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Winter unveils your own private campsite!

April 30, 2018   |   By Liam Arthur Winter unveils your own private campsite! - image Capture-178 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news


With warm sunny weather fast disappearing, Asutralia’s plentiful campsites are becoming more and more sparse of fair-weather summer season campers, with the fleeing masses rugging up and staying inside, you can have whole campsites to yourself, armed with just a handful of winter camping secret tips and tricks.

To find out what you need to stay warm at camp this winter, follow closely and you will be rewarded with warmth and coziness on the tracks;

Cooking over the campfire!

This system will get you two birds with the same stone, at many campsites across Oz you are permitted to have a campfire, if you are are camped at a location where this is allowed, you are already 3 quarters of the way to a successful winter campsite!

When setting up camp, there is most likely going to be a preexisting fire pit at your location, so don’t go and dig your own, 2m away from it. Preserve the campsite, and use the facilities you have found, and setup your campsite with the firepit location in mind.

Once you have your fire burning, keep in mind that you are looking to get a bunch of hot coals to cook over, so by burning a variety of sizes of firewood will give you a combination of coals and burning logs.

Depending on what you plan on cooking you can choose a Bedourie camp oven for roasts and stews, whilst an Adventure Kings BBQ Hotplate offers the perfect location for fry ups, and grilling burgers, over your hot coals.

If your campsite requires you to have your fire in an elevated steel vessel, you can check out the handy Adventure Kings Camp Oven/Stove sitting stable on the 3x fold out legs, it has a fully adjustable airflow to control the temperature and the rate at which you burn your firewood. The setup offers a handy folding setup that has an integrated chimney, allowing you to setup your awning close to your fireplace with the chimney taking the smoke up and away from your camp!


Toasty camping setup!

Now that you have a way to cook and relax by the fireplace, you will need somewhere warm and cozy to catch your beauty sleep, whilst the options are nearly endless, one of the most cost effective, cozy ways to catch some zzz’s is to get yourself into one of the famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Swags, with its massive 70mm thick mattress, it insulates you from the chilly ground easily, whilst also offering all weather protection, no matter what the season thanks to the fully waterproof 400GSM poly cotton ripstop canvas, coupled with the fully waterproof PVC Bucket floor!


The Swag is toasty, but is not enough on its own, by coupling your Big Daddy Deluxe swag with a cozy pair of Adventure Kings Premium sleeping bags zipped together you will stay toasty, rated to a frosty C they will easily be able to keep you and the better half, from getting the shivers through the night!

Easy to setup shelter

Whilst the winter weather isn’t too bad, the combination of being wet, in cold weather can get you really sick! To stay dry through any weather condition, is the trick to having a great time whilst camping through winter.

To keep your campsite happy through the colder months, you can chuck up a fully waterproof Adventure Kings Awning or Adventure Kings Gazebo. both of them set up in just a few minutes and when coupled with an Adventure Kings Awning Wall or Gazebo wall offer the most comfortable all weather shelter that protects from rain wind and scorching sunshine.

Being able to kick back under shelter, whilst the world ticks on around you makes the Adventure Kings camping setup one of the best value setups for year long camping.

So don’t settle for winters spent at home, make sure you are setup and ready for camp this winter whilst everyone else retreats!