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The best $100 you could ever spend!

January 15, 2021   |   By Liam Arthur The best $100 you could ever spend! - image 200619-Titan-Single-Drawer-Resized-4-of-4 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

What if we told you that with just a single $100 note you can buy yourself a case of beer as well as making an incredible and unbeatable upgrade to your rear drawer system.

If you are anything like us, the last thing you would be called by your mates is ‘organized’ at camp, but if you love regularly racking up dirt road miles (or haven’t got a choice) you are probably wondering if there really is any reliable and simple ways to stop all your camping and recovery gear from rattling around inside your Titan Rear Drawers the back of your 4WD when you are hitting the bull dust and rough corrugations or deep rutted sections of track.

Our team have put our heads together (it hurt a little bit) but we have come up with a couple of epic and simple solutions you can cobble together this weekend to easily stopping your gear from smashing itself to bits.

We all like a quick D.I.Y. project but the one we have come up with is a real ripper. It’s so easy that even the kids could lend a hand and help you out without causing too much trouble.

We are going to show you how to set up an adjustable drawer divider set-up that you can adapt to your Titan Rear Drawers for even more versatility and organization!

These will only take you a couple of hours to knock up with a drill, a grinder or a hacksaw and a few basic hand tools. Better yet, it’ll cost you less than $50.


Gather your bits and bobs

Most of us have some scrap ply or some offcuts of pine boards left over from earlier projects, failing that, you can easily gather a few hardwood pallets from the nearest obliging warehouse, shop or workshop. Usually these bits and pieces are saved for a rainy day project, so here is the opportunity.

All you might have to buy is a length of 25mmx25mm aluminium angle extrusion or a handful of 90 degree brackets, a handful of self-tapping wood screws and a small section of marine carpet or if you prefer a rattle can of dark colored paint instead.

Getting Started

First up, disconnecting your drawer stops in the rear of your Titan drawer unit, this will allow you to fully unroll and remove your Titan Rear Drawer from within the chassis of the drawer system in the back of your 4WD. Whilst this isn’t necessary it will make it far easier to measure up the internal space to see how many dividers you might need to or want to create.

When you know exactly how many dividers you want to make and worked out how much material you actually have to do it, you can then mark and trim your right angle extrusion into pieces as brackets for each divider about 30mm lower than the top of the drawer area this will allow you to easily have enough clearance for opening and closing your setup.


Roll up your sleeves and get installing!

When you have all of your measurements for the dividing pieces of timber and the locations of your angle bits established you are ready to install everything!

You can use a grinder with an metal cut off wheel and trim down your the aluminium angle to the correct length. Once it has been cut, clean all the burs off the angle to make it safer to handle, you can also use a hacksaw if you aren’t equipped with power tools.

After you have your brackets ready, mark and cut the ply to the be 5mm narrower than the drawer internal width and 30mm lower than your Titan Rear Drawer so when you cover them in carpet they are still easy to remove and refit.



Once you have your angle and ply cut to size, it’s now time to spray paint or cover in your selected  contact glue so you can easily cover it neatly in an offcut of marine carpet, if you don’t want to go this far.

Then measure and mark the sides of your Titan Rear Drawers and start screwing the angle to each side in a back to back configuration in 400mm intervals. Make sure you make them slightly wider than the thickness of your ply so they slide in and out nicely (the exact thickness will depend on whether they are carpeted or just painted). This is so you can change your drawer configuration in a matter of minutes, depending on who is going away and what you have to take. The spacing can of course be changed to suit your needs.



Here’s a cool finishing touch. Secure the first divider in place close to the rear door of your vehicle and fit some foam to that section so you can cut holes out to allow your knives, forks, salt and pepper or even your knick knacks to poke into the foam and be in easy reach when you need them without jingling through the back of your drawers potentially getting a nasty cut or poke from your Adventure Kings Kitchen Knife set!


12mm ply $0 left over piece from old project

25mmx25mmx1.4mm aluminium angle $19.80 from the local hardware

Marine carpet 2 sq. meters $19.85 from local hardware

Screws $3.25 from local hardware

TOTAL: $42.90 (leaving $57 bucks for our favourite bevy at the drive through)

To check out all the other easy upgrades for your camping drawer system head over to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showroom to get your head flooding with affordable upgrade ideas for your family tourer, weekend warrior rig, or long distance mile muncher!