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Spot a brilliant bargain!

June 29, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Spot a brilliant bargain! - image Capture-40 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


There are countless perils to be found on the tracks at night that can cause wreck and ruin to a vehicle travelling at highway speeds, or even through the low range stuff.

The challenge of night driving has been one of the most difficult tasks 4WDers have undertaken over generations, and it is undeniable that with modern technology you would eventually be able to increase your night vision, and dramatically reduce the risks undergone during those long nights driving!

With the advancements in technology we have today you are presented with many options for enhancing your night vision!



Traditionally spotlights and driving lights have been the go to on the front of 4WD’s for many decades. The popularity of old fashioned Halogen style globes in our spotlights was easily due to the availability of the technology, and for decades a focused halogen was looked at as if it was the be all and end all of vehicle mounted lighting.

However over recent years lighting technology has taken quite a few leaps and bounds to improving both the quality of the light, as well as the performance and efficiency.

A traditional style of halogen-based spotlights use a single halogen bulb in a large, focused reflector. Whilst this technology is somewhat effective, as technology advances we find better solutions to projecting light both a long way down the track, as well as wide.  With many modern LED driving lights the technique of projecting light is to use many smaller LED bulbs each individually focused, making sure the spread of the light is even and focused according to the requirements of the tracks up ahead!

The Adventure Kings range includes a handful highly refined LED Driving lights which combine both efficient reflectors which are reflective coated and focused to throw bright white light a long range down the track, as well as offering a reasonable amount of spread to illuminate both the sides of the track and also to give you a clear warning about any unexpected hazards on the shoulders of the road ahead.

Let there be light!

The traditional style of halogen spotlights waste lots of energy, they work by turning electricity into heat which makes a thin coiled wire filament suspended in an inert gas with exaggerated electrical resistance glows bright, this has worked for decades, however there is a large amount of power wasted, turning electricity into heat.

This is where LED’s are typically far more efficient and generally for the same amount of power, will tend to output a much sharper and brighter light, in a much more ‘tunable’ controllable light.

You will typically find LED Lights in frequencies ranging from 4500K to 6500K. This “colour of light” is closest to the light you see from the sun at midday, and subsequently the light reflected off the moon!

Through millions of years of evolution, human eyes are dialed into higher sensitivity in this colour temperature and because of this sensitivity can distinguish greater details at longer distances.

When 4WDers take advantage of LED Light emitted in these colour temperature it generally makes identifying and spotting hazards that much easier and is much harder to achieve with a traditional halogen bulb.

Adventure Kings has developed a handful of ground breaking LED Driving lights, and due to their low profit margins and offer one of the best value alternatives to many LED spotlights on the market.

Starting with the BRAND-NEW Adventure Kings Domin8r 9” LED Driving Lights, these are fitted with some of the latest LED’s released from OSRAM’s Regensburg facility in Germany, extremely bright, efficient and emitting an extremely low level of heat.

These powerful heavy hitting LED Driving lights are capable of outputting a massive 22,970 lumens with 1 lux out to 863m, for a clearer perspective, some of the leading HID (halogen based) spotlights, boast a tiny 6400 lumens, which is only a quarter of the output from a set of Adventure Kings Domin8r 9” LED Driving Lights.

Not only are these lights extremely bright in comparison to others on the market, they are much more affordable, with the Adventure Kings 9” Driving Lights on offer for under $250 including a smart wiring harness, which automatically detects whether the circuitry of the vehicle is negatively switched and makes an automatic adjustment to the output to ensure easy functionality.

The next LED Driving light in the Adventure Kings is the heavily acclaimed Illuminator 9” LED driving light, whilst unable to compete side by side with a pair of the Domin8r LED Driving Lights, they are still extremely capable and can achieve a massive 18,000 lumens per pair with a lux rating of 1 lux at approximately 575m. For under $150 per pair they cannot be beaten for their bang for buck LED lighting performance

The final set of LED Spotlights in the Adventure Kings range, is a pair of the Illumin8r 7” Spotties, these are offered in the Adventure Kings range to utilise the same style of LEDs as the Illuminator 9” LED Driving Lights on a more compact unit.

Whilst not as physically large, they are able to output still a rather impressive 10,500 lumens with 1 lux out to 230m. The 7” driving lights are suited to more compact mounting locations, and despite the popularity of the 9” the 7” LED Driving lights fit on the front of many bull bars on the market and priced just over $100 and these will offer a massive performance light for even the most budget oriented or space conscious night drivers!


With the same technology outlined above with collections of focused LED diodes, the lower profile LED Lightbars were born as a brand-new innovation to the 4WD and trucking community.

An LED Lightbar uses one or more rows of led light modules, with individual reflectors similar to those in LED driving lights, they are encased inside a durable and waterproof alloy housing with big cooling fins on the rear.


With the most recent advances in LED light bars often incorporate a flood style reflector on both the extremities to throw light wider on the tracks allowing more vision.

Some LED light bars share the same performance characteristics of a standard LED driving light, but typically spread light wider on the tracks up to 150°.

With all things considered, you can see the benefits of both the led lightbars and the led driving lights.
for different driving conditions, for maximum light output you can even combine both styles for maximum range and maximum spread.


There are many ways to wire up your led lightbar or your LED Spotlights. All Adventure Kings units come fitted from factory with waterproof Deutsch plugs, which simply plug and play into a suitable Adventure Kings wiring harness.

Manufactured with simplicity of installation in mind the Adventure Kings LED Lightbar and LED Driving Light harnesses incorporate everything you need to make your spotlights operate whilst you operate your vehicles factory fitted high beams.

The Adventure Kings Wiring harnesses all include an adaptor kit to plug directly into H4 and HB3 style high beam globes and can even be modified to suit vehicles that use negative switching circuitry like many Toyotas and other Japanese manufactured vehicles.

When looking at making your night driving safer, there aren’t too many options quite like the Adventure Kings range for throwing a lot of light down the tracks and saving you plenty of money in the process.