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The Universal campsite setup – yours for under $700!

March 30, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur The Universal campsite setup - yours for under $700! - image Capture-152 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

Every man and his dog has their top tips for setting up camp, but we’re going to let you in on some of our secrets to getting the best campsite setup for an absolute ripper of a bargain.

No matter how you choose to camp, and where you choose to set up, your requirements are basically the same. Firstly, you will need some sort of shelter from the rain, somewhere to keep your food and drinks cool, something to cook food on and a comfortable place to sleep.

Keeping sheltered

There are plenty of options for getting a waterproof and uv resistant shelter over the top of your campsite, but until now it hasn’t been as simple or easy as setting up an Adventure Kings 3m x 3m Gazebo.

You can set one up in just a couple of seconds so you can have a durable waterproof and UPF50+ shelter that offers plenty of environmental protection from all the elements coupled with a hardy hammertone finish offers plenty of hard wearing durability.

The three position adjustable legs offer up to 2380mm of head clearance and with 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m coverage you will have shade and all weather protection with no permanent modifications required for your vehicle.

An Adventure Kings Gazebo offers easy to setup shelter whilst still being able to drive around, run errands and explore throughout the days,  whilst still reserving your campsite for when you get back, this is something you may not be able to do with an Adventure Kings Awning.


Stay cool!

The desire for nearly any camper is to have a portable and easy to use 12v fridge freezer system like the Adventure Kings 60L Fridge/Freezer, allowing you to simply chuck in a handful of cold goods, readily and indefinitely chilled for use later, preventing spoilage and in the case of beer, ensuring your beers are frosty and chilled to perfection.

However when you are camping on a budget a decent refrigeration unit may just be out of reach, but dont worry too much, you can get your hands on a functional but more affordable option found in a  a good quality Ice Box, they can be had for well under $200 bucks, and with good quality ice can chill a beer to icy cold perfection in under 10 minutes.

Available in 40L, 60L, 80L & 100L  you can take your pick for how much you need to keep cold, but with the ability to almost instantly chill your favourite drinks an Adventure Kings 40L Icebox is insane value.


Get a solid 40 winks

Wherever you camp there aren’t many ways to sleep in the bush that are more Australian than under a canvas swag!

Over the last few years thousands of Aussies, have done their research and assessed the total range available and have spoken their minds and the result is that the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe swag is one of the most popular swags on the Australian market.

Built out of heavy duty waterproof 400gsm rip stop poly cotton canvas fabric they certainly do not sacrifice any durability or weatherproofing and with the tough 550gsm waterproof bucket stitched PVC base this swag can cope with years of abuse on the tracks!

Featuring a massive 50mm thick 1550mm wide mattress that is over 2m long, this behemoth swag is also a whole 10000mm tall. Being one of the larger Swags available on the market and one of the most affordable by far.


Campsite Flooring

There is nothing worse at camp than dragging dirt and sand through your campsite. Heading to bed and having sand all through your bedding. to solve this unpleasantness, Adventure Kings has developed an affordable and absolutely practical solution to this with the Adventure Kings Mesh flooring available in 3m x 3m, 5m x 2.5m and also a massive 6m x 3m.

With the clever open mesh weave of the Adventure Kings Mesh Floor, Sand dirt and water fall straight through to the ground underneath, this means no more dragging sand and dirt to bed with you!  

And all of this for less than a case of beer, that’s a top-level camping accessory at a mind-blowing price, you cannot beat that!




No campsite would be absolutely complete without one of the most affordable camp cooking methods on the Australian market, the Adventure Kings BBQ plate. Packaged in a canvas carry bag, this has to be one of the easiest and most idealic methods of cooking food at camp. Simply start your campfire and unfold the Adventure Kings BBQ plate, preheat your plate and cook away.

Clean up is even simpler, just scrape your scraps into the fire place let it cool down and fold it back away into its canvas storage bag!

There you have it, that is how you can setup a universal campsite that is just about suitable for any location across Australia.  Easily found on Fraser island, in the Victoria high country, at cape York the Simpson desert and even at your local national park, because an affordable universal campsite doesn’t have to sacrifice performance or quality to make your experience satisfying and unforgettable!