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Why CTEK’s 240V chargers are a vital part of your car or 4WD’s electrical system

January 31, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Why CTEK’s 240V chargers are a vital part of your car or 4WD’s electrical system - image Capture-155 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

If you’re in the process of setting up a 12v system in your car, van, 4×4 or 4WD, you may have already installed accessories like an AGM deep-cycle battery, a camping solar panel and a dual battery isolator. You probably want to run accessories like a portable camping fridge to keep the food and drinks cold right?

However you may have quickly realised that unless you drive your car or 4WD every day for at least a couple of hours, you’re probably draining your battery quicker than you can recharge it. An Adventure Kings solar panel definitely helps, but you can’t always rely on the sun, especially in winter. That’s where CTEK’s range of 240v battery chargers becomes such a vital part of your car or 4WD’s electrical system!

4WD and van battery chargers have come a long way over the past couple of years. That old charger sitting gathering dust on your garage shelf is a dinosaur compared to CTEK battery chargersYour old battery charger is probably as slow as a wet week, and might only put out as little as 2 amps or so. Here’s five different ways that the incredible new 240v CTEK battery chargers range will transform your vehicle’s 12v system.



Whether you’re a tradie who wants to keep lunch and drinks cold, or you just love the idea of your fridge staying on the whole time, having a CTEK 240V charger on hand allows you to do exactly that. As long as you keep an eye on your auxiliary deep-cycle battery, you don’t even need to worry about driving long distances each day. If your battery gets down to about 11.8v, that’s around half-way flat so you just plug your CTEK 240V charger in at home or at a jobsite and let it charge your battery back up while you’re parked.



Sometimes you’ll realise that your batteries are getting flat at an inconvenient time. You might be pulled up to Aunt Beryl’s for a family Sunday dinner, or you’re at a mate’s house for drinks on a Friday night. If you have a CTEK 240V charger mounted in your vehicle, all you have to do is carry an extension lead and you can plug in, anywhere there’s a power outlet!



One of the cleverest functions of the majority of the CTEK battery charger range is its ‘RECONDITION’ mode. This is a special charging mode that desulphates the internal plates within your battery. If you run your battery really flat then it may struggle to charge back up properly. We’ve personally seen the CTEK battery charger range save four different batteries that we were certain were destined for the scrap-heap, bringing them back to life when they wouldn’t charge up any other way.


If you head away for an annual family camping trip and you’re going to a powered campsite, then the CTEK range of battery chargers can not only keep your batteries topped up, but it’ll let you power your entire campsite off 240V! Just make sure that you have enough ‘reserve’ capacity in your charger. You’ll probably need about 10A of power to run everything, and a ‘spare’ 5A of power to keep the batteries topped up too. In this case, the CTEK M200 charger is perfect for your needs.



Not all batteries are the same. Wet-cell type batteries charge at different rates to AGM batteries, for instance, and there’s a huge difference between charging a single 98Ah battery and charging multiple house batteries in your boat or caravan. The CTEK range of 240v battery chargers have the ability to differ the rate of charge being delivered to ensure your exact battery bank is being charged as well as possible.

Whether it’s the M100 7A charger to keep on your garage shelf to charge the motorbikes, the car or the boat battery, or the M200 or even M300 chargers that’ll handle the biggest battery banks, CTEK’s full range of 240V battery chargers are what you need for your 12v system!

4WD Supacentre has a price-match guarantee on the entire range of the incredible CTEK battery chargers. That means if you can find a better genuine price anywhere in Australia, we’ll match it!

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