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Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + Adventure Kings 2 x 3m Awning - IN STOCK NOW FOR LILYDALE (VIC) AND ONLINE ORDERS ONLY!

Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) + Adventure Kings 2 x 3m Awning - IN STOCK NOW FOR LILYDALE (VIC) AND ONLINE ORDERS ONLY!

Worth** $1,099.00
* Postage & handling $35 per bundle
Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) - IN STOCK NOW FOR LILYDALE (VIC) AND ONLINE ORDERS ONLY!
Adventure Kings Premium 4wd side Awning 2 x 3m - IN STOCK NOW!

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  Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair)  

  Floodlenses Sold Separately

Check out the independent test recently conducted by Unsealed 4x4 magazine.

4WD Supacentre were not included in the LED driving lights comparo. When we saw this, we realised that the public were not being shown the full story. We wanted to give the full picture to the public, so we have gotten our lights independently tested to see how they stack up.

The full test report by the Light Emission Distribution Laboratory can be seen below. You will be amazed by the results!

In a field of 16 LED driving lights, 4WD Supacentre’s 9” LED driving lights would have beaten 14 other lights – with some costing over four times the price!

Our new Illuminator gives you more lumens for your money. You would have to be crazy to pay more for the others and get less bang for your buck!

At the time the retail price for a pair of 4WD Supacentre’s 9” LED driving lights was $349 a pair ($174.50 each).  This is a saving of $1,371 over the next ranking light.

It is clear that 4WD Supacentre’s 9” Illuminator LED driving lights are the best value for money on the market and they come with a 1 year warranty.

Not only can you get the best value for money on all of our product range, you can rest assured that we will continue to improve our range with high quality items and pass on savings to you.

Charles Vella
Founder – 4WD Supacentre

Our Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights are rugged enough to survive any 4WDing challenge. They throw out a huge amount of light which makes them ideal for remote touring, while the tough design and dust and waterproof rating means they’ll stand up to punishment in any conditions. So whether you’re tackling the tip of Cape York or slogging through mud on the west coast of Tassie, bolt up a set of these beauties and out shine your mates!

SUPER BRIGHT – 32x 5Watt CREE LEDs in each light for huge light output in any situation.

TOUGH – Cast aluminium alloy housing that is water and dust, shock and vibration resistant. Three hole mounting bracket for solid connection to your 4WD.


As seen on Facebook we compared the 9” LED Driving Lights to the Great Whites 18 LED Lights (p/n GWR5181).

As quoted on the Great Whites Website on the 03/02/16, $765 each and $1,530 for a pair.

Michael from Repco Lidcombe, a Great Whites Distributor, at 10:35am on 03/02/2016 quoted $765 each if only buying one or $650 each if buying a pair which totals $1,300 for two.


See the results below as published in Unsealed 4x4 Magazine Issue #9

Manufacturer Weight Size (HxWxD) Price (Single) Price Pair Warranty (Years) Lumens
Opposite Lock Nitro 3.5kg 240mm x 235mm x 110mm $650 $1,300 3 10881
4WD SUPACENTRE 9" LED DRIVING LIGHTS 4.5kg 225mm x 220mm x 120mm $175 $349 1 9062
Great White 18 LED 2.8kg 183mm x 170mm x 114mm $860 $1,720 5 8875
Peak Xplorer 6000 2.6kg 185mm x 179mm x 109mm $594 $1,188 5 8750
Halo Raptor 2.6kg 195mm x 175mm x 86mm $699 $1,398 2 8101
Lightforce 215 LED 3.3kg 196mm x 216mm x 97mm $695 $1,390 3 7791
ARB AR32 3.2kg 245mm x 220mm x 119mm $745 $1,490 2 7681
Rigid Industries Q Series 2kg 172mm x 171mm x 87mm $590 $1,180 Life (limited) 7039
ARB AR21 2.5kg 212mm x 190mm x 116mm $495 $990 2 6950
Rigid Industries R Series 2kg 147mm x 144mm x 75mm $545 $1,090 Life (limited) 6616
XRAY VISION 220 2.9kg 235mm x 220mm x 109mm $630 $1,260 2 5998
LIGHTFORCE 180 LED 2.1kg 196mm x 181mm x 97mm $495 $990 3 5178
VISION X SOLSTICE 2.4kg 181mm x 166mm x 81mm $753 $1,506 Lifetime 4797
GREAT WHITE 9 LED 2.9kg 183mm x 170mm x 114mm $490 $980 5 4435
IMPACT LED 2.5kg 195mm x 175mm x 86mm $229 $458 2 3600
JW SPEAKER TS3000R 1.5kg 160mm x 166mm x 105mm $599 $1,198 4 2402



  Adventure Kings 2 x 3m Awning  

Rain, hail or shine you can’t beat an Adventure Kings Premium Side Awning! Set up in seconds for shelter from the elements and packs up just as fast so you’re ready to hit the tracks first thing in the morning.

