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What makes a Domin8r Exhaust output such a meaty note?

August 5, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur What makes a Domin8r Exhaust output such a meaty note? - image Capture-5 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


There are many reasons that a Domin8r Exhausts output a loud and meaty tone as well as letting your engine breathe better than it did from factory!

We’re going to go over all the reasons why you should upgrade your exhaust system TODAY to get more grunt, more seat of the pants power, and more ROAR, when the pedal hits the metal!


Efficient  Design

When looking at the Domin8r Exhaust Systems, you’ll be blown away at the technology that goes into them!

The first thing that makes an Domin8r Exhaust Superior to your factory exhaust is the large 3” diameter tubing. The larger diameter tubing is designed to help extract as much of the waste gases away from the engine – to enhance the flow of the gasses away from your engine the Domin8r Exhaust uses custom mandrel bends, which maintain an equal cross section along the whole length of the exhaust.

To maintain a reasonable volume and to prevent your vehicles emissions from exceeding those of factory exhaust systems all Domin8r Exhaust Systems include a high flow Catalytic converter and a sports high flow muffler. Both of these cans quieten and clean up your vehicles exhaust whilst still allowing free flow for maximum performance!


The Domin8r Exhaust systems, are custom built to easily fit your 4WD with minimal hand tools, all the joints use 4 bolt heavy duty steel flanges, with included gaskets and fasteners!

The Domin8r Exhaust systems require you to undo a handful of bolts and remove your old exhaust and line up the components of your new exhaust, and from the turbo back, loosely bolt everything into place. Once the exhaust system is in place nip everything up to lock in into place and you are ready to go!

With only 4 nuts and bolts per join you can easily install a Domin8r Exhaust system using only some hand tools like spanners to install easily!


Made out of tough steel, one is Aluminised tubing which is a type of coated steel which is corrosion resistant, and also the 409 Stainless Steel version which can withstand many more hot and cold cycles and is also extremely vibration resistant, making it the IDEAL material for a 4WD’s exhaust.

On top of the extremely tough materials chosen the Domin8r range of exhausts all fitting accessories are included in the parcel!



Anyone looking for a performance exhaust system is the go to upgrade for many 4WDers looking to give their 4WD a massive boost in seat of the pants power!

There are many ways to upgrade your exhaust but for real gains you need to install a turbo back exhaust system this takes all of the wasted exhaust gasses and evacuates them through a high flow catalytic converter and sports muffler efficiently and without restricting flow, this is where mandrel style bends and a large diameter 3” steel pipe.



It’s not all done when you’ve installed your Domin8r Exhaust, if you are looking for more grunt and roar when you put the pedal down, you can install a Domin8r Muffler Delete kit, this is a mandrel bent piece that simply bolts in and replaces the high flow muffler out of your Domin8r Exhaust Kit.

Get yours

Not only does a high-performance exhaust enhance the feel of your 4WD but it will also give your 4WD a meatier exhaust tone. There are several reasons why if you are looking for a performance exhaust for your 4WD that you should look to the Domin8r Exhaust systems, firstly they are all 3” diameter mandrel bent and use 4 bolt exhaust flanges which are much tougher than your factory exhaust system!