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LED Strip Lighting – What you need to know with Adventure Kings

February 6, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur LED Strip Lighting - What you need to know with Adventure Kings - image Capture-70 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

By now the secret is well and truly out about LED strip lighting and its suitability for use when camping. You see LED camp lights at every popular campsite in Australia, and also on the shelves of your favourite camping store (physical or online).


There’s a huge range on the market and while many appear similar on face value, it’s important to know the features your LED camp lights do (or don’t) have before you settle on a purchase. With so many similarities, it’s the smaller differences that make a big difference to your enjoyment and comfort levels at camp.


Shop from reputable retailers


There is no shortage of cheap and affordable LED camp strip lighting on the market. Before you jump in and purchase the cheapest brand you can find, do your research first. Is the stock Australian? Is the seller based in Australia and able to be contacted? You’ll be amazed how some places won’t show a physical street address, phone number or email address for a customer to get in touch if they have a query about their order.


Before you buy, make sure your LED strip light is backed by a 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. 4WD Supacentre offers these two things to give you peace of mind, and we also happen to offer some of the very best prices and features in Australia!


Check the finer details


LED strip lights used at camp need to be waterproof and durable. Life hanging from an awning, roof rack, gazebo or tree can be tough on LED lights. Are they waterproof so rain or morning dew don’t ruin their electrics? Kings Illuminator Max LED strip lights are, meaning a downpour won’t worry them and will ensure that even if caught in a storm, they’ll dry off and be ready to go on your next trip…and the one after that too!


Are they practical?


Not all LED strip lights are as user friendly as the Kings Illuminator range. Our 1.3m strip light and 4m LED camp lights have long cables – 5m for the 1.3m light and 3m of cable for the 4m lights. With 12v adaptors to plug straight into your car’s cigarette socket as well as alligator clips to connect straight to a battery, you’ve got two mounting options available. Their long cords mean you can run them at the back of your car, to the side, or even further out under a gazebo. Some LED strip lights on the market cut costs by giving you a tiny power cord that’s not practical enough to actually get any length out of, and you end up lighting up the side of your car and not much else!


Are they compatible?


Kings LED strip lights are multi-purpose and have been designed to work in conjunction with each other as well as the rest of the Kings LED camp light range including 4 bar and 5 bar camp light kits.


The cord on both these lights uses the same ends as the other lights, so you can plug them into each other or plug them into your 4 bar or 5 bar kits if you decide to upgrade in the future. That means you can build really bright, versatile LED camp light solutions by pairing your Kings LED lights with your mates!


Dimmers are important


All Kings LED strip lights come with dimmer switches to help you save power at camp. The dimmer switches also make them much more user-friendly at night. Rather than having to unplug your light from your car to save power, just dim it. Then if you need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to make your way to the car in the dark – just swipe the dimmer switch and you’re in business, how easy is that!


Make sure they’re easy to mount


Kings 1.3m LED strip lights with dimmers come with plastic clips on each end, as well as Velcro pieces along the length to give you a really multi-purpose mounting option. Hook the end clips to the mesh on your roof rack or fasten the strip light along the length of the arm of an awning or gazebo frame. The 4m strip light comes in a handy roll to help you set it up, and with 8 Velcro ties, can be weaved and strapped along the legs and frame of Kings awning or gazebos. They are also flexible enough to wrap around the centre pole of a Big Daddy Deluxe swag if you want to keep your bed well lit for a late night return after a few beers around the fire!


Final word


Do your research online and in store if you can. Touch and feel Kings LED strip lights at any of the stores and dealers we have around Australia. But more important of all, ask other campers what they use and why. You’ll quickly see Kings camp lights are very popular thanks to their great features and unbeatable value. We fight hard to bring you quality gear at the best prices, and thousands of Aussies are converting to Kings from other brands every year as word gets out about the fantastic deals you can always get from 4WD Supacentre.