Built to withstand Aussie conditions, Adventure Kings Awnings feature anodised telescopic alloy poles, alloy (not plastic) knuckles and 280gsm ripstop polyester. The entire assembly packs away into a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag and mounts to virtually any vehicle with a roof rack.

SMART DESIGN – Unlike other awnings on the market, Adventure Kings Awnings have a dual channel system, making folding up the awning poles, and entire awning, quick and easy. Simply set the poles to the correct height and fold in and out, no need to adjust every time – very quick, very easy, very simple!

RUGGED  – Uses quality components like anodised anti-scratch alloy poles, alloy knuckles and 280gsm ripstop polyester for long life. Packs away in a heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag.

SIMPLE DIY – Comes with fitting kit including 2x L brackets for universal fitment to most roof racks.

  Please note: The awning is 2m along the vehicle and comes out 3m  
  from the vehicle once the awning has been rolled out.  

Additionally the user should:

  • Make sure all poles are locked and secure in the channels.
  • Polyester is firmly rolled and secured tight to the main channel by velcro in a manner that ensures no movement.
  • Never store the awning in a wet or damp state.

  Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights(pair)  


  • Dimensions: 245mm high (with brackets), 220mm diameter, 120mm depth (incl. brackets)
  • Wattage: 160W
  • Input Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • IP rating: IP 68
  • LED type: 32PCS*5W CREE  LED chip
  • Diameter: 9 Inches
  • Voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Color Temperature: 6500K (Cool White)
  • Operating Lumens Output: 18,000 LM (9,000 LM each driving light)
  • Cast aluminium alloy housing
  • Premium PMMA Lens Material
  • Base Color: Black
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant  

  Floodlenses Sold Separately - Coming Soon  

  Does not include wiring harness  

  Adventure Kings 2 x 3m Awning  

  • POLYESTER - 280gsm ripstop
  • POLES - Anodised aluminium alloy 
  • KNUCKLES - Cast aluminium alloy 
  • STORAGE BAG - Nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC 
  • 2m along vehicle x 3m out from vehicle when extended



  • Fitted a pair of Illuminator 9" lights to the front of the brand new Freightliner. They nailed the name with illuminator!! Not only will I be able to light the roads up and avoid the hoppy Roos now – Brett Oakley

  • These 9" illuminator lights are insane, survived the harsh bumps on Moreton island and Fraser and extremely bright! The Grande winch has also saved me a few times! Cheers guys – Sam Mahoney

  • Mate had a set of ARB LED's showed him my $400 set up (4 x 9" illuminator LED's) he went and sold his $1,600 pair and is/has ordered 4 of the same 9" illuminator spot lights...expensive isn't always the best. (I am also making him the same custom light bracket) AND (I forgot) he brought a double thumper max and an extra 4mtr hose! Next for me is a roof top tent and the extra awning/tent and a new set of draws for my Nissan tb45. – Shane Palmer

  • Just fitted my new 9inch illuminator spotties they are by far the best I've seen on the road turns night into day all I need to do is finishing installing my light bars that came in the pack cannot rate supercentre products any higher I soon will have my 4wd decked out with only supercentre products and cannot wait. Thanks guys keep the great products rolling. – Josh Johnson

  • Loving my 9" Illuminator's! These things are so bright it's not funny! In fact, when driving along at night with these on, then having to dip my lights for oncoming traffic, my low beams are like driving by candlelight lol! - Ben Mapley

  • Awesome 9" Spotties use these daily/nights, Skippy shot out from behind a truck got him square on, unreal the lights still work brackets are a bit bent, will straighten out till ute get repaired. Drove home with them on tonight, I have just bought a spare set just now. – Tony Rose

  • Wow. Got the 9" spotties. Easy to fit, blew my mind the first time I turned them on. Awesome lighting literally turning night into day, and at a quarter of the price my mate paid for his. The only problem that I have found is that I feel like I’m driving in the dark when there not turned on. Great customer service too. Thanks 4WD Supercentre. – Darren McQueen

