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Pack your drawers like a pro!

June 10, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Pack your drawers like a pro! - image  on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news



When prepping for trips away, its easy to feel like you are in a real life sized version of Tetris constantly trying to squeeze every little bit of gear, into any available space, and if you forgot to lay anything out before you started, you’ll be stranded with extra gear that doesn’t fit.

A set of titan Rear Drawers can help this issue by offering a neat and tidy way to store all of your camping gear on a basically full time basis, whilst taking out heavy things when driving too and from work you can leave most of your spares, a tool kit, camp lighting and even your Recovery gear constantly in the back.


But it can still be a bit of a challenge to pack efficiently. So we’ve put together a few tips from the boys who spend practically their whole life on the road living out of their drawers!


So grab a notepad and take down this list of a few of the hard and fast rules for more efficient packing of gear in the back of your Titan Rear Drawers. They aren’t exhaustive but should be able to help you get solid handle on just how to make sure your bread doesn’t get squashed into pancakes and in an emergency situation you can easily get what you need, when you need it most!

The golden rule!

Heavy stuff forward and low – When you are packing all of your camping gear into your Titan rear drawers it’s a good idea to keep all of your bulkier, items and heavier things packed in a more forward and low location in the back of your drawers, this includes any cast iron cookware and even engine spares like an alternator etc.

Naturally with your heavy items packed low and forward your lighter more delicate gear will find a comfortable location towards the back of your vehicle.

This natural order is very important for a number of reasons, but primarily because when you are driving along in the bush or the highway for hours on end you will more than likely end up in a few situations requiring slightly heavy braking, mass and momentum means that  the lighter heavy gear you have packed carries way more inertia and will force its way forward no matter what is in the way including all that fine china, your jar of coffee and the loaf of bread you plan on eating for the next week!

This inertia acting on your heavier gear has the potential to turn your, loafs of bread and bags of chips into a squashed pile of crumbs and flatbread in a matter of seconds!


Important stuff accessible!

When travelling or working, you will inevitably have bits of gear that you store in your Titan rear drawers that you need to access regularly and things will find a home that is easy to grab and easy to stash when you need to. This includes things like cooking gear, toilet paper a sturdy air compressor like the Thumper MKII or Thumper Max or even plates and cups for lunch.

To save more time on the tracks and to make sure you don’t have to dig too deep inside your drawers every time you need a cup for a drink, you should pack the gear you use the most, in the easiest to access part of your Titan rear drawers.

This convenient location is towards the rear of your Titan rear drawers and nearest to the latches, this way when you open your drawers, what you are most likely to need is right there!


Don’t squash your food!

On the tracks food is more critical than any other time! You cannot live without it and if things don’t go to plan you can’t just duck to the shops or grab some takeaway for dinner, this is why it is super important to pack your food with a bit of self-preservation in mind.


When you are hitting some of the roughest tracks you can quickly shake, bounce and squash some of your favorite trackside delicacies into a messy pulp. Making your delicious planned cuisines into a bit more of a lucky dip, than the dish you were bragging no-one would ever forget when you were throwing banter over the UHF radio!

To prevent your breakfast lunch and dinner becoming moosh, equipping your drawers with a small plastic crate to dedicate to your food products, these are available for a couple of bucks from the hardware store and can protect all of your foodstuff from being destroyed particularly after spending a few intense minutes on some of the tracks we’ve recently tackled!

A food box’s are also handy for taking your food, out of the vehicle and out to your food prep location

Pick a side

It is a good idea to choose one side of your drawers for longer gear like shovels, axes, your Kings Throne camp chairs and even spare parts like hoses or even your swag poles.

If you pick a drawer and stick to it you’ll be able to easily get to stuff and put it back if you have a bunch of smaller bits and pieces they will generally fit together a lot easier than mixing long and short bits of gear that can block the location you’ve chosen!



Choose a good spot for all of your emergency gear! Which includes your Hercules Recovery gear, Comprehensive first aid Kit and even your Fire extinguisher.

Your emergency gear should always be at the ready and handy for any unexpected emergencies you may encounter on the tracks, there is no point putting it underneath everything only to find you cannot access it quickly enough when things don’t go to plan!


We always pick a spot in our Titan rear drawers to stash all of our emergency gear, that way you don’t have to go hunting when the pressure is on. It’s also always a good idea to notify your passengers of the location of this emergency gear so in the case of a real emergency they will be able to help you out!


This has saved us in at least 2 or 3 different situations touring around Australia, where dry grass managed to find its way to the exhaust headers and nearly burnt our car to the ground (don’t ask how…) luckily during the beginning of the trip the passenger was briefed on the location of the fire extinguisher and all ended well!

You never know where or when you will encounter an emergency and who you might need to help out but having all of your “kits” in an easy to reach location will mean you won’t have to dig or unpack unnecessary gear in when you are in a tricky situation.

With your drawers packed efficiently, you’ll be able to easily strap down your fridge without anything in the way, and your Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove will be there ready to keep you warm at camp without having to leave anything at home!

These are just a couple of tips to help you pack your Titan Rear Drawers more efficiently but you can experiment to see what works best for your setup!


We hope this helps you have happy travels and makes setting up at many joyful campsites a lot easier with your Titan Rear Drawers!