart phone to directly control your drone so it’s even more portable.

An Adventure Kings Cyclone Drone is the perfect way to get into flying a drone! It’s portable, easy to fly and lets you take photos and videos then save them directly to your phone!


#1 Kids Stand Up Paddleboard

Standup paddle boarding is incredibly exciting and rewarding and is insane amounts of fun and to give you the best value Christmas pressie that the kiddos will never forget, you should get your hands on Adventure Kids kids-sized inflatable standup paddle board combines the best features and construction from our legendary full-sized adults inflatable standup paddleboard, in a compact size that’s perfect for kids aged 5-14.

It features a clever, ultra-strong drop-stitch core that provides heaps of stability, so your kids will be up and having a blast in no time flat, even if they’ve never been on a paddleboard before. It’s made super strong so it can’t easily be damaged.

Traditional fibre glass or resin paddleboards are bulky, heavy and prone to damage, but our clever inflatable paddleboard is so easy to transport that it packs away into its own backpack and can be inflated in just a matter of minutes.

Included is a telescopic kids-sized alloy paddle, a leash, removable fin, and a repair kit.

If you love your full-sized inflatable standup paddleboard and the kids have been begging you for one too, then the new Adventure Kids Inflatable Standup Paddleboard is what you need!


To see the full range of 4WD and camping accessories for this Christmas, jump online to see the full range at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au give our expert team a call on 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of our fully equipped showrooms across the country to head home with a last minute bargain just before Christmas!