  • Very happy with my amazing new 9" LED driving lights. Scored an absolute bargain. Made some friends very jealous with just how little I paid for them. - Andrew Jochs

  • I got a pair of 9" spotties and a 32" lightbar and could not be more stoked with them!! Both were very simple to install. The 9in's went on my ranger which lights up the road very well and are extremely weather proof. (As tested on the day of this photo, with water crossings) And the 32in bar light went on the boat for the night time adventures. VERY BRIGHT! Thanks 4WD SupaCentre! - Jayden Tester

  • Ordered the 9' Illuminator Spot Light Bundle from 4WDSupacentre. Couldn't believe the excellent quality and attention to detail in both the wiring harnesses and lights! Took 7 days to get to a NSW country town from the day I ordered it! Highly impressed, will defiantly keep supporting Supacentre! – Grant Hardwick

  • Love my new 9 inch illuminators recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good quality set of spotties. - Wayne Miller 

  • So happy with my spotties and rooftop tent from you guys, waiting on the awning to go with it! Nothing that I can fault from it, fantastic quality and the price makes it even better, won't be buying from any other company! - Avery Maitland

  • I purchased the 9" driving lights and they are fantastic. Heaps of bright white light. Very sturdy and well made. Have done 10k since owning them over lots of tracks. Great value. - Terry John Stanley

  • Bought a pair of 9" Illuminator LED driving lights and they are so bright! Compared them to a mates that he got off of Ebay and the Illuminators were not only cheaper but are much brighter! – Bryce Penno

  • Upsetting my mates big time by picking up a pair of 9 inch led spotties for 189 bucks! They paid triple that for there spotties haha. Mine survived a decent kangaroo hit on my last trip aswell. RIP skippy - Luke Fink 

  • My 9" led's from 4wd supacentre are just as good if not better than my brother in laws 9" leds which cost him quite a lot more from a well know company. – Richard Williams

  • I only just got these fitted today, but am looking forward to putting them to good use. All my family are impressed with these awesome 9" spotties and are jealous as they wish they owned a pair. So I brought my Nephew the exact ones as mine for his upcoming 18th bday. – Mel Tapscott

  • Couldn't be happier with these 9" Led driving lights, I've had much more expensive lights over the years with less light output. I've also just bought a double swag and it's great. – Rohan Bicknell

  • Just fitted 4 illuminators 9 inches on the roof. For 400 bucks they can't compare. Mate has some narvas and they look like a candle compared to these. – Matt Huth

  • Across the Nullabor! 9 inch spotties and a light bar doing an awesome job! - Colin Channing

  • Love my supacenter lights, might brighter than my mates eBay ones that look similar, much better distance and much tougher. Recommend them to everyone! – Gus Cooper

  • Love the swag plenty of room for me and my little boy for now, and the 9" illuminators make it easy for the night time getaways to find a good spot and set up. Cheers Supa centre. – Glenn Graham 

  • Bought the 9" led driving lights. Great lights at a fraction of the cost as big name brands & just as good. – Chris Taylor

  • I've received my 9" Spotties last week & finally fitted them, can say they are literally the best thing ive bought for my car so far! - Chonny Marie George

  • Always wanted a set of LED driving lights, but until I discovered the 9" illuminators, I couldn't justify the absolutely phenomenal prices being asked. I recently fitted a pair of illuminators and found them to be incredibly well constructed & sturdy. - Matthew Roles

  • Received my 9" led driving lights and had then mounted fuss free with the supplied wiring harness. First weekend out with them and couldn't be happier!! Value for money..and the wait is on for the rest of my 4wd supa centre gear.. Thanks lads. - Anthony Tack Mackay 

  • I Bought a Illuminator 9" Round LED Driving Lights (pair) fantastic for $180.91 and they work a treat. My mate bought and paid 3 times this for light that are not as good and don't look as good. Thanks guys! - Kris Hodgson 

  • Just bought driving lights and can’t believe how well they are priced against the competition and quality to boot. My other 4x4 buddies are crying. – Alex Matthews

  • Love the Illuminator lights from you guys. Saved a lot of money and got a better product. – Ty Beavisdd

  • I purchased the 9 inch driving lights. I was a bit sceptical about the quality for that price until they showed up. Wow, heavy duty casings, excellent heat sinks and stainless mounting bolts. The light output has to be seen to be believed! Best lights I have ever had by a long way. A mate paid $1600 for his lights of the same size which unfortunately for him have less lumens. - Ian Muller

