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Summer holidays are coming up quick!

October 17, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Summer holidays are coming up quick! - image 200304-Lake-St-Clair-168-of-516 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

The Christmas holidays are approaching us faster than you can imagine, and with just 10 weeks left to go before the big day, it’s time to start considering not only where you and the family should head to, but also what goodies you should grab to make this Christmas the most exciting Christmas ever for the whole family.

Online shopping has taken Australia by storm, and with 4WD Supacentre being one of the most affordable outdoor retailers with the most comprehensive gear ranges, in the country with one of the best laid out websites, you can easily add all your dream gear to your cart and have it delivered to your door, no stress!

So here are our must have family camping accessories to take your Christmas escape to the next level;


Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swag

There are many different types of swags available on the Australian market, but easily one of the most popular and affordable on the market is the famous Big Daddy Deluxe, fitted straight out of the box with a 70mm thick mattress that is basically queen sized and plush enough to keep you comfortable enough on nearly any surface.

The Big Daddy Deluxe Swag isn’t just a large bed, it offers 1000mm of internal head height, which is plenty for kicking back at camp, sitting up and even getting changed inside unlike traditional swags which offer next to no space.  

Offering the fully waterproof poly cotton canvas exterior even in the heaviest summer downpour you will stay high and dry, coupled with the PVC flooring you need have no concern about ground water wetting you from the ground up.

Adventure Kings Awning

Before Kings, there was hardly an affordable Awning on the market, but now with an incredible range of Awnings and accessories you have the pick of the litter when setting up your vehicle for this coming Christmas escape.  

The Awning range has 4 main sizes from a 1.4m wide rear awning all the way up to a 2.5m x 2.5m option offering 6.25m² of sheltered space at camp, or if you wanted even more shelter, you can bolt on a Kings 270° King Wing which is fully wrapped around the vehicle, offering a massive 11m² of sheltered space.

An awning is easy and quick to setup and makes getting your campsite setup a breeze and is an absolute must have for the camper in your family!    


12 Volt Fridge Freezer

Nothing beats grabbing a frothy one on a scorching summer day, and in our opinion the best way to do this is with an Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer, The entire range operates on 12v or 240v making it the perfect addition for any campsite, or even as a back-up fridge at home, and at a fraction of the cost of most portable fridges on the market.

Offering real refrigeration, not just “cooling” the range of Kings Fridge freezers can be set down to a frosty -18°C which is perfect as a deep freezer, and with genuine SECOP internal components you will have ultimate reliability wherever you are!

The Kings range starts with the behemoth 90L dual zone Fridge Freezer all the way down to the 15L fridge freezer, which is designed as a replacement for your factory center console, allowing snacks and drinks to stay fresh when you are eating the miles on the way to your next campsite, without the need to pull over.

12V Solar Panel

With the demand for power at camp increasing, from charging smartphones, keeping the tunes cranking or even to keep your 12v fridge freezer frosty for days on end at camp!

The 12v range of solar panels available at 4WD Supacentre has to be one of the best value monocrystalline solar panels available on the market, with the option to add a huge 250W of silent and virtually cost-free power no matter where you are!

The range includes hard mounted panels, Semi-flexible solar panels for curved surface mounting options, and portable solar panel varieties which can be moved to face the sun and even folding designs which can be stashed under the seats for use whenever you need it.

Don’t be caught out last minute this coming summer, get your gear in order by dropping into or visiting 4WD Supacentre online at www.4WDSupacentre.com.au, to get the latest deals on our gear give our experts a call on 1800 88 39 64.