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    Kings Canvas Air Compressor Bag | 400GSM | Internal Pockets

    Kings Canvas Air Compressor Bag | 400GSM | Internal Pockets

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  • Tyre Repair Kit | 47 Piece | For Tubed and Tubeless Tyres

    Tyre Repair Kit | 47 Piece | For Tubed and Tubeless Tyres

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  • Hercules Offroad Jack 48"

    Hercules Offroad Jack 48"

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Carrying a quality 12V air compressor with you when you’re travelling is absolutely vital. Whether you need to adjust your tyre pressures to suit the terrain you’re driving, want to equip yourself with the tools you need to fix a flat tyre or you just want to pump up an air mattress or inflatable toys, an air compressor that runs off your vehicle’s battery is what you need!


Browse our range of 4WD air compressors, along with a huge selection of accessories and related products like extension hoses and inflation tools to make your air compressor even more useful, and shop knowing that you’re buying the best value 12v air compressors on the market, right here at 4WD Supacentre.


Not sure of exactly what you’re after, or whether something will work for your setup? We’ve got you covered! Call us 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-4pm Sat-Sun to talk to our friendly team of camping and 4WD experts, or send us an email info@4wdsupacentre.com.au for a quick response. We live and breathe this stuff – and we’d love to help you.


It’s now even easier to get further offroad with an affordable yet high powered portable air compressor from 4WD Supacentre. Their comprehensive range is now boasting two different, high powered, insane output models that have become extremely popular within the 4WDing community.


The Thumper MKII is the second edition in the range featuring a high powered single piston air cooled compressor taking advantage of heavy duty wiring and alligator clips to connect directly to your 4WDs battery for maximum power.


This incredible compressor offers an insane 160L per minute of high pressure air, which is faster than one of the slow servo air compressors, and easily packs into the back of your 4WD for air anywhere.


The range is complimented by the higher output Thumper MAX, the thumper MKII’s big brother. The Thumper MAX offers a higher output dual piston air compressor capable of up to 300L per minute output, this bigger and more advanced model features an automatic overheat cutout and overpressure cutoffs, allowing it to be used with a 3in1 Tyre Deflator for air on demand, perfect for when you need extra bragging rights whilst having a yarn around the campfire!


Both of these models offer reliable air no matter where you are, or what type of vehicle you drive. Having the ability to have an unbelievable amount of air by choosing a reliable compressor you can easily get your tyres back up to highway pressures in no time at all!


A portable air compressor is useful for more than just pumping up your tyres, many 4WDers take advantage of the massive airflow for drying out electrical components, spark leads and all of the other electrical connections under the bonnet after river crossings, all the way to easily reseating a loose tyre bead on the trackside, there are countless reasons why you should carry a high output 12v air compressor in your vehicle.


When heading offroad carrying a purpose made tyre deflation tool, like the Kwiky Tyre Deflator you can easily drop your tyre pressures down on soft terrain, increasing your tyres contact area up to 250%. Massively decreasing your tyres downward pressure on the track surface, decreasing the risk of punctures and massively increasing your vehicles ability to crawl over steep slippery obstacles on the tracks and float over the softest sand.


In the event of a puncture or a damaged tyre valve, the Adventure Kings Tyre Repair kit steps into its own realm, offering, replacement inflation valves, valve cores, inner tube patches and glue, as well as tyre repair plugs and tools, all for less than the price of a six pack of popular beer.


The range of Adventure Kings Air compressor and Air Compressor Accessories afford 4WDers the ability to get further offroad whilst requiring less costly modifications meaning you can head out and have fun sooner thanks to 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings!



With unbelievable prices on gear delivered to your door, online shopping is a great way to get your hands on your new camping gear. But did you know you can get better advice on the perfect way to upgrade your camping setup by simply dropping into one of our stores to not only see the gear in person and have a try, but to talk to our team of experts.