  • Got my 9” lights put them up against my mate’s lights plus light bar and it’s fair to say smoked his. So looks like you’ve got another new customer coming your way. Wrapped in my lights, just awesome cheers. - Craig Millard

  • Purchased a bunch of gear from Supacentre. By far my fav are the 9inch LED Spotties! We just took a trip to Loveday 4x4 park and these things were awesome for the night drive there. It literally hurts my eyes when these bad boys reflect off road signs. They also helped me spot two skippies on the way home which saved my bull bar a few scratches. - Matt Jones

  • Replaced my HID PIAA driving lights with 9” illuminators. Super bright, wide flood lights with no dim spots. Instant light, no heat up delay like HID. Recommended to family and mates. All have bought them once they saw how bright they are. Great construction and solid as. Can’t believe the price. - Pete Tremain

  • Hooked up the 9” illuminators on the weekend. It’s worth getting the wiring kit as it only took 10 minutes to install and saved me the $120 for the auto electrician. - Paul Terry 

  • Bought a pair of the 9” round LED driving lights, my mate has one of the top brand lights and these ones are heaps brighter than his lights and stronger after us both cleaning up a roo each and not a scratch on mine and his one smashed to bits - Mace Savage

  • Just received our 9” LED Driving lights. Whoa, you simply cannot believe how bright they are until you see it yourself. I’ve not seen anything that bright on the road or tracks ever before! You won’t be disappointed buying a set of these. Thanks 4WD Supacentre. – Darryl Von Spreckelsen
  • My Patrol and Navara, both with your awesome Illuminator 9" spotties! Looking great now. Thanks 4wdsupacentre. Best bang for buck, no doubt! – Michael Gillies‎
  • Purchased the 9 inch driving lights. I was a bit sceptical about the quality for that price until they showed up. Wow, heavy duty casings, excellent heat sinks and stainless mounting bolts. The light output has to be seen to be believed! Best lights I have ever had by a long way. A mate paid $1600 for his lights of the same size which unfortunately for him have less lumins. – Ian Muller

  • Anyone thinking of getting a set of these lights, do it they’re well worth the coin. I have mates who run lights that cost more than three times mine did and mine are brighter. I’ve had them under water, dropped one, done really bumpy tracks and can’t fault them – Anthony Jacob
  • Loving the 9in Illuminator spotties fitted to my Prado 150 VX on ARB Sahara bar. Wiring harness made it extremely easy to install. Lights produce blindingly bright visibility. Tough, heavy duty, cheap... can't go wrong really. – Dave Wortley
  • Just fitted the 9" Illuminator LED driving lights and WOW! Cannot believe the brightness and the diffuser covers are brilliant as I live in a semi rural area and dusk is kangaroo time around here, I am so much more confident with these babies. Quality is fabulous and the price cannot be matched. – Marcus Noelene Ward

  • Bought my partner the led spotlights for his birthday in November, after searching numerous sites for weeks you guys absolutely smashed competing stores! Quality, performance and of these lights are awesome! After just putting new a new motor, a new diff and all new front steering in over the past few months we are now saving for the roof top camper for the old girl! Can't wait to purchase it and set off for new adventures! – Kirsten Ashdown

  • I bought my two 9” LED spot lights from you guys and they out powered most of my mate’s lights, HIDs and LED light bars. Super impressed and they paid at least twice as much. The air compressor is outstanding too. It pumps up all my tires super quickly and efficiently. – Elliott Nunn
  • I bought the 9" driving lights. Mate bought what he thought was the same but paid $700 on eBay, they were cheap knock offs and seller didn't respond. Goes to show buying here is great quality and also peace of mind. – Steve Turtle Miller
  • I recently bought a set of spotlights from you guys after a mate of mine bought the ARB ones. He paid almost four times the price I paid and they are no brighter than my beasties. – Jason Podlich
  • Where has this store been hiding. I can’t believe how much cheaper you are for everything. I now have a shopping list as long as my arm of toys I want. Went off road Saturday night with my purchase of your light bar vs my mates $600 light force bar and spotty setup… out performed them all. They are now selling theirs to buy a setup like mine. Your store makes it affordable to own top quality, everything I’d never own at other store prices. Recovery kit, roof racks and winch here I come. – Daniel Roddom
  • Hey 4WD Supacenter, I bought the pair of 9inch LEDs along with the 22inch LED light bar for only $400!! in comparison to my mate which bought 3x light bars for $900. Awesome deal guys keep up the good work. Ps, My LEDs are also brighter than his. – Brandon McMahon
  • My mate payed a huge amount for a set of ARB Intensity driving lights and for half the price of one of his I got a great deal on a 9" set of led from 4WD supacentre. – Levi Cleary



