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Save on your essentials this E.O.F.Y

May 26, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Save on your essentials this E.O.F.Y - image EOFY on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

EOFY is approaching, and this means you are in the perfect time of the year to score yourself some excellent workplace essentials, for an incredible price on some of the best value gear around.

4WD Supacentre are already offering you pre EOFY sales to make sure that you can get the best gear for the job for a steal.

Our early EOFY sales are offering, everything from tools, to vehicle storage upgrades and even portable power which can easily make the difference at a job site and at camp as well!

Check out our top value bargains for the 2019-2020 End of financial year!


Adventure Kings offers a stack of tools which come in handy on the track in the shed or even on the side of the road, which is handy when you are upgrading, modifying or even installing all of your camping and 4WD accessories.

The affordable tools you can get your hands on starts with an Adventure Kings Ultimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit which includes just about everything



Gear storage is important for tools, camping gear and emergency repairs and parts. Whilst many people use brittle plastic crates, there is a better way, that is with a set of Titan Rear Drawers reveal their true value.

Bolting into the back of nearly every vehicle out there the Titan Drawer range is the perfect storage solution for small wagons, Utes and even in tradies trailers. Because of the durable galvanized steel chassis, and the marine carpet tops, they can withstand daily use on the jobsite and the tracks and provide the ultimate in secure storage. All double drawers are fitted with roller bearings and self-latching locks and heavy-duty load mounting loops for fastening accessories like the Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer Range.

Up your storage capability, without wasting excess cash, check out the full range of accessories and options for your storage upgrades in the Titan Rear Drawer range

Portable power

Portable power is crucial when you are away from infrastructure like mains power. having the ability to generate electricity whilst off grid is incredibly liberating, and because of our experience in the bush, we have put together one of the most comprehensive ranges of portable power available at incredible prices for your setup.


Adventure Kings has a comprehensive range of affordable EOFY Deals on 240V generators, ranging from compact enclosed units to huge capacity fuel tanks that can all take 91 octane fuel meaning no matter where you fill up you will always be able to find fuel.

We carry 2 main styles of generator starting with a fully enclosed unit which whilst doesn’t have a massive fuel capacity, has a much quieter operation, fully enclosed it can silence excess noise, it can also be moved around extremely easily due to the more compact design.

The other variety on the table is the open style generator, fitted with huge fuel capacity and a durable external steel frame, along with high fuel efficiency these can crank out massive amounts of clean pure sine wave 240v power suitable for many power tools along with lighting and even keeping the music going.

The range of Adventure Kings Generators offer something for everyone this tax time!


Portable Solar Panels

Solar is one of the fastest developing fields of renewable power and because of the advancements of technology the efficiency has increased whilst also decreasing in cost, along with developments in solar control circuitry, resulting in powerful, compact and affordable portable 12v power setups.

One of the most leading-edge products in the range is, easily our Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Range. These unique semi-flexible panels are built out of brand new, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) the semi rigid, flexible construction offers improved mechanical strength and higher resistance to temperature, chemicals, corrosion & UV.  And because of the extremely flat and flexible profile it can be mounted to nearly any vehicle surface for unlimited 12v power anywhere you need it.

No solar panel will reach its ultimate potential unless you can implement a solar regulator, so Adventure Kings offers a whole range of solar regulators to suit nearly every application, starting with the most affordable, the PWM style of regulator, built to be a simple pulse modulator, the Adventure Kings PWM is incredibly useful and is included with many of the portable panels to save you more money on your camping setup.

Whilst the PWM is useful as a regulator replacing one with a MPPT is a sure-fire recipe to get more out of your solar panel. By using an MPPT the solar is regulated using algorithms to maximise the efficiency of the panel and optimise amps and volts for your setup.

There are many 4WD and camping accessories available for an incredible price at the moment so jumping in and scoring a bargain is an excellent choice!

To find out more about all the possibilities head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call us on 1800 88 39 64 or visit us in store to see the range in person and pick the brains of our experienced staff to get the best bang for buck this EOFY!