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Straight off the track; Our top 5 pro camp site upgrades!

January 16, 2021   |   By Liam Arthur Straight off the track; Our top 5 pro camp site upgrades! - image 200813-MT1-Camper-Trailer-Snow-Trip-52-of-527 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


When you are thinking about upgrading your 4WD camping kit to give you the best possible offroad free camping site around. So pull out your notepad and pen, and get ready for some of the best advice you will get for upgrading your whole setup to be the envy of the bush!

Our top 5 upgrades are easy to set up and will absolutely change the paradigm when it comes to escaping in your 4WD for good!


Undeniably one of the best ways to keep your campsite out of the harsh elements is to unroll one of Adventure Kings reliable waterproof and UPF50+ Awning, not only affordable, these portable roll out shelters unfold in just a matter of seconds, with a genuine 60 second setup when you are solo.

If a simple square awning isn’t quite enough, you can always add a Kings Rear Awning to cover the rear of your vehicle, or upgrade the whole game with an Adventure Kings 270° King Wing which wraps the whole way around the side and rear of your vehicle offering unbroken, and superior shelter at any campsite!


This is for anyone who is sick of picking up bags of ice on the way to camp or breaking camp mid trip to do a supply run, Adventure Kings offer a range of refrigeration solutions for your portable camp setup, from a compact 15L car fridge unit all the way up to a goliath 90L Fridge freezer unit.

With this massive range of options available for incredible prices around one third the price of many competitors, you would be surprised to learn they share a lot of the same internal components and offer 4WDers campers and even just everyday families a portable and easy to use fridge freezer that can keep your food and drinks frosty cold and ready for your next adventure.



When you are out camping nothing really beats kicking back after the sun goes down and being able to see what you are doing, this is where appropriate campsite LED Lighting comes in to its own, compared to old fashioned gas lights, an Adventure Kings LED Campsite lighting setup is the ideal solution to getting your campsite lit up like day, without even using that much energy.

The range includes LED light strips which are magnetic and easy to fasten to your setup, a 4m wrap of LED lighting and everything in between to make sure your setup is lit to your preference, coupled with the included dimmer switches, and extension leads any campsite can be fully customized with lighting with nothing but a cigarette lighter.


4.Sleep system

Sleeping is essential for clear thought, and when you are out on the tracks, you are probably looking for a reliable, comfortable, and easy to set up sleeping system, there is no better company to get your setup dialed in than with Adventure Kings setup.

From Swags, Rooftop Tents, and even Awning Tents and Gazebo Tents. The range is comprehensive and affordable and takes the cake for anyone needing to catch beauty sleep in the bush. Kings Swags and Kings roof top tents come in the box with a push open cell mattress’ for extremely comfortable sleep, and if you were keen to improve your comfort at camp, with an Adventure Kings Self Inflating Queen Size Mattress for the best sleep on the tracks.

5.Solar power supply!

Power top ups for your 12v system, is critical this is why Adventure Kings offers an easy to setup and extremely efficient range of 12v solar panel systems to convert your temporary campsite into a self-sustaining campsite without the need for smelly or noisy petrol generators.

The Adventure Kings Range of 12v Solar Panels are some of the country’s most affordable and offer premium features such as MPPT Solar regulators and high output monocrystalline panels which can efficiently and easily top up your campsites Deep cycle battery setup!


To find out the perfect upgrades for your campsite for this winter, you should definitely head to one of our stores, call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or even visit us online at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au for the latest deals on the best value gear in Oz!