  • Took the family on a recent trip to Moreton Island. We went with another family who tend to be very brand loyal to a certain brand that starts in A, ends in B and has an R in the middle. My mate had an awning made by said company which simply didn't hold up to a stiff breeze and folded in half. Massive waste of $450 I say, as amusing as it was to watch. It took me about 4 minutes to convert him to the Kings brand after I showed him the design, superior fasteners and most of all, the price. He could replace his awning for a quarter the price he paid for the other one. Needless to say, I think he may well have lost a little of his loyalty and may now be secretly seeing another brand on the side...I hope so for his hip pockets sake! - Mark Anderson

  • Just bought a Kings 2mtr x 3mtr awning. Took me 15 min to install. Went for a beach fish with a mate where we compared awnings and found he paid over double the amount I paid for mine. After wetting a line and a few beers later the sea breeze came in and his awning poles buckled and calapsed like s pack of cards. Thankyou 4wdsupercentre for making my adventure accessories more affordable and reliable. Big smile on this dial :)) - David Candeloro

  • After going crazy on your website and buying an awning (and much more lol) I'm glad I did! saved me from the storms and was so easy to set up! everything was really good quality. – Yasmine Davis-Brown

  • The funniest part of our trip was with a torrential 40mm downpour of rain. Everyone came under our awning as it provided the best shelter! We had two separate families tell us they were going to 4wd supercentre as soon as they got home!Kiara Linham

  • Finally bought a kings awning from 4wd supacentre. Should of done it ages ago! Installed it in 15 minutes by myself and works great. Cheers! - Chris Barnes 

  • Love the awning same size as my mate bought and he payed over $500 win for me love it! - Josh and Sarah Ayre 

  • Fitted my new kings awning. Absolutely brilliant, easy to set up and pack up by myself. Great quality very sturdy. I'm going to get the rear awning next to finish the set up off. - Mitch Dellaway 

  • Under our new Kings awning on our first big camping trip with bub! This awning is a great idea by any means to get out of the sun but really is a necessity when away with kids! We are so happy with it and everyone with us was very jealous! – Sarah Lamb 

  • Love the Kings awning and double swag. The best few nights sleep I've had while camping ever and kept me bone dry during 10hrs of non stop rain. Not to mention the Kwiky tyre deflator, the Thumper air compressor, Hercules 12v impact wrench, tyre puncture repair kit, 22 inch LED light bar, the Hercules recovery kit and the Dominator winch all purchased at bargain prices. - Adam Smith

  • Went camping over the school holidays with some friends. Winds ripped through the camp destroying others awnings and pop up gazebos. The only one left standing was our Kings 2 x 3 awning. Super happy with the product. Cheapest product in our group - longest lasting. – Troy Wilson

  • Hi guys! I have just purchased one of your king’s awnings for my 79 landy, to replace my previous awning (one of the plastic joint knuckles had snapped and the other one was on the way out too). I am so happy with the quality of your awnings! It is far superior to the previous one I had and I love that all your joints/ knuckles are solid (metal not plastic), looking back i cannot believe how much I paid for my previous one considering the quality was disappointing. Very happy customer and I will definitely be back to purchase many more products!! – Christina Watson

  • The neighbour has just fitted a small awning which he paid $250 for and when talking to him he said that he could not afford a big one as I have on the Nissan, I then told him the price and he nearly choked on his beer. He said that he would not buy a second hand one and when I told it was the price of a new one he nearly went into shock. - Wilhelmus Kruize 

  • Just got my kings awning really happy, my best mates seen it and is upset that his awning was so much dearer to buy and he has had to replace his knuckles which broke. Thanks 4WD Supercentre a fantastic product. – Richard Maher

  • Stoked with my purchase of a 2X3 awning from 4wdSupaCentre. Arrived a couple of weeks earlier than expected (because I'd pre-ordered it and happy as a pig-in-the-other-stuff) and the awning was fitted inside an hour. Looks great, good quality, and half the price of me mate's (from another mob and isn't as good). Ditching his and going after one of these. :) Thanks for the service, I'll be back for more gear. – Wayne Blyton

