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Winter camping – Cooler than you think

May 16, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Winter camping – Cooler than you think - image Capture-65 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

With less people heading out camping in the cooler months, with a little bit of preparation and by packing the right gear to stay warm, you will have a private campsite, that is much more comfortable than you’d think!


So we are going to let you in on a few secrets about the best way to setup camp in the cold, to stay warm and have an experience to share with all of your mates, that are too chicken to head out when it isn’t warm enough to walk around shirtless!


Buckle up and read closely, this will make your campsite something to envy!

  1. Roaring fire is the key to warmth!

Let’s face it, regardless of the time of year there isn’t much that can beat sitting by the bush tele and soaking up the radiating warmth and sharing a yarn with your mates by the fire. It’s one of those things that truly brings campers together and makes great memories you’ll have for years to come!

By bringing a self-contained Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove, to your camp, you introduce a new way to stay warm, needing less than a third of the firewood, to stay as warm as possible particularly when the temps drop below zero!

The heat gets reflected internally within the camp ovens body, which also emits plenty of heat around your campsite. The internally reflected heat gives you the ability for you to burn your firewood in a more efficient way, the oven also enables you to control the airflow over your fuel, allowing more complete combustion, unlike a traditional fire pit dug into the ground, you have the ability to allow air to flow past the door using the graduated latch mechanism, and with the adjustable flue, you can turn down the heat quite a lot!


  1. Comfortable seating

 When setting up at camp a comfortable chair is one of those things you should never leave home without! Whilst everyone has their favorite camp chair, there are certainly ways you can improve your comfort at camp by choosing the best chair for the job!

The BRAND-NEW RELEASE Adventure Kings Deluxe Reclining Camp Chair offers plenty of comfort when compared to the more traditional style of folding camp chair. No only does this new chair fold absolutely flat, it can recline with the lift of the arm rests offering up to 150° of recline!

Not only are these camp chairs extremely packable and adjustable, they are also extremely comfortable, fitted with a thick and insulated 50mm thick foam, similar to the foam used in most Adventure Kings Swags, making it perfect for sitting around the campfire, and keeping your back toasty warm!


  1. Gimme shelter!

One of the best ways to stay warm at camp is with an Adventure Kings Awning! By installing an Awning on the side of your 4WD you can easily unroll it and get a waterproof shelter over your camp in a matter of just a couple of minutes.

The versatility and simplicity of the Adventure Kings Awnings are not there only upside, by also being available for well under $150 you can fit one to both sides and the rear of your 4WD for shelter on the tracks no matter how your camp is set up, and by fitting an easy to install Adventure Kings Awning Wall to the side of your awning you can divert the wind and rain out of your setup and stay warm and dry with nearly double the sheltered space!

  1. Swag, is more than just a cool pair of shoes!

A Swag is one of the most comfortable ways you can get camping for less, by sheltering yourself with a durable canvas, you not only keep the elements out but you can also trap the heat in. With the modern market being flooded with many different swag designs, it is easy to get lost with all the options available, but when you are done crunching the numbers the Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, is the go offering a massive 70mm thick mattress, and a heavy duty 400GSM rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, which is breathable durable and most of all 100% weather proof!

By setting up with an Adventure Kings Swag, you can stay warm no matter what the weather is doing!


  1. Trap the warmth with a good quality sleeping bag!

Even if you haven’t setup your campsite with a swag, a reliable sleeping bag is the keystone to staying warm at night, with some bags being rated to 0°C costing well in excess of $600 you’d be forgiven for almost instantly writing off the possible performance aspects of the Adventure Kings Premium Sleeping Bag, which can be had for under $100, you can even get a second one to zip together so you can share the warmth with your better half delivered for much less than you could imagine!

With an incredible warmth rating you can stay warm down to around -5°C easily, or if you are camping in a region where it is a little bit warmer, you can unzip the flannelette lining for a reduction in warmth to a much milder +5°C!

By getting setup with this kit you will just about have it all, and for much less than what others are trying to charge. Get yourself setup for a winter camping session with your mates and have a private campsite where you can make as little or as much noise as you’d like and head to bed as late as you’d like without annoying the neighbors, thanks to Adventure Kings ridiculously low prices on excellent quality gear!