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Your dream campsite for $1500 bucks!

July 28, 2020   |   By Liam Arthur Your dream campsite for $1500 bucks! - image Screenshot_20200728-132230 on https://www.4wdsupacentre.com.au/news

You probably wouldn’t believe it unless you did the research yourself but there is a brand out there who offers quality camping and outdoor equipment at incredibly affordable prices.


Adventure Kings are one of Australia’s youngest but most competitive camping and 4WD brands available in the country, coupled with their years of experience in 4WD adventure and pushing equipment to the limits in the harshest conditions across the country. The plethora of experience has equipped the team at Adventure Kings, to develop gear that works without blowing out your camping budget.

Catching ZZZ’s


Whilst there are 101 ways to catch your beauty sleep on the tracks, and if you have managed to get away over the last few years there is no doubt you will notice that swags happen to be taking over campsites all over oz. With a mountain of options, to choose from its almost impossible to make your mind up over which swag suits your needs. You may not realize but the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag is the reason double swags have become so prominent, not only because of the sheer size, but because of their incredible value for money.

The Big Daddy Deluxe Swag is fitted with a 70mm thick mattress, offering plush comfort for restful nights sleep, and is cut to be the same size as a standard queen sized mattress perfect for two! 


Additionally the big daddy deluxe swag has a tough and durable 400gsm poly cotton canvas shell and a tough PVC base boasting all weather protection no matter what the weather is doing.

But a swag isn’t all you need for comfortable sleeping, whilst the warmth inside a swag is impressive on cool nights, nothing beats adding a sleeping bag for the warmest coziest night sleep. The Adventure kings sleeping bag range offers two options, the Kings Standard hooded sleeping bag rated for -2 degrees or if you wanted a more deluxe option the Adventure Kings Premium hooded sleeping bag offers a zip out flannel lining making it perfect for all year usage comfortable in +5 Celcius down to a frosty -5 Celcius which is perfect for any season of camping.


Shelter is critical to escaping the elements and a good shelter will help you stay protected from the harsh UV rays as well as the rain and anything else you might encounter.  So for a reliable easy to establish area to relax and prepare food and even to get respite from the elements is critical for your campsite, gone are the days of trying to setup a tarpaulin with poles and ropes and a team of people. 

The Adventure Kings Awning range is perfect shelter at camp offering a lightweight and easy to setup fully waterproof cover that can be set up single handed, is important that your awning is also rated for uv protection which is why all Adventure Kings shelters offer UPF50+ ratings to ensure that you have maximum protection from the elements, the additional benefit to an awning is you have the perfect space to setup your LED camp lighting, such as a Kings 4m LED Strip Light, which can be easily wound around the legs of the awning, and with the cigarette lighter attachment, with integrated dimming switch offers ultimate control over your campsite lighting.

Chilling out!

One of the indicators of a serious camper is if they have to go and buy ice, or whether they are set up with a 12v fridge freezer. Up until Adventure Kings put their hat in the ring, these were prohibitively expensive and required extensive modifications to your vehicle to allow you to operate a second battery that is charged from your vehicle and so on, this is no longer necessary thanks to the innovations from the Kings product development team.


Starting with redeveloping the fridge systems, starting with the materials, kings developed a simple fridge and removed all the unnessecary gimmicks found on other brands. The goal was to redefine what we need to functionally keep things cool reliably and efficiently without wasting energy with unnessecary additions.

the entire Adventure kings range of fridges use Secop compressors and can refrigerate using much less energy.

This increase in efficiency as well as being around 1/3 the price of similar sized units on the market, makes the Adventure Kings range almost unsurpassable as the go too camping refrigeration on the market.


If you don’t have a massive budget the Adventure Kings 45L Fridge freezer is the perfect addition to your dream campsite on a budget offering up to 68 can capacity and a temperature range from +15 down to -18 degrees Celsius.

It’s clear a 12v fridge is the way to go, but powering a fridge using your car battery is a short lived idea, that will probably end in tears when its time to start the car and head home, this is why adventure kings developed a stand alone second battery that doesn’t require a complex installation or tricky wiring, by simply installing one of the Adventure Kings AGM batteries into an adventure kings battery box, you can have an easy to use free standing power pack that is ready to charge your phone via usb run your fridge via the cigarette socket or even operate your LED camp lighting, with the 98AH unit offering a whopping 50 usable amps you can keep your fridge running up to 2 whole days without having to recharge the battery, great for quick weekend escapes, and with the two built in Anderson style connecters you have the ability to quickly and easily connect it directly to one of adventure kings affordable solar range.


Just like everything we’ve already mentioned that the adventure kings range is designed to not only improve the technology on the market but also to make it much more accessible to people without sky-is-the-limit budgets. This is why the Adventure Kings solar range uses top of the line monocrystalline panels to offer highly efficient solar charging, whilst also offering everything you need to simply plug and play.

The most compact and affordable solar panel in the range, is the Adventure Kings 120W folding solar panel, offers a maximum output of 6.5 amps of charge, which will replenish your whole battery with a days worth of sunlight, making it the perfect standalone setup to sustain your setup for extended trips away as long as the sun is shining.

The Adventure Kings range of camping gear offers Aussies not only state of the art camping equipment but also on an incredibly affordable budget, considering any one of the components of this dream campsite can cost well in advance of $1000 elsewhere, the adventure kings range simply works.

To see the full range of dream campsite equipment, head online to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our expert team for the best advice and latest deals on 1800 88 39 64 or visit one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the range in person and ask one of our highly experienced staff about the ideal setup for your dream campsite.