  • Used my Adventure Kings rooftop tent and 2x3m awning for the first time this weekend. Loved it. Quality is excellent and the tent makes for a comfortable sleep regardless of the conditions. Very happy. - Luke Kersey

  • We brought our awning from you at such a great price!! So we told our friends and they ordered one too!! :) they are just so handy for our day trips we do often. Great protection for us all from the sun and rain. We've ordered various things over the years. The hubby just loves shopping on the website. - Belinda Kolasa

  • On my way back from conquering Ngaka rocks on Fraser island when I see the rest of my group collecting beach worms. Pulled over and set up the adventure kings awning to cook some snags and bring some shade for the guys! Thank you 4wd Supacentre for great products!! – Adam Coe 

  • I love my kings awning! It's really handy when we compete at sled dog races every weekend and the weather isn't always kind! This awning protects our stuff and gives us and the dogs some shelter when we need it! The LED light is super bright and makes cooking and preparing the dogs recovery meals a lot easier! Thanks 4wd super centre! The boys and I are looking to improve our set up for the next season! – Dannie Monique

  • Finally tested out our awning and awning extension. Hands down beats my mates with so called top name brands. – Jake-Elishia Buzz

  • Pre-ordered a 2X3 awning, for early September delivery, and pleasantly surprised when it turned up today. An hour later and it's fitted to my 4X4. Easy as, and me mate's bleeding that the awning he got (off another mob) cost him near double what I paid and nowhere near the quality of this awning. I'm laughing. Thanks for a top product and the gr8 service. -  Wayne Blyton

  • Went to the top of Mt Wellington Vic High Country. Going through the tight trails to the top, the Kings Awning did not tear or get damaged by the many overhanging branches along the trail to the top. Top Quality. – Steven Rhee
  • We were down camping south of Perth, and it was very windy night. The Adventure Kings awning still up and strong, my mate a few camp sites away who has a big name brand – guess what? His awning flopped over and his plastic knuckles attaching the poles to the awning snapped. Unlike our metal knuckles! Adventure Kings and 4WD Supacentre bringing the good products once again! - Noah Tomich
  • Had an amazing trip down to Beachmont and survived the weather thanks to this kings awning from 4wd Supacentre! Half the price of anywhere else and great quality - Taylor Costello
  • Our first purchase from your store was a Kings 2 x 3m awning. In terms of quality it far outweighs our mates Ironman awning. We are now going to buy several other items from your store (double swag, another awning, flexi light strips, thumper compressor + much more i havent even thought of yet!!! – Emmy Nelson
  • Bought a Kings 2x3m Awning! Super impressed! At only $149 it was a massive bargain with outstanding quality compared to the ARB awning friends have bought that have been no end of trouble. Definitely going to be a repeat customer! – Hannah Broughton
  • Tested the kings awning today on the sand with strong winds and was very easy to set up and held strong. The kings awning is the most useful bit of gear on my 4wd! - Bailey Armstrong
  • Just got this today. Super, super happy with my new 2x3 metre awning. Beats any other brand. Awesome material and all round great product. Cheers 4WD supacentre. – Rhys Rowsell
  • We love our Kings awning. It's so simple and quick to setup. My mate spent almost twice as much and his fittings look like plastic junk. He wouldn't believe the price I got mine for until I showed him your email. I'm sure you have gained another customer. – Cam Carter 
  • I got the Adventure Kings Awning and I love it. Mate got the ARB and paid through the roof for practically the same product. – Beau Collicoat
  • So I got 2 awnings, 1 for me and 1 for my mate. My mate said he didnt want a cheap brand, so I put both on my car. He bought a name brand one and fitted it to his... Long story short, I still have both fitted to my car and they work fantastic. My mate is in the market for another awning as his one didnt make it. – Stewart Gatt
  • I bought my partner the 2x2.5m awning for Christmas. I shopped around for the best quality and price. His friends got their awnings from ARB but didn’t compare at all to the prices and quality you guys had. He absolutely loves it. – Portia Capoccia
  • Got a 2.5 x 2.5 Adventure Kings awning for my last birthday. The wife knows quality! I always get a lot of looks no matter where I set it up. Exact same quality as the "major" brands at less than half the price. Why wouldn't you?! – Matthew Ashton
  • I've started living and travelling in my Pajero with a Kings awning keeping me cool in the shade, I'm so happy with it and have had many people ask about it on my travels and I give them the same response, "it's great! Quick set up and for the price and quality why shop anywhere else?" I'll definitely be shopping at 4WD Supacentre again. Can't wait to try out more of their products! 10/10 thanks guys – Duke Lrogers

