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A great Australian tradition lives on!

March 14, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur A great Australian tradition lives on! - image Capture-27 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Swags are quickly becoming one of Australia’s favorite ways to get out and camp in the hundreds of beautiful peaceful and remote locations dotted around this vast country.

With many modern materials on the market, many people have become well accustomed to setting up a flimsy or cheap dome tent attempting to stay warm and dry when at camp. Whilst praying that any rain manages to hold off ‘til after it is time to go home due to the learned fear of rain, making it’s way through the thin 100% synthetic fabric.

For some Aussies sleeping in a canvas swag is a fairly new concept, being a fully self-contained canvas camping system. However, the concept of sleeping in a swag throws way back to the early European settlers around the turn of the 19th century travelling to remote areas looking for work throughout this massive country.

A Swagman used to travel the countryside by foot and carry his swag on his back, slung by a short rope. A swagman’s swag was a simple bundle of blankets and a canvas tarp and any other worldly possessions a travelling worker could carry with him.

The romance of swag travelling has inspired many classic Australian poems and folk songs, that have made their way into mainstream Australian culture.

Swags have been a part of Australian culture since the very beginning, and over the generations have adapted and evolved to become a very comfortable and easy way to escape on weekend trips away.

As needs have changes and through rigorous design swags have now become a fast and easy, comfortable way to setup camp at nearly any campsite across Australia.

Whilst swags are fast becoming the go to campsite setup for Aussies who choose to go camping from the great Australian dividing range all the way into the vast red sands of the outback. The incredible popularity of swags has meant that the Australian market is now flooded by a massive variety of differing designs for different applications, but few swags are more popular than the now famed, Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag.

The Adventure Kings range of swags includes many varieties from single and compact up to one of the largest swags available on the market. The Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is a massive 1550mm wide and over 2m long, this is the same size as a standard queen size mattress from home, the included 70mm thick open cell mattress offers plenty of comfort for rocky or hard ground.

The thick 400gsm ripstop poly cotton canvas is sturdy and once it has been seasoned, is absolutely waterproof whilst maintaining excellent breathability, coupled with the heavy duty 550gsm PVC bucket floor, punctures and abrasions will not be able to penetrate through, and even when it is pouring rain the soaking ground is unable to seep through.

The cavernous big daddy swag is a huge 1m tall and is supported by a sturdy alloy ‘exoskeleton’ made up of high tensile strength alloy poles and the extendable telescopic center pole allows you to maintain skin tension for additional waterproofing.

Far from the simplistic canvas tarps of old, the modern 400gsm polycotton canvas uses a durable grid of polyester fibres that are woven in during the construction of the canvas adds massive amounts of tensile strength to a canvas that now rivals thicker, much heavier canvas for strength and durability.

Designed for both summer and winter the massive big daddy swag utilizes massive breathable and insect proof mesh on both the sides and the head and foot ends, to allow the cool summer breeze to pull away the steam and sweat for a cool night’s sleep.

Being fully waterproof there is no need to cover a Kings swag however by the simple addition of an Adventure Kings Awning, or an Adventure Kings Gazebo you can keep the morning dew off of the top of the swag, keeping it dry and meaning you don’t have to dry and air out your swag once you get home!

There are many reasons to get your hands on a top quality Adventure Kings swag as they are easy to setup, are fully self-contained, weatherproof and versatile enough for nearly any weather you can encounter in Australia.

Don’t delay, if you haven’t already got your hands on an Adventure Kings Swag you are falling behind!