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Learn how to D.I.Y. your dream campsite!

May 27, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Learn how to D.I.Y. your dream campsite! - image DIY on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you are a DIY kind of person, then setting up and installing your 4WD Accessories is something you know will save you cash and make your 4WD an unstoppable unit!

4WD Supacentre offers some of the best value D.I.Y. upgrades that you can find in the country.

From storage to dual batteries, and all the camping gear you could dream of, the Adventure Kings range has something to pique your interest and give you ideas for your next modification!

All Adventure Kings accessories offer easy installation with standard hand tools and the only assistance you might need is an extra set of hands to help lift larger items



A dual battery system gives unlimited power off the grid, and lets you camp with all your 12v accessories like fridges and led lighting without worry of running out of juice.


A DC to DC charger is the deal way to charge your dual batteries from a variety of 12v inputs, including your alternator, solar power or even your crank battery. There are 2 different styles of DC-DC charger in the Kings range but easily the most popular in the range is the 25 amp Kings DC-DC charger which has a built in MPPT Solar controller.

Installation is as easy as following the colour coded wires, and connecting inputs batteries and ground wires for the ultimate in full comprehensive 12v setups!   


Cargo storage upgrades not only expand the range of gear you can take along for the ride, but also offer you much more organization and safety when you are on hardcore terrain.

Roof Rack

Adventure Kings pioneered many of the best bang for buck roof mounted cargo systems reducing the cost and opening up easy DIY installation for most makes and models.

The Adventure Kings Steel Roof Racks offered 4WDers not only one of the most affordable roof rack systems on the market but also one of the most durable, being built out of tough powdercoated steel and available for a huge range of different vehicles, these racks revolutionized industry thinking.

The success of the Steel roof racks lead the team to developing a range of affordable and light weight aluminium roof racks to suit many modern dual cab vehicles whilst maintaining the modern and sleek look.

All Adventure Kings Roof Racks can be installed using standard tools just about everone should have access too and can be installed in just an afternoon.


Whilst you might be satisfied with those flimsy plastic crates found in homewares stores for storing gear in the cupboard, we prefer our cargo storage to be much more resilient, which is why we have put together a tough range of universally fitting galvinised steel roller bearing drawers for the back of your 4WD.

The range of Titan Drawers available at 4WD Supacentre offer everything from 900mm for small wagons, 1080mm for full sized rigs and even 1300mm drawers for ute trays and work vans all sizes are available in pairs which offer a fridge slide on the left drawer and self-latching handles.

Many vehicles will find the standard double width drawer an included fridge sliders and latches to be the ideal setup, however there are other alternatives for people wanting a fully custom cargo area, the range of single drawers are perfect for the job, not only incredibly affordable, they are easy to install, stack, or even mount them in different locations in your cargo location.


LED Lighting

One of the most cost effective ways to light up the tracks is to slap some aftermarket LED lights to the front of your vehicle to blast way more lumens down the track, making your driving experience that much less stressful.

There has always been people adding more lights to the front of their 4WD to increase safety when journeying lots of miles in the dark, it gives more heads up for animal strikes and gives a better idea of track conditions down the road.

The first DIY lights used to be just spare headlight beams bolted up to the front of a vehicle, but through years of lighting evolution we are well beyond just a few extra bulbs and reflectors, starting with the OSRAM LED range of Driving lights and LED Lightbars found in the Adventure Kings range, offering more lumens per watt than any other LED we’ve ever sold, they are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to see more on the tracks.

Our Innovative range has the ability to reach out well beyond 1000m with pure white LED light for much less than you would imagine.

As if pure LED light wasn’t enough, the Adventure Kings team recently introduced a handful of industry firsts with their comprehensive range of LED Lightbars, and driving lights that integrate laser technology, with the brightest set it the range able to throw light out to 1972m which is unmatched performance, particularly for the cost.

all of these lights have a 100% DIY installation with the Adventure Kings Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness, which can be picked up for virtually peanuts despite it being one of the easiest and most convenient wiring harnesses available on the market.


Shelter is an essential at camp, its what will keep you dry and warm when the weather turns but also what will let you stay cool through the midday summer sun, the essential camping shelter can be had with an Adventure Kings Awning, which quickly and easily mounts to the side of nearly every vehicles roof racks using the included installation kit.

When coupled with an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent setup there is practically nothing stopping you when you head to camp, just like the Awning includes all of your nessecary hardware to install on a roof rack so does all of the Adventure Kings Roof Top Tents making the perfect campsite just a few easy DIY projects away.

To see the full range of DIY accessories you can install on your 4WD head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of our kitted out showrooms to ask one of our camping technicians for their expert advice on your next DIY upgrade.