  • The neighbour just fitted an awning so I thought it was a good idea too. When I got my Kings 2.5 x 2.5 awning, it was half the price of his smaller ones - he was immediately converted to a 4WD Supacentre customer. – Wilhelmus Kruize

  • Really happy with my new kings awning and wall, super easy to set up and saved a lot on money through supacentre wouldn't find a better deal anywhere else. - Anthony McIntosh
  • Bought a 2.5x2.5m awning. Best buy for the beach and was half the price of some others I’ve seen. – Darrin Allen

  • I bought a 2.5m x 2.5m awning. Half the price of other brands/shops and great quality! – Brett Hughes 
  • My kings awning from 4WD Supacentre is awesome. Better quality and cheaper than so many others.  Ramon Hook
  • Purchased my kings side awning at half the price of any other brand and couldn't be any happier with the quality. – Russ Higgins
  • Purchased an awning before i purchased the 4WD. What a deal it was, great price. Mates have different brands and paid an arm and a leg. My Kings awning is just as good. Awning has been installed and will be getting used this weekend. More purchases to come. Bank account will love it. – Chris Lichtwark
  • Just fitted my new Adventure King awning in front of my mate. He come over and said "it's just like mine". He had to sit down after I told him the price I paid compared to his. Real happy with this product. – Peter Dabner
  • About 6 months ago I bought a 2.5x2.5m awning from 4WD Supacentre. Used it heaps on day trips to Bribie, Straddie, Double Island. I can't complain it's been great bang for my buck. My neighbour must have gotten 4WD envy and went out to buy one and paid 2 and 1/2 times what I did for basically the same thing. – Ben Steele
  • I bought a Kings awning for my Hilux, my partner and I have been doing a lot of fishing lately and it always keeps the sun off. We all had a great laugh when a mate’s expensive awning folded itself in half in the wind, and we all ended up sharing our space sitting under our Kings awning. – Lachlan Feakes
  • I've bought plenty of gear from 4WD Supacentre but I think the awning I bought is the best value for money! A third of the price of competitors and the same or better quality. Can't complain.  Josh Bartlett
  • Our first purchase from the store was our awning and a couple of recovery items. The quality is amazing and the price is unbeatable. It really is a no brainer that 4WD Supacentre is the place to go. – Ian Brady
  • I've started living and travelling in my Pajero with a Kings awning keeping me cool in the shade, I'm so happy with it and have had many people ask about it on my travels and I give them the same response, "it's great! Quick set up and for the price and quality why shop anywhere else?" I'll definitely be shopping at 4WD Supacentre again. Can't wait to try out more of their products! 10/10 thanks guys – Duke Lrogers
  • Purchased my kings side awning at half the price of any other brand and couldn't be any happier with the quality. – Russ Higgins
  • I bought two awnings, 1 for me and 1 for my mate. My mate said he didn’t want a cheap brand, so I put both on my car. He bought a name brand one and fitted it to his. Long story short, I still have both fitted to my car and they work fantastic. My mate is in the market for another awning as his one didn’t make it. I also have the titan rear drawers and the thumper air compressor and next on my list is a winch. – Stewart Gatt
  • We have just about kitted our 4x4 with everything from 4WD Supacentre. Just waiting on the last few things to arrive and off we will go. My dad actually also just ordered another awning for his 4x4 after seeing how good ours was so he has now replaced his old one! Can’t wait to hit Fraser Island and the cape now  Sara Gill
  • It's simple, the best money for value and so easy to use, set up under two minutes and bang ready to use.  Trent Wiggs 


How far do the LED lights project?
Our 9” LED spotties project hundreds of metres down the road, offering 26 lux at approx. 300m. Stay tuned for a full diagram showing all of our LED light bar and driving light spreads and distances which will be uploaded to the website shortly.

Are the 7” mounting brackets the same size as the 9” mounting brackets?
No, the 7” and 9” lights have different brackets specially designed for each size. Please see the detailed measurement diagrams on the individual product pages for exact sizes.

Are 4WD Supacentre LED Light Bars and Driving Lights easy to install?
Yes! Please view the Wiring Harness Installation Video found on all of our LED light pages to see just how easy our lights are to install. We also show you how to easily get your lights working on negatively switched vehicles as well.

Can I use an Illuminator Driving Light Wiring Harness with an Illuminator 22” LED Lightbar, or two?
Yes you can. All of 4WD Supacentre’s driving lights and light bars are fitted with the same style deutsch plug. You can connect two Illuminator Lightbars or two 7" or 9" Driving Lights to the Illuminator Driving Light Harness. With the Illuminator Lightbar Wiring Harness you can connect one light.

Does 4WD Supacentre sell 9” or 7” lights separately?
Our 9" (and 7") Illuminator LED Driving Lights are only sold in a pair, though some spare parts are available. For more information, email info@4WDSupacentre.com.au

Are Illuminator light bars suitable to be submerged underwater?
All our lights have an IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The first number IP(6)8 means that our lights lights are dust tight, while the second number IP6(7) or IP6(8) refers to the water proof rating. 

Our Illuminator lightbars are rated to IP67 – that means they’re dustproof and good to be submerged for up to a metre below the surface for up to 30 minutes. Our Illuminator driving lights are IP68 rated – that’s also fully dustproof plus they're rated up to 3 metres submersion continuously.

What is the difference between the 7” spot lights and the 9” driving lights?
Size and total lumens are the two biggest differences, with both lights sharing the same high quality design features and materials that have made the 9” lights one of Australia’s most popular aftermarket accessories. Please refer to the detailed specs on each product for a closer comparison - 7" Led Driving Light and 9" Led Driving Light

Can you run the 9”inch driving lights and the 32” light bar on the same wiring harness?
Our light bar harness comes with one light fitting, while a driving light harness comes with two. Without modifying the harness, you can only run a maximum of two individual lights.

Do we sell covers separately for 9” driving lights?
Not separately, however, a pair of lens covers come supplied with our driving lights.

Do we sell brackets separately for the driving lights?
Not at this point. All driving lights come with the brackets needed to mount them.


Can your awnings attach to roof rails or do they have to attach to roof racks?
Yes our awnings can be attached to most roof rails with minimal effort. Mounting instructions for this are included with each awning sold.

Which side of the awning runs along the 4WD?
2x2.5m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD
2.5x2.5 – No brainer!
2x3m – the awning is 2m along the length of the 4WD

In each case, the first number quoted is the length that runs along the vehicle, and the second number is how far out the awning extends from the vehicle.

Do the awnings fit the Ford ranger dual cab and Mitsubishi pajero?
Our awnings fit all popular single and dual cab utes and wagons. Our supplied mounting brackets are designed to fit to roof racks like the style we sell, however, many people modify them to fit Rola-style roof bars without too much hassle.

How do I stop my awning blowing around on the sand?
We have developed sand bags to help anchor the legs of awnings on the sand. In windy areas we also recommend you substitute the metal pegs provided with plastic sand pegs to give the ropes something stronger to grip to.

Can I buy spare poles for my awning?
Yes we stock spares including poles and hinges. Please send us your request to info@4wdsupacentre.com.au Please include as much information as possible - the size of your awning and your contact details.

Can I attach an awning to my vehicle without a Roof Rack?
Yes, but you’ll need something to mount them to! Many 4WDers who own utes can use their ladder racks or headboards, even canopies, to fit their awnings. You can also use roof bars / crossbars but depending on the vehicle and setup you might need to go to the local hardware store and buy some bits and pieces to fit them up. our awnings are designed to fit to our Roof Racks with the included brackets.

Do we sell 3m awning walls?
No, however, our awning wall is designed to fit all three sizes of awnings we sell. The 2.9m long side of the awning wall fits neatly along the 3m wall of a 2x3m awning.

Can any type of mounting brackets be used for awnings?
There are many ways awnings can be mounted. We recommend making use of the L-brackets supplied with your Adventure Kings awning, however, it’s possible to create your own brackets to fit your awning to a different style of roof rack or other surface you plan to mount your awning to.

Can awnings be mounted to caravans?
Many people fit our awnings to caravans, trailers and horse floats, however, if the object you want to fit an awning to doesn’t have a roof rack or surface that would fit our mounting kit supplied with the awning, you would have to make some custom mounts for your specific application, which can be done with basic materials and tools.

What is the maximum height of the awning poles?
The maximum height of all our awning poles in 2150mm.

Where are the mounting brackets on the awning?
The mounting brackets are packed within the awning.

Are the awnings waterproof?
Yes, our awnings